Newco: Dead in the water


Your grandad will tell you Jock Stein was master of the news the week before a big derby game.  He would seed positive news stories about players or the club to make sure everyone had a spring in their step and to put pressure on opponents.

Graeme Murty is not the master of his own domain, so has few levers to pull in this respect, but he must have despaired when news broke that Newco were unable to retain a 21-year-old central defender they bought from Raith Rovers in January 2017.

Newco are dead in the water if they cannot retain recruits from Raith Rovers who have played a dozen league games for them this season.  Dead. In. The. Water.  They cannot buy the finished product, they cannot even compete for the French youth international talent Celtic seem partial to.

The only team development strategy available to them is to develop, retain and benefit from young domestic talent.  And according to Murty, they cannot afford to offer competitive wages for David Bates.

They couldn’t even convince him to keep his contract business to himself for a few days until after his team face Celtic tomorrow.  What a hopeless shower.

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  1. mike in toronto on

    Big Packie



    Used to live with a girl from Glencoe, Ontario, whose family had originally come from near Glencoe Scotland…



    She always thought I was exaggerating about the problem in Scotland … I brought her back to Scotland for a holiday … happened to be in Glasgow for July 12 … she was so shocked and appalled by what we saw … really upset her

  2. Listening to Enoch Powell’s infamous racist ‘rivers of blood’ 1968 speach on Radio 4. Sadly the views expressed by Powell remain prevalent in our society 50 years on and contributed to Brexit. Hh

  3. BT


    Snow and freezing rain mix – nasty stuff.


    Yesterday I had squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs and a beautiful cardinal in the garden.


    What a difference a day makes.

  4. TeT



    Doubt it will be FDB. Walturd is a stick to take it by 2020. He’ll be the last throw of the dice to stop the 10, they’ll throw everything behind him including the establishment.

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    My cousin will be over for convention and maybe my dad depending on family issues



    Hope to see you if you get home to town soon

  6. MIKE IN TORONTO, how are you and seamus ,yes how is this blight on our society allowed to flourish ,thought king billy had long since gone ,but not in scotland and northern ireland, where the men in bowler hats rule the roost, me personally thought the death of the reverend dr ian paisley would see a cooling off of the triumphalism, but no, got no answer mike any suggestions.hh.

  7. D17


    I read that he has a few health problems, we will see, he has been advising master murts by all accounts, doing a grand job if I may say so :-)



  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Yes, maybes see you there





    Defo, oldtim table for us jakes??

  9. I would start with 10 players tomorrow with the option of bringing on an extra man if required. Hh

  10. THE EXILED TIM on 14TH APRIL 2018 8:59 PM





    The tactics at Ibrox had WS written all over them, nothing fancy, long balls over the top and dropped balls into the channels and get forward from there. Expect similar tomorrow. When we sat in second half they had no answer. First goal is crucial tomorrow, I don’t think they have the tactical discipline, nous and mentality to recover if we hit the front.

  11. mike in toronto on




    It has never really been about religion … it is always about money and power … some have it, some dont … those that do, need to justify why they do and others dont … hence, the us and them ….



    but, the other side of that, is the rich are happy to divide the lower class (whether by religion in scotland, or race in America…) because it keeps the lower class from focusing on what is really going on ….



    in the footballing context, the OF model makes money for the rich guys that run the clubs… by pitting one group of underclass against another … and getting the underclass to pay handsomely for the privilege….

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    MIT 8.40pm



    July 12 ??? Glasgow usually quiet, every Saturday before the 12th the 17th century toy soldiers march in north Lanarkshire the Glesca walk is the Saturday before the Saturday of the 12th….. never know a tangerine walk on the 12th in all my days living here



    Corkcelt … I know the nerves will be kicking in, am always confident of beating whatever form of hun we face, enjoy the morra, a wee Scottish cup final would be nice to look forward too but we live in great Celtic times with the promise of more :-)

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Your not posh and we will meet at the bar for a drink, I’ll be there with my 2 dads, oldtim67 and TOHG



  14. mike in toronto on




    you ar eprobaly right … It was 20 years ago … cant remember exactly what day of the week it was … may have the the 14th or whatever … may have been a few days before …but I do remember the day well … because the girl said that she had thought I was exagerrating, but that she would never question anything I told her again … of course, taht did not last for long!

  15. Neustadt-Braw on

    3 5 2 the morra….win the midfield and pummel thems up front …rag doll them suckers ….



    smiley get right in aboot them thing ,,,,




  16. GORDON64 on 14TH APRIL 2018 9:03 PM


    I would start with 10 players tomorrow with the option of bringing on an extra man if required. Hh






    Gordie Bhoy 10 v 12 might be risky?



    Sir Walter returning. Can’t see it. Think he’d rather have his reputation untainted….unlike the titles he won.



    HH jamesgang

  17. Neustadt-Braw on

    have a braw day tomorrow bhoys and ghirls ….



    stay safe ….



    smiley dave clarke 5 thing




  18. fairhill bhoy on

    BT-new Brighton has the best beach in Merseyside or Cheshire whatever they call it now.Loved it,Morton and west Kirby when I lived down in Birkenhead.Nice memory’s:-)))

  19. Delaneys Dunky on




    Make no mistake. This mob tomorrow will play for 0-0 over 120 mins then win on penalties. It worked in Walter’s glorious run to Madchester in 2008 and again, semi final 2016.


    Personally, I think we will pump them rotten tomorrow.

  20. WITS: I know, but like the Late Late show, you get the occasional gem. The program is marking the twentieth anniversary of his retirement.

  21. I see Phil has the Court of Session judgement in the Takeover Panel v The Lying King on his site,


    anyone able to give me a quick summing up of it in laymans terms

  22. E questo il fiore del partigiano O Bella ciao bella ciao bella ciao ciao ciao E questo il fiore del partigiano Morte per la liberta. Hh

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    MIT 9.13pm



    Hope that didn’t come across as I was doubting you… remember am skint I canny get sued :-)



    I love where I live and Scotland is my birthplace … the tangerine walks are a blight on society BUT living through them they are becoming a joke figure and I can assure you 30yrs ago I was 17 about a couple of hunner hun bands descended on Coatbridge now you get 20… a dying breed :-)



    Anyhow the morra I know Moussa will start but I think Leigh will be vital



    Monthehoops ?

  24. mike in toronto on

    Gordybhoy … was supposed to be out tonight, but we are in the middle of an ice storm, so,will likely just stay in … if so, I’ll take at look at Phil’s site, and can tell you what it is about …

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