Newco: Dead in the water


Your grandad will tell you Jock Stein was master of the news the week before a big derby game.  He would seed positive news stories about players or the club to make sure everyone had a spring in their step and to put pressure on opponents.

Graeme Murty is not the master of his own domain, so has few levers to pull in this respect, but he must have despaired when news broke that Newco were unable to retain a 21-year-old central defender they bought from Raith Rovers in January 2017.

Newco are dead in the water if they cannot retain recruits from Raith Rovers who have played a dozen league games for them this season.  Dead. In. The. Water.  They cannot buy the finished product, they cannot even compete for the French youth international talent Celtic seem partial to.

The only team development strategy available to them is to develop, retain and benefit from young domestic talent.  And according to Murty, they cannot afford to offer competitive wages for David Bates.

They couldn’t even convince him to keep his contract business to himself for a few days until after his team face Celtic tomorrow.  What a hopeless shower.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on




    They were a great Irish band The Adventures. From Doire I remember. How did they not make it huge. Immense live band too.


    One of the puzzles from our 80s youth.

  2. Eatablishment Madden will book Broonie 1st chance he gets, we will be aware of that hopefully

  3. HAMILTONTIM on 14TH APRIL 2018 10:32 PM



    Forrest should not play,particularly if Declan John is rumoured to be out,with Hodson or Halliday at LB.


    That effectively means he will go left,to avoid rough treatment, thus defeating the objective of crosses for Dembele.


    He never turns up for this game,as opposed to Roberts who is always a threat,the sitter being the exception.



    No room for sentiment 100% effort from entire team,or sub them.

  4. We are All incredibly Lucky.



    God Bless the Syrians.



    All roads lead tae Damascus. The Enemy is as Strong as he ever will be. He knows he is a loser in the End.

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Leftbackagain 11.09pm



    Of course get yourself up for a juice or a pint, the owner doesn’t like strangers in just in case they are bams but if you know the area I could meet you on Blairhill Street … yet to meet a bad Cqner :-)

  6. DD


    Take the 45 minute flight over to Donegal.


    It is truly is gods country.


    Mulladuff will welcome you.

  7. GFTB


    Not sure yet if we are heading over.


    Wife’s family from Espeyside Cres and Corswell St.

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Roy C 11.10pm



    Monlands Juveniles u-21s



    Used to walk from the Wayside back to the Bammy



    At least our walks were dignified none of that tangerine stuff, just a wee bit of Aiden McAnespie to keep us going :-)

  9. Forrest has played well this season, but been poor v Sevco , i would start Paddy, but we have great options

  10. GFTB-we’ve renewed for next season,he’s 78 and he’s told me I’m buying the the champions league group tickets:-)))

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on




    67 yes, 67 Corsewall Street was our family home, my sisters are metres away in Bothwell Place, am in Gartsherrie and if you know Gartsherrie am loving my missionary work :-) if you fancy a pint in the GH tomorrow I will be there from 1.30pm, Lennybhoy or BMCUWP will have my number if not just post on the blog tomorrow around 1pm




  12. JF has been quiet last month or so. Got a wee rest last weekend, he’s a nailed on starter.

  13. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on

    DELANEYS DUNKY on 14TH APRIL 2018 10:19 PM






    Marvellous DD.



    Beal Feirste has changed a lot these days, unbelievably so.



    Buzzing it is.



    Only negative is the price of a pint in that town is nothing short ridiculous now.



    In saying that was drinking in the Fountain Tavern the other day – 2 x 33mls spirits and a mixer for only £6.



    Not bad.



    Don’t be bringing any green over with ye, I take care of that.




  14. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fahrhillbhoy 11.23pm



    Love it…. I know you live it just now but in tears to come you will cherish it even more



    Some of the “Bhoycotters” don’t understand to some it’s a way of life, you enjoy every minute :-)

  15. Sftb I expect our opponents tomorrow will adopt the most unsubtle tactic of trying to get out captain sent off from the get go. It will be basic and primitive stuff. And don’t expect our players to get any protection from the so called referee. HH

  16. FCUK and the SFA handshakin”” laws.



    Moussa to score 2. OLI to be the Architect of the Celtic midfield…. Not the Universe.