Newco: Dead in the water


Your grandad will tell you Jock Stein was master of the news the week before a big derby game.  He would seed positive news stories about players or the club to make sure everyone had a spring in their step and to put pressure on opponents.

Graeme Murty is not the master of his own domain, so has few levers to pull in this respect, but he must have despaired when news broke that Newco were unable to retain a 21-year-old central defender they bought from Raith Rovers in January 2017.

Newco are dead in the water if they cannot retain recruits from Raith Rovers who have played a dozen league games for them this season.  Dead. In. The. Water.  They cannot buy the finished product, they cannot even compete for the French youth international talent Celtic seem partial to.

The only team development strategy available to them is to develop, retain and benefit from young domestic talent.  And according to Murty, they cannot afford to offer competitive wages for David Bates.

They couldn’t even convince him to keep his contract business to himself for a few days until after his team face Celtic tomorrow.  What a hopeless shower.

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  1. Jamesie



    Celtic are on it ASAP Today. Brendan has Mind F**ed em.



    Record the game Brother in Rhtyhm.





  2. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Lustig Boyata Simo, Kieran



    Brown Ncham



    Forest MacGregir, Sinclair



    Dembelle (although I would play the Griff)



    But that Brendan Bhoy going furca double treble probably knows better



    I canny remember ever even contemplating leading am Armstrying, Rogic, Griffiths out…. good times

  3. Celtic Squad v The Rangers (2012)


    09 Games 5 Shut Outs Craig Gordon


    01 Games 0 Shut Outs Scott Bain


    01 Games 0 Shut Outs Dorus De Vries


    11 Games 0 Goals Scott Brown


    10 Games 1 Goals Mikael Lustig


    10 Games 0 Goals James Forrest


    09 Games 2 Goals Stuart Armstrong


    09 Games 2 Goals Callum McGregor


    09 Games 0 Goals Kieran Tierney


    08 Games 6 Goals Moussa Dembele


    08 Games 4 Goals Scott Sinclair


    08 Games 3 Goals Leigh Griffiths


    07 Games 3 Goals Tom Rogic


    07 Games 1 Goals Dedryck Boyata


    07 Games 0 Goals Patrick Roberts


    06 Games 0 Goals Nir Bitton


    06 Games 0 Goals Jozo Simunovic


    05 Games 1 Goals Erik Sviatchenko


    02 Games 0 Goals Kristoffer Ajer


    02 Games 0 Goals Olivier Ntcham


    01 Games 1 Goals Odsonne Edouard


    01 Games 0 Goals Kouassi Eboue


    01 Games 0 Goals Cristian Gamboa


    01 Games 0 Goals Jack Hendry .

  4. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on

    Petec – Never been this confident before mo chara, not complacent though. Complacency is our only danger against the half dead monkey outfit.



    DD – Thank you kind Sir, the music man.




  5. James, the Almighty ,might keep us in check. Dinnae see it Howevaaaa.



    The PLC should not have raised ticket prices.

  6. Gerryfaethebrig on

    16 roads 12.44am



    Brendan won’t let our Bhoys be complacent :-)



    Never complacent, enjoy every minute the 80’s were well worth this :-)



    Am am eijit I loved us not winning as well :-)



    Many a good night



    Paul McStay Raith Rovers CSC



    You’ll never walk alone Paul

  7. KEVJUNGLE on 14TH APRIL 2018 9:36 PM



    I asked a question yesterday that you have stealthily avoided. Will you answer it?





  8. This is a classic. Muttley tells Bates ‘he’s chosen greed over developing his game’. You couldn’t make that nonsense up if you tried. Hh

  9. DELANEYS DUNKY on 14TH APRIL 2018 10:12 PM



    My mammy still holds a deep dislike of Robert Kelly. I have never fully understood why.






    G – simply because he is a C U next Tuesday!




  10. Leftbackagain on

    They will come at us hell for leather.


    We will absorb it.


    We will then and go on and win by 2 possibly 3.



  11. NorrieM


    Aye, Someone was saying that the club had moved into the basement of an auld folks/ retirement home Will need to keep the noise doon at the green night :-)

  12. Just had a conversation with my old mate in Bearsden today and we were talking about the old Derry boat. It used to leave from Broomielaw at about 5.00pm and arriving Derry about 06.30am. Can you remember it was the Burns and Lairds Line? The offices were, I think, on Robertson or Wellington Street on the left hand side going down from Argyle Street”

  13. KEVJUNGLE on 15TH APRIL 2018 1:25 AM



    When you were in the Jungle were you aware of the anti-Celtic conspiracy and the cheating that had been going on since the inception of out great Club?





  14. Delaneys Dunky on




    Thanks for reply and kind wishes.


    I totally get your point and agree with you on many of your questions.


    Cries to empty the Stadium leave me uneasy.


    It would be a huns wet dream if we did.


    Hope your health is good.



  15. KEVJ so you were aware of the cheating and still paid your money?



    Were you back o’ the bus then or not?



    What’s the difference if you still went as a young rebel? What’s changed so much that you now criticise those that attend now.



    Before you answer please bear in mind that the Board then were probably the most corrupt and contemptible In Celtic history. They treated the fans with more disdain than any other Board before or since!





  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    16 ROADS – PROTECT THE 8TH. on 15TH APRIL 2018 12:34 AM


    DD – Was Gerry Rafferty a Tim?


    Not that it matters, pure genius regardless.





    Confirm what DD says – Tim family background (cousin of family friends – the Kerrs) – interest in music only, didn’t like the limelight (unlike the Kerrs!!!).






  17. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Watching the table tennis at the commonwealth games after D brought to my attention there was some ladies marathon o the box. Then watched the poor Scottish marathon runner falling about and hurting himself, why nobody jumped the barrier to help hi is beyond me. People took pictures instead of helping, the guy was a basket case an looked like he was going to die live on telly.



    Some nice tight we looking wee bottoms in the women’s marathon buttttt that’s already been well covered.



    Badminton now, this sport is the dawgs baws.



    This is what happens when you don’t tow the propaganda line.









    Further to that post…



    Peter Ford – former uk ambassador on a previous chemical weapon attack on Syria in 2017 ,within the short interview he predicts further attacks that would be blamed on Assad as a pretext to increased military intervention by the west. Interesting insights…




  19. Delaneys Dunky on




    Not car crash telly, but human crash telly. Was painful to watch. Crazy world, take foties of, rather than help the poor bassa. Madness

  20. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    DD that was a prime example of where the “Jamesgang” method would have been helpful. Loup over the crash barrier, give the poor guy the necessary resuscitation, put him in the recovery position, dip his wallet and run like feck. He was never going to chase ………:_)



    Good to see the boy is recovering.

  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I stood in the Jungle for years.


    Went to Hampden to see Celtic when Celtic Park was being re-built.


    Go now to the new Celtic Park.


    Take Wee BGFC to every game we possibly can.



    If we are lucky enough to get tickets – often with the help of many on here – we’ll go everywhere to support Celtic along with many others.



    I appreciate absolutely the effort that Almore and others from Ireland and elsewhere make to see Celtic (although I expect, like us, they see every game as an exciting trip, rather than some onerous task – I love our longer trips to Ross County !!).



    Wee BGFC and me, and others who go whenever we can, have been called – albeit indirectly – some fairly nasty things on here by supposed ‘Celtic men’ because we continue to go to every Celtic game we are lucky to be able to get to.



    People may have different ideas about the tactics that should be use to affect change, but continuing to go to support the team shouldn’t, in my opinion, be regarded as a black mark against those who chose to do so.



    Continuing to go to see Celtic isn’t ‘pish’.


    Going to the game if it happens to be at Hampden doesn’t mean we accept ‘sitting at the back of the bus’.


    Not ’emptying Celtic Park’ doesn’t mean we are betraying the ‘Spirit of the Jungle’.



    Why turn on your own?



    If you have your convictions about the best tactics to defeat the SFA / SMSM / Celtic Board / whatever – team up with those who agree with your approach and pursue that together.



    But please accept that other Tims who might not share your approach are not bad / week / misguided / foolish Quislings – we aren’t !!



    There are enough people and groups in Scotland who want to see Celtic fail without us helping them by turning inward on ourselves.



    Point the guns outwards.






  22. Delaneys Dunky on




    He looked like I do, getting home after a night of whisky tasting with you.

  23. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    For the second time in two days I’m thanking my good friend VFR. Thanks to VFR, I’ll get to see the game tomorrow courtesy of a very good guy who puts others ahead of himself.



    Means a lot to me bruv, you;re a star.




    HH bruv

  24. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    BGFC, I love your journey with yer wee fella and his enthusiasm is infectious.



    Keep enjoying it and keep the wee man close. Father son Celtic is a special bond.






  25. Delaneys Dunky on




    Well written mate. Glad you got that off your chest. Without you and the wee man and your type of supporter, Celtic wither and die.


    Keep on keepin on



  26. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    DD, womens rugby now. Almost a good as hockey:_) Newzealand v England.



    Happy to report the English lassies are getting pumped, if one is allowed to say such a thing.