Newco: failing deliberately or just that incompetent?


With news that SPFL clubs are able to send in proxy votes from this morning in advance of the 12 May EGM, that matter could be dead today, leaving us all to wonder why Newco failed to provide their dossier of evidence against the SPFL before votes can arrive to assure they fail.

St Mirren, Hamilton Accies and Motherwell have either issued strong statements of support for the League, or, as SPFL directors, signed a letter asking clubs to support their position.  Newco, Hearts and Stranraer have to carry the vote of every other Premiership club, including Celtic, as well as 75% of the lower leagues.

If I can borrow another gambling analogy, Douglas Park may be sitting with four aces in his hand, but if he does not know when play his cards, he will inevitably lose.  The issue has moved on from the competency of the SPFL board, to the sheer incompetency of those who purport to “hold their feet to the fire” to get out of bed early enough to play the game.

The requisitioners seem full of paranoid self-righteousness, but pent-up rage in an echo chamber achieves nothing if you miss deadlines and the process needed for success.  Newco have made this look like a lazy half-arsed attempt at insurrection.  The only questions is, is this a deliberate attempt to fail, or are they just that incompetent?  My money is on the latter.

And do you know what will bother Newco the most?  Check how they led the media in the early days, this was presented as a Newco v Celtic issue.  It became Newco v St Mirren, Hamilton Accies, Motherwell, Dundee etc.  The unsurpassed indignity.  Celtic are on the metaphorical beach, our work is done for the season.

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  1. Now that SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan has released an extensive, and more detailed, Q & A session, how long do you think we will we have to wait for another, retaliatory, “statement” from Sevco?





  2. onenightinlisbon on

    “Celtic are on the metaphorical beach, our work is done for the season.”



    Love this, we have played this one perfectly, the moon howlers look even more stupid than usual, if that’s actually possible!

  3. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Dossier for sale!Dossier for sale!Read all about??????.





  4. Paul67



    They are a wasp in October.



    Stinging, screaming, squealing, blaming, but ultimately dying, Sevco an elephant


    in the Zoom.



    Permarage, sells season tickets, orange strips, and marches to Hampden but here’s what really did it,



    1 Celtic 30 26 2 2 89 19 70 80


    2 Rangers 29 21 4 4 64 19 45 67


    3 Motherwell 30 14 4 12 41 38 46


    4 Aberdeen 30 12 9 9 40 36 45



    “If a league is cancelled, then the national association must devise a procedure for selecting clubs “based on objective, transparent and non-discriminatory principles,” which may see standings deciding on points per game, or the table taken as it stood when football was paused across Europe”







  5. Just a couple of points from previous thread



    AN TEARMANN metioned that we are thousands of ventilators short and hundreds of I c u beds short, can I just ask where this info comes from as the current data seems to contradict this, with spare capacity in beds and ventilators being reported by Scottish government?



    Also, as to the question about why SNP voted down Scottish Labour in 2017, i recall that this was more a case of Scottish Labour putting forward an amendment not fit for purpose, and SNP taking a further six weeks to push through a more complete lifting of the cap,


    Not sure why SNP dragged their heels, but unsurprisingly, Scottish Labour saw it more as an opportunity for yet more posturing and self-promotion, rather than actually doing the right thing for workers rights. Much like their embarrassing response to the GCC equal pay issue, where they attempted a complete re-write of history, but that’s another story for another time…

  6. Very open and honest Q&A release from Murdoch MacLennan. Not too much in there for lesser teams to get worked up over.



    Unless, their protestations are merely a smokescreen to deflect from a dire post Christmas campaign. If so, I’m sure their erstwhile fans will see through such a charade.



    Stay safe, stay well.

  7. By the way, that ‘Bobby Jenkins’ account on twitter that claims it’s going to release the evidence held by Park and co is just another account run by the state aid nutjob.



    Expect nothing but nonsense.



    Sons of Struth plan to boycott closed door games






    From previous. Needed another viewing on this one. Brillant sir. Cap doffed.




    ‘Not sure why SNP dragged their heels’






    If Labour hadn’t forced the issue the wage cap would still be in place.

  10. Paul 67,



    The huns desperation is making them look more stupid than normal.


    Could all this bluster be a diversion prior to their AGM. ?


    Anyone for jelly and ice cream ?



  11. Official attendance at first closed door game at hunland will no doubt be reported as 50,000

  12. Looks like Sevco have nothing.






    They’ll be charged with bringing the game into disrepute.


    They’ll try a pre-pack admin.



    There will be no footy this calendar year ( anyone who can tie their laces properly has KNOWN this for 6 weeks).



    EVERY club in the Scottish Prem will survive with only Sevco needing administration.



    If there is league reconstruction, it will be with Hearts still in the 2nd tier….


    If you lie wi dugs you get fleas Mrs Budge and you wasted any sympathy and goodwill by backing sevco.



    In time the vast majority of the country will see that the SPFL, with their quick actions, saved a lot of clubs AND maybe Scottish league football as a whole.



    Have as great a day as you can comrades

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I see the Russians have implemented a strategy of harvesting anti-bodies which involves mass testing, I expect they got this idea form the UK, oh wait, our strategy is to point fingers and make noise.



    We should also acknowledge the cost of such a strategy would need more free money printing that is only allowed to be handed out to the finance, military and corporate elites.

  14. Paul67 et al



    I think we are all going to have to accept that the Rangers just aint the club that they used to be.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    not at all, it was not posted with any expectation, was posted for information, I thought it important enough to be repeated to remind people, they will be expected to pick up the tab on the handouts.

  16. Bournessouprecipe



    “They are a wasp in October”



    “The Dons of Struth plan to boycott closed door games”





    Excellent! You are a man on top of his form and one of the reasons I look into CQN each day. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  17. Oh and another thing. The MacLennans were on the wrong side at Auldhearn (Alt Eireann) in May 1645 when they lined up as Covenanters against the Duke of Montrose now on the side of Charles I. Wasn’t a great time to be a Covenanter in Scotland back then, (see Kilsyth/Strathaven) and the defeat left the MacLennan Clan without a Chief. For well over three hundred years. They might have learned a lesson there.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    All noise.



    Currently on a conference call on which a barking dog can clearly be heard.



    Reminded me of Sevco.




    Sevco will just have to accept that they are not who they try to be and Rangers died in 2012.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    700 die in Iran from drinking methanol for internal disinfection, wonder who they were listening to?



    700 die in Iran from drinking methanol for internal disinfection, wonder who they were listening to?




    The internet…

  22. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    I think the sevco dossiergate saga has all been an unfortunate misunderstanding based on the ole misheard word scenario.



    What they actually meant to say is … ” We have a DOSSER and we’re not afraid to use him “.



    As to the identity of said dosser, one can only speculate. After all there are sooooo many from which to choose. : )

  23. Ernie Lynch…If Labour hadn’t forced the issue the wage cap would still be in place



    That’s a belter, Ernie…If you believe that, then i also know this Nigerian Prince who needs your help in getting his inherited £millions transferred out the country….

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