Newco goes into full regressive mode


Football clubs find it difficult to maintain a positive brand image that not only helps its commercial imperative, but binds fans ever-closer and attracts new supporters.  There is always some idiot doing something idiotic that neither the club, nor the support as a whole, would even remotely tolerate.

As a consequence, fans across the country sigh at news reports when someone punches a horse, throws a bottle or generally behaves in a manner that defies the struggles their genetic make-up went through to be here today.  Darwin suggested it should not be this way, but here we are.

When a club’s name is associated with some random act of idiocy, a well-known script is followed.  Suspend the culprit and hope it is glossed-over by many, if not, publicly state disapproval while giving the obligatory “tiny minority” sop to the rest of the support, to let them know you have their back, whether it is a tiny minority or not, or even a minority.

Employee-transgressors are almost universally and immediately sacked.  The chef who got drunk and wrote someone on social media that would never be said sober, has supreme-d his last chicken at the club restaurant.

This is harsh, but them’s the rules.  Clubs want to attract everyone in the family, hospitality business and commercial partner spheres.  Negative publicity, however tenuous, has to be curated through the ‘What would Walt (Disney) Do?’ prism.

So when a club diverges from this path, you’re left wondering why?  Why would a club appoint a DUP councillor and Orangeman, inevitably with all of the baggage that world brings, as their public relations manager?

Today’s revelation in the Daily Record, that Newco’s new PR man, David Graham, referring to Celtic Park as “the piggery”, a few days after his “No surrender” video emerged, will surprise no one.  Do not blame a duck for quaking, material like this is inevitably going to seep out.

But why do Newco want to be represented like this?  Why challenge the modern sports business orthodoxy of appealing to families, high-value corporate spend and big ticket commercial deals?  There is a constituency that will always stay loyal to those with values they share, irrespective of football success or general competency in any other area.

They are circling the wagons ahead of a ‘business interruption event’, either that, or they are the stupidest of stupid people who ever made it through 250k years of largely progressive genetic selection.  No one sailing home on HMS Beagle could predict such a regressive wonder as this lot.

Wash your hands, isolate the vulnerable. If you are vulnerable and need food, shop at quiet times and do not touch your face until you wash your hands at home.  Most of us will get through this, but all of us need to act for those who might not.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    S.O.T. excellent. The second video came up as Little Acorn v The Greatest Heavyweight. That the correct link? 🤔

  2. Timbhoy 2,



    I agree with this,except,in a 14 team league,the split would be better off being,7-7.That would mean equal games,3 home,3 away.But for me,the only way to go.A 32 game league.

  3. Whats the score with these facial masks ?????? have we to wear them or not to were them……..folk are saying they do more harm than good…….or is it some Scottish thing ???? Why cant the Scottish health minister come on television and give people more guidance………. I have yet to see people around me with face coverage………every other country in the world are wearing them

  4. I see another numpty, Alan Hutton,saying the only reason we got the Adidas contract,is because we are winning things.Dear God,where do you start.Nothing to do with the Huns in legal disputes every month,with SD,kit suppliers,kit manufacturers.Then ,the hiring of a out and out bigot as their,PR man,and if you throw in the ground closures for sectarianism ,dearly me.Deluded,stupid,gullible,ugly.Where does it end.

  5. “when someone punches a horse, throws a bottle or generally behaves in a manner that defies the struggles their genetic make-up went through to be here today. Darwin suggested it should not be this way, but here we are.”



    I’m not sure I have the same understanding of Darwin’s theory as you, Paul. I think evolution works to preserve a wide range of skills and characteristics which may prove vital to survival in the ever-changing environments of the future. We cannot tell in advance whether the superior characteristics of our time (intelligence, handsome features and a communal outlook) which so favour the Celtic supporting community at present, will prove to be those required for success in a dystopian future.



    If so, there may be a time when the ability to throw bottles and punch horses could be the very thing we need to adapt to changing circumstances.



    For example if we ever find ourselves in a Houyhnhnmocracy, the skill of horse punching could be a vital resistance tool, and, if the internet breaks down, messages tossed via bottles may be a rudimentary substitute.



    Either that or they truly are an evolutionary dead end- the Jury’s out and it’s a Scottish Jury.

  6. John1314mac @ 2:26


    That is an excellent synopsis of the relevant history of that Club ( and Scotland of that time).



    SFTB @ 3:37



    Very good indeed. I didn`t laugh out loud but I smiled wryly throughout :-)

  7. Celtic Mac – Yes, eugenicists seem to run in the Darwin family



    Frankterry and Maradominic – As the old Phil Collins song went,



    ” We always need to hear both sides of the story “

  8. `Rangers (sic) are allowing their foreign players to return home while they wait out the coronavirus pandemic.



    However, all are expected to adhere to a programme of strict diet recording – if they choose to travel.`



    Why did I think of Alfredo when I read that on the BBC site?

  9. Rimtimtim


    What Darwin was like is neither here nor there.The theory of Evolution is what counts.

  10. Hot Smoked



    No word on the 100 million pound player ,Hagi.Has he gone back to Belgium.Are the Huns still paying him his quite high,I would imagine,wage.Will he ever kick a ball for them again.Alfie on a sensible eating regime,back home.His wee Maw churning out platefulls of Tortillas by the Kilo.He will come back bigger than his missus.

  11. South Of Tunis on




    Further to yesterday’s chat re solitary outdoor activities-



    “I invite all those who can’t stop jogging to accompany me to one of our Intensive Care Units”


    Stefano Bonaccini – President of Emilia Romagna – 20 3 1920

  12. Rimtimtim



    Yeas,I am sure Jesus had a pet Dinosaur.Wee bit like a biblical Flintstones.Yabbdabbadoo.

  13. Nationwide broadcast on all channels,6pm.



    “AwThe Rangers are shite,aw the Rangers are shite”

  14. SoT



    Is Senor Bonacinni saying that absolutely ANYTHING that MIGHT lead to the need for Medcal attention should be avoided?


    If so, it seems to me that nothing would meet that criteria.




    Normally I wouldn’t respond to a post like yours and I genuinely don’t care what your personal beliefs are… but considering the situation this sort of thinking is potentially dangerous. Let’s pretend you have a fundamentalist Christian who believes in the Rapture (and creationsim obviously as they all do). Now one of these people may well believe that the coronavirus is a sign of the Apocalypse (which they are all desperately looking forward to for some bizarre reason) and so won’t be doing any of the self isolating etc which in turn may well risk the lives of others.



    Now I’m sure you love your family as much as I do but can you see why completely unscientific thought pretending to be science is potentially deadly? And not just that but it opens up opportunities for complete charlatans to exploit? Trump being an obvious example.



    If you have five minutes have a look at this article with an open mind.






    And as a sign of good faith if you want me to read something that proves creationism I will do the same.

  16. That was badly worded. I meant that virtually every `activity` COULD lead to a situation requiring medical attention.

  17. Timaloy29, the 14 league team is a good idea and should be rolled out regardless of the crisis we face now. Truth is it’s such a good idea that it will likely never so the light of day.



    We shall see I suppose



    Ps can somebody tell me why it’s being reported that the spfl is wanting decliratio on no football for season despite eufa saying all games must be played by end June, surely that was worth feeding back to supporters???

  18. South Of Tunis on



    Dont know..The politicians are still arguing over jogging /cycling etc.The medics seem much more certain re – Stay at Home.


    Some Regions / Provinces have jumped the gun and have banned cycling /jogging etc.



    Saw the President of Campania on tv earlier-


    “At the present exponential rate ,Campania will have @3000 cases by the beginning of April- enough with these half measures -Italy needs to be militarised now”



    Off oot to walk the dogs – in the orchard -2km away from the nearest human (if I dont count Mrs S of T !)

  19. 21-5-79



    never too old for good trainers. A set of Bamba with Celtic crest would do me. Too poor to get them back in the day – Kick was as good as it got!!

  20. i had a History teacher who was teaching us (in a Catholic school) about dinosaurs, evolution etc.



    One of the lads tied him in knots with the evolution vs creationism. Was funny at first but you could tell he was conflicted.



    Next time i saw the teacher , 20 odd years later, he was a priest in the same town.



    Fair play to him, he had to make a choice and he did

  21. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Creationism is it? Watch ” Inherit the Wind “. Can’t believe anyone is advocating this shoite on CQN.



    Changed days indeed.

  22. whitedoghunch on

    Ray Winstone’s Big Disembodied Heid


    films are not my thing


    but Inherit the Wind is a different matter


    Stunning piece of work

  23. Films are my thing but I’ve never heard of it until now, shows how much I know :-)



    Will need to check it out.

  24. FrankTerry


    `Inherit the Wind`


    IMO. well worth a viewing.


    I was going to say something along the lines of ` Imagine the impact it would have had in 1960 America` but I feel Trump wants an America which is not so massively different !

  25. I haven`t really followed the Salmond trial but is is not another case of ` Balance of probability.`?

  26. One of my sisters and her friend , both recently retired midwives , volunteering to go back to work .




  27. So pubs,clubs etc closed as from today. Better late than never. Bar I go to in Jakarta takes temperature and supply sanitizer before entry although stayed clear tonight.


    Sit tight guys and let us get through this pandemic. H H

  28. FFS still dithering about how many more need to lose their life’s.



    Lockdown. Lockdown. Lockdown. Lockdown.



    D. :)

  29. I wonder if shutdown includes private members clubs, particularly those around Westminster?

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