Newco goes into full regressive mode


Football clubs find it difficult to maintain a positive brand image that not only helps its commercial imperative, but binds fans ever-closer and attracts new supporters.  There is always some idiot doing something idiotic that neither the club, nor the support as a whole, would even remotely tolerate.

As a consequence, fans across the country sigh at news reports when someone punches a horse, throws a bottle or generally behaves in a manner that defies the struggles their genetic make-up went through to be here today.  Darwin suggested it should not be this way, but here we are.

When a club’s name is associated with some random act of idiocy, a well-known script is followed.  Suspend the culprit and hope it is glossed-over by many, if not, publicly state disapproval while giving the obligatory “tiny minority” sop to the rest of the support, to let them know you have their back, whether it is a tiny minority or not, or even a minority.

Employee-transgressors are almost universally and immediately sacked.  The chef who got drunk and wrote someone on social media that would never be said sober, has supreme-d his last chicken at the club restaurant.

This is harsh, but them’s the rules.  Clubs want to attract everyone in the family, hospitality business and commercial partner spheres.  Negative publicity, however tenuous, has to be curated through the ‘What would Walt (Disney) Do?’ prism.

So when a club diverges from this path, you’re left wondering why?  Why would a club appoint a DUP councillor and Orangeman, inevitably with all of the baggage that world brings, as their public relations manager?

Today’s revelation in the Daily Record, that Newco’s new PR man, David Graham, referring to Celtic Park as “the piggery”, a few days after his “No surrender” video emerged, will surprise no one.  Do not blame a duck for quaking, material like this is inevitably going to seep out.

But why do Newco want to be represented like this?  Why challenge the modern sports business orthodoxy of appealing to families, high-value corporate spend and big ticket commercial deals?  There is a constituency that will always stay loyal to those with values they share, irrespective of football success or general competency in any other area.

They are circling the wagons ahead of a ‘business interruption event’, either that, or they are the stupidest of stupid people who ever made it through 250k years of largely progressive genetic selection.  No one sailing home on HMS Beagle could predict such a regressive wonder as this lot.

Wash your hands, isolate the vulnerable. If you are vulnerable and need food, shop at quiet times and do not touch your face until you wash your hands at home.  Most of us will get through this, but all of us need to act for those who might not.

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  1. Ron Bacardi



    Keep all they private members clubs open what better place to start/finish the culling.

  2. Fred, to be respected that.



    In my govt job it’s all hands to the pump as large percentage of staff off already.



    This has been compounded by the directive to self isolate if one has an underlying condition.


    When the list of conditions came out I knew some would be shouting bingo, off I go.



    This will be compounded further by the school closures next week. Civils in Scotland still not full ‘key worker’ status. If it were confirmed as such then a number of colleagues could still put their kids into school. That would help.



    Alongside the NHS (and support workers etc) we will be frontline as people lose jobs, health and hope. We have to continue to operate to give these people/families our support.



    The govt are emptying the tank of those with less defined roles in the CS and adding them to the fight. Hopefully they can be trained quickly. Funnily enough, overtime is suddenly available at weekends. Staff have to weigh the risks of chancing public transport one more time.



    We are much maligned in the Civil Service, especially those delivering benefits. But without an extraordinary effort many will fall through the gaps and be lost.



    I wish you all well in what is to come.




  3. South Of Tunis on

    Covid 19 -Italy @ 6pm -20 3 20



    Cases -47,021


    Deaths -4032.



    627 people died in the 24 hrs between 6pm on 19 3 20 and 6pm today.

  4. Does anyone remember when you actually had to win a “Supermarket Sweep”, which involved being in some ITV gameshow. Sixty seconds with a trolley. Those were the days.

  5. Better late than never, The measures announced were what was required.


    The only real measure left open to Government is to order people to stay in their homes.


    I welcome the news but I still think Boris is an absolute disaster.

  6. Perhaps they should lock up the trolleys and limit it to one basket per person in the supermarkets.




    Thanks for the article and I will read all of it but just reading the first page has helped clarify something for me. Those who oppose the theory of evolution are referred to in the article as being either believers of creationism or Intelligent design. For me the creationists would be those you refer to as christian fundamentalists with issues about the Apocalypse. On the other hand I see no reason why intelligent design is not something we can understand if we advance in science. There are scientists all over the world who believe in a kind of God and have made many scientific discoveries . One classic example which should be taught in catholic schools was Michael Servetus who had an enquiring mind, became a physician and discovered pulmonary blood circulation. He questioned aspects of theology too and ran into trouble with religious authorities wherever he went. He ended up burned at the stake in Geneva at the time when Jean Calvin was governing the city. I would put Calvin in the religious fundamentalist camp, really putting Donald Trump into the shade. In more modern times many scientists are still exercising their informed faith. I have not always held these views frankterry and 90% of my friends and family disagree with me but as Al Garnett used to say , it stands to reason!

  8. Gene – good idea…. How many Lager can you get in a basket. Mmmmm



    Gues the cans in basket??



    But seriously a good idea about stopping these cnuts



    D. :)

  9. ‘GG on 20TH MARCH 2020 2:06 PM


    Tim Horton



    Supersutton was the other poster who was on it.






    Sorry, can’t remember the dosage I was on.

  10. Supersutton


    Sorry, can’t remember the dosage I was on.




    Must have been some stuff 🥴

  11. GENE on 20TH MARCH 2020 6:10 PM





    Sorry, can’t remember the dosage I was on.






    Must have been some stuff 🥴







  12. I hope everyone takes care…. not a great time. You cannot be 100% careful, but reduce risks. I cold go with a pint for the200th Friday in a row but think I will give it a miss. even though they may be giving it away cheap to empty barrels. I have 4 cans of Expor and 4 of Innis and Gunn to last till tomorrow!

  13. I know of trials have already started on vaccines in a few countries but these will hopefully be available by end of the year. Hail Hail to all good tims… and everyone else too.

  14. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    South of Tunis on 20th March 2020 5:39PM



    Sombre tidings to read. Reporting the Italian death totals, attributed to this virus, to the blog is appreciated because it shows where UK will be soon enough. We’re not at 1,000 yet but it seems clear to me our figures will eclipse Italy before US numbers eclipse us.



    The four day doubling is fact now 12/3 1,016, 16/3 2,158, 20/3 4,032. An army of souls is growing, fingers crossed there’s better news next week.

  15. lets all do the huddle on

    sitting here thinking (cos i got nothin else to do) what the country and the world will be like 1 year from now



    economic and social wastelands?



    or because it affects most of the world that politicians – who generally arent trusted the world over – might get together and get the right things to happen?



    who knows. scary stuff



    im actually thinking of getting a part time evening job in the NHS just so i actually get to see other people in the next few months



    but i would be useless at that kind of work

  16. My largish local was half full and people were still walking in as I just walked past. A couple of older gentlemen, definitely 70+ sitting at the bar.



    We can’t be trusted to behave like adults as a nation, not that the past couple of years haven’t already taught us that. Boris may be a buffoon but the people advising him won’t be and I would think they knew how the country would react.



    It’s very annoying and dangerous that he continues to give imprecise and conflicting advice. Asked a question that most parents of young children want an answer to – how to manage socializing for children now the schools are out – his advisor and then he both gave a slightly ambiguous answer. Asked about whether he advised visiting elderly parents he said no, then when pressed he said he would hope to see his mother on Mother’s Day.



    He does a good job of reassuring the nation, communicating what I think is a sensible strategy and then drops the ball at least once in each of the press conferences. Parents of younger children don’t know what to do, and at a time of crisis it’s a serious failing

  17. Just read what the Celtic foundation and club will be doing from next week for NHS workers and the most vulnerable at Celtic Park .Unbelievable generosity.

  18. It’s becoming more apparent that the only way to beat this virus is to have a complete lock down. Economic factors are still being considered when they should be cast aside and all efforts put in to the health and safety of everyone.


    It would decimate my business but would keep my family and my employees safe.

  19. Celtic FC Foundation announce initial £150k Football For Good Fund


    By: Newsroom Staff on 20 Mar, 2020 17:45



    TO honour our Club’s founding principles and the existing aims of Celtic FC Foundation, we are proud to announce support measures during the current coronavirus crisis for the most vulnerable in our community through the Football for Good Fund.



    An initial £150,000 will be available for those who need it most. Monies have been allocated from Celtic FC Foundation, supported by Celtic Football Club.



    These are extraordinary times for everyone. The fear, uncertainty, upheaval and disruption to everyday life through the COVID-19 outbreak, is like nothing we have experienced before. Quite rightly, our priority is keeping our loved ones and families safe. Health and the financial burdens are in the forefront of all of our thoughts.



    Primarily, we are looking to provide assistance to vulnerable families, pensioners, individuals who have been affected financially by the crisis, the homeless and frontline NHS staff who are going above and beyond to protect each and every one of us.



    Starting from this coming midweek, we will:



    – Feed around 250 people, including NHS frontline staff, at Celtic Park over three sittings, every week day (within the parameters of Government guidance around social distancing)



    – Grow delivery to reach the most vulnerable and isolated through the local Foodbank network



    – Provide funding to a host of our charity partners to urgently provide food to the most vulnerable in our community



    With self-isolation and social distancing currently being essential for certain groups such as elderly people and those with underlying health issues, and recommended for everyone else, we will also be making a concerted effort to reach out by telephone to our existing participants and new client groups that find themselves alone.






    Celtic’s Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, said: “Our Club was born to bring comfort to the most vulnerable on our doorstep and we strive to maintain that charitable principle today, through the work of Celtic FC Foundation.



    “The current climate we face is both alien and daunting and, as a family, we must do everything in our power to provide assistance and comfort to those who need it most.



    “The Celtic support have continually epitomised the essence of our Club in their charitable actions and I hope that this Fund will provide a focus for a concerted team effort to provide a lifeline to so many.”



    Tony Hamilton, Celtic FC Foundation’s Chief Executive added: “These are exceptional and surreal times for all of us. What was normal even a week ago has gone, and many families and individuals are now rightly worried about their families, their health and their jobs.



    “This is primarily about helping people with the money we have, it’s not about fundraising, although we would clearly like to do more as we could be in this for the long haul. We know that a lot of people who normally help Celtic FC Foundation will not be able to help this time.



    “The priority areas are organisations who care for vulnerable pensioners, the homeless community and those who run Foodbanks. And we will play our part in helping frontline NHS staff who work tirelessly for all of us. There will also be many new Foodbank users in the coming months and while many people are stockpiling food, even less is going to the Foodbanks.



    “We are very grateful for anything you can do to help us further protect our vulnerable neighbours through this crisis. Thank you from everyone at the Club and the Foundation.”



    To register for further details on the Football for Good Fund or any other Celtic FC Foundation activities, please email cfcfoundation@celticfc.co.uk and we will respond to you as soon as we possibly can.

  20. The UK government had no option but to pay workers wages .. if nobody’s working the economy would have totally collapsed within weeks ..



    The rhetoric of being a kind and caring government, is laughable.



    I’m looking at American with bated breath..Trump’s lackadaisical approach to the virus is suicidal.



    God knows what the outcome will be over there .. a 3rd world healthcare system, mixed with an obsession with guns and a genuine probability of civil disobedience …



    Hollywood couldn’t make it up!

  21. God created some things then got bored and decided to add some evolution to confuse his creations.

  22. I was speaking to a neighbour whose son got back from Turin recently who reckoned that part of the issue with the high death rate was the individual not wanting to bother the health service with just a cold and only seeking help when it was too late, don’t know if there is anything to this others would be better placed to comment

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