Newco goes into full regressive mode


Football clubs find it difficult to maintain a positive brand image that not only helps its commercial imperative, but binds fans ever-closer and attracts new supporters.  There is always some idiot doing something idiotic that neither the club, nor the support as a whole, would even remotely tolerate.

As a consequence, fans across the country sigh at news reports when someone punches a horse, throws a bottle or generally behaves in a manner that defies the struggles their genetic make-up went through to be here today.  Darwin suggested it should not be this way, but here we are.

When a club’s name is associated with some random act of idiocy, a well-known script is followed.  Suspend the culprit and hope it is glossed-over by many, if not, publicly state disapproval while giving the obligatory “tiny minority” sop to the rest of the support, to let them know you have their back, whether it is a tiny minority or not, or even a minority.

Employee-transgressors are almost universally and immediately sacked.  The chef who got drunk and wrote someone on social media that would never be said sober, has supreme-d his last chicken at the club restaurant.

This is harsh, but them’s the rules.  Clubs want to attract everyone in the family, hospitality business and commercial partner spheres.  Negative publicity, however tenuous, has to be curated through the ‘What would Walt (Disney) Do?’ prism.

So when a club diverges from this path, you’re left wondering why?  Why would a club appoint a DUP councillor and Orangeman, inevitably with all of the baggage that world brings, as their public relations manager?

Today’s revelation in the Daily Record, that Newco’s new PR man, David Graham, referring to Celtic Park as “the piggery”, a few days after his “No surrender” video emerged, will surprise no one.  Do not blame a duck for quaking, material like this is inevitably going to seep out.

But why do Newco want to be represented like this?  Why challenge the modern sports business orthodoxy of appealing to families, high-value corporate spend and big ticket commercial deals?  There is a constituency that will always stay loyal to those with values they share, irrespective of football success or general competency in any other area.

They are circling the wagons ahead of a ‘business interruption event’, either that, or they are the stupidest of stupid people who ever made it through 250k years of largely progressive genetic selection.  No one sailing home on HMS Beagle could predict such a regressive wonder as this lot.

Wash your hands, isolate the vulnerable. If you are vulnerable and need food, shop at quiet times and do not touch your face until you wash your hands at home.  Most of us will get through this, but all of us need to act for those who might not.

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  1. DBHOY on 20TH MARCH 2020 11:17 PM


    The person who makes it doesn’t need it.




    The person who buys it doesn’t use it.




    The person who uses it doesn’t know what it is.




    What is it?










    A Dummy.

  2. Petec,


    thats the bookies shut now,


    unbelievable the amount of old guys coming in and


    paying no attention to the advice to stay at home

  3. Gordy,



    Noone knows anything. The old timers deserve all our respect.



    It is not easy for so many people now.



    Totally unprecedented Times.



    That trip to Dundee was magic m8ty. The detour hame was even better.

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    Superb idea on CQN to just allow baskets and ban the trolleys. Simplistic but Genius




    it is a great idea



    struggling to see a downside of it



    but the supermarkets have now made unbelievable amounts of cash in the last month due to the panic buying by the idiots in society



    so its now time for them to repay that by making sure folk who now need supplies can get them when they can get to the supermarkets



    if not, boris should hammer them with some sort of a profit tax



    which he wont obviously



    i rate execs who run supermarkets only a bawhairs width below the execs who run banks in the greedy scumbag league



    dont give a shite about anything apart from their own pay

  5. Fairhillbhoy! Grand to see you posting about the golf ! And good to see the legend Marspapa back ! Wonder when sevco Fay ra brig will be back claiming his history of Shoite 😉.

  6. if your looking for something to watch.









    a wee made up story about posh english football old etonian types being beaten by darwin because the mill owner imports scottish players with their passing game.



    based on a real true story, and some of those players ended up at first celtic park.

  7. Just had a call from my wife. She’s a night shift in the emergency department nurse of London’s busiest Corona virus hospital.


    The hospital is rammed with virus infected patients.


    I’m worried sick, literally.


    Wish I could pray :(

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    for anyone who hasnt seen the maradona documentary from last year



    it is on channel 4 on sunday at 9



    genuinely incredible




    Ye dinnae need a Church to Pray dude.



    Just Pray, open up. The Almighty disnae want to lose any of his flock.



    The hardened hearts are just that, they need softened somehow.



    The Georgia Guidestones are there for a Reason and it is not Reasonable to most people but……

  10. Thanks guys, as someone named after a place in Connemara rather than a French guy, Tontine and others would most likely know some of the family as the ended up in the hellhole of Dumbarton/the Vale rather than my paradise of Milton Glasgow :-)

  11. The Power and Principalities behind the thrones are more than ANY human mind can comprehend – we need to Pray for Every Leader and Shadow Leader.



    Humans will be Judging the Angels.

  12. so yer admitting to pishing in ACGR ,s pram



    smiley we were expecting a wave oh Huns



    with no monies








    I’m not taking sides. Tired of reading the tit for tat stuff, gies a break from it.







    By David Potter (from KeepTheFaith website)



    December 15 th 2005 may always be remembered as Roy Keane Day, but there have been other very famous Irishmen who have donned those cherished Hoops. David Potter recalls the career of James Kelly.



    David Potter writes



    It is curious and unfortunate that the memory of James Kelly is ambivalent. He is sadly tainted by the unfortunate legacy that his son and his grandsons passed down to us.



    More than forty years later, the memory remains vivid of the looks on those desperate young men, stones in hand, bent on violence and damage in an anti-Bob Kelly demonstration after a feckless game against Queen of the South at Parkhead in August 1963 (they were fortunately dispersed by the Glasgow mounted police). And most of us can recall the obstinate intransigence of Kevin and in particular Michael Kelly who refused to put money into the Club and watched with infuriating complacency the gradual dismantling of one of Scotland’s best known institutions.



    History cannot yet forgive these things, but James Kelly must not be judged by the fruits of his loins. He was good enough and distinguished enough as a player and as an administrator to earn his own niche in the Isles of the Celtic Blessed.



    No doubt he turned in his grave in 1993, for one hundred years previously, James Kelly had been one of the greatest things that ever happened to the infant Celtic Club.



    James Kelly was born in 1865 into a comparatively well off Irish family (i.e. a family who had avoided the hideous slums of the Glasgow metropolis) in the Dumbartonshire town of Renton. Dumbartonshire is often regarded with cause as being the cradle of Scottish football with fine teams like Vale of Leven, Alexandria and Dumbarton springing up in the 1860s and 1870s to provide wholesome entertainment and exercise for a public suffering a cultural and spiritual void.



    James played for Renton from the early 1880s and won Scottish Cup medals for the Renton team in 1885 and 1888, an inside forward in 1885 and a commanding and attacking centre half in 1888. When Renton beat West Bromwich Albion, the English Cup Winners, they could justifiably be called the Champions of the World.



    Being Catholic and Irish, Kelly was much wooed by Edinburgh Hibernian (and indeed had a few trials for them) but it was the new Glasgow Irish team that attracted him. He played in Celtic’s first ever game, and established himself as their centre half, even though he had no great height – something that seemed a sine qua non for a centre half (and often still does).



    Professionalism was not technically legalised until 1893, but only the most naive of fools would believe that Kelly did not come to Celtic for reasons other than money. Once there however, he soon realised that the Celtic team was a good going concern, that it could do a great deal of good for football in Scotland and for the Irish community in the Glasgow area, and that in Willie Maley there breathed a kindred spirit. Both men loved the game, loved their fans and loved their Club and the early Celtic (on and later off the field) was built on the friendship and alliance of these two men.



    Kelly played 8 times for Scotland. His debut was the appalling 0-5 defeat in 1888 to England, a disaster freely compared to Culloden and Flodden in the Press which used phrases like “mourning”, “funeral” and “looking for comfort” to describe the Scottish nation, but Kelly (in his first International) was exempt from blame. He never was on a winning side against England (although he did well against Ireland and Wales) but in 1893 at Richmond as captain of Scotland, he was invited to shake hands with Princess Mary of Teck who would one day become Queen Mary. It was a stunning example of how football could lift a young Irish boy (whose parents had witnessed landlordism at its worst, degradation, poverty and famine) to being the captain of Scotland and even meeting the Royal Family!



    For Celtic, Kelly’s greatest moment was winning the Scottish Cup in 1892, and he also won the Scottish League Championship in 1893, 1894 and 1896 with his inspiring leadership and gifted play.



    He also won four Glasgow Cups and four Glasgow Charity Cups, bringing the sort of success that the downtrodden and embattled Glasgow Irish population craved.



    Kelly could jump to perfection and in those days of an attacking centre half, scored quite a few goals, a lot of them with his head. He retired from playing the game in 1897 at the age of 32, but immediately became a Director of the Club, later Chairman from 1909 until 1914, then Director again from 1914 until his death in 1932. He is thus associated with some of the greatest years of Celtic history, although like his descendants in later years, he failed to do enough to stop the rise of Rangers in the 1920s.



    Kelly invested wisely his money that he made from football. He owned several public houses in Blantyre, Lanarkshire (the traditional thing for ex-Celtic footballers to do with their money – Sandy McMahon and Patsy Gallacher would do likewise) and was also a Justice of the Peace.



    James Kelly died in 1932 a respected member of the community and much loved by Celtic supporters everywhere.



    As we have said, history will not be so kind to his descendants.



    David Potter

  15. NB – not pushed fringe Christian rap for a while.



    Give me a wee bit of Time Bro, it’s all good. I’LL GET wan that gets acgr posting again and not thewan that inspired him.



    Hopefully Time allows, blood pressure is higher than most. I don’t do going to the doctor.



    I’m gambling I know.




    Pharmakeia isnae for me.

  16. DHBOY! As a said mate fair enough, as for not taking sides and tired of the tit for tat stuff!! Gee me a break from your kid on good ghuy routine!! Let’s leave it at that HH

  17. Floating.



    Thinking of your words and situation,the stresses your going through,unimaginable to me,


    You and your wife are in my thoughts my friend,we are all on this planet as one race,all I can off is support in my way for you and that’s already done.love to all




  18. Tontine Tim



    Enjoying your posts as usual on Celtic,I would like to trigger another one,more on the street,social side.You mentioned a famous battle with the ordour in Dumbarton but I read you referring to the start of it the other day,and got interested.


    DelaneysDunky used to refer to it too,I am just interested




  19. 1967 was it the best year of the 60’s, take out the Lisbon lion’s. Was there a better year think of all the things that happened that decade, this was the 60’s

  20. Mum&Dad are medicated mega.



    I honestly think the less pharmacy you have taken the better chance to survive.I hope I’m wrang.wae Mum and Dad being mega pharmacies.



    Fitba means Nothing to be honest.



    I hate Divisions Truth be TOLD.






    Me and this wee Arsenal supporter 7,8 possibly 9 years old, LOVED HIM. JUST KICKED A BALL TOGETHER the whole holiday.



    Magical – he still is black and I’m still white. We need Everyone to put aside any And Every Difference and work (most cases not work) Together now.

  21. cant c/p



    a great nbr. joe bonamassa and beth hart “i’d rather go blind”



    good night stay safe and healthy we are in trying times bhoys.

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