Newco may face admin and more, but not relegation


No one can touch the bookies when it comes to promoting their business. One week into the winter break a simple statement saying they suspended betting on Newco being relegated drew interest to the Scottish football betting markets at a time when no games are being played.

Even if they suffered an insolvency event, their 15 point penalty (new club/same club debate does not matter as Rangers insolvency event happened more than 5 years ago) would leave them seventh in the table. Lots can go wrong at a club in administration but Newco are safe from relegation and bookies would be happy to price the risk accordingly.

And let’s remember, Coral established that removal from a league by liquidation (not on the cards, but let’s give Dave King time to work his magic) is not relegation.

Benefactors will need to be found for wages and other costs between now and the end of the season. Then there is the small matter of Dave King having to find £11m to offer shareholders. Factor in his reluctance to do so, the consequences of which could be quite fabulous, and you know why an insolvency event at the five year old incorporated entity occupies so many minds.

Either Dave King makes good on his £50m promises or administration and maybe worse (better) is in the post, but not relegation. You can put money on it.

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP28) with former Celtic director Tom Grant

Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Celtic’s ex-director, Tom Grant, who offers a fascinating insight into the running of the club in the 1980s and 1990s.


Tom Grant explains exactly why Celtic refused to complete the Mo Johnston transfer in 1989, and lifts the lid on audacious efforts by Billy McNeill to recruit Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce.

Tom Grant also dissects his relationship with Fergus McCann, and the impact of the ‘Celts For Change’ movement in overturning the ‘family dynasty’ board in 1994.


Jim Craig made two of the three goals in the 1967 European Cup Final. There’s a great wee video below for you to enjoy. Get Jim’s new Lisbon Lion Diary – Right Back to 67 from and you will receive a signed copy from the man himself plus a FREE copy of That Season in Paradise – Ten Months of Celtic Heaven signed by fellow Lisbon Lion Bertie Auld! Simply order Jim Craig – Right Back to 67 and the second book will be sent automatically.

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  1. I’ve just seen the Lafferty tackle. Cannot believe he traveled all the way to Hampden today to appeal that. It was a shocking tackle.

  2. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    As usual i’ve been sleeping as you ghuy’s are typing and when


    the princess says it’s lights oot well, it’s lights oot.




    I remember the name and think he also played with the Albion


    Way in the Govan pub league which was usually played close


    season with crowds that some senior teams would have been


    happy with.




    Another name i’m familiar with, good players then had legendary


    status in the area even if they never made senior.




    There was only one Wine Alley like the one the back of the Broomloan


    Rd. an Irish Rebel stronghold and they even had a Hibs walk back in


    the day with the polis blocking of Govan rd and the other end


    at Shieldhall Rd with the bands and parade marching up and down


    in between raging huns foaming at the mouth oh yeah thats the only


    Wine Alley i remember :-))


    H.H Mick

  3. TTR- Posted same earlier, i think it costs a grand for an appeal, i would love Levein to talk us through that one.

  4. Going by the transfer rumours we could be starting january with no first team players. Dont know what’s worse, the fact that all the players have been touted for moved or the fact i would only be annoyed if one of all those players left and it unlikey as KT is celtic to the come.




  5. Watching Bristol City tonight versus Manchester City. There is no reason Celtic cannot play a similar way in CL. The only time we cracked it was home to Munich . They defended deep when the opposition had controlled possession, but pressed aggressiely when the right triggers were detected. If Bristol City can do it…..

  6. TET



    I think it’d be more appropriate to conduct this through the Trust email as opposed to a public forum amigo.



    However, I will say that much of the work the Trust do (or at least attempt to do!) is done behind the scenes.



    A few things that spring to mind though.



    The Trust all but forced Celtic into becoming a Living Wage employer after securing in excess of 10,000 signatures through a petition.



    Safe standing was an initiative first proposed by the Trust. As a result Celtic recently became the first British club to introduce rail seating.



    This year’s resolution has ensured a comprehensive review of facilities for disabled supporters will be conducted. This could only have taken place as a consequence of lengthy discussions and planning.



    The Trust also made a statement in light of the SPFL announcement that there would be no further investigation into the corruption of the SFA specifically in relation to ‘Rangers’.



    We’ve witnessed a certain Trust across the city regularly embarrass themselves with lamentable, ridiculous statements. While you may be frustrated because you believe we should be addressing particular issues (and that’s completely your right!) I think it’s more important to maintain our dignity in light of the Celtic support and the club itself.



    I do hope this at the very least explains a few things.



    As I said, with regards the SFA corruption, it’s the Resolution 12 guys who’ve been the drivers of this. I personally worry that anything we might say (publicly) would do more harm than good.

  7. The huns will remain alive


    cause they’ll get money fae two sources, maybe both.


    1. Dark money fae the six counties.


    2. Celtic PLC brown envelopes, in other words, your money.


    Put it this wye,…….


    The Bommur was o’er by, recently, intact, fairly regularly.


    Not saying that, the Bommur gets a brown envelope, But, he is the liaison officer. He fair likes the photo shoots wi big Arlene. The bottom line is, dark money…….imho.


    As for the Celtic side of things, I can prove nothing. But, I can smell Old Firm pals act money.


    Put it this wye,……


    If, the huns go oot the league,…….


    Within a year, Celtic Park will be hauf empty.


    Whit aboot Brendan ?


    Ye see, if the huns go oot the league, as far as Celtic in the SPFL goes, it’ll be like, Man City playing in the blue square league.


    Brendan will leave, and the PLC will hit yeez wi RD 2……until, apathy empties 30,000 seats.


    Then it’ll be time for the died huns to come back intae the same league as the Cellic again, till they die again, etc, and on, and on, etc.


    ……oot fur mair meds.

  8. Good to see there is no bad blood from the recent Motherwell matches, we’ve sent them big Nadir. Actually on second thoughts….

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Out early now, more posters of big handsome Tom Rogic to


    put anywhere i can.


    Took the wee mhan with me yesterday, in a big retail store


    and the notice board jammed with crap for sail like royal


    family paintings, photos of Will and Kate’s babys etc.


    said to him ” i’ll go and ask the assistant if i can make space


    for these ” by the time i got back there was a big space right


    in the centre, said to him standing with that look in his eye


    ” how did that happen ?


    ” Don’t know Papa they just jumped in the bin ”


    H.H Mick

  10. KevJ


    I agree that they are getting money from the nordie loyalists, that is a given imo, as for brown envelopes from Celtic, stretching it a bit, but in a round about way, they are, cos our silence is probably better that giving them cash, they would only blow it away in any case.



  11. If Bitton is off and Sviatchenko has been told to find a new Club it probably means Jozo will stay. Wouldn’t it be ironic if, having brought our long awaited centre half in (Compper), we were to go and offload 3 other centre backs. Surely not.

  12. TET



    Not a problem feel free to email the Trust account and I’ll get back to you there.



    I do want to point out that this is in no way attempting to avoid any issues which you wish to raise but posting some information on a public forum can be risky.

  13. Bada



    I actually thought he was already away until I heard that he’d been loaned out today.

  14. Many happy returns to Corkcelt & ACGR . 2 fine Tims and good guys .



    Regarding the Lafferty appeal , absolutely bonkers that they thought it could succeed. If you can watch the incident again , when Lafferty howks down Shinnie ( from behind) , every person on the Aberdeen bench is immediately up on their feet . Shinnie is also quick to recover from the challenge and then stops a couple of his teammates gaining retribution . Shinnie probably knew Lafferty would get a red . Seemingly Lafferty , still gets dogs abuse , rightly , from the Sheep after the time he got Charlie Mulgrew sent off when he feigned injury at Poundland .


    Lafferty remains one of the most odious players in the game . Why he wasn’t severely stiffened in the first 10 minutes at Tynecastle remains a mystery ?

  15. THETIMREAPER on 9TH JANUARY 2018 10:21 PM



    If Bitton is off and Sviatchenko has been told to find a new Club it probably means Jozo will stay. Wouldn’t it be ironic if, having brought our long awaited centre half in (Compper), we were to go and offload 3 other centre backs. Surely not.



    *first of all Bitton isnae a centre half, just filled in there. As for Eric, not sure what the problem is here and it looks like Jozo disnae want tae be here anyway. As my da used tae tell me Celtic don’t keep unhappy players.

  16. Kevjungle,


    for a Celtic supporter you are hell of a keen onemptying the park,


    OBAF Act,empty the park


    Giving the huns brown envelopes,empty the park,


    cold pies and bovril,30,000 empty seats would soon see them warm

  17. TET, after the arrest of several Celtic fans in Amsterdam a few years ago I interviewed Jeanette Findlay, Chair of the Trust at the time I think, for the CQN Mag.


    The work the Trust was doing with the victims and families of that fiasco was fabulous, the club also were playing a part.


    Not a comprehensive answer, but hopefully that gives an idea of something the Trust has done.



    I also interviewed the mother of one of those arrested for no reason, she could not have been more positive or thankful in her praise of the trust, or the Club for that matter.



    HT, as this is pubic record I hope you don’t mind.



    I can’t remember which edition of the magazine this was, but I think they are still available online?



    Oh, and a Happy New Year to all.

  18. Jaysus lads, There is some shite posted on here.


    UVF laundering funds into the Huns, Celtic giving Huns hand outs in Brown envelopes, FFS sometimes I question my own sanity and I’m only reading the stuff.

  19. Hoooooopy Birthday CorkCelt, looked a good one:-)



    Hooooopy Birthday to ma wee mental buddie tae!

  20. Thanks Bhoys for all the Birthday Wishes, Had our party last Friday night as it suited people more, today was a kids party with crisps & ice cream & weans hanging off me.


    Enjoyed both.

  21. CultsBhoy- Last of the famous international PlayBhoys on

    SSB tonight….



    Roger Hannah complicit in the media conspiracy to deny reality of Hun situation.



    In response to a hurting hun complaining about a Celtic fan suggestion admin is imminent ( next Monday to be precise)..Hannah mounted a strong defence.



    Firstly he says these stories only gather credence because of previous events then reels off Hearts Motherwell etc as examples of other clubs in similar boat. However significantly fails to draw the distinction between admin and liquidation.



    I called the programme clarity but was not given the opportunity.



    This is concerning. I expect BFDJ to be in denial and unburdened by facts. All will remain rosey in the ibrox garden until he eats his last pie.



    Hannah on the other hand is not stupid he is,either in willful denial or has been conditioned to be unconsciously so.



    This like deja vu.

  22. Doc



    Not at all! There are many, many things we’re involved in and possibly there are occasions when we need to promote those a bit more!



    I hope you’re well sir.

  23. Hrvatski Jim



    Thanks for the advice re zenit tickets.



    I’ll be ready and waiting when the general sale opens.



    I dont think i’ll have much trouble getting a single ticket for myself but would really like to bring herself to the game this time.



    God knows she has suffered enough as a celtic widow :)

  24. Aye, lits awe sing rebel songs,


    “your not Rainjurs anymore¡”


    “Glasgow Rainjurs, ye lit yer club die¡”


    …right, were dae ah git ma £49 Old Firm Same Club Lie ticket ?


    Only An Excuse – CSC

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