Newco place all bets on null and void


Yesterday’s extraordinary outburst by Newco chairman (and bus provider to Celtic) Douglas Park, calling for the suspension of SPFL chief exec Neil Doncaster, and solicitor, Rod McKenzie looks like achieving nothing more than making the most bitter people in the land even more acutely afflicted.  Dundee failed to get their vote through on time, then asked the SPFL for time to reconsider their decision.

Be under no illusion, Newco’s objective, is not to finish the season on the field of play, it is to have the entire league campaign scrubbed from the record books.  They failed to win the League Cup Final, lost to Hearts in the Scottish Cup and fell apart in the league after the winter break.  They do not want Celtic to win the league if the season is called now and they do not want the season continued into what should be next season’s calendar.

They cannot stop Celtic on the field of play so they want to try to do so through a scorched earth policy that could burn the Scottish game to the ground.  No one knows more than Douglas Park what lies ahead for Newco, bringing the entire edifice of the game in Scotland down with them, may make the pill less bitter.

This is a dysfunctional football club that is using its significant media influence in an attempt to subvert the football authorities.  The country has enough paranoid fans prepared to fantasise like this, we cannot have our game controlled in this manner.  We cannot have our game hijacked by a dysfunctional club that survives on media influence and has never make an operational profit in its existence.

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  1. whitedoghunch on




    Ha ! not been in sweepers in over 20 years- made me smile


    The only time Ihave been in Belgium was to see the hoops !

  2. Sevco’s tail is now between their legs – they simply must be held accountable for the serious accusations they made yesterday regarding the impartiality of the board and in particular Doncaster and McKenzie.



    They have not repeated those accusations today and instead now seem to want an independent inquiry into their ignorance surrounding the spfl rule book.

  3. If and when it comes and the season is called null and void, the only fair solution would be to divide the prize money equally between the 42 member clubs = 500k per club. And this is were the legal rangle starts. Celtic would in affect lose £3 million, sevco in the region of £2 million.


    If the LNS inquiry is anything to go by and I have no trust in our so called legal system. This could be the only option left. We know this could push them over the line in terms of finance and may well be worth it. The argument around sporting integrity Shows that the wee huns could finish 3rd with games left to play.


    Three hun clubs in three off the four biggest cities still call the shots with the compliant press only too happy to help and this is a real possibly. if and when they do indeed win their argument, it’s at this point Celtic should hand in their 3 year intention to withdraw from the league and scupper the 5 year sky deal. Start a new journey south of the border in whatever league they english chose too place us in, and start a new market research campaign for 7/10 year season tickets with all the pitfalls attached. These would not have to be paid upfront but just the question ( would you still buy a book if we were playing stalybridge celtic rather than Ross county)


    I support Celtic and don’t care who they are playing, I would let the rest of the rotten mob and their cohorts go the journey into oblivion.


    Hail hail.

  4. RON BACARDI on 12TH APRIL 2020 5:34 PM









    That was probably when only choice of beer was Heavy or Light




    RON it was a sight to behold , i.m sure there was a siren ann then they’d all scarper off back to work .

  5. VP – you are Scottish, he’s a Belgian. Unless he was actually twice yer weight.



    God Bless Every CQNer.🍻




    On a Friday nights the pubs lining Kilbowie Road and Glasgow/Dumbarton Road in Clydebank were full of workers from John Browns and Singers spending their pay.

  7. Paul67


    When I expressed my concerns last week that the Huns end game was Null & Void .


    You told me that Null & Void wasn’t even on the table .



    I expressed my opinion again this morning on the previous thread .


    That we are in real danger of losing a Null & Void vote.



    Celtic have brought this upon themselves .



    Not challenging the same club myth.


    Not fully supporting resolution 12,indeed hampering it.



    Make no bones about it .



    The Huns have enough friends to make Null & Void happen.



    Our board is being caught with their pants down .



    I saw this coming ,and If I did .



    So should our board.



    We have a real fight on our hands .



    We had the opportunity to put the hose down their throats .





    Now we may suffer the consequences.




  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    If declared null and void then no prize money as all TV and sponsorship money would need to be returned.



    But, I like the idea of even split of league prize money across the board, it would save many a club and remove any notion of any club getting preferential treatment or more than they deserve, the hardship applies to all clubs.

  9. The SEVCO statements are getting more deranged by the day. Smacks of their desperation to be seen as the premier club in Scotland.



    Whatever happens in the vote, nothing will happen until UEFA declare their preferences on this season as otherwise they could withdraw permission for any club and indeed the national team to take part in their competitions. Only a moron would risk that.



    Seems like they are desperate for a null and void season to hide their blushes for their performances on the pitch, at the moment they don’t even have one of those.



    Talk of league reconstruction is a squirrel to spare the blushes of teams that ought to have done better with the resources they have.



    The SPFL should charge SEVCO with bringing the game into disrepute. I doubt they have the balls.

  10. Indeed cal, every club has played an equal part in the process and if the 3 years are handed in this would still allow us time to do the 10iar



    Hows you any way

  11. Indeed cal, every club has played an equal part in the process and if the 3 years are handed in this would still allow us time to do the 10iar



    Hows you anyway ?

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hearts supremo Ann Budge says SPFL ‘unduly influenced’ resolution vote as club calls for league reconstruction



    Ffs the 2 ugly sisters are a tag team…

  13. Magnificentseven on

    prestonpans bhoys on 12th April 2020 6:07 pm


    So far no one has taken the bite😵



    That’s a pity

  14. RON BACARDI on 12TH APRIL 2020 6:16 PM









    On a Friday nights the pubs lining Kilbowie Road and Glasgow/Dumbarton Road in Clydebank were full of workers from John Browns and Singers spending their pay.





    RON … My uncles and an auntie from Knightswood / Drumchapel (the Lammonts)


    worked in Singers ……told stories about it being their on wee world/ well thought out and organised.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Spanish Opening schedule


    Opening Dates:


    May 12: Small business, dealers and workshops.


    May 23: Parks and Gardens.


    May 25: Personal services.


    May 26: National population transit.


    June 1: Cafes, restaurants and bars.


    June 6: Study centers.


    June 7: Hotels and tourist accommodation.


    Followed by


    There will be no travel from the UK till July




    I dont know how yeez do it or where yeez put it . , more than 4 pints and i lay doon the following day tae recover…..i luv big Stella…but :)))

  17. Don’t shoot the messenger, but if any of you believe that this shower and their compliant press will let this go then think again. ADI good luck with that and I do believe that uefa is our only real hope and that’s very sad indeed.

  18. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I am guessing Hearts and Dundee pushing for a 16 team top league?



    I would imagine that the prospect of 16 team top tier might even change the mind of the tin flute guy at ICT.

  19. There is a big difference between a club or 2 getting a loan for a short term cash flow problem to a global pandemic that has closed the game down from now to who knows when.



    The spfl need to ensure that it does not go bust and to ensure that all clubs get the money which is owed to them. No way could they justify giving prize money as loans.




  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If anyone does watch Dunfermline lying down v Oldco, you will see Brother Dougal,awarding the worst penalty you have ever seen,and that’s up against some stiff competition.

  21. I posted this on the previous thread last night.



    This current thread by Paul67 ,add’s to my concern.



    TINYTIM on 11TH APRIL 2020 7:53 PM


    I do not confess to know more than anyone else on this matter .




    I just have a fear that this is how it is going to Roll out .




    If the season is declared null & void before prize money is paid out , then no prize money will be paid out .




    Therefore the Huns want a decision on Prize money first.




    There is a high possibility that it will be impossible to complete this domestic season.




    Therefore there would be 3 options.



    Null & Void or Declare the current positions and confirm champions and relegations .



    The 3rd option is to declare current positions, but don’t affirm champions or relegated teams .




    We do not know what Uefa will accept with regards to accepting teams for next seasons European slots .



    There was a thread on here that Uefa were going to leave it to the individual national associations to decide.




    If the there is a vote you need a 75% majority to carry the vote .




    IF prize money has already been paid out .




    Then IMHO it is unlikely that a vote to declare current league positions would be successful.




    Teams who would lose out on being Champions , having a play off position , or being relegated .



    Would be very likely to take the stance of the Turkey who has a vote for Christmas.




    UEFA will have to decide what happens with this seasons CL and EL .




    Then decide what to do about next seasons qualifiers.



    Then there is the international championship’s and Olympics next year.




    IMHO there will be no meaningful truncation of next seasons football season , and no realistic chance of this season playing to a finish .




    It will be a battle to pay out prize money .



    Then a vote on Null & Void .




    Which we would most likely come out on the wrong side off.




    I am aware that my negative Chimp is ruling my adult self .




    But .




    Make no mistake .



    The Hun is a desperate animal and we have many detractors.




    If you are no for us you are agin us .




    Without any financial penalty for voting against us .



    Most will vote against us .








    SINGERS factory constructed all machines on site from raw materials. They even had a foundry.

  23. Tiny Tim, The thing that has surprised me is how few have supported the Huns.


    10 SPFL teams have voted against them, the lower Leagues was 85% against them.


    The only issues were in the Championship. Thistle voted No and why wouldn’t they, nothing to do with support of the Huns, they are 2 pts behind Queen of the South with a game in hand yet if the League is called now they drop to the 3rd Division,


    Cally & Dundee were heading for the play offs & had a chance of Promotion so you can see why all these Clubs were conflicted.


    The vast vast majority of Clubs are happy with calling the season with present standings being final. I can’t see how the Huns are suddenly going to change everything to a null & void situation.

  24. Marspapa at 5:30 p.m.




    In Greenock it was rows and rows of Eldorado…..mmmm…..yummy!

  25. Corkcelt



    If the voting clubs ,vote the same way .


    Then it would only require Dundee to vote for Null & Void.



    They most likely would .


    It would stop DUFC being promoted .



    Remember all the clubs would already have their prize money in my scenario.




  26. TINYTIM on 12TH APRIL 2020 6:19 PM



    Pull back on the paranoia. Blaming Celtic is irrational. The huns have no influence, they are all bark and no bite.

  27. TINYTIM on 12TH APRIL 2020 6:54 PM






    If the voting clubs ,vote the same way .



    Then it would only require Dundee to vote for Null & Void.




    They most likely would .



    It would stop DUFC being promoted .




    Remember all the clubs would already have their prize money in my scenario.







    This cannot happen. McLennan has spelled it out today. No resolution, no prize money. You cant just put forward a resolution that is not legally competent.

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