Newco place all bets on null and void


Yesterday’s extraordinary outburst by Newco chairman (and bus provider to Celtic) Douglas Park, calling for the suspension of SPFL chief exec Neil Doncaster, and solicitor, Rod McKenzie looks like achieving nothing more than making the most bitter people in the land even more acutely afflicted.  Dundee failed to get their vote through on time, then asked the SPFL for time to reconsider their decision.

Be under no illusion, Newco’s objective, is not to finish the season on the field of play, it is to have the entire league campaign scrubbed from the record books.  They failed to win the League Cup Final, lost to Hearts in the Scottish Cup and fell apart in the league after the winter break.  They do not want Celtic to win the league if the season is called now and they do not want the season continued into what should be next season’s calendar.

They cannot stop Celtic on the field of play so they want to try to do so through a scorched earth policy that could burn the Scottish game to the ground.  No one knows more than Douglas Park what lies ahead for Newco, bringing the entire edifice of the game in Scotland down with them, may make the pill less bitter.

This is a dysfunctional football club that is using its significant media influence in an attempt to subvert the football authorities.  The country has enough paranoid fans prepared to fantasise like this, we cannot have our game controlled in this manner.  We cannot have our game hijacked by a dysfunctional club that survives on media influence and has never make an operational profit in its existence.

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  1. Bada Bing



    That is what Paul67 said to me last week .



    My view is that it isn’t now ,but it’s coming .



    Paul67’s thread seems to indicate that he is off the same opinion as me .



    It’s the Huns end game.




  2. Happy Easter to all CQNers and their families around the world.


    Stay home and stay safe.


    The gift that keeps on giving is giving more fun than the Easter bunny.


    I wonder if Lord Nimmo-Smith is still available to conduct ‘Independent Inquires’?

  3. Null and void in Scotland and nowhere else. Even at my most paranoid I can’t see that happy.

  4. Hi Bada, hope all good – where did you see the Spain schedule you just posted. Am supposed to go late June into July…

  5. if i was a sponsor, the people who put in the prize money, why would i give continue to sponsor when the tournaments had no conclusion or winners ?



    i said on last blog – they should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute.



    i also joked it had been hours since their last statement, and viola.



    lastly, it is paranoid to believe clubs will vote with der hun, seems most club have their own self interests, ##



    el d for the port onions






    that might get slaemuir bhoy posting again

  6. Sevco and Hearts can go and play in their own league, make their own rules up to suit themselves, utter tripe for an easter weekend, and they say Park is a businessman, it must have been the handshake crowd buying from him, he shows no business accumen whatsoever nor does Budge.

  7. SCANIEL on 12TH APRIL 2020 6:52 PM


    Marspapa at 5:30 p.m.










    In Greenock it was rows and rows of Eldorado…..mmmm…..yummy!




    The good old days , at that time know one could ever have imagined how the community’s would be decimated by closures , progress and that bastard Thatcher

  8. BORGO67 indeed, but in all honesty they will have to be forced into the decision. Every league has similar issues/ interest and this is why uefa will be required to make the call.



    England has relegation issues and if they try and call last years standing then teams like Leicester would scream foul. More leagues are closer that England and Scotland at the top and this is why UEFA wont want to have anything to do with it.


    As I said in a previous post 3 hun clubs, compliant press LNS and his like .


    It doesn’t look promising.

  9. Honestly Tiny Tim, you worry too much.


    Leagues all over Europe are going to be called early, there can’t be one rule for one and another for the rest.


    Belgium have already called it, they stalled on implementing it at Premiership level but that is almost sorted now.


    I’d like to see the reaction in Liverpool if the English Leagues were to be null & voided,


    I think at this stage that Dundee want to vote yes but are looking to wring some kind of concession to save face before casting their vote.


    There are enough real problems to be worried about,

  10. prestonpans bhoys on




    Hertz and Huns own league, by current results Huns wouldn’t win that league either, ‘has Stevie G won a league’🎷🎺

  11. We are efter this, All gonnae be Robin Reliant on WHO/whatever the World Banker is, shiz,wants from YOU.



    Sorry but 9 in a row is trivial (tremendous pursuit) to me right now.



    Trust me, I want 9 and 10… I said Honestly I’d rather have a European Trophy more.



    We are being shafted by International GOVERNING BODYs. We wrestle not against Flesh or Blood….



    Money will be plucked from thin air.



    It Always will be.

  12. Nill and void would result in litigation against the spfl and so the need to give back all prize money. That would effectively kill a lot of clubs off. Why would any club vote for that.



    Sevco are a joke of a club that panders to its support and in trying to outsmart otjers comes across as a basket case. Hearts are embarking on a similar path to sevco albeit they have a more legitimate case to defende I.e. relegation but whenever I saw them they looked doomed. The other thing they have in common is they look to blame others for their own shite




  13. So the Budge at Hearts has also admitted, like Gardiner at ICT ( Budges ex CEO) to contacting other clubs trying to influence their votes




    It’s ok for them 🤔🤔🤔


    Not for FtSFA on the resolution by sticking to the rules





    I’m just curious, who contacted Celtic to influence our vote ??


    Budge ? Park ? Gardiner ? Britton ??


    Can you tell us big Peter

  14. HOT SMOKED on 12TH APRIL 2020 7:13 PM


    South of Tunis



    Any figures?






    Today Italy reports 4,092 new cases of coronavirus and 431 new deaths.



    Total of 156,363 cases and 19,899 deaths.

  15. I know the figures are shocking but the numbers are dropping. Thy have been through an awful time but there is light at end of tunnel. No train jokes please.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    This is from The Celtic Star.


    Why did Scott Gardiner and Inverness Caley Thistle vote NO?


    We have outlined Gardener’s raison d’être in his Highland CEO job and have argued that a YES vote would very much be in Caley’s interests as it would deliver cash and probably their promotion back to the Premiership.



    The CEO should be acting in the club’s best interests at all times but Scot Gardiner has taken a different view on this critical matter and that has raised one or two eyebrows in the game. Questions are being asked that will need answering.



    A CEO is duty bound to represent the best interest of the club he works for not the club that he supports or indeed any other club. It would be a fairly lame point for us to make that Gardiner has let a blue nose get in the way of fulfilling his contractual obligations to his employers.



    But remember we said that given Inverness Caley Thistle’s financial difficulties, perhaps looking for a new job might be a prudent thing for for their CEO to do?



    Well this evening The Celtic Star can tell you that we have heard from a very senior source at Celtic who understands that Scot Gardiner, the Inverness CEO has been offered a job at The Rangers Football Club on the basis that he voted NO to the SPFL proposals.


    Gardiner duly voted NO and with sight of the Partick Thistle and Dundee NO VOTES he was certain that the SPFL proposal would as a result of three Championship NO VOTES, fail and he would be leaving the Highlands to take up his new position at Ibrox. The Dundee vote getting lost in transit has scuppered his plans, left the Rangers squealing like the bad losers they are and his career move up in the air.



    Further, our senior Celtic source understands that the league’s Sponsors Ladbrokes have been contacted by former Rangers spin-doctor Jim Traynor, “asking them not to give Inverness Caley Thistle or Scot Gardiner a hard time.”


    Our senior Celtic source summed up by describing the Inverness Caley Thistle CEO thus: “Gardiner is a massive blue nose.” This evening it’s more likely to be a bloody nose.



    And the Rangers had the absolute cheek to lecture the rest of us about SPORTING INTEGRITY!


    Final point on this, our Celtic source is rock solid and we have a 100% track record in everything we have reported, most recently that there would be pay cuts and wage deferrals at Celtic announced last week

  17. Hot Smoked at 7:23




    Ah, the old Lang’s Liqueur vs Eldorado debate.


    My vote’s with the Lanny.


    Then came the South African boycott and we moved on to Emva Cream – Yuk!

  18. Vogue/WDH…



    The only times I was ever in Sweepers was about 3 or 4 years on a trot when Cambuslang Ran*ers had a quiz day – it might have been Easter Monday.



    Great days. Great quiz, plenty of beers and a bit of entertainment during the breaks.




  19. Evening all – Eldorado ticks the box for me ( you can take the Bhoy oot of Greenock 😁)

  20. A question for the maths boffins on here pls…



    I popped a glass on the table and a bit of it was hanging off, so it got me thinking…



    If the glass is not fully on the table over it needs X amount of the area to be hanging over before it tumbles over – 50% seems to make sense to me.



    If it is hanging over the corner of the table does it still need the same % of glass hanging over – I am wondering if the corner will help it balance more?

  21. prestonpans bhoys on

    Excellent piece on Video Celts about ex SPL chief Mitchell, sorry can’t do a paste on my Huawei but have a look

  22. First pub I frquented was The Seven Seas, Clydebank on corner of Kilbowie Road and Glasgow Road. Feature was 7 massive windows, each portraying a sea or ocean.

  23. lets all do the huddle on

    If it is hanging over the corner of the table does it still need the same % of glass hanging over – I am wondering if the corner will help it balance more?




    still needs half of the weight/mass. but will be a different shape of ‘half’ than hanging it over a straight edge



    great question though, im now checking with my empty beer glass



    which i now need to fill!!

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