Newco place all bets on null and void


Yesterday’s extraordinary outburst by Newco chairman (and bus provider to Celtic) Douglas Park, calling for the suspension of SPFL chief exec Neil Doncaster, and solicitor, Rod McKenzie looks like achieving nothing more than making the most bitter people in the land even more acutely afflicted.  Dundee failed to get their vote through on time, then asked the SPFL for time to reconsider their decision.

Be under no illusion, Newco’s objective, is not to finish the season on the field of play, it is to have the entire league campaign scrubbed from the record books.  They failed to win the League Cup Final, lost to Hearts in the Scottish Cup and fell apart in the league after the winter break.  They do not want Celtic to win the league if the season is called now and they do not want the season continued into what should be next season’s calendar.

They cannot stop Celtic on the field of play so they want to try to do so through a scorched earth policy that could burn the Scottish game to the ground.  No one knows more than Douglas Park what lies ahead for Newco, bringing the entire edifice of the game in Scotland down with them, may make the pill less bitter.

This is a dysfunctional football club that is using its significant media influence in an attempt to subvert the football authorities.  The country has enough paranoid fans prepared to fantasise like this, we cannot have our game controlled in this manner.  We cannot have our game hijacked by a dysfunctional club that survives on media influence and has never make an operational profit in its existence.

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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    The CEO should be acting in the club’s best interests at all times 





    unfortunately that isnt true



    which is where the conflict between fans/team on the pitch and plc boards arises



    the CEO has a duty to protect the shareholders interests



    which generally means they look after their own interests financially because that is usually consistent with what makes the shareholders money as well



    as i have bleated on here many times about PLC-ism, the only show in town for PLC execs is their own remuneration. everything else is just window dressing – staff, public, customers etc will all get shafted at one time or another. the only thing that keeps improving is execs pay

  2. Ron, that pubs windows were a work of art……….I was too young to see the inside but the outside was impressive.

  3. Let’s all, can you explain the difference between the shareholders interest and the club, surely one and the same if club successful the shareholder happy, no?

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    Let’s all, can you explain the difference between the shareholders interest and the club, surely one and the same if club successful the shareholder happy, no?





    very grey area in terms of a football club where so many people have a heart felt allegiance to it, compared to a bank or supermarket for example



    but if you look at some of the discussions on here over the recent years



    we have, by all accounts, got a decent amount of cash in the bank.



    to benefit the club – to me that means the team on the pitch – we spends most of that on buying better players



    but the plc board clearly dont see it that way, because we arent spending 30 odd million on players



    im not saying who is right or wrong – just showing an example of where what might benefit the club doesnt suit the plc board who have their remuneration to think about

  5. Get where you are coming from, I live with a CEO of. a charity and I just hear about issues with the board 😀

  6. Lots of fuss about undue pressure from spfl and money being used to coerce clubs, but why would money change club’s voting position from a sporting perspective?



    Any deviation from the position at premier level agreed overwhelmingly I.e to award winner would make the whole thing suspect and would show a real lack of integrity






    The nill and voiders can

  7. CamusBhoy on 12th April 2020 9:29 pm



    Can anyone remember Olde English Sherry have a really bad memory of that






    You havea bad memory of it !!!!



    I drank it on my first date with my wife and we will be married 40 years this September.



    So don’t give me bad memory.😂😂😂




  8. The next wan is Coming.



    You better Believe… it is coming.



    Better prepared?



    Praise Our Lord and Saviour.



    He couldn’t, going by his Word, lie.



    Praise Our Lord and Saviour.



    God Bless Every CQNer.

  9. TonyRome😀😀 it was one of the staples in Milton, along with a Pocket Rocket of Thunderbird

  10. Elephant Beer – A Beer You’ll Never Forget…………



    Tried once at The Bouley,…utter carnage, left with the physical encouragement of the bouncers via a closed plate glass door……….

  11. BANKIEBHOY1 on 12TH APRIL 2020 9:54 PM


    Elephant Beer – A Beer You’ll Never Forget…………




    My first job (and the best) was with Carlsberg ,Elephant beer was like champagne next the ole ‘leg openers’


    special brew.hh

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Centre of gravity would determine .

  13. VP



    Special Brew – tried it once as well……..undrinkable, and I’m a noted puddle drinker!








    As you can imagine ,going to work with a hangover’ what have we got on wagon’ ? special brew!!!


    AWE FFS :o(

  15. Its interesting watching Michael Stewart’s take on this saga, a known Hearts man. Normally quite sensible and objective but seems to be struggling to get to grips with the nuts and bolts of it. Just shows you how things can get to people when they want to see it in a particular way. As someone aptly put to him today online, had Hamilton been tock bottom, would he have given a toss.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 12TH APRIL 2020 10:01 PM



    Happy and Holy Easter , Peter.



    See you anon .

  17. Tried Lanliq LD Buckfast Olde English you name it when young



    Kids buy me MD /Dragon soup whatever on European games or way to hampdump


    when i am not driving



    Drink of choice is cider



    but by far worst drink in the world is FROSTY JACK cider



    never been in the same room as an apple .

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 12TH APRIL 2020 11:11 PM



    God Bless you too on this Easter Sunday , Peter.



    Speak tomorrow please .

  19. Bada @ 7:48,



    Re the Sentinel Celts article.



    I’m annoyed that we are quoting a “Senior Celtic rep” (not sure if that was the exact wording and is hard enough to scroll through these days without going back).



    “A respected source with Scottish football” or whatever but we should be staying well out of it – at least in the meantime.



    Give them enough rope FC

  20. Ross County and I think the Forfar Chairmen were on the radio today and spelt out their support for the resolution was based on clarity.



    The need for clarity and the need to plan for next season – season tickets.



    The narrative being pushed that clubs are desperate for prize money doesn’t stack up, solvent clubs can avail of government corona loans to ease cash flow problems or avail of their existing banking facilities.



    One Club in Scotland appears near a state of hysteria to get their hands on prize money. One club in Scotland looks hellbent on a scorched earth policy of null and void.



    No Club that needs European income would put forward null and void, not if they had a realistic chance of competing next season.



    I think they’re goosed, they will not get a European license and have decided to pursue null and void because the consequences of such an action will make little material difference to what awaits them in the weeks ahead.

  21. Well that was an interesting read back in fact I went back 13 pages to try and find out what the hell started this tit for tat. Like 2 bairns ” my brother can beat your brother’


    Normally PeteC talks to himself for around 10 posts to get thru the night but not last night. PeteC made a statement about China that CANAMALAR did not like and asked for his sources. PeteC posted 2 sources and of course CANAMALAR did not agree with them but did not post his sources.


    I thought I was on the FF web site when PeteC was accused of posting a Racist Emoji!?


    Gentlemen calm down tackle the ball and not the man.

  22. Good morning CQN from another dry and sunny day in the Garngad



    Less cars on the road, less planes in the sky…. More dry/bright days any link there???



    WOW what a read back😂😂😂 Reminds me I need to try and see my 11 month old grand daughter.



    SPFL /SFA you reap what you sew. They should have had the balls to either say it’s all done league placings stand, do you want prize money? Or we wait and see if we can restart later in year but no prize money until then?


    2 options that’s it


    If clubs go bust then we re construct, we have been saying there is too many teams for years anyway. Harsh I know but hey they cannot have their cake and eat it.



    Stay safe



    D. :)

  23. This is not normal times. People handle it differently.


    Social isolation raises so many problems.



    Play nice guys.

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The objection was not specifically about it being China but that Petec has fallen into the propaganda trap, being party to and propagating the deflection away from absolute failure of capitalism to care or protect the populations it claim to support, by completely ignoring its own failures, by deflecting and blaming everyone else.


    This pandemic has exposed capitalism for exactly what it is and the plans it has to ensure the next pandemic has a greater impact. The UK will be closer to the american health industry model can’t pay no treatment, the impact will be far greater.


    As for the sources, 2 of Petec’s “3” sources were links to religious fanatic outlets the first one to a website that provides financial market commentary, all they know or care about the virus how it will profit.



    A further source provided by him was one of the many I previously provided for him and the blog when I open such discussions.



    But then from your selective review of the discussion you already know what was going on and chose your topics carefully to support your champion eh.

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