Newco will have to Surrender


Murdoch MacLennan’s Q&A, available here on BBC, and Neil Doncaster’s interrogations by various media yesterday, laid out the absurdity of the SPFL’s Trail Without Evidence.  MacLennan wrote:

“I have been provided with no evidence whatsoever that any club has been bullied or coerced.

“In the absence of any such report, [Rangers (sic.)] alleging “bullying and coercion” risk bringing the game into disrepute and sowing further unnecessary division.

“The suggestion of issuing loans is a red herring…….  The last loan made by the SPL was more than seven years ago, in unique circumstances to a single Member, secured against a personal guarantee given by a wealthy supporter.”

Ann Budge disputes the latter, in an attempt to sound more jaked that she probably was, she claims to have approved a loan to a club when on the SPFL board, but she cannot remember which club.  Honestly, these people are being taken seriously in some places!

He goes into great detail about how and why matters progressed as votes came in on Good Friday.  He responded to Partick Thistle’s horror at the financial consequences of relegation: “We have to remember that the league is a sporting competition. Each year we have promotion and championship wins for successful clubs, and regrettably relegation for the unsuccessful.”  Pick that out of the net, Jacqui Low.

And still, 20 days on from the vote, no evidence of bullying or wrong-doing has been presented.  The chairman is correct, the game has been brought into disrepute by one club, that should be brought to task.  Newco know with 100% certainty they will lose their EGM vote, but still they prevaricate, perhaps wondering how they will sweeten the Surrender pill for their fans to swallow?

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  1. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I suppose it’s difficult for them to arrange a pitchfork and torch mob for a wee march to Hampden under lockdown restrictions.



    Remind me of the lockdown rules – could two of them march if they keep two metres apart?

  2. Happy Friday eve from a suddenly mild Kentucky.



    Big horsey race would have been this Saturday, first time since WWII it hasn’t run first Saturday in May.



    Was cancelled/postponed right around the time the Cheltenham festival was allowing crowds to cough and sneeze on each other.



    Did see a quote somewhere yesterday from big Chris Jullien saying how happy French Eddy is. He’ll stay for the ten with a bit of luck.




  3. i just realised that i haven’t been away from a pub this long in 35 years !!!



    absolutely no way we can social distance at grounds or in pubs so we may have a very long wait or politicians may take a a gamble on calling off lockdown if they feel it has become a vote loser.

  4. Ozark star Peter Mullan hailed as ‘hero’ by Glasgow cyclist as actor rushes to help him after gruesome fall


    The 24-year-old was left in agony but couldn’t believe the Ozark actor had stopped and offered to help after witnessing the horror fall.



    30 APR 2020.


    Back in 2020, I was having a few Pints with my mate in The Queens Park Cafe Pub on the Southside of Glasgow. It was a “Celtic” Pub, with very few Huns…if any ?



    Peter Mullan walked in and he and my mate had met before and the three of us got chatting over a few Beers for the next couple of hours or so. I knew who he was, but I had never met him before, and this Pub and others in the area were his favourite Celtic Pubs.


    Peter was excellent company, and not only a brilliant story teller, but very down to earth etc, and he loved the Celtic.


    He told us some cracking stories, especially about the making of the movie Braveheart and funny tales about Mel Gibson and the Crew. Apparently, the “Extras” were mostly Scots and Irish Boys, and they had their fun at Mr Gibsons expense at times…off camera obviously !


    I was in Peters company just once more after that first encounter as I moved back to the East End soon after, and he lived and drank in the SOOTHSIDE.





  5. Are they ever going to release this evidence?



    There are plenty of friendly journalists who’d be happy to run the story publicly if the clubs don’t back Sevco.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    It’s a hoot. Where’s my popcorn?



    More relevantly, Covid-19 will result in financial detriment to every football club in the world.



    Going into Covid-19 …



    Celtic’s finances were very (x 5) good



    Sevco’s were very (x 20) bad



    When all the noise stops, to paraphrase “Deep Throat” …



    Follow follow the lack of money.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Unusually, I find myself in complete agreement with Doncaster about something. When he said that people are doing their jobs to the best of their ability……..

  8. Surely making 2nd placed Marseille play St Johnstone at Ibrox behind closed doors, is the answer.



    Resolves 2 leagues at once surely.



    Hun logic…..

  9. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Imagine ole rubber face in Court.



    Mrs Budge, you have stated that you when you were on the SPFL Board you approved just such a loan to a member club. Is that correct?






    Can you tell the court the date of this occurrence?



    Err….. No.



    Can you enlighten the court as to the identity of the club for whom this alleged loan was approved.



    Err……….. No again. But it happened honest it did.



    No further questions M’Lud.




  10. whitedoghunch on

    Saint Stivs on 29th April 2020 7:28 pm



    astonishg beautiful photo


    Thank You

  11. Quiz type question.



    Which Shakespearean play best describes current furore around the SPFL?

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