Newco will have to Surrender


Murdoch MacLennan’s Q&A, available here on BBC, and Neil Doncaster’s interrogations by various media yesterday, laid out the absurdity of the SPFL’s Trail Without Evidence.  MacLennan wrote:

“I have been provided with no evidence whatsoever that any club has been bullied or coerced.

“In the absence of any such report, [Rangers (sic.)] alleging “bullying and coercion” risk bringing the game into disrepute and sowing further unnecessary division.

“The suggestion of issuing loans is a red herring…….  The last loan made by the SPL was more than seven years ago, in unique circumstances to a single Member, secured against a personal guarantee given by a wealthy supporter.”

Ann Budge disputes the latter, in an attempt to sound more jaked that she probably was, she claims to have approved a loan to a club when on the SPFL board, but she cannot remember which club.  Honestly, these people are being taken seriously in some places!

He goes into great detail about how and why matters progressed as votes came in on Good Friday.  He responded to Partick Thistle’s horror at the financial consequences of relegation: “We have to remember that the league is a sporting competition. Each year we have promotion and championship wins for successful clubs, and regrettably relegation for the unsuccessful.”  Pick that out of the net, Jacqui Low.

And still, 20 days on from the vote, no evidence of bullying or wrong-doing has been presented.  The chairman is correct, the game has been brought into disrepute by one club, that should be brought to task.  Newco know with 100% certainty they will lose their EGM vote, but still they prevaricate, perhaps wondering how they will sweeten the Surrender pill for their fans to swallow?

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  1. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Ray………….@ 12.52


    Ms Budge before you leave the court;


    1)Where is this club situated?


    2)Their colours…home or away?


    3)Their manager,captain……..any of this clubs players?


    4)Are you sure such a loan was approved? Sometimes a little drink or medicinal intake can play tricks on one’s memory.


    5)Or is there something……you know…….you would like to tell the court?



  2. Watched some orc skelpings this morning. Missing the Celtic. I’m lucky that I can work from home and get paid in full. I dont have much additional time on my hands but had a quiet morning. Apart from meeting family and friends the only thing I really miss is Celtic.



    I’ve braced myself for no football until 2021.



    This current business I haven’t really followed. They are nothing but a tragi-comedy.

  3. ‘GG on 30TH APRIL 2020 1:31 PM


    Time to declare the season won.






    I’m happy for the SPFL to wait until the 12th of July before announcing the champions

  4. Does anyone think the Huns can survive?


    Will they die of embarrassment?


    Or liquidation?

  5. Rainjurz should demand an investigation into the decision to award PSG the title given they had as much chance of winning the French League as they did of winning the Scottish 😂










    Am sure a DUP MP will pursue it through parliament to request for an investigation by someone

  7. Given the financially precarious state of most Scottish football clubs at the best of times, and given the possibility of no football being played for the foreseeable future, how many directors will currently be concerned about the risk of wrongful trading and the personal liability that it entails?

  8. There were a few crackers, the last time the Shakespeare thing came out –



    Hubble Bubble, Double double and Treble treble (c/o SFTB)



    Out, out – damn Sky Sports (anon)

  9. Anne Budge alias Mavis Riley “ Oh a dont really know Rita “ has Torpedoed the Hearts cause more than anything our “ Run silent Run deep “ board could ever do.


    She has spent more time kissing the apron fringes of her Orange brethren and I hope she gets her jotters from the Mini supporters trust who she has deceived big time.


    Not to worry though she’s done enough to future invest in the new venture that has been designated


    “ THIRD KLANARK FC “by one of our wonderfully witty


    Cqners !!


    “ Zombies Dont surrender they just slide and shuffle “


    is also nice lol .


    Hail Hail to the 9 IAR CHAMPIONS !


    Here we go 10 IAR !

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie- I read somewhere recently, that any ST money for next season, can’t be used during this season? If a Klub did this,how would anyone know?

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    Bada, short term no one would know if they spent next season’s season ticket money.



    However, as soon as they ran out of cash all would become apparent. The position is considered to be ‘problematic’ for Directors by an experienced advocate from a local parish. Waking nights and cold realities await those who would put themselves in such a position.



    It’s a big No-No!

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