Newco will have to Surrender


Murdoch MacLennan’s Q&A, available here on BBC, and Neil Doncaster’s interrogations by various media yesterday, laid out the absurdity of the SPFL’s Trail Without Evidence.  MacLennan wrote:

“I have been provided with no evidence whatsoever that any club has been bullied or coerced.

“In the absence of any such report, [Rangers (sic.)] alleging “bullying and coercion” risk bringing the game into disrepute and sowing further unnecessary division.

“The suggestion of issuing loans is a red herring…….  The last loan made by the SPL was more than seven years ago, in unique circumstances to a single Member, secured against a personal guarantee given by a wealthy supporter.”

Ann Budge disputes the latter, in an attempt to sound more jaked that she probably was, she claims to have approved a loan to a club when on the SPFL board, but she cannot remember which club.  Honestly, these people are being taken seriously in some places!

He goes into great detail about how and why matters progressed as votes came in on Good Friday.  He responded to Partick Thistle’s horror at the financial consequences of relegation: “We have to remember that the league is a sporting competition. Each year we have promotion and championship wins for successful clubs, and regrettably relegation for the unsuccessful.”  Pick that out of the net, Jacqui Low.

And still, 20 days on from the vote, no evidence of bullying or wrong-doing has been presented.  The chairman is correct, the game has been brought into disrepute by one club, that should be brought to task.  Newco know with 100% certainty they will lose their EGM vote, but still they prevaricate, perhaps wondering how they will sweeten the Surrender pill for their fans to swallow?

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  1. Happy Beltane Eve everyone Just set our bonfire alight- better than anything those nuggets will make on the 11th ….. if they are allowed. Was hoping to fire it up when we are crowned 9 in a row champions but Beltane got there first. Will have to build a new one to celebrate the 9IAR.


    IniquitousIV – methinks you are being a bit generous on the pro side, although probably nearer the mark than a lot of us hope and pray. Bottom line, however, is that they’ll implode once again but be allowed to exist in some new guise. Hate them.


    Have a Happy May Day/ Beltane tomorrow.

  2. I didn`t know what `Beltane` was so I Googled and was informed that Beltane is The Celtic May Day.


    Presumably, that is ` Celtic` with a hard `C` and that got me wondering.


    I cannot think of any word beginning ` ce` where the `c` is hard. `Celebrate, century, cent` etc are all soft `c`. Is Gaelic different? Does the Gaelic language have words beginning ` Ce` where the` C` is hard?

  3. Back To Basics – Glass Half Full, Gordybhoy64, Bournesouprecipe, Ernie Lynch, Scaniel, and Hot Smoked.


    Thanks for the comments and corrections. Much appreciated!😊



  4. The Celts originated in Europe. The hard C is from the greek pronunciation Kelt. British academics, etc prefer to use the Kelt pronunciation for that reason.

  5. Hot Smoked – Think it was yourself who recommended 19 Crimes Red Biddy about this time last year. Still collecting the 19 different crimes mentioned on the cork. Missing 3 or 4. Have resorted to buying box at a time in hope of obtaining the full set. Kinda hoping they remain elusive.

  6. Gordybhoy64 and Ron Bacardi,


    Thanks for the info;




    Thanks for making me laugh;




    Nothing for you as `cushion` doesn`t qualify under the ` cE` ruling.

  7. Scaniel


    Could well have been me as i DO LIKE IT. hAVEN`T HAD IT FOR A WHILE, THOUGH.


    Stupid caps !!


    Keep collecting :-)


    Cheerio fror now.

  8. c is always pronounced hard in Irish as far as I know. An Muinteór , Almore will probably come on and prove me wrong but for me c is pronounced as k when speaking in Irish,

  9. Shuggiebhoy67 on

    The Cowdenbeath Chairman actually speaking sense, must be his social distancing from his old haunt and its toxic atmosphere,I think he speaks for the reality lower league teams find themselves and can only wonder how many of these teams will survive on the other side of this



  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    What can you say from Ibrox Noise



    Frankly, aside our few small allies in this nation of corrupt running and football lies, we genuinely don’t care if the game here collapses

  11. Findlay comments going down well on FF…



    ”Donald Findlay QC is a rat turncoat b******, Rangers to him don’t exist, we are a new club.


    That says it all, there are rhabid tarriers who grudgingly accept we are the same club.”




    “It’s inescapable that this chancer used Rangers as a platform for his own ego.


    No true Rangers fan would ever come out with the stuff he has.


    He hopelessly misjudged the politics-media ‘sectarianism’ witch-hunt and he’s misjudged the SPFL.


    As someone involved in law he should know that it’s always advisable to hear two sides of a story – unless, of course, you have an agenda.”




    “Findlay can f*** off”

  12. Is that it? Seriously, is that the so-called evidence?



    They don’t call them gullible for nothing!!

  13. Donald Findlay rounds on Rangers over SPFL probe crusade as ex-vice chairman claims they have lost their way



    The Cowdenbeath chairman reckons the Ibrox club must produce their evidence before next month’s EGM.




    Donald Findlay has expressed his “disappointment” with former club Rangers over their SPFL crusade strategy.



    The Ibrox side claim they have proof of wrongdoing by the league body in relation to the season-ending voting shambles that called time on the season below the Premiership.



    And they will get the chance to produce their case against the SPFL on Tuesday, May 12 after Hearts and Stranraer backed their bid for an EGM.



    Rangers have come under increased pressure to show their evidence with both Neil Doncaster and Murdoch MacLennan insisting the time is now come forward.



    But Cowdenbeath chairman Findlay, who previously served as the club’s vice-chairman, believes Rangers have lost their way.



    Speaking on BBC’s The Nine, the leading QC said: “I’m disappointed in the way Rangers have approached this.




    “If they have evidence to back up what they say, and I assume that they must or they would not make these comments, then let’s see the evidence.



    “Why is it being held back? Put it out there so that everybody in the game can have a look at it and form a view of it.




    “Now we have a meeting coming up next month and this is just taking up time unnecessarily.



    “I think Rangers should just get this out there and we can go forward.



    “I’m disappointed in the way that they have made these allegations and not produced the evidence.



    “I don’t think that was the way Rangers used to behave. I think you have to be candid.



    “If you have something that shows a wrong was committed, why sit on your hands, why hold onto it?




    “Why not just let everybody see it. Instead of just telling people what the evidence is, let them actually see what the evidence is and then we can deal with it.



    “I don’t think they have dealt with this in a balanced way, no, I’m disappointed in the people at Rangers at the moment.”



    And Findlay, whose side supported calling time on the season, insists potential league reconstruction is not something that should be on the table amid the global pandemic.



    He added: “I, and we, don’t think reconstruction is something you should go rushing into simply to try and deal with difficult circumstances for different clubs.



    “Had it not been for the problems brought about by the pandemic, we wouldn’t be talking about reconstruction just now.”Cowdenbeath on three occasions have been in play-offs and I don’t remember anybody talking about reconstruction then to save us from the consequences of the play-offs.



    “Reconstruction should be part of a long process taking at least a year, looking at all aspects of the game and coming up with a complete package.



    “What we seem to be talking about now is some kind of quick fix and I don’t think that will serve the game well in the short term let alone the long term.



    “Let nobody pretend that this somehow is in the wider interests of the game, because to say that there should be no winners and no losers is quite simply wrong.



    “If you look at what’s happened so far, Cowdenbeath and other clubs have given up their chance of play-off games and promotion.



    “So we have lost out and we’re not going to get that back. There are losers for a start.



    “In the game we play there are always going to be winners and losers, that’s why we play the game.”

  14. Melbourne Mick on




    Hard C


    The huns are Cold and dead.


    H.H . Mick

  15. Yo Melbourne Mick,



    The hun is as cold as Ice, Willing to sacrifice,,,,,,,,Everything to gain Nothing.



    I know that I know Nothing but I sense Celtic are doing All their Good works in Secret.



    For the actual Good of Scottish fitba.

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