Newco’s potential investor


Just a short one while we await the Uefa meeting to breakup.  I see the press have caught up on the information I left on CQN on 11 March about the potential investor in Newco.  Then, I wrote, “If [The Sun) had even given us something like, ‘A fan, originally from Paisley, who made his money in the Far East’ I would have thought their information was possibly on a par with mine.”

A month ago, Newco were the only club in Scotland facing a financial crisis, today, almost all are, but Newco’s situation is acute.  No Paisley-born-boy-did-good is going to change that.  There’s lots more going on here than I can write about or that others will.  Good luck to Stuart Gibson, if he signs that P.G.

Oh, and their new PR man, goodness!

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  1. The close season cup, cannot compete with the last title claimed here – the rangers standard






    Armed Forces Day: Rangers’ World War Heroes


    By Gary Havlin


    When War was foisted upon the World on two occasions in the last 100 years, Association Football in this country ground to a halt. Players signed up to fight for King and Country, and the fear of having large amounts of people congregated in one place to watch a match proved too much for the Government, who imposed strict crowd restrictions in order to make it more difficult for the Luftwaffe to inflict many casualties. Rangers players of both era’s signed up to fight for our tomorrow, below is the story of a few of them, starting with World War 2………..



    World War 2



    The wartime period of 6 years was to be one of the most succesful in the clubs history. Winning 25 out of 34 first team competitions primarily because they had a talented team which of course was subject to the same restrictions as every other club. Rangers played a total of 210 league fixtures throughout the period, winning 155 and losing 26. An additional ‘honour’ was reported on the 1st of November 1942, when it was announced that ‘Rangers’ had won the Championship of a Prisoner-of-War Camp in Germany. Fourteen teams had competed, all with names of English and Scottish First Division Clubs. Preston North End were second!

  2. The London-based BBC knows nothing about Scottish football. Shortbread sport is populated by bluenoses and is also a retirement facility for distressed ex-Sevco employees . I don’t know what the state of play is now but in the 70s and 80s RCs were a rare species indeed at their West End HQ.


    The Shortbread narrative has always been pro-RFC and sniffy about anything Celtic. That tone was set in the days of their sports supremo and arch bigot, Peter Thompson.


    As for Roddy, I am sure his nose is of the deepest blue hue (poetry). I have to acknowledge he has, infrequently, been fair. But it tells you something when you actually infrequent fairness can register .

  3. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    CC- a leo V update would be appreciated – I’m not a fan but he’s shown leadership in the cv crisis – the UK is a barrenscape of cnuts leadings us at the mo’.

  4. For all the panic buyers out there, please ensure you stock up on lots of condoms so you don’t produce any more idiots! 👍

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Would be a laugh if we were awarded the league at end of June, and waived our title winning money, amongst the other 11 teams…👍

  6. Well he spoke well. However the message I got is that there is a lot worse to come. He said the Country was yet to experience a major surge in this virus but that it would come.


    There will come a time when the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions will be asked to remain in their homes and even spoke about keeping away from children & grandchildren.


    He said this was the calm before the storm but the storm would come.


    Finally he said this was likely to go for some months yet.


    Obviously he said we would get through it & to stay calm & resolute.

  7. BADA…



    All good now, wasn’t a good start to the year.


    Here’s hoping it stays that way.



    Hope all good your side. 👍

  8. Like most, all I’ve thought about for weeks is my family firstly and obviously the millions of worried families.


    The health implications are obviously most important.


    The financial implications for people are massive.


    My brother had to tell 2 of his 7 workers today he didn’t have work for them after Friday… He was/is really upset about it particularly as one has young kids and lives week to week.


    I know the guy well and feel terrible for him but I know there will be millions in the same boat.


    It wasn’t until an hour ago that I thought about this youngish guy being a life-long Rangers fan and realised how it really doesn’t matter a jot at times like this.


    A bit cliche but true all the same.



    Scottish Football and Celtic are however, good respite from stress, worry etc so here is my thoughts on the fitba-



    Next season Callum McGregor will decide whether to be a hugely successful Celtic captain in years to come or leave for a change in lifestyle, earnings etc and leave for a bigger league….. If he does and Scott Brown retires and we try and move Rogic and Ntcham on, we need a new midfield.


    We would have Christie and Soro ( the word from Lennoxtown is that they have no fear about him not being a main player).



    With that in mind, I would have no problem signing Turnbell and Lewis Ferguson…2 good young Scottish players


    There is another young midfielder I think could be as good as Scott Brown tho…. Alan Campbell.


    Kieran Tierney ran an astonishing average of 13.6 km in European matches for Celtic, one of the highest in Europe.



    Campbell ran over 40 km in Motherwell’s last 3 games… An incredible number for a midfielder… Not THE reason to sign him but he’s a good player too and it gives an indication of how hard he works.



    A new contract for Eddie and FF would give us a wee fitba boost.




  9. Nally81


    My son is in the same position where he will have to close down his teamwear business for at least a month probably 2. He had 7 employees.

  10. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH MARCH 2020 9:20 PM


    Would be a laugh if we were awarded the league at end of June, and waived our title winning money, amongst the other 11 teams…👍






    Good call. 👍

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sipsini- all good here, first grandchild due early May,a chance of a good H&S job as well…full time….seriously thinking about going for it….HH

  12. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH MARCH 2020 9:51 PM


    Sipsini- all good here, first grandchild due early May,a chance of a good H&S job as well…full time….seriously thinking about going for it….HH






    Good man, go for it, nothing lost nothing gained. 🍀🍀

  13. Wee thought – if the desperation of Huns which is Scottish football don’t want to award a ‘ Championship’ this season because if integrity etc – why not just start next season with the points as they are? Any Administration penalties would also have to be taken into account of course, just fir integrity and sporting thingys.

  14. Why haven’t we been awarded the title?


    I thought there was to be a ruling on the season from the Hampden Ludge.

  15. Gene: Leo is Taoiseach until new government is formed.



    Good speech, rallying the troops so to speak.



    We’re all in this together so united we stand, divided we fall.



    Coinnígí an creideamh. (KTF)

  16. One of the things to consider regarding the awarding of league titles across Europe is the look any announcement would have on the image of football a whole. Imagine, in the midst of a pandemic, many thousands of football supporters turning up at stadiums to celebrate and the endless controversy and debate that would ensue. Football cannot be seen to be falling over itself when society is in a fight for survival.

  17. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Hope everybody and their friends and familys are all good.


    Not been able to post or read back due to iffy and very costly internet


    but almost home now and back to a two week quarantine, self


    isolation for us now so better get all my old Celtic vids out to keep us




    Great Paddy’s day party onboard the big boat yesterday and most


    passengers joined our Celtic contingent by wearing the Emerald green.


    One Australian lady had on the hoops which her nephew had given


    her to wear on The day, with no idea about soccer but she thought it


    looked ” delightful gorgeous ” her words lol.


    Sad i couldn’t meet up with our furthest away CQN’r Tauranga Bhoy


    but it will happen someday if we are spared from this horrible pandemic.


    Heard the hurtin huns are up to their usual devious tricks eh?


    They really are shameless and a complete embarrassment to our Scotia.


    Back to my band of brothers and sisters now for an Aul Lang Syne and


    Probably a YNWA.


    Best of health to everyone.


    H.H . Mick

  18. Stephen O`Donnell: “Tangled up in Blue”


    “The Parkhead club fought back strongly in the late `30s,winning the title in 1936 and 1938 with a gifted team led by the legendary forward Jimmy McGrory,to this day the record goalscorer in the history of British football.


    Rangers,however,recaptured the title in 1939 and they had started the following season strongly,in first place with nine points from five games,when war broke out with Germany and league football was formally suspended across Britain.Struth,however,was not about to allow the conflict to break up the team which he had spent nearly 20 years presiding over,and during WW2,through his network of contacts,the manager kept the majority of his players back from front-line service by securing them jobs on the Clyde,mostly in the workshops,shipyards,and munitions factories in what were known as “reserved occupations”


    Football continued during the conflict,although not in an official capacity,but if anything Rangers, with the majority of their best players held beyond the draft,were even more dominant during the period of wartime football,winning 25 of the 34 regionalised cups and mini-leagues which they entered.


    with the cancellations of all contracts,players were allowed to make guest appearances,and the great English winger Stanley Matthews turned out a couple of times for Rangers alongside the local boys,such as Willie Waddle,a future Rangers Manager who spent much of the war working as an electrician with Harland and Wolff.


    It was football,but not quite as we knew it.


    Celtic,it seems,were not entirely committed to their part as wartime cheerleaders and made only a lacklustre effort to stay competitive during the conflict,while Struth by contrast saw it as Rangers` role to keep up morale at home while others were overseas,fighting for King and country.This was his pretext for keeping back so many players from active service.



  19. John1314mac on 17th March 2020 9:12 pm


    ‘For all the panic buyers out there, please ensure you stock up on lots of condoms so you don’t produce any more idiots! ‘







    The current advice is that if anyone in a household is exhibiting symptoms everyone is to self isolate for 14 days ie not to leave the building.





    Most households don’t have two weeks stock of food in their cupboards.



    The way things are it’s unlikely you can rely on supermarket deliveries.



    So you can’t blame people for making appropriate arrangements.



    It’s either that or ignore the advice to self isolate.



    The real problem is the lack of testing. A lot of people will end up self isolating because they have a cough or a cold. Proper testing would reduce that.



    Test. Test. Test.

  20. As for Government intervention in football, that is the stuff of fantasy. Clubs will need to somehow get to the 30th of June and then shed as many players from the wage bill as is possible. Clubs cant seriously consider extending contracts or recruiting anyone for the foreseeable. Even the likes of Johnny Hayes might end up a free agent. For the record i hope Celtic offer him a one year extension. The picture here is pretty clear for clubs, get to the summer, cut costs as much as possible and hope that supporters renew season tickets and the football starts back sooner rather than later.



    There appears to be two main issues at the moment, 1, how to do clubs get to the summer without the league prize money and match day income and 2, how many clubs can survive at all if football doesn’t start again by September.

  21. FORMULA 1 rule on abandoning race


    If more than 75% of the race distance was completed, everyone gets full points, again based on the standings two laps before the race was red flagged.


    We have played 79% of scheduled league games.


    Why is the SPFL prevaricating?


    Answers via Twatter to #HampdenLudge

  22. SHUGGIEBHOY67 on 17TH MARCH 2020 10:37 PM


    Stephen O`Donnell: “Tangled up in Blue”




  23. such as Willie Waddle,a future Rangers Manager who spent much of the war working as an electrician with Harland and Wolff




    sparky ?

  24. Gene… Thanks for reply…. It’s horrible… Good luck to your. brother…. It’s only the good people who feel bad…. scant consolation, i know.



    Anyway, more fitba…



    Gym Trainer has NOT left the debt-dome…



    The new orange f**wit is being paid £30k a year to put his name to statements and raise support and money from the Unionist community in Ireland.



    The Paisley billionaire couldn’t believe that he was being wined n dined by the huns.



    He had £1m ( plus 2 pals x £1m) to invest (ha).



    Now, they are keeping their money to see out the crisis…. And are glad they have an excuse.



    Celtic in the media, should now be pushing for an equilibrium share of top-flight prize money for the good of the game… Only 1 club would be against this….




  25. Relax Bhoys, Duffield is on the case on STV ,coronavirus sorted, small business sorted,Euros sorted,be on Shortbread tomorrow in case you missed it

  26. RANGERS coach Michael Beale reckons the outcome of the Premiership title should be decided at the halfway point



    Celtic 58 points


    Sevco 56 points

  27. Whilst we expect that many of the recently postponed sports events will go ahead, if you wish to pause your Sky Sports subscription in the meantime you will not be charged a fee to do so or be held to any notice period.


    Meanwhile we continue to provide high quality content across all of our 11 Sky Sports channels.

  28. The Quiet Man on Turner Classic Movies for St Patrick’s Day


    Closest thing I know to a win over the Huns