News: there is no McInnes news


After a weekend when we all got odd-jobs around the house done, real football is back tomorrow as the champions head to Dingwall to face Owen Coyle’s auntie’s nephew’s side attempt to take a point or more.

Owen is not Brendan Rodgers, but he is no mug, and will have watched how Steve Clarke, Tommy Wright and Neil Lennon did to hold Celtic this season. They will fight for everything.

Biggest news to come out of the international break is that there is absolutely no news about Derek McInnes. The Aberdeen manager is still the Aberdeen manager, despite his move down the table being suggested by every rent-a-quote in the game.

I remember when Old Rangers were unable to entice a manager from either Aberdeen or Dundee United (Jock Stein counselled both targets against the role). A lot has been liquidated since then, but Newco find themselves trying to achieve what Oldco couldn’t in 1983: recruit a manager from another Scottish club.

Getting McInnes is a fairly straightforward business. He has an agreed compensation figure in his contract; agree to meet that sum and do the deal with the manager. We both know that Newco don’t have any discretionary budget, waiting to be spent on managerial compensation, but if you were convinced you had the right man, you would find the cash somewhere.

No one really knows if McInnes would take the job, although it’s clear matters have not reached that stage yet, despite the passing of three weeks since he was first targeted. We were all convinced he was heading to Sunderland earlier this year, until he completed his due diligence on the club and decided to stay where he was. The length of time it is taking to open talks surely makes a move to Ibrox less enticing.

Not that it really matters, we’ll spank both teams, whoever is in charge.


A Celtic State of Mind presents its 24th instalment of insightful discussion into the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning invincible Scottish champions.

In the first ‘A Celtic State of Mind: In Session’ show, Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by former Yashin frontman, Kevin Miles.

Kevin is supporting the Celtic Foundation’s Christmas Campaign by releasing a charity single, ‘Celtic, My Heart and My Soul’, and he joined The CQN Podcast at The Tolbooth Studio in Stirling to play an exclusive acoustic rendition of his magnificent ballad.

As well as playing a further three tracks, Kevin also speaks of his passion for Celtic Football Club, and explains why he wanted to support the Foundation this year.

The CQN Podcast has gone from strength-to-strength over the last few months, and there are many more guests lined up in the months ahead from the world of sport, music, film, art, broadcasting, literature and politics.

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    YORKBHOY on 17TH NOVEMBER 2017 10:10 AM



    As a 21-year-old at the time of his move to Arsenal, Charlie Nicholas reportedly became the highest paid footballer in Britain and was described as being “the most exciting player to emerge in Britain since George Best.”



    *hmmm Peter Marinello was given that label 10 years earlier when he moved tae the same club, scored on his debut at Old Trafford tae. Similar outcome in a poor career choice tae.

  2. Don,t bother writing to BBC Scotland about the bias in that particular place. Write to the BBC Trust. If they get enough complaints they will act.

  3. Hope BR starts with his intended cup final eleven tomorrow, give them an hour. Depending on fitness





    Lustig Bitton Boyata


    Forrest Ntcham Brown Tierney


    McGregor Sinclair





    Subs Simunovic Armstrong Griffiths Roberts Kouassi Edouard DeVries



    Wednesday’s game in Paris is the least important of the next three, make changes for that game

  4. ALMORE on 17TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:20 PM


    Good afternoon. Any updates on Sviatchenko



    Back training and fit to play if selected. If probably the most important word. Only Ralston and Rogic unavailable

  5. The Battered Bunnet on

    In terms of the next Sevco Manager, their annual report states that any budget for incoming players requires to be funded by outgoing players. There’s no cash to spend. And that’s sitting alongside a £7.2M hole in the budget over the coming 12 months requiring shareholder backfilling via soft loans.



    In turn, that £7.2M deficit assumes Europa League participation, without which, add the same again.



    For the next manager, the prospect is wheel and deal his way through January to create enough cash to build a team that finishes no worse than 3rd, and which come the summer will be good enough to qualify through 4 EL rounds wthout further additions.



    Failure at any point means significant slices to the 1st team budget next season, while success means nothing to spend.



    In essence, he’ll need to succeed on his wits alone. He will invest his reputation in a basket case (of assets). It’s not an attractive prospect for a manager on the way up. For one who’s been sitting idle and unwaged on the other hand, there’s nothing to lose.



    Expect McInness to finish 2nd in the league this year, with Aberdeen.

  6. saltires en sevilla on

    Celtic by Numbers



    Always an interesting read…hoping analysts at CP have similar accesss and insights.



    Keep up the good work. Deserves a wider audience buddy!




  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Former Rangers star Andy McEBT has urged Derek McInnes to take the manager’s job at Ibrox.


    McEBT, who won a gazillion trophies “on the park” when money was no advantage says McInnes would be crazy not to take the job.


    “Derek’s house in Aberdeen is infested with termites. His next door neighbour is getting a pitbull and the other neighbour is going to buy a set of drums”.


    “Derek would be mad to stay there any longer. He should take the Rangers job and get out of there”.


    “Aberdeen should thank him for the job he has done for them and let him go without any compensation payment from Rangers”.


    “They can’t make him stay there any longer in those conditions”.


    When asked about when he was going to repay his loan McEBT vanished.

  8. saltires en sevilla on




    Good post.



    Nail on the head point:



    ‘It’s not an attractive prospect for a manager on the way up”



    The role will only attract has-been managers with a career path becalmed in the doldrums.



    To be fair that list is fairly extensive.



    Seems to me they will stick with Murty, who seems like a decent enough bloke, and clearly knows how to achieve results/not lose games.



    It remains to be seen if he will gather enough momentum to satisfy the demands and expectations of the hordes come season ticket purchase time.



    They probably plan (I know..) to convince a ‘quality RRM manager’ to sign up around May 2018, with more promises of off-the-radar wealth. The press obedient ramp it up, the hordes lap it up and the whole merry-go-round spins one more time.



    Rinse and Repeat ad infinitum…

  9. Saltires En Sevilla



    Many thanks for that. Open to ideas on increasing exposure but I suspect the stats based stuff will always be niche, but interest may grow slowly over time. I enjoy it so will keep doing it for a small but incredibly supportive and positive readership!



    thanks again

  10. Afternoon CQN. I know people are constantly looking for donations but I’m just quickly going to plug this one. James is a fellow Tim and it is not his intention to publicly ask for money. He is doing the sleep out and was making the donation as well. So if you have any spare Shekels rattling about in your pocket, no matter how small, please give this Bhoy some consideration.


    Thanks in advance, PMTYH.



  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the MSM go with an all-out, high “Level” “imminent approach” just before the two Aberdeen-Sevco games.


    Would be amazed if McInnes ends up there.

  12. Lynchiebhoy . Regarding a ticket for the Anderlecht game , my mate runs a couple of buses up from Ayrshire. Just asked about availability, and he’s 99% certain he will have a spare. If so your name is on it . Most of the Bhoys in the BV have my mobile number. Failing that P67 has my email. Hopefully get you sorted. HH



    Great and informative site.


    Not surprised that Armstrong and Ntcham have highest packed pass percentages.


    Both are excellent modern footballers.


    The criticism of Ntcham has been a little baffling to me and disappointed that some fans are buying into media attempts to demean our players.


    The same media who have praised an average Morelos to a level far beyond his actual ability.


    One would think they have an agenda.


    In the last game against St Johnstone Ntcham came on as a sub and gave a masterclass in game management plus topped it off with a great goal.


    Earlier in the season i posted that his game would shine when there was good movement ahead of him as he had an eye for a pass and excellent game sense.


    In a fluid system he is an outstanding footballer





    I’ll forward that info to CORKCELT.



    Well done,that man!



    Great meeting you again,bud-and my best to L




  15. Through A Green Glass Brightly on

    Follow the money – or the lack thereof – so Murty it is with Dick Dastardly as his assistant.





    I think Ntcham will really impress with a good run of matches in a favoured position.



    IMO,we have a top top player there. And as you know,I’m a cynical b…

  17. saltires en sevilla on




    Great reports from latest Hoot!



    Sorry we couldn’t get along this time …pre-booked with friends going to Left Lane Cruiser gig.



    It as great to catch up pre-Munich game in BV



    Hope ye caught the train..;-)

  18. I would hope to see Eboue tomorrow.No idea why he is used so little.Boundless energy to get about the park.Good passer,also intelligent use of the ball.


    A mystery to me.,because has played very well when selected.







    I think Ntcham will really impress with a good run of matches in a favoured position.




    IMO,we have a top top player there. And as you know,I’m a cynical b…




    I agree.He has stated his favoured position is the number 10,just in behind the strikers.I am hoping that soon we will see him,Eboue,and Broony together in midfield.





    The hoot was as good as ever,usual of catching up wi old pals,new faces,lurkers-aye,you,Mr Thomas L!-and some bevvy anaw!!!



    What’s not to like…



    Craic was mighty,company great. Loving it.



    Should be back in March,I reckon. See if the magic dust works and you and your better half can go too.



    Tuesday night though,aye. Belter anaw!!!

  21. For me, there are two reasons why McInnes will not go to hunville. A, huns are rooxed, bust, skint etc and 2nd, McInnes is no mug. Why would he leave a successful Aberdeen to go to that mob who have hee haw to invest in players. I mean, just think!! Will he get paid??


    If he goes then he should have a word with his shrink first if you ask me.



    Hey ho




  22. ANGELGABRIEL: To say I am over the moon after reading your post is an understatement. The Celtic Faithful is truly special and I really appreciate your help. I’ll arrive over in Glasgow early on December 5th so can meet where ever suits him best.


    I’ll get your email and make contact with you mo chara.



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