Ng: D&P cannot offer shares


Apologies for preaching to the converted, but it has been so many weeks since we heard Rangers recovery stories, all of which lauded in the press, none of which worth as much as the £1 the club was bought for 11 months ago.

Ticketus and Blue Knights join forces.  So what?

Players who cannot play for anyone else until the summer agree to take a pay cut until 31 May.  Big deal.

Duff and Phelps delighted that Ticketus judged to be a creditor [but whisper it, Rangers (IA) cannot set their deal aside].  Can you believe this was portrayed as good news for Rangers?  Really?

All along the one man everyone needs has been vilified.  Attitudes have hardened as Rangers best chance of coming through these times intact – doing a deal with Our Hero – has been made politically impossible.

Bill Ng’s opportunistic attempt to gain control of a cheap football franchise has ended with a few fascinating comments:

“We have serious concerns over the deliverability of the shares on offer”.

Have any of you offered Mr Ng a controlling block of Rangers shares?  Unless you’re chilling in Monaco right now I doubt you have the authority.  I think I’ll try to sell the Singaporean investor the Eiffel Tower.  I don’t own it, but you get the picture.  Ng also added:

“We would like to highlight that we have become increasingly uncomfortable and frustrated with the process dealing with Duff and Phelps, and the length of time that it has taken to reach this stage.”

Duff and Phelps are attempting to sell a metaphorical Eiffel Tower without owning it.  Only Craig Whyte can sell Rangers, only Craig Whyte can release security to Ibrox and he will want tens of millions to do so.  Unless a bidder is prepared to cover Whyte’s position all he is doing is wasting time.  The administrators’ comment that Rangers major shareholder was “irrelevant” is perhaps the most damaging thought in 140 years of Rangers history.

Whyte is, as you know, the only show in town. Had Duff and Phelps made this clear to begin with, the recovery would have started weeks ago.

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Call me ole fashioned, but I liked Mr Ng.



    I’m sorry to see him leave Scottish football,and I’d like to wish him well for all his future endeavours.

  2. Does anyone know if RIA are paying their taxes? Not the big tax case or the middle tax case or the baby tax case but the day to day taxes we all pay?

  3. James Edward McGrory 408 goals in 408 league games on

    Whyte has played an absolute blinder in all this mess. It is no coincedence that he needed D&P in place as the administration team to make his plan work. Sell the club for a tidy personal profit on a £1 outlay while leaving the new owner liable for all the debt or liquidise the club, either works… well played CW, well played.

  4. In a nutshell ,Paul. Basic and simples. Get a deal with Our Hero or the bid stops in its tracks.

  5. philvisreturns on

    Dontbrattbakkinanger – Call me old fashioned, but I think fire is magic. (thumbsup)

  6. themightyquinn on

    The press failure has been spectacular.



    The bias predictable.



    Their unwitting and complicit dereliction has been ironic.



    We are the embodiment of schadenfreude.



    Enjoy their flailing attempts to avoid the inevitable.



    As Cnut the Great exhibited, the tide will not stop for Kings (or their Jesters).

  7. philvisreturns on

    themightyquinn – As Cnut the Great exhibited



    You talkin bout Craig Whyte or Sir David Murray? (thumbsup)

  8. Maybe its just me,


    but for a club that dont do walking away, theres a helluva lot of people doing walking away.

  9. Paul67



    Saw the new post just as Miller’s bid was being flashed on SSN.



    Thought wow Paul your are good getting a post out on that so quickly. Initially disappointed when saw it was about Ng doing walkies.



    However after hearing Miller’s statement I remembered you deal in facts and not make believe.



    Keep up the good work.

  10. yorkbhoy on 20 April, 2012 at 13:48 said:


    ”Does anyone know if RIA are paying their taxes?”



    They will be paying all their debts (from the date of the appointment of the Administrators) as and when they fall due.



    The business is, in effect, being run to the order of the Court of Session.

  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on 20 April, 2012 at 13:45 said:







    Looks like your manatee got caught up in the seaweed.

  12. philvisreturns on

    Che – but for a club that dont do walking away, theres a helluva lot of people doing walking away.



    One does not simply walk into Mordor. (thumbsup)

  13. Maybe when they said that he had wealth of the radar, it was wealth of knowledge.


    As far as I can see Craigybhoy Whyte has played an absolute blinder.


    For £1 he has done in 1 year what no one seemed capable of ever doing, he will liquidate the orcs, indirectly he will bring down sfa/spl/msm and walk away with £30 million.


    Just wish I was as lucky when I go to a bookie with my £1 gamble.




  14. Check out this cracker from FF




    People need to get a grip and do something here rather than moan about it. There are thousands of people logged on and if YOU do something then you can help put pressure on them.



    Sending a single email is a waste of time. Spamming their inboxes with dozens of emails from dozens of accounts each with large attachments would cause problems but is beyond most people on here.



    Phone them.



    Seriously, PHONE THEM.



    Call each number below, politely ask to speak to the relevant person and ask them straightforward questions.



    Why is Duff & Phelps deliberately holding up the sale of RFC?



    Several bidders say Duff & Phelps are causing problems. Why are the bidders saying this?



    Are they aware that liquidation of RFC will make things very difficult for their own business?



    020 7715 6711 – Switchboard


    020 7487 7240 – Paul Clark, Managing Director


    020 7487 7240 – Andrew Stoneman, Managing Director


    020 7715 6711 – Paul Teuten, Managing Director


    020 7487 7297 – Benjamin Wiles, Managing Director


    020 7487 7240 – Paul Williams, Managing Director


    020 7715 6711 – James Wood, Managing Director


    020 7487 7240 – Matt Bond, Managing Director


    020 7487 7240 – Jason Godefroy, Managing Director


    020 7715 6736 – Simon Greaves, Managing Director


    020 7715 6711 – Mathias Schumacher, Managing Director


    020 7487 7240 – Geoff Bouchier, Managing Director



    Call each one. Once you’ve gone through the list, call them again. Then do it again. Repeat once an hour for the rest of the afternoon.



    If you want to withhold your own number then dial 141 before any of the numbers above.



    This will take a few minutes of your time and it will grind their business to a halt.






    The first question they have to ask is………


    Why is Duff & Phelps deliberately holding up the sale of RFC?



    And the last line of the post is…..


    This will take a few minutes of your time and it will grind their business to a halt.



    Stupid Stupid Stupid Huns

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Golly Golly Gosh!



    Maybe they should try selling Ibrox on a time share model. Surely each consortium has enough dough to buy a couple of weeks worth?

  16. BobbyRussell on 20 April, 2012 at 14:04 said:



    all 020 numbers will be charged at 16.90 per minute….

  17. South Of Tunis on

    Here comes the Tennessee trucker .



    A tycoon that wants to buy a business but won’t be talking to the man who owns 85 % of that business.——–Mmmm

  18. So have we now got another phrase to add to the growing lexicon of bear obfuscation?



    First we had the impeccable “Insolvency Transfer Event”.



    Now we have the delightful “Incubator Company”.



    They both translate as “youse are f………………………………..

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