Night without usual expectations for Celtic


There are many reasons for Lazio to be confident tonight.  They have won all of their three Serie A games since visiting Celtic Park three weeks ago.  Those nine points put them in a Champions League qualification position; these are heady times for the Rome club.

Their three Europa League group games have had a strange symmetry: the away team opened the scoring but the home team won 2-1 on each occasion, leaving Lazio with three points from three games, but with home games against nearest challengers, Celtic and Cluj to come.  Only a win tonight will leave the home team with a realistic chance of qualifying for the knock out rounds.

For Neil Lennon and the Celtic players, this feels like a night without the usual expectations.  Few realistically expect a Celtic win and the consequences of a reversal are limited.  Celtic could lose, but still win the group, never mind qualify.

Beyond the result, we want to see Celtic perform technically well.  We need to be able to compete away from home at this level.  That, in itself, is an objective.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Having watched Man City struggle against Atalanta (5th in Serie A) last night ,I think we could be in for a tough evening . Totally agree with Paul 67 though , it is both a test and an opportunity to show we can cope with the demands of Europe . A draw would be like a victory , a narrow hard fought defeat would not be the end of the world.

  2. Two fans stabbed in Rome ,taken to hospital.


    They should be okay.


    Stay safe out there lads.


    Stay switched on around those streets.

  3. From last thread.



    Bada Bing – thank you – people shouldn’t talk about 2 different competitions at the same time – I’m easily confused. :)

  4. Yup i’ve done it again, where are you GFTB?


    I’m sure Paul 67 knows when i will post, could some clever bhoy


    transfer my post over from last blog .


    H.H . Mick

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Hello again all you young rebels.







    Not long back from a training night with our youths, soaked through





    but feeling good after a night of spider rain.. you know, it’s Tarantula.





    O.K maybe the aul wans aren’t the best.





    The princess ” You’re a heidcase Mick, look at the state of you, everything





    is covered in mud ”





    ” not important precious, what’s really life defining is my early morning





    sarnies ready for the Celtic gemme?





    ” Aye, so get tae yir bed, and if that big telly gets splattered there will be hell





    to pay.”





    Ah bless, 50 odd years married and i can still get her emotional 8-))





    Being a Celtic fan does that.





    H.H . Mick

  6. Thank you my fellow antipodean, how’s the weather up


    there in Sydney or are you still in Asia?


    H.H . Mick

  7. Still paying for no recruitment of a CF in summer. To count LG as one was folly.. He cannot be counted on so to say its unfortunate is nonsense. Crazy idea to give him a contract extension then say he was taking time off.. And didn’t keep fit during absence.. And Bayo was untested and had already had a few injuries last season. Could have got Shankland for nothing in summer as cover for league. Nothing to lose. PS I hope LG gets better but to rely on him is just plain stupid. PS the media will love fact fans were stabbed. when you see what some of the journalists print you can just imagine what they say in private! All fans are attacked in Italy no matter what team or country they come from . Same with Ajay away fans. But nothing is ever done about it.. Light a flare and you get fined! We will miss Boli tonight let’s hope he plays Taylor. JH is NEVER a defender. But gives 100%

  8. I never thought we would get a result in Rennes,.Not only got the draw,but were the better team.Robbed by the referee.Taylor must start tonight.He is a defender,Hayes is not.As I said the other day,I would play Ntcham.4_4_2,win the midfield.

  9. Great chance of a positive result tonight, playing really well, scoring goals, encouraged by better possession in last couple of away games,they have a few injuries.


    Lazio 1 Celtic 3

  10. Re our fans in Rome :



    Reading the advice from Celtic is shocking. The really sad thing it is good, sound necessary advice.



    It is as if we are going into a war zone with the city under martial law.


    It’s football for God’s sake. Stay safe guys.




  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    Thats even more hopeful than me 😀



    I think it will be tough – a draw would be great




    You are a cracker sometimes.If we had signed Shankland in the summer ,you would have been on here screaming blue murder.PL would have got the usual two barrels.’Penny pinching,bla bla’.

  13. In the Supermarket I saw the back page of the Record. Gerrard is asking for the best fans in the world to get behind his team.


    So, come on Bhoys, let`s give our fellow Glaswegians all our support.

  14. BGFC- I would take a draw just now, just got a feeling we have a bit more about us defensively with Jullien and El Hamed, try and get on the ball early and play ourselves in, 🤞

  15. Tonight we have a great chance to play a more defensive line up than usual and see how we cope.


    I would like to see a 5-man midfield when we are away in Europe that does not include 2-wingers. Sacrifice JF or Ely and ensure the full backs are protected.


    So, for me, Edouard up front. Broonie , Ntcham, CalMac and Christie in midfield with one advanced wide player, probably JF who can comfortably switch sides as and when needed to vary things.


    Has to be Elhamed, Julien, Ajer and Taylor in defence and the Wall in goal.


    Frimpong (and Hayes) too attack minded for me if we don’t want to be picked off on the break.


    Keep it tight, keep it simple. A 0-0 result would be brilliant and a real sign of tactical progress.



    Saying all that, you know we will play 2 wingers and we’ll look great for 10 minutes before being picked off for fun. It’s the Celtic way, at least the one that seems to happen most of the time when I watch.

  16. Big Judith looking magnificent in bottle green, complete with black boots 👢👢




  17. If memory serves me right, Christie signed a new deal last year for three years. I hope he is also being considered for an improved extension as to me he has become just as important as Calmac.


    He has become the kind of box-to-box midfielder that plenty of English teams will fancy nabbing.

  18. Chris Sutton





    Lots of stuff being said about the banners displayed by a section of Celtic fans the other week and whether they were justified or not. The bottom line is no football fan deserves to be stabbed going to watch their team play

  19. Paul


    I’ve had a wee issue accessing this thread. I’m on android using Chrome browser.


    There appears to be a sponsored ad overlayed on the new article hyperlink. This ad is completely transparent and therefore is very difficult to spot. This results in the user being sent to the ads site rather than being directed to the new article.


    I understand the need for advertising but surely this should be as an accompaniment to the site rather than a barrier. What is the point if the advertising is purposely designed to stop you entering the site.


    If you dont want us to read your posts then surely there is an easier solution

  20. South Of Tunis on

    !!BADA BING !!.



    Thanks -hope to !!!. . Man on the 3pm radio news quoted a Lazio spokesman opining that the expected attendance is @ 25 K . Much media hype re Lazio having injury worries and having to worry about what’s needed to beat mighty Lecce on Sunday . Went for a curry last night ( something I really miss ! ) . Lots of hoods up teenage neds on the streets / the real thing nutters were probably down the gym pumping iron and popping steroids.

  21. Timaloy29



    Was out for a few beers with a mate tonight who’s a Thistle fan and a good guy who said he wasn’t surprised our fans got stabbed because of the banners etc.



    My point to him was no matter what our actions were their ultras are primed to attack other fans at any opportunity, their issue not ours. Also reminded him of Seville and all the testimonials in England I’ve been to following the hoops and not seen a bit of bother.



    Didn’t say much about it after that.




  22. I hope we go positive tonight and don’t change our tactics. I can see us being more defensive overall but able to break at pace when required. We should at least press high initially and not sit back.




    I am sure the Celtic fans will have a ball and that they stay safe

  23. I am beginning to think we can get something from this game ( …and if Cathal is reading, I am referring to the lazio V Celtic incounter :-) )

  24. Forster


    Elhamed Jullien Ajer Taylor


    Brown McGregor


    Forrest Christie Elyounoussi



  25. In the summer did Shankland not declare he wasn’t interested in Celtic. Maybe, it was his manager at Ayr McCall that mouthed off or the press but I reckon he was judged as wanted to join Rangers.



    Why not go for a young French striker? Dembele and Edouard have been a success



    For Example Charles Albi who is Togolese and has only played 3 first Team games for St Etienne but has played 16 games for U19’s with 6 goals or



    Wilson Isidor of Monaco who is on loan at Laval who is from Haiti and has only played 1 game for Monaco but has played 5 for U19’s and 7 goals

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