Nine is coming, get emotionally ready for it


If Celtic were not so “relentless” © Steven Gerrard, Kilmarnock’s early goal could have led to a consequential result for the champions, but the win was never in any real doubt.  This is a team with oceans in reserve.

Jozo Simunovic conceded the penalty that led to Kilmarnock’s goal.  Thereafter, the central defender seemed compelled to atone, which he eventually did, with an assist for Odsonne Edouard.  With no shortage of talent and still only 25, Jozo will forever struggle against injury.  I cannot make my mind up on what I expect from the player in future.

While Celtic were beating Kilmarnock, news filtered through that Newco bucked the trend of recent away league defeats by picking up their first point from nine on the road.  Grinding out points like that are the reason Gerrard’s men are comfortably ahead in the Best of the Rest race; they lead Motherwell by 22 points.

It is now not matter a question of if, but when, Celtic win the league.  If Newco win their game in hand, Celtic will have a nine-point advantage, with a goal difference surplus of 20 over their nearest challenger.  ‘Nine’ is coming, get emotionally ready for it.

Copenhagen rested five outfield players in a 1-1 draw at bottom of the table Silkeborg yesterday.  This result allowed Midtjyland to extend their lead at the top of the table to nine points.  The 3282 spectators at the game will be significantly different to the packed Celtic Park the Danes will experience on Thursday.

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  1. I am emotionally ready for it Paul. I am also financially ready for all the flights I will have to book over and back to Glasgow in May :)

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Supremely cofident , howevaaah ( Courtesy Kojo )…………



    The chickens ain`t hatched.



    Sobering fact .


    Big Caesar took an eleven point ( from memory ) lead into the new year and we lost the league that year .


    ? Maybe even when it was 2 points for a win ?

  3. a tak it ye dinae mean wetting ma pants …..



    smiley emotionally restrained, unless pissing maself laughing at the Hun thing






    saor alba 9 times in a row thing



    unionists get tae feck….

  4. Lhads…………







    Nothing won yet in League terms.







    The very thought of thems achieving anything should focus all minds on steady, deliberate progress. It’s too important.







    The meeja will do anything to encourage over celebration in anticipation of a slip-up.







    Serious faces all-round.

  5. Eggs are laid and being incubated as we speak. Not ready to count them as chickens just yet.



    Keep your foot on Der HUNS throats Celtic 🍀

  6. We can enjoy the rest of the league campaign now without the nerves and tension of a close fought race.



    I will savour the weeks ahead and enjoy every second of it. History is being made.

  7. No matter what the fans think,you can bet that what lenny has said”The title is a million miles away at the moment”will be already through to the players.There will be no let up.


    On that last sentence,anyone thinking that Lenny won’t be putting out his strongest team at Perth,barring injuries,has not been watching his selections throughout the season.There will be no Bayo,Shved.


    St Johnston at the moment,no pushovers.Full strength,a win,gets us to Hampden.Nearly certain,2 wins in the cup,gives us another Treble.Lenny will be salivating at the thought.

  8. Hello again all you young rebels.



    I’m emotionally ready Paul, i’ll be doing the palais glide


    all the way doon the Mornington peninsula. 8-))


    H.H . Mick

  9. An Dun if I may ….



    history is being made beautifully……what a set of silky skill sets oor Boss has put together……




    smiley it is awfy braw to observe thing





  10. Hi Mick ….



    my Dad ,god rest his soul,wis a braw braw Palais Glider….



    smiley mum didnae like it when he wis asked up tae dance at the Forfar British Legion thing



    very dangerous woman…….




  11. am sure Disco wis invented to stop ugly huns getting to close to braw folk ….handbags on the floor and a wee duncie duncie …



    smiley all proper dancing wis Latin / Latin thing




  12. Mick you would have loved him….



    smiley naja he still throws a braw warm shadow thing




  13. Bankie …am Forfar born ….but Clydebank wis where the Griffs were tempered ….roots there and of course in Antrim / Donegal and Armagh….



    smiley so there is a lot of brawness to go aroond thing







  14. Paul 67:


    “It is now not matter a question of if, but when, Celtic win the league.”



    Not true. I really don`t see the point of saying things like that. Is it for reassurance?


    Only people with doubts need reassurance.

  15. Just watched the goals again from Sun. that Brophy was a mile


    offside at their penalty.


    The wee linesman looked older than me ffs must have found him


    doon the cellar of the ludge.


    H.H . Mick

  16. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ HOT SMOKED on 24TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:53 PM



    Agreed. It’s now extremely likely that we will win the league, but I would hold off making claims that it is over until after the game on the 15th. Sevco’s only chance of getting back into this league is predicated on two victories in the Glasgow derbies. If we deny them that at Ibrox, it will be curtains.

  17. I always thought we win the League even after the defeat at Celtic Park and so did the Bookies.


    However I am certainly not taking the job as done and as far as I’m aware the Bookies aren’t paying out yet .


    It’s still very much one game at a time for me.


    Livi on plastic is a tough one, looking forward to it but taking nothing for granted.

  18. Paul67



    Having a multi million pound, ever flourishing ever developing power base is a difficult act for any Newco to keep up with, never mind catch, and the latest celebrity led collapse is just another episode of The Big Hoose built of straw.



    Eight years of clinical momentum for a properly run Celtic, and more mired debt for a new club that started over with fresh bigots, no contrition for what they did to Scottish Football, and a hatred of everything in their path.



    It’s a turkey shoot CSC

  19. This title will be all the sweeter,given all the cheating, and shite we have had to put up with from Sevco, and the huns at Hampden.

  20. Anyone know how many points we are better-off from this stage last season?



    We’ve played every team away from home twice.



    1. CELTIC – 15 (15)


    2. ST JOHNSTONE – 9 (2)


    3. KILMARNOCK – 9 (1)


    4. HIBS – 8 (3)


    5. SEVCO – 8 (1)


    6. LIVINGSTON – 7 (-1)


    7. ROSS COUNTY – 7 (-2)


    8. HEARTS – 5 (-5)


    9. ABERDEEN – 4 (-1)


    10. ST MIRREN – 3 (-2)


    11. HAMILTON – 3 (–5)


    12. MOTHERWELL – 2 (-6)



    Our next 2 league games are Livingston (A) and St Mirren (H) whilst Sevco have Hamilton (H) and Ross County (A)


    And my point is? No idea, just passing the time…. ;-)

  22. Soupy as ever you are hunny percento rightio…



    smiley Mary Poppins (on her best day) could not save them thing





  23. The League is won. We have only 10 games left and a 12 point lead. We would have to lose 3 games and draw one for them to catch us. Then it would rely on Sevco winning all 11 games. This is clear that they will not do this with the form they are in. They will likely finish second and could be nearer Motherwell than us. The league could well be won before the split and the 4th derby game.



    Of course we have to continue until its clinched mathematically. The Huns are broken and their season rests on the Scottish Cup with a difficult tie at Tynecastle. If they need MIB support this will be the game.



    BBC sportscene was a disgrace on sunday with the 2 grumpy Huns McCann and Thompson bad mouthing us and disagreeing with every decision we got and even Thompson declaring that “WE will not win the League” another St Mirren Fan.



    I was delighted on Sunday after the results but this programme annoyed me. There are others who revel in Hun tears but It irritates me our national broadcaster is so biased against us.

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