Nine is coming, get emotionally ready for it


If Celtic were not so “relentless” © Steven Gerrard, Kilmarnock’s early goal could have led to a consequential result for the champions, but the win was never in any real doubt.  This is a team with oceans in reserve.

Jozo Simunovic conceded the penalty that led to Kilmarnock’s goal.  Thereafter, the central defender seemed compelled to atone, which he eventually did, with an assist for Odsonne Edouard.  With no shortage of talent and still only 25, Jozo will forever struggle against injury.  I cannot make my mind up on what I expect from the player in future.

While Celtic were beating Kilmarnock, news filtered through that Newco bucked the trend of recent away league defeats by picking up their first point from nine on the road.  Grinding out points like that are the reason Gerrard’s men are comfortably ahead in the Best of the Rest race; they lead Motherwell by 22 points.

It is now not matter a question of if, but when, Celtic win the league.  If Newco win their game in hand, Celtic will have a nine-point advantage, with a goal difference surplus of 20 over their nearest challenger.  ‘Nine’ is coming, get emotionally ready for it.

Copenhagen rested five outfield players in a 1-1 draw at bottom of the table Silkeborg yesterday.  This result allowed Midtjyland to extend their lead at the top of the table to nine points.  The 3282 spectators at the game will be significantly different to the packed Celtic Park the Danes will experience on Thursday.

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  1. We are contracted to Sky,nothing we can do about that.That does not mean we cannot question the management of the contract.They put out false news regards us.They might have been innocent in this,but it is still their responsibility.We could ask for a full retraction of the statement,and a full apology,on air,to be repeated throughout the day.If not carry on with what we can do.




    Have they, i must have missed this. So who was responsible for the “mistranslation”? Sky have a choice to make they either take action, other than their pitiful apology, or they forever tarnish their already pitiful reputation with Celtic and their fans. Im sure The Rangers are contractually obliged to work with the BBC but it doesnt seem to have panned out that way






    The club asked the following questions. Didn’t get an appropriate response so went to ofcom:



    1 Who was responsible for the inaccurate translation?



    2 What steps were taken by Sky Television to ascertain the accuracy, or otherwise, of the translation provided?



    3 What part did Sky Television play in briefing the story, based on the inaccurate translation, to the wider media?



    Its impossible to know what Celtic are obliged to do without being able to see the contract between the SPFL and Sky. It’s a fair assumption that they are obliged to do post match interviews.

  3. Silver City 1888 on

    Ofcom can only investigate what it is entitled to. Its rejection of our compliant doesn’t mean it is without merit. It it has to be transmitted on something other than social media to fall under their rules.

  4. Go tell the Spartim on




    Those questions continue to remain unanswered. Even if it is a fair assumption theyd have a difficult time trying to enforce it, given the nature of our complaint to Ofcom, remember the reason for the complaint to Ofcom wasnt to protect the fans being labelled racist it was to protect the PLC brand, id be very surprised if the PLC just left it where it was. As for obligations in contracts, again i reiterate im sure Sevco have obligations to BBC Scotland that remain unfulfilled.

  5. I am having a mental block here. When McCann said `bowels of the stadium` , did he mean something else??



    ie , was ` bowels` not the word he meant ???

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    Hot Smoked



    As long as your Bowels are not blocked.



    Who knows what McCann meant, maybe the definition is in his rule book

  7. Incidentally, I watched Sportscene on catchup about an hour ago.


    I hereby resolve not to watch it again unless and until Michael Stewart is reinstated.



    I will also have a look for the BBC Complaints thingy and fire off an email giving my opinion.

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Hot Smoked



    Id be keen to know why the think that Malky Mackay is a better role model to appear on the tv than someone who can see thru the smoke and mirrors of Jim Traynor and his influence with BBC Scotland. I dont actually hate anyone but McIntyre at BBC is for the watching, a despicable currant.

  9. Email sent to BBC



    `Michael Stewart has been suspended from BBC Scotland`s `Sportscene.`. I have watched the programme twice since Mr.Stewart`s suspension and the standard has dropped remarkably. Worse, fairness has disappeared in his absence. I will not be watching this programme again until Mr Stewart is reinstated. If your reply to this is to be the standard fob off, don`t bother. `

  10. Last nights sportscene was probably one of the worst I’ve seen. Back to the days when wiggy was on it. Looks like the rails have come off and it’s on it’s death bed. Having McCann on is giving two fingers to everyone, like the huns trying to sign Cousin when going bust.

  11. I feel it would be a good thing ( although probably unproductive in the short term) if as many as possible sent emails on the topic.


    As I said, it might not achieve anything with the Huns in charge at the BBC but it makes one feel better !

  12. SS- A pal is a St Mirren ST holder, and has had hospitality there for years, says Thomson is an absolute ar$# .

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    2. literary


    the deep or innermost part (esp in the phrase the bowels of the earth)


    deep in the bowels of the earth


    Lyn went off into the dark bowels of the building.

  14. Big Jimmy good luck with your bet. You must have a double up by now. Moyes will park the bus like he did v City as he is watching goal difference. They will lose but not a humping ,maybe 2 nil. But what do I know ? Predicted Sevco to win easy peasy at Perth, though I did not bet the Face Painters !

  15. If I was Michael Stewart, I would let it all play out, wait on being told its ok to return, then say, sorry, I have been treated appallingly, and will see a lawyer.

  16. When BT stop showing our games next season then I’m sure we’ll get the return of the useless gardner on the been 😨

  17. Bada Bing, Thomson was profiled last year in one of the broadsheets. He claimed he’d lost all interest in football, didn’t watch games on TV or go to games. His only connection with the game is with his role at the BBC. I was astounded at this. Why would you employ an ‘expert’ commentator on a subject he openly dislikes?

  18. What is now very evident, ( Maybe even to Stevie- G ) any game v the huns is only worth 3 points. No more or no less than any other game.


    It dosent matter how many battles is lost as long as the was is won.



    Paul 67,



    I will not be celebrating just yet.






    PS : Oh and ” our” independent Scottish BBC channel is a flop and a complete waste of licence payers money.




    Those questions continue to remain unanswered. Even if it is a fair assumption theyd have a difficult time trying to enforce it, given the nature of our complaint to Ofcom, remember the reason for the complaint to Ofcom wasnt to protect the fans being labelled racist it was to protect the PLC brand, id be very surprised if the PLC just left it where it was. As for obligations in contracts, again i reiterate im sure Sevco have obligations to BBC Scotland that remain unfulfilled






    We could argue about obligations. The BBC contract could be completely different to that of Sky.



    Its pretty likely considering the value of the sky contract compared to the BBC.

  20. saint stivs



    BBC Scotland, (give me Alba now that the Ghirls are going to be on) is an affront. Basically they are saying, in public, to Michael Stewart, that, unless you kow tow to Jim Traynor you will never appear on the show again. Outrageous I know, but par for the course.

  21. To be honest, the anti-Celtic agenda at Sky goes beyond individual pundits. It’s the choices of what to highlight, what questions to ask and dodgy translations.



    I don’t mind McCoist when he’s on BT sport. He generally looks like he doesn’t take it too serious and enjoys the company of Sutton & Strachan



    The whole of Sky is rotten. Its so dull and downbeat. The punditry after the Aberdeen game would put you to sleep.

  22. In these halcyon days now that we are nearing the business end of the fourth season that the mighty glasgow rangers have returned to top flight scottish football.


    The stats are infact remarkable.


    Celtic are now 12 pts clear in a league campaign that will become our 11th trophy on the spin since the ibrox club returned to the big time.


    A lot of fanfare has been made of ‘closing gaps’ and ‘too tight to call’ about title challenges .


    The truth is that the top league title in scotland is no closer now than when Aberdeen became the main challengers to Celtic’s dominance.


    Talk is cheap..actions are far harder to accomplish.


    The scottish press have been building them up season by season ….the dramatic collapse of form by the ibrox club in 2020 has it seems taken everybody by surprise?


    But when you look at the stats it has been nothing but predictable .


    You see it is hard to win championships.


    Even Aberdeen used to hang about within touching distance until it mattered most [in the new year].



    If and it is still an ‘if’…..Celtic actually win all three trophies again this season then surely it will be time to pose some serious question about our nearest rivals and neighbours.


    They are a basket case losing millions of pounds winning absolutely nothing.


    It would be very possible for them to be the second force in scotland by trimming their annual wage bill by 80%.


    They are not in our financial league yet act like they are.


    Surely of all clubs they must realise how dangerous and futile it is spending money they do not have.


    It will not be reported in the media but I believe their finance are on the brink once again.


    ‘Decent’ Europa league runs do not generate that much money.


    Without huge player trading income and champions league money every single penny in scottish football is hard earned.

  23. as David McCallum wid say to the Hun …( Ukrainian accent )…



    There are only two masters in this world: fear and pain.



    smiley its wit they know thing






    TMFU….tenable …braw

  24. After the game at hades last year on Dec 29th when the moreon went on a spree of assault that if done out on the street would lead tae a bit of purridge suppin we requested a meeting with maxwell, allegedly big Gas Meter was told tae eff off.



    This is the same minor league player that PL wanted as CEO based on his fitba experience and conceded mcleish as national manager tae the mcrae. Look how that worked out.



    It backfired on us and we are undoubtedly ourselves alone, however, the recent James Keating fu has highlighted further the incompetence of that shower at hunden and seemingly other clubs are now questioning their validity.



    Now I like a lot of Celtic supporters of my generation don’t have a lot of time for the national squad, don’t hate them or cheer when they lose but I won’ lose any sleep if they do the day after the Feast of the Annunciation.



    How humiliating will it be if they are hosting games at hunden while their players are sitting in the house, wonder if the bonkle bampot will be able tae influence this game.

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