Nine is coming, get emotionally ready for it


If Celtic were not so “relentless” © Steven Gerrard, Kilmarnock’s early goal could have led to a consequential result for the champions, but the win was never in any real doubt.  This is a team with oceans in reserve.

Jozo Simunovic conceded the penalty that led to Kilmarnock’s goal.  Thereafter, the central defender seemed compelled to atone, which he eventually did, with an assist for Odsonne Edouard.  With no shortage of talent and still only 25, Jozo will forever struggle against injury.  I cannot make my mind up on what I expect from the player in future.

While Celtic were beating Kilmarnock, news filtered through that Newco bucked the trend of recent away league defeats by picking up their first point from nine on the road.  Grinding out points like that are the reason Gerrard’s men are comfortably ahead in the Best of the Rest race; they lead Motherwell by 22 points.

It is now not matter a question of if, but when, Celtic win the league.  If Newco win their game in hand, Celtic will have a nine-point advantage, with a goal difference surplus of 20 over their nearest challenger.  ‘Nine’ is coming, get emotionally ready for it.

Copenhagen rested five outfield players in a 1-1 draw at bottom of the table Silkeborg yesterday.  This result allowed Midtjyland to extend their lead at the top of the table to nine points.  The 3282 spectators at the game will be significantly different to the packed Celtic Park the Danes will experience on Thursday.

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  1. It should be said, Lawwell has publicly stated Celtic would rather not have a television deal at all.



    But if we want to play in the SPFL we have to play by their rules. That means their TV deal.



    I think it’s easy to say “ban them” but it’s not really possible



    Just keep winning. It’s killing them inside.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well after all these sportscene comments I had to watch it on catchup. Now didn’t really have a problem until they went off rail about Power getting sent off. The first booking could have been a straight red. Next it had a material impact on the game, did these boys check the stats even at HT. But the best was last in that McCann thinks the huns will beat Braga, where do you start😵

  3. God sky ,bbc , can do or say what they want ,treat our club like dirt . And we can do nothing about it . That sportscene programme last night was a total disgrace . In fact it was flaunting there hatred for us , no doubt the people behind the sacking of michael Stewart ,and the engaging of another ex sevco employee are laughing up there sleeve at us . The Ofcom decision is a fudge ,they too are being worked from the back . The knives are well and truly out for us . This ch 4 programme due an airing is another order put out to discredit the club . Someone in real power is after us big time .

  4. Not sure what Big Jimmy’s bet pays if he gets the 3rd part of his treble up but it would need to be in excess of 500 quid.


    You can get 10 to 1 on a straight bet Liverpool to win 4 nil so if he stood to win much less than 500, might be better taking his 50 quid and putting half on a straight bet Liverpool to win 4 nil @ 10 to 1.


    However , personally I think 10 to 1 are poor odds for predicting a 4 nil win .

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I suppose the Ofcom statement says ‘you can write/say/broadcast anything you want on certain platforms and be completely unaccountable’.



    I didn’t know that.



    It’s actually quite worrying when you consider the dominance Sky/Comcast has in UK/global media.

  6. I’m sure McCann also said at the end of sportscene that sevco would have to win all their games and it still won’t be enough but you wouldn’t put it past them to do so. Maybe I dreamt it

  7. I was delighted when I saw that Elhamed was in the starting lineup today



    I have just noticed he was substituted on the 62nd minute



    Please tell me he didn’t go off injured

  8. 2nd Rangers best ever winning streaks in the top division is 5.



    Achieved once this season.



    Celtic had an 6 winning game run at start of season, followed by an 11 october to december. and now an 8 since the return from the break.



    to think celtic will lose 4 of the last 10 of the season is well, unfathomable.

  9. Even IF we somehow manage to lose both old firm league games remaining and add to to that another couple of non wins …….[i.e a draw and a defeat]


    They [sevco] would have to take maximum points [30]? from their remaining fixtures……..not happening in this lifetime.


    Mind you Gerrard said he is looking to ‘find solutions’ and the swedish centre half will be back soon…PMSL

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So does the Ofcom decision in effect tell us that we don’t need a tv license for internet tv, I was sure it was covered by tv licensing but if it’s not under Ofcom governance then it’s not broadcast media, any thoughts

  11. Katicstrophic defending …




    smiley have they no suffered enough ? thing






    copyright Herr Wag

  12. BORGO67



    McCann said he wouldn’t put it past the huns to win both games against us.



    I think his head is still up the Ran8ers bowels!

  13. It appears the altered translation didn’t go out live on Sky TV so as such it was outwith the remit of Ofcom to get involved.


    If Celtic want to see this through it looks like they will have to go through Legal Route.

  14. Multiple choice question for the historians of Scottish football. What is the most famous game ever in Scottish football?



    A England 1, Scotland 5 1928


    B England 2, Scotland 3 1967


    C Celtic 2, Inter Milan 1 1967


    D Celtic 1, Rangers 2 29th December 2019

  15. Gerrard in true scouser refrain continues to spout ‘I’d hold my hands up’……blah blah blah


    Trying to underline just how ‘honest ‘ he is.


    However has there ever been an example of him actually ‘holding his hands up’ after another defeat/bad result ?


    All I hear are deflections and distractions.


    Like a big fat girl with lovely nails, make up and a wavey scarf /designer handbag e.t.c

  16. Whilst there’s currently a runaway leader on 46 votes, the next 5 best are on 20, 20, 17, 16 and 13 so all to play for from yesterday’s game. 3 and a bit hours to make your opinion count… CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM

  17. HRVATSKI JIM on 24TH FEBRUARY 2020 6:39 PM



    Surely you are forgetting…..



    Partick Thistle 1 Rangers 2 2017




  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Very interesting news re Ofcom position.



    Key question – did the board know or suspect this before reporting the matter to Ofcom



    Or did they rush in.



    BTW – re Sevco finances, turnover roughly a million per week last year and, likely, about the same this year.



    Going concern warning of £10m.



    Or ten weeks money.



    Company year end is 30 June.



    Ten weeks back from then 21 April.



    Around week 35 of the season.



    If I was Sevco player in the last year of my contract, I wouldn’t bank on getting paid after that date.

  19. BACK TO BASICS……….



    We’ve been here before with the hun and they always seem to get bailed out.



    I won’t hold my breath.

  20. Whisper it but I think Sevco are not quite getting the ‘honest mistakes’ that their earlier incarnation.



    I could never remember them getting on the wrong end of ‘iffy’ decisions but there’s been a few against them this season.



    Not howlers but ones that were 50 50.



    Plus, there’s the ones that the Kambieri disallowed goal for handball (rightly) that previous refs might have said they’d mud in their eye or something.



    Even if it was on artificial pitch :-)



    And no last minute winning penalties either.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Philbhoy – they limp along while pretending to thrive.



    Every year the load gets heavier while the limp becomes more pronounced.



    As a direct consequence, the spin becomes angrier, less thought out, more reactive, and increasingly ridiculous.



    Death throes.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  22. from shortbread online…



    “Forward Greg Stewart believes Rangers will “definitely score” in Braga as they seek a Europa League last 16 spot.”



    Is the forthcoming sevco away goal ‘official’ yet?


    Do Braga realise they now need at least 2 goals on wednesday?



    Does not seem fair to me PMSL

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