Nine is coming, get emotionally ready for it


If Celtic were not so “relentless” © Steven Gerrard, Kilmarnock’s early goal could have led to a consequential result for the champions, but the win was never in any real doubt.  This is a team with oceans in reserve.

Jozo Simunovic conceded the penalty that led to Kilmarnock’s goal.  Thereafter, the central defender seemed compelled to atone, which he eventually did, with an assist for Odsonne Edouard.  With no shortage of talent and still only 25, Jozo will forever struggle against injury.  I cannot make my mind up on what I expect from the player in future.

While Celtic were beating Kilmarnock, news filtered through that Newco bucked the trend of recent away league defeats by picking up their first point from nine on the road.  Grinding out points like that are the reason Gerrard’s men are comfortably ahead in the Best of the Rest race; they lead Motherwell by 22 points.

It is now not matter a question of if, but when, Celtic win the league.  If Newco win their game in hand, Celtic will have a nine-point advantage, with a goal difference surplus of 20 over their nearest challenger.  ‘Nine’ is coming, get emotionally ready for it.

Copenhagen rested five outfield players in a 1-1 draw at bottom of the table Silkeborg yesterday.  This result allowed Midtjyland to extend their lead at the top of the table to nine points.  The 3282 spectators at the game will be significantly different to the packed Celtic Park the Danes will experience on Thursday.

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  1. Rumoured Mr.Morelos on home trip?


    Cannot see that as ideal preparation for Tynecastle considering flight times and the rest of the team will be on a downer,as Braga will put them out.


    Surely strong Management should have refused this,if true.

  2. I take issue with the statement that Jozo conceded the penalty v Killie.


    1st off, it was offside.


    2nd, it was a blatant dive. Jozo was not guilty on either count.

  3. As much as Sevco will hate Celtic if we get 9 in a row,I reckon next season they Sevco will do there best to stop us from achieving 10 in a row,and if I was Lenny for the next few games give some off the main players a well earned rest,so when we go to Ibrox he sends out his strongest team.

  4. TIMBHOY2 on 24TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:20 PM


    As much as Sevco will hate Celtic if we get 9 in a row,I reckon next season they Sevco will do there best to stop us from achieving 10 in a row,and if I was Lenny for the next few games give some off the main players a well earned rest,so when we go to Ibrox he sends out his strongest team.










    Philbhoy – they limp along while pretending to thrive.



    Every year the load gets heavier while the limp becomes more pronounced.



    As a direct consequence, the spin becomes angrier, less thought out, more reactive, and increasingly ridiculous.



    Death throes.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith




    Interesting wee answer b2b



    I would call it bad will,the opposite of goodwill that generally happens when a business is passed on,Its know how,Its staff,Its general spirit…..alas Sir Fraud of Her Majesty ensured through his 100p sale knew all was in place for the club e owned(87%)L I Q U I D A T I O N.



    The entitlement is there to be laughed at


    The hubris is there to be smiled at


    Their hatred is becoming palpable



    Taking lifeofbrian out of context they are not the peepil,and never will be again.



    Every year their battlecries and war cries go from the pre season cup winning crescendo down to something akin to a wean bein het at


    Hidin-go-seek alone,wi nae pals…embarassin for the crayon strollers.



    The knuckle still pervades oor Campbell’s 6th floor, titles conferred to a new club.them idiots don’t realise they are a laughin stock.



    Hope yir good mate :-))



  6. Moreloss suspended for Wednesday, wouldn’t read too much into going back to the land of the marching powder.

  7. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    DR – I know but very odd leader on their footie page about us not signing someone

  8. It´s not April the 1st yet but according to The Scotsman website, the S.F.A. is imposing a ban on heading the ball in training for Under 12´s football. What is a head for????

  9. ‘re morelos



    He can’t play against Braga.


    Disciplinary problems means yet another yellow,so he misses via a ban




  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An Tearmann – bang on.



    “Entitlement” is the key.



    Con men have a saying.



    “For a con to be successful you need one thing only – a greedy mark”.

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Genuine post re Morelos.



    He is the personification of Sevco.



    Raw meat rabid before Christmas.



    Running at 105% to get his big move.



    Strained every sinew to get goals.



    Now realises he has been had.



    Accounts for some of the drop off.



    Furthermore, his wife found out.



    Home not a peaceful place.



    When depressed, reach for the party size bag of crisps.



    Waistline increases.



    Centre of gravity wobbles.



    Speed, balance and reflexes impacted.



    Accounts for the rest of the drop off.

  12. Just watched Panorama re Mo Farah……I’m sure his knighthood will be stripped………ahem

  13. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Catching up on CTV , some great wee interviews with Fran Alonso


    the Celtic ghirls manager, and his training methods.


    Big future ahead for this ghuy methinks.


    Loved it when he said ” we’ve become very close, like a family ” of


    course Fran, it’s the Celtic family dontcha know.


    H.H . Mick

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Favourite Uncle – not sure.



    Whatever brand/flavour was on multisave?

  15. I thought Morelos was fat before Christmas so I can’t say I’ve noticed him having put on more weight.



    It does not reflect particularly well on Sevco’s coaching and fitness staff that Morelos is clearly carrying at least a stone too many.

  16. I wish I hadn`t asked that question. I am about to go to bed and sleep will not come easy with such a blubber-filled image in my mind !


    `night all.


    Good to be a Tim.

  17. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019-20 ***





    Another Beautiful Sunday saw Celtic extend their lead at the top of the table to 12 points and despite an early set back in conceding an offside penalty we continued to play some fantastic football and in the end Kilmarnock got off lightly. We have 10 games left. If we were to win them all we attain the same points as we did in the invincible season, 106. However, our target for now is to get to 98. Do that, and 9(nine) in a row is ours.


    I realise that when we’re playing at home and it’s not on the TV then voting numbers tend to fall. But receiving 54 emails was a very pleasant surprise so thanks again for your support.


    The results are shown below, with my own selections asterisked. But just before I do that, it’s…


    ***Excuses in early time***


    On Friday morning I’m expecting to fly out to Lanzarote for a week. I’m not sure what the wifi service will be like in our hotel. Oh and my counting might be affected by the amount of (ahem) medicine that I consume over there. But you all know the script by now – please send in your votes following the Copenhagen and Livingstone games and I’ll pull the results together. No guarantee that they’ll get the usual 10pm release time – much more likely that it’ll be the following day. I’m also unlikely to issue quite as many reminders so just remember to vote please.



    So, finally, here are the Kilmarnock results and as you’ll see, apart from the runaway winner it was very tight for all the other places –


    Forster: 0


    Frimpong: 0


    Simunovic: 17


    Jullien: 3


    Ajer: 18


    Taylor: 5


    McGregor*: 51


    Christie*: 22


    Rogic*: 7


    Griffiths: 17


    Edouard: 22


    Bayo: 0


    Elyounoussi: 0


    Bitton: 0


    Unused subs – Bain, Bolingoli, Bauer, Klimala


    So, the players receiving points for the Kilmarnock game are –


    McGregor – 5 points


    Edouard – 4 points


    Christie – 4 points


    Ajer – 2 points


    Simunovic – 1 point


    Griffiths – 1 point



    The overall points table is now –


    1st – Brown – 73 points


    2nd – Edouard – 68 points


    3rd – McGregor – 60 points


    4th – Jullien – 45 points


    5th – Christie – 42 points


    6th – Forrest – 40 points


    7th – Frimpong – 38 points


    7th – Ntcham – 38 points


    9th – Ajer – 31 points


    10th – Forster – 25 points


    11th – Elyounoussi – 24 points


    12th – Taylor – 17 points


    12th – Griffiths – 17 points


    14th – Bauer – 14 points


    15th – Bolingoli-Mbombo – 13 points


    16th – Rogic – 9 points


    17th – Hayes – 8 points


    17th – Elhamed – 8 points


    19th – Welsh – 4 points


    19th – Bitton – 4 points


    19th – Johnston – 4 points


    22nd – Bayo – 3 points


    23rd – Morgan – 2 points


    23rd – Robertson – 2 points


    24th – Simunovic – 1 point


    25th – Bain, Gordon, Klimala, Sinclair, Ralston, Arzani, Hendry, Dembele, Shved – all on 0 points



    So, we now look forward to the visit of Copenhagen knowing that either a clean sheet or any sort of win will see us through to the last 16.


    Hail Hail!

  18. SAINT STIVS on 24TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:21 PM









    Bury thems first, then play from our pool, surprised anyone would suggest otherwise.

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I’m hearing every time he takes his shirt off a Norwegian whaling ship floats by

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I was also hearing one of the Celtic lassies took one for the team the other night and thought Tom Boyd might want to think up another cliche

  21. Oops, schoolbhoy error just spotted. So I’ll actually be counting the votes for 3(three) games whilst I’m away – Copenhagen, St Johnstone and Livingston. There are no problems, only challenges!!


    3 more sleeps

  22. Liverpool are a club with a fantastic tradition but they needed an outsider to become EPL winners. Gerrard is part of something that’s passed, he’ll never make it back there



    I’m not sure you can blame Gerrard too much for what’s happened this season, he’s improved them but you can’t expect him to have the same will to win for them as Lenny has for us. Lenny is part of Celtic’s dna, Celtic is part of his. This is everything for him and something for Gerrard



    He was 100% the right appointment for the situation.

  23. !!BADA BING!! on 24TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:25 PM


    Just watched Panorama re Mo Farah……I’m sure his knighthood will be stripped………ahem






    When it happens I want to offer up the tabloid headline.





    The moment Salazar first came under suspicion , a few years ago, Mo Farah was asked to comment.


    He said he would not comment until he had spoken to Salazar. He then said he was going to fly to Oregon to ‘ speak to him face to face ‘.



    All my suspicions were confirmed in that interview. Loosely translated… (my interpretation)


    “I need to sit down with my coach to figure out what we are going to say.


    I want to agree that we will not throw each other under the bus.


    I don’t want to do this on the phone, in case somebody tapes it.



    Of course no journalists wanted to come out to say any of this as they were too busy protecting his legacy.



    My brother and his friends are life long distance runners. They were serious competitive club runners in their teens /twenties and won many regional races. They still run at senior level and are steeped in the sport.


    It was they, who first mentioned to me, that the sudden improvement in Mo’s times at the beginning of his career were enough to raise eyebrows.


    They are all so cynical now that they have no interest in elite athletics.


    “If you want to know who was on drugs in a race, look at the podium”



    The Onlooker

  24. The moreon is suspended for receiving another yellow, this time for bad mouthing the official who happened to be Spanish. Couldnae make it up.

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