Nir Biton, preparations for the ArenA


There will have been tired limbs at Lennonxtown when the players resumed full training yesterday after their exertions on Tuesday night but they will still be desperate to take to the field at Firhill on Sunday.  This game is a necessary preparation ahead of the Amsterdam AreanA in 12 days.

We have an advantage for Amsterdam…..

Ajax are nip and tuck with a handful of clubs near the top of the Dutch league.  They have three home games in the league and cup before facing Celtic and the pressure is on to win each of them.  Ajax don’t have the ability to allow players extended recuperation time to ensure they are in pristine condition for Champions League duty, Celtic do.

I would rest everyone we don’t have good cover for.  This is also a game for Nir Biton to start.  The player needs to get back in the saddle as quickly as possible after Tuesday, he is also unlikely to see Champions League group stage action again this season.

After his international and other duties, Charlie Mulgrew would benefit from a rest.  We don’t have sufficient cover for James Forrest and Beram Kayal, so send them away for the weekend.

Use every advantage possible.
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  1. sydneytim



    12:14 on 25 October, 2013



    Without a doubt the most rubbish I have ever read on here.



    Celtic have only one KPI???



    Aye ok then.



    You surely cannot believe that.???

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I’d keep Kayal in the team. After getting his confidence back the other night he needs a run of games to keep it going.




    i got 2 old deed club programmes 1977.will post them to ROYAL.i live darn souf so can you post full address of hospital and bhoys name or yours or if you want get my e/mail from PAUL.



    will be tuesday before they arrive is that ok.




  4. Biton could do with a gae, but I think I would give Kayal a wee run to see how he does. Without Forrest we would probably be looking at Brown on the right, which reduces our width. One for the full backs to get forward as much as possible.

  5. NL: “Kris had a scan and it’s a grade one strain but he’s confident he can make next weekend and certainly Ajax.” (MH)

  6. BigChipsUK/ mickbhoy1888



    Thanks for the info & link.



    We’ve all been in Barca previously and are thinking of avoiding the ‘Gods’ this time!



    We arrive 24 hours before the game – so I expect we should get tickets OK.

  7. Just in to say…







    So glad that you’ve been found safe n well sir


    especially with all those strange weirdos going


    aboot oot there :)



    Guid stuff wi yer article M8 – keep it lit.


    Hail Hail – Off oot.

  8. Rest as many as possible before we play Ajax,give Fisher,Atajic, Balde and a few others some game time now.


    setting free the bears supports Celtic’s best fighter- Wee Oscar Knox



    yes well spotted.i forgot to add the photo of THE LISBON LIONS is for WDH.



    PS .BT’S father looks splendid.

  10. NL: “Joe Ledley is back training now. We took Beram off as he was feeling his thigh but hopefully he and Lustig should be ok.”(MH)Neil Lennon speaking to media: “James and Charlie are doubts for tomorrow.” (MH)

  11. I agree with your comments Paul,however not sure if NL puts that amount of thought into forward planning.



    The reason I say this is why,for any reason, he would risk Commons vs Hibs when he had 3 midfielders on the bench,Biton,Rogic,and Ledley.



    Against Partick we should play second stringers such as Fisher,Ajatic etc. I would not rest Pukki as he rested the entire game on Tuesday,sorry but I see few redeeming features here,not strong,not quick,occasional touch,not what we needed.



    Confused as to who scouted him and Balde.

  12. SFTB,



    Who outed PF???



    And we know he must be one, after all how may REAL tims (this side of the Irish Sea!) actually play rugby???



    Taylor High FP ma not insubstantial bahookie.



    He’s got Dalziel FP writ large all over his wee frame :-)






  13. Eyes Wide Open on

    agreed with glasstwothirdsfull



    wrapping Kayal up in cotton wool hoping he wont pick up an injury isnt the way to go – hes as likely to pick up a muscular injury on the pitch as on training.



    What we need, what we really really really really need, is a Kayal that can turn it on for 90 minutes instead of just 70.

  14. Is it not terrible that we are only listed as number 3 in the list of best supported clubs in the world.



    If Mr. Desmond invested a bit more of his money and Peter Lawell stopped stealing our money and Neil Lennon shouted and sang a bit more, we could easily break through this glass ceiling to overtake the Dortmund and Boca fans.



    £5m would buy 10 small private jets to bring voluble and musical fans from Ireland, the USA and Australia to our home fixtures. Even if we bought just 9 such jets, we could use the money saved to provide free booze to lubricate their throats and help raise the decibels. Obviously, they’d have to buy their own booze for the return journey as we are not made of money.



    Can I stand for president on this ticket?

  15. Favourite Uncle



    Bryan Bed 8 ward 2 The Glasgow Royal infirmary


    84 Castle St, Glasgow, Glasgow City G4 0SF


    Perhaps best to send it next day or recorded.


    I will ply you with drink when we meet and give something


    to the Kano foundation on my side.


    greatly appreciated.


    any other lhads you know what to do

  16. viewfraethewindae and excathedra



    Pukki covered more ground, 12286m to be precise, than other player on the park in that match. Whatever you saw in his play, it was not lack of effort




    Token Tim



    It was only a matter of time before we added together his liking for Rugby and his dislike of certain Celtic players to reach this just conclusion. The amount of effort that some of these hun trolls expand in order to create a convincing disguise, eh? An Irish sounding surname and attendance at an RC school is some dedication to trolling :-)

  17. I’m afraid I can’t agree with you, Paul.



    Not because what you say doesn’t make sense, rather because I’ve got Celtic down as a banker away win this weekend.



    Secure victory, then take the key players off for a rest … !




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