No bad blood with Eddie, low expectation of Hibs


Eddie Howe was generous about Celtic when asked during the press conference announcing him as Newcastle manager.  In his view, he was unable to take on the task of managing such a club without his regular backroom staff, whom he was unable to convince to move to Glasgow.  This was the reason he gave Celtic when rejecting them in May, although I was sceptical then.

Compare that to our own Ange Postecoglou, who accepted the job with nothing more than a list of names detailing those he would work with at Celtic.  He knew none of them.  The contrast could hardly be starker.

Six months later it is easy to forget what shape the club was in when Ange arrived.  A threadbare squad, minus the want-aways, a new CEO in his first job in football with zero on-the-ground experience of European football.  Eddie Howe didn’t have the self-belief that Ange has, but Eddie was right to doubt the job could be done with anything less than the A Team.

Newcastle may have all the money the sovereign investment fund of Saudi Arabia can put their hands on, but spending it effectively in January, tempting transformative players into a club marooned at the bottom of the table, will take more than a jab in the arm before bundling them onto a plane bound for Newcastle.

No bad blood with Eddie, he made the right decision, right for him, right for Celtic, although maybe not right for Newcastle, who failed to lift themselves off the foot of the table last night because of a late equaliser from our old pal Teemu Pukki.

I know what you are thinking.  Hibs bounced Newco out of the League Cup a week ago, can they repeat the result in the league at Easter Road tonight?  Before a win over 10-man St Johnstone on Saturday, that Hampden result was the only time they avoided defeat in six outings.  They are a poor team, dare we expect anything……..?

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    If we don’t take a few oof of this huns side at Celtic park then we really need to have a good look at ourselves.,



    Sorry Saint, I jinxed it. Cheatin Beaton awards ridiculous penalty with 5 minutes to go. This corruption is now beyond farcical.

  3. Higgins must be wishing that the SNP had never introduced their Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Similar to the penalty Abada gave away . dangles a foot and immediately pulls it back . foot brushes the shin of the attacker who falls like he’s been shot . Laid it on a plate for Beaton .



    Bhoys that was a penalty



    context PB, context,



    would he have given it to us ?

  6. The cheats do it again.



    Wats mad is that they think they get cheated!!


    Morelos was clearly targeting porteous earlier and ref ignored it.


    Their new mgr seems to be a chip off the old cheating block.


    And he didn’t mention the horrible songs at livi.


    They are a truly despicable club from top to bottom and off the pitch.

  7. It was a definite penalty. Of course, Kent went down easily but footballers do – especially in the box.



    Awful defending from Porteous who has cost Hibs again.

  8. apparantely , McGregor “is magic to watch , with all the tricks in the book, for counting down the clock”.

  9. Colin Gibson






    Nov 30
















    On behalf of CCG I would like to thank each and every one of the fans that donated to our Foodbank’s. And thanks to the Green Brigade for making this happen year after year. Vans floor to ceiling with donations

  10. Fairhill bhoy.



    I don’t tell you how to live your life.



    Not sure why you think you have the right to tell me how to live mine. Never mind whether to have an opinion on a blog.



    If you chose to believe everything the MSM tell you and don’t wish to research things further yourself then that’s your prerogative.

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    We are a far better footballing team now. A few good signings in January and we will be in a position very few of us would have thought.



    The Huns were given time to play out from the back, we won’t allow them that, can see the big lump of wood Goldson getting caught in possession by Kyogo.



    Just win the rest of our games before we play them……

  12. Just seen their score and it’s disappointing to see them score so late, I won’t comment on the pen because I haven’t seen it. However, giving Beaton an excuse to award a pen when you’re playing the huns is an extremely stupid thing to do. They’ve taken 6 points from two difficult away ties. We still have it all to do.

  13. Porteous was stupid as was Abada on Saturday. Apart from that he was hubs best plater and his passing out from the back was first class. There as very little or no contact on both occasions with both players pulling back their foot from the tackle. The fact remains that the hun refs will give them against us all day long and likewise will not award them to us when we claim for similar Penalties. A



    Difference being there, is that Beaton is there to make sure they get it.




  15. Stonewaller of a penalty.No i fs or buts.85 minutes of good play by Hibs ruined by that fekin eejit Porteous once again.A fekin liability against them.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    As I said on another website:



    Those two away victories to the huns doesn’t surprise me. Livy manager set out his stall differently to them than us and Hibs have been shite for ages.



    The hampden result was as much a surprise to hibs fans as us, believe me if I thought they had a chance at hampden I would have taken up an offer of a ticket !

  17. glendalystonsils on

    It WAS a penalty , although very soft . However , there was no need for Porteous to make that challenge . I mentioned it being similar to the one Abada gave away , but at least Abada has the excuse of not being a defender .

  18. Ange is good manager with an idealist philosophy. A likeable guy and an entertainer. But he will need to create a winning machine between now and May, all made harder by starting behind the 8 ball due to Lawwells incompetence. 72 points to play for and we’ll need at least 60, every game now is like walking a tightrope. There is no major collapse pending across the water. Its a tall order even at this still relatively early stage.

  19. St Stivs,



    It was a definite penalty.Nothing to do with the Ref.I am beellng like you,but Hibs player to blame.

  20. I have no Doubt (dinnae speak) LOL…. that Celtic will bash Hearts HARTD the morra with at least a gap of 4 goals.



    Super Joe might huv to make sure ma mad predictions come

  21. we get a pen at last kick-off the ball against livi , difference being thems score and the big greek made an ar** of it.