No bad blood with Eddie, low expectation of Hibs


Eddie Howe was generous about Celtic when asked during the press conference announcing him as Newcastle manager.  In his view, he was unable to take on the task of managing such a club without his regular backroom staff, whom he was unable to convince to move to Glasgow.  This was the reason he gave Celtic when rejecting them in May, although I was sceptical then.

Compare that to our own Ange Postecoglou, who accepted the job with nothing more than a list of names detailing those he would work with at Celtic.  He knew none of them.  The contrast could hardly be starker.

Six months later it is easy to forget what shape the club was in when Ange arrived.  A threadbare squad, minus the want-aways, a new CEO in his first job in football with zero on-the-ground experience of European football.  Eddie Howe didn’t have the self-belief that Ange has, but Eddie was right to doubt the job could be done with anything less than the A Team.

Newcastle may have all the money the sovereign investment fund of Saudi Arabia can put their hands on, but spending it effectively in January, tempting transformative players into a club marooned at the bottom of the table, will take more than a jab in the arm before bundling them onto a plane bound for Newcastle.

No bad blood with Eddie, he made the right decision, right for him, right for Celtic, although maybe not right for Newcastle, who failed to lift themselves off the foot of the table last night because of a late equaliser from our old pal Teemu Pukki.

I know what you are thinking.  Hibs bounced Newco out of the League Cup a week ago, can they repeat the result in the league at Easter Road tonight?  Before a win over 10-man St Johnstone on Saturday, that Hampden result was the only time they avoided defeat in six outings.  They are a poor team, dare we expect anything……..?

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  1. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Never a penalty, conned the referee (not he needs much conning). Kent should be banned for diving. Boyd?? There is a village out there looking for him.!!

  2. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!!



    Actually , none of the Hibs players we’ve been linked with looked anywhere near Celtic standard tonight ….Doig , Boyle , Porteous , Nisbet .

  3. Must admit I thought the huns might slip up…..huge win especially so late …..I’m a bit sick tbh

  4. Some of the passages of play in that game were truly dreadful. Two poor sides. Misplaced passes all over the place from all over the pitch. I stopped watching at 75 minutes to avoid the inevitable. Up to then Hibs looked more dangerous going forward and more secure at the back.



    Our job is to take each game at a time and not to panic when setbacks happen. There’s alot of football ahead. If the best team wins the league then the trophy will be back in paradise come May.



    The orcs performances and general demeanour remind me of how we looked this time last year. It’s all a bit haphazard and lacklustre. At least a few if them look less than fit. Morelos is several pounds over a professional footballers weight for one. He looked leaner a month or so back. What’s bloating him? Hmmmmm


    Kent was awful.



    Anyway, looking forward to watching the good ghuys tomorrow

  5. We missed an awful lot of chances against Hearts in the LC at Celtic Park. I hope we make up for that tomorrow night. 3-0 at HT with Jota and Kyogo safely sitting on the bench for the start of the second half would be nice.



    In terms of our league games, I think it opens up for us nicely once we get the next two out of the way. Tannadice especially will be difficult especially if we get Madhun officiating, which I assume can’t be far away because it must be all of two weeks since we last had him…



    A big four days ahead for us. 6 points needed.

  6. Just looked on YouTube.


    IMO, it WAS a penalty but I don`t think it was clumsy of Porteous. An understandable split second out in his tackle but not rash.


    It still has left me feeling sick, though.

  7. Silver City 1888 on

    Just saw the score. Wondered “Who scored their penalty?” Well, you do, don’t you? Many a true word spoken in jest.

  8. Thought it was a lazy leg challenge.No need for it.Thick as mince,and had a great game up till then.

  9. Hate to be realistic but the cheats are a shoo in for the champions league money.


    I am astonished at the refereeing involving us and them. We won’t be able to beat the 12 th man. Hearts in first game proved it.


    And other games since, for us and them.


    Is Scotland the most corrupt league in the world? Scottish politics seems to mirror it. SNP are hand in glove with the cheats. SNP + police + SFÁ + Smsm + the cheats. How can Ange beat all that? An awful conundrum for celtic fans voting for independence. Between a rock and a hard place.

  10. When we beat the Huns I will be less critical


    of teams who narrowly fail to do so.Hibs unlucky.A stupid trip,spoiled the whole match,for them.

  11. JPH




    Bollox about SNP.Take your politics and go to fek with them.


    Fekin site is reekin of Unionists.


    More on here than FF,or Bears Den.

  12. If I was in a boozer,and heard the anti Nationalist shit getting spouted,there would be some heavy verbals being exchanged.I would take them for slabb ering bigoted scum.I would never frequent it again,probably barred.This place has become a hive of Unionist assholes,so I will leave you all to it.I would never frequent a Unionist boozer,why would I frequent here freely.

  13. AN DUN


    “Tannadice especially will be difficult especially if we get Madhun officiating, which I assume can’t be far away because it must be all of two weeks since we last had him…”



    Did you write this tongue in cheek?😊. Because we have him tomorrow.😢

  14. easily done Tims r effing it all up on

    The entire establishment against Celtic is difficult enough. But when Celtic board are part of that establishment and they are 2012 and onward has proved that. A Celtic where a manager would have to be prepared to chuck the odd season or two, to help Rangers? Wtf? Wtf are we actually supporting? Wtf has happened to the Celtic supporters? Sing rebel songs then be sheep at ticket time? Wtf? If Rangers need the league cash we’ll fold, then the Celtic supporters fall into line and just accept it? Celtic supporters are actually anti Celtic by allowing this corruption to continue what happened to you, did you’re balls fall off? ffsm!

  15. dearie me, how many monikkas.



    i dont know if thier prize is when CQN shuts down the union is safe,



    i mean seriously, why do they bother.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 1ST DECEMBER 2021 11:35 PM




    We can run a weekly prize for multi monikkas



    Virtual pint 🍺 of the week or something like that😱

  17. “Bollox about SNP.”



    “Fekin site is reekin of Unionists.”



    “This place has become a hive of Unionist assholes.”




    Cybernats not getting it all their own way always react thus. Scotland is riven. Never before even during the Thatcher years, has there been such hatred & division in Scotland. Families split, colleague against colleague, friend against friend….and now Celtic supporter against Celtic supporter. Nationalism feeds on hatred to survive, and its followers will constantly ‘stoke the fires’ to ensure a plentiful supply



    To them the truth is only what they say and they would gladly ban everyone & anyone” with an opposing point of view.



    Celtic is a club open to all, and thank God this blog is too.



    INFORMATION: Scotland is de-facto bankrupt and could not stand alone for at least twenty-years, and then only with a lower standard of living. The UK fully supports Scotland. There will be no indy in the lifetimes of most who post on here… fact even the prospect of another referendum recedes daily.



    A strong Scotland with the most powerful devolved parliament in the world, working closely with the strength of the UK to deliver distinctly Scottish answers to Scottish questions is only logical way forward. There is no viable economic case for separation – if there was, the SNP would be ‘shouting from rooftops” and plastering every billboard that they could lay there hands on.


    “It’s the economy stupid” – ‘flag-eating’ is political anorexia.

  18. fourstonecoppi on

    Sadly some would rather be ruled by elitist public schoolboys who enrich their friends with our taxes, while stuffing their money into offshore accounts, to avoid paying such taxes…….The list goes on.

  19. Good morning from a matchday in the Garngad



    The weather it’s dark, dry and cold.



    Fourstonecoppi- well said.



    D :)

  20. Any news on Rogic, Starfelt and Bitton.



    No need on an update on Julienne although I think he could be a fantastic player….. auch it doesn’t matter




    D :)

  21. Genuine big game tonight. COYBIG.



    Fourstonecoppi: It’s not just public school boys that are the problem it’s politicians who go straight into politics from University without experiencing real life.



    Personally I don’t feel ruled by anyone, especially by those two groups of ” Rulers ”




  22. Grand Day To Be A Celt…



    Should be a great game against the Jam Tarts this evening.



    Thought the game yesterday was good, Scottish football now has half a dozen decent teams and the bottom half of the league right down to the relegation positions have teams capable of giving all the others a game.



    Good to see.



    Think Porteous has been hard done by on CQN, the lad had a great game and that “lazy” tackle on Kent was the product of tiredness and inexperience.



    He’ll grow into a fine CH imo.



    Ange’s team are maturing just at the right moment, of course the injuries are hitting us hard – but if your squad is thin it will do.



    The bhoys coming back and a good January window will see us in good stead though.



    Looking forward to the game tonight, a narrow win to the good ghuys.



    Hail Hail

  23. JHB on 2nd December 2021 4:20 am



    4:20am WOW, you talk a lot of shite but your commitment can’t be questioned, it must keep you busy.



    Disappointing lack of fake %’s though.

  24. David66 on 2nd December 2021 6:52 am



    I passed Starfelt in my street in G43 at KO time on Sunday, thought it weird that he wasn’t either at the game or training. He was driving the obligatory footballers wives white SUV.

  25. JHB @ 4:20 AM,



    As I’ve said plenty of times I neither vote, nor have a dog in this fight.



    However being from the Monklands and having lived in England throughout the forty plus years of Thatcherism I see right through your nonsense.



    The changes to towns like Airdrie & Coatbridge – compared to Beaconsfield and Marlow are phenomenal.



    You say Scotland is bankrupt, well on going back to the Monklands that is believable.



    Marlow high street is dripping in gold… Michelin Star restaurants, expensive craft shops, designer cloth shops.



    Been to Coatbridge Main Street recently?



    Well in ’74, it was Coatbridge that had the thriving Town Centre.



    I’ve seen the changes with my own eyes.



    My Cousin spent many years working at the Center Point charity in London.



    Before that she was a social worker in Airdrie.



    I couldn’t believe her descriptions of Airdrie when she came down, schemes teeming with deprevation and poverty.



    That was before Devolution of course, Thatcherism ruined Scotland.



    The new independent Scottish Parliament and New Labour in Westminster did nothing to halt the decline that Thatcherism had trust upon Scotland.



    You doing down the country just highlights the fact for over forty years the Political classes have been the scourge of Scotland.



    You say Scotland is bankrupt.



    Well imagine we got home rule in the 70s?



    Do you think a Scottish Government could do worse than Westminster!? By your own accounts obviously not.



    Look at Norway, a comparable country in many ways to Scotland.



    The 70s oil finds of the time have elevated the country to one of the world’s wealtiest per capita, where wellbeing and human rights are top of the agenda.



    Yet Scotland so similar in population size, outlook and even geographically is a very poor shadow of their long time neighbours.



    I’m not sure what your game is, maybe a young politico who wants to cut their political teeth on a football blog before going head to head on a political forum with people who know what they’re talking about and are politically savvy; I sincerely hope you’re just young, naive and misinformed.



    If there is something more sinister to your motives that’s a sad indictment considering the time you spend on here.



    Either way, hope you wise up and soon.



    Hail Hail

  26. INIQUITOUSIV on 1ST DECEMBER 2021 11:22 PM



    I didn’t know Madhun was the ref tonight – that’s put a bit of fear into me because we’ve struggled every game he’s taken charge of this season. Without a doubt, he’s the top cheat on the roster.

  27. Worst thing about Madden for me is the amount of fouls he lets go particularly early in the game.


    In a game against a team like the Jambos they will foul constantly until the yellow cards start to appear.


    IMO refs should deal with early fouls to set an example, I once counted the numbers of fouls committed by the Jambos in a game refereed by Madden at Celtic park, I lost count after 6 fouls had been waved as play on in the first 10m. Then of course as the game goes on he starts stopping the game at every contact, sleekit bastard.



    My pet hate also with all refs at the moment is the application of the jersey pulling rules, often its not even a foul particularly in the box then on other occasions the same foul results in a yellow.

  28. Talking Hydrocarbons:



    Not really mentioned during Cop 26, but a couple of days ago a Chinese oil company announced first oil from theBuzzard phase 2 project in the North Sea.



    This will help ensure that our floodlights are operable for the foreseeable while we spend the next decades transforming into renewables.



    PS : It took a few litres of oil to produce the phone I am posting on.



    HH to all.

  29. Chairbhoy on 2nd December 2021 7:44 am



    Unfortunately by not voting you do exactly what the likes of JHB wants you to do.


    They like nothing more than ordinary voters who tug the forelock and let their betters decide for them, the constant pitching of the same garbage on places like this every day is designed to drive apathy amongst voters who don’t have an interest in politics.


    Regardless of your political persuasion people should vote.