No bad blood with Eddie, low expectation of Hibs


Eddie Howe was generous about Celtic when asked during the press conference announcing him as Newcastle manager.  In his view, he was unable to take on the task of managing such a club without his regular backroom staff, whom he was unable to convince to move to Glasgow.  This was the reason he gave Celtic when rejecting them in May, although I was sceptical then.

Compare that to our own Ange Postecoglou, who accepted the job with nothing more than a list of names detailing those he would work with at Celtic.  He knew none of them.  The contrast could hardly be starker.

Six months later it is easy to forget what shape the club was in when Ange arrived.  A threadbare squad, minus the want-aways, a new CEO in his first job in football with zero on-the-ground experience of European football.  Eddie Howe didn’t have the self-belief that Ange has, but Eddie was right to doubt the job could be done with anything less than the A Team.

Newcastle may have all the money the sovereign investment fund of Saudi Arabia can put their hands on, but spending it effectively in January, tempting transformative players into a club marooned at the bottom of the table, will take more than a jab in the arm before bundling them onto a plane bound for Newcastle.

No bad blood with Eddie, he made the right decision, right for him, right for Celtic, although maybe not right for Newcastle, who failed to lift themselves off the foot of the table last night because of a late equaliser from our old pal Teemu Pukki.

I know what you are thinking.  Hibs bounced Newco out of the League Cup a week ago, can they repeat the result in the league at Easter Road tonight?  Before a win over 10-man St Johnstone on Saturday, that Hampden result was the only time they avoided defeat in six outings.  They are a poor team, dare we expect anything……..?

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    CHAIRBHOY on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 7:44 AM


    JHB @ 4:20 AM



    I would really struggle to wake up at four in the morning to write about Celtic neither mind the shite that guy produces😱

  2. prestonpans bhoys on 2nd December 2021 8:22 am



    Must have been his/her/its turn to cover the night shift, its a tough job keeping the working classes in check 24hrs a day.



    Protect the union CSC.

  3. I just read the CQN article regarding the January transfer window, does anyone really believe that Ange was responsible for the signing of all of these?



    Kyogo Furuhashi, Liel Abada, Filipe Jota, Carl Starfelt, James McCarthy, Liam Scales, Joe Hart, Josip Juranovic and Giorgos Giakoumakis



    I find that very hard to believe.

  4. Ooops posted before I was finished.



    If Ange did sign these guys his success rate is just over 50% with Starfelt, McCarthy, Scales, and Girogios yet to convince IMO.

  5. The Ange style of football is surely the way forward.



    It’s cold, it’s wet and our transport situation is not the best . We need to produce entertainment to get the fans out of the house.



    Winning the Glasgow Celtic way is so important in this era of choice.




  6. It won’t matter who the referees are when officiating our games,according to plenty on here there all hun supporters,maybe a few are but not all of them ,if we go and win then that’s what matters,but most important is not to go into harsh tackles for them few to give red cards or penalties,like this evening 3 points is the goal .

  7. TIMMY7_NOTED @ 8:06 AM,



    Well your point of view is hard to argue with. My mother was vehemently of the same opinion, I always voted but my sisters who were more circumspect and got pelters from her.



    Everything from the NHS to the Suffragettes.



    See her dad was a politician, the Labour Party from between the wars to the early sixties.



    What a major force for good that party was in this country – historically a democratic phenomenon.



    Still, my life’s outlook has changed; music, Religion, Politics – lots of important things to my life then now take back seat.



    To be fair to myself I realised that BREXIT was a big deal – Took time to look at the options, listened to both sides of the argument and made a promise to myself if one side put forward and promoted a positive cohesive manifesto they’d get my vote.



    But oh no, hours of reading and viewing and listening to inane dribble – hours of my life I won’t get back.






    Yes, what on earth is the motivation for that.



    If, as Timmy 7 suggests its a political campaign, it certainly strikes of desperation.



    It seems the Unionists are feart, why? There is no vote on the horizon and as far as I know there is no clear mandate either way at the moment.



    AN obsession with the great Glasgow Celtic, now that will keep you up at night;)



    Hail Hail

  8. GREENPINATA @ 8:51 AM,



    Totally agree.



    Lots of good discussion on here and SC on the way we play.



    The thing is, things like – more steel and better tactics.



    I get both arguments but more steel, means more fouls, bookings and sending offs…



    And what tactics – the Livi at home or the Bayer away? A genius to be able to adapt to that in a week.



    Either that or a very large, very talented versatile squad.



    Hail Hail

  9. the silent 50k shood be banned on

    No feart.


    No dumb either.


    Imagine voting for a party that still can’t answer the questions that it couldn’t answer in 2014!




    Well, you say no dumb – but to prove that you’d have to post something smart…



    … I’ll wait;)



    Hail Hail

  11. Scotland’s renewables output has tripled in 10 years


    Scotland has narrowly missed a target to generate the equivalent of 100% of its electricity demand from renewables in 2020.


    New figures reveal it reached 97.4% from renewable sources.


    This target was set in 2011, when renewable technologies generated just 37% of national demand.


    Industry body Scottish Renewables said output had tripled in the last 10 years, with enough power for the equivalent of seven million households.


    Chief executive Claire Mack, said: “Scotland’s climate change targets have been a tremendous motivator to the industry to increase deployment of renewable energy sources.


    “Renewable energy projects are displacing tens of millions of tonnes of carbon every year, employing the equivalent of 17,700 people and bringing enormous socio-economic benefits to communities.”


    Enough renewables to meet 90% electricity demand


    Scotland: ‘The Saudi Arabia of renewables’?

  12. the silent 50k shood be banned on



    Who pays for the border that’ll be needed?


    How long will it take to replace No deal with UK or EU, and how much will it cost, and who’ll pay for it?


    Who will replace all of the money that’s currently given to us by nice English people?


    What will we replace the UK NHS with and how much will it cost and who’ll be footing the bill?


    What measures need to be taken before Scotland’s books reach the financial threshold, for Scotland to be allowed to enter EU, and who’ll foot the bill for the thresholds to be met?


    What if Scotland is attacked by terrorists, who’ll pay for all of that security?


    Who’ll protect Celtic supporters, Celtic Way, Celtic Park, Celtic pubs, Catholic churches, etc, from the dangers that a united Ireland overspill of disgruntled Ulster unionists making their way to Scotland might represent, and who’ll pay for it?




    More fear, less smarts I see.



    Those nice English you talk off – taking Scotland’s resources and returning a pittance.



    Marlow – High Street



    Coatbridge – Main Street



    My dad was from Coatbridge, my children are from Marlow…



    … why should I care, South England is where the monies at;)



    Hail Hail

  14. the silent 50k shood be banned on

    £2.7 billion furlough money went to Scotland from nice English people, and that money hasn’t been distributed yet?




    Where is it?


    Why is Scottish media not inquiring as to its whereabouts?

  15. the silent 50k shood be banned on

    CHAIRBHOY on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 9:59 AM




    Not very “smart” to answer a load of questions, by asking another question, is it?


    Or is that an SNP thing?

  16. The desperation is palpable…



    Don’t fret so much



    The Great Glasgow Celtic are going to be in an encounter with the flying Jam Tarts, enjoy.



    Hail Hail

  17. Relax, take it easy…



    It’s match day, too much desperation.



    We’re the famous Glasgow Celtic and we’re going to win the Cup.



    Hail Hail

  18. Of course it’s not just the fuel that crude oil gives us.



    The boots our footballers wear tonight will be a by product of Oil. As will the device you show your vaccination passport and the cards you use to pay for pre post match entertainment.



    A long long way to go.

  19. An open question, to the wider community.



    I peruse several Celtic blogs and twitter accounts, and my span of interests often take me into history, ancestry, industrial history and other such stuff.



    I like to read The Shamrock articles, so informative.



    I like BRTH stuff for pure inventive prose and wordsmithing (probably not a word, susie d can you check it out)



    I dip in and out of Sentinal Celts, and some of the old team in there are still the same characters , which is nice.



    Hell, I even look into FF and Meedja



    I only actually post on here, no where else on the timternet.



    Can anyone help me , do you ever encounter these Celtic supporter haters, and Union lovers anywhere else on the celtic world ?



    not asking for a friend.





    Rogic and Bitton are good to go. Starfelt is back training HH




    Cardboardcsc – Cheers



    Timbhoy – Cheers



    D :)




    It won’t work with me mate, every, that is EVERY time I see one of your ‘monnikas’ I just scroll by, looking for the next Celtic-related post. That keeps me happy (plus knowing that all-of-you is/are wasting your time producing your crud).



    Works for me. COYBIG



    Ave Ave

  22. Surely if Dundee Utd cannot fulfill their games at their registered stadium its 3 points us?



    D :)

  23. Did you know that Boots the Chemist used to sell cigarettes.



    What was acceptable years ago has changed going into 2022.




  24. I am predicting a celtic win tonight, and a new blogger will appear with a right catchy moniker, ………




    och you know the rest.

  25. lionroars67 on 2nd December 2021 9:53 am



    Ernie needs to get out of bed he has work to do :-)



    the silent 50k shood be banned: Are you ok? The Celtic/Catholic hating and ethnic cleansing thing has been done to death on here it belongs to JHB, you’ll need another attack.


    Some of us care about the future of our children and grandchildren, continuing the same old sectarian shite will not build a future.


    Shove yer scare stories where the sun don’t shine.