No bids for Tierney and none wanted


Despite reports to the contrary, Celtic have not received a bid for Kieran Tierney and are not impressed by media attempts to unsettle the squad.  Kieran recently signed a six-year contract.  Celtic expect the player to be an integral part of team building over the next several years.  Having only just turned 21, they also expect his value to continue to appreciate.

Celtic do not have to sell and do not want to sell.  We are a well managed club with money available to fulfill strategic plans.  We have recruitment plans and budget in place for this summer; we are not planning to recruit a first choice left back or spend an unexpected windfall.  This attention is unwelcome and a distraction from Champions League preparations.

I also hear Kieran’s agent is relaxed with the player at Celtic and not agitating for a move.  I suspect Everton have let their trusted outlets know they are interested in the player, but it has not gone beyond that stage.

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  1. Saddened and disillusioned at the the thought that KT might be allowed to leave and might actually want to leave just now. If true then this to my mind will be a very heavy penny dropping which says that Celtic truly have no ambition outside Scotland and that the practical realities of asset management take precedence over any emotional investment by the fans. I think if KT were to leave in this transfer window, for whatever price, then this would truly scunner not just me but many, many Celtic Fans.



    Yours in Celtic,







  2. Does anyone believe any of these “double swoop” for Mcginn and Harry Wilson before UCL deadline stories?




    It doesn’t sound like Celtic to jump early (pre-season like Lewis Morgan aside) , it was HW to Rangers rumours a few days back, and I can’t see Hibs expediting a McGinn sale if they know we want him.




    I’m guessing it’s clickbait… but are we really in for HW at all?




    Did you actually read the post.



    Or does it not suit your KT is leaving agenda por cierto

  4. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Rumours of KT’s imminent departure aside, this transfer window feels all too familiarly depressing. Very little ambition shown so far in the transfer market with all kinds of excuses being pedaled: players unavailable at this time; players don’t want to come until qualification secured etc.



    We still lack replacements for Armstrong and Roberts (although we are working on McGinn) and have failed to strengthen central defence or the right back position.



    We have the funds, the manager and the nucleus of a good team. Why are we lacking ambition? Why are we failing to push on and build from a position of strength?

  5. The best left back in Europe



    He’s Celtic through and through



    Kieran Tierney… Kieran Tierney…



    KTF. ?

  6. Paul – “Celtic do not have to sell and do not want to sell” is obviously not the same as “won’t sell”. In your opinion, would Celtic turn down a 25-30 million offer for KT or any other player we have?


    I can’t see it, but would love to be wrong. Everything about the kid is what we love to see, outrageously gifted and Celtic daft.



    But money has a way of corrupting everyone and everything. Especially in the murky world of professional sport.

  7. Por Cierto @12:19pm



    I said IF TRUE… I not only want KT to stay, but want him to be a bedrock in a Celtic Team that CAN compete in Europe. KT is the best left-back at Celtic since Tommy Gemmel, but I want him to be supported by as many players of similar calibre as possible. Moussa Dembele springs to mind. I have no ‘KT is leaving Agenda’; my position is quite the opposite.



    Yours in Celtic,




  8. ‘I suspect Level5 have let their trusted outlets know Everton are interested in the player…..’



    Fixed that for you Paul.



    HH jamesgang

  9. Thums can’t handle the truth……………….apparently.




    in ither news…..



    the Huns have failed to secure a sell-out of the Dilapidated Victorian Toilet Block for the start of the scouse revolution against the might of Bury.

  10. The Star above The Crest on

    KT has said himself “I’ve just signed a 6 year deal and if that doesn’t say long term I don’t know what does” and he’s also said the speculation about Man Utd bidding for him, whilst flattering, didnt interest him. I would think BR would be dead against him leaving. Fingers crossed he’s a Celtic player for many a year ???

  11. If this is true, then its fantastic news Paul.


    Its the total opposite reveal from a well known fan, Richard McGinley who posts on E-tims who, like yourself, is very close to people and sources within the club.


    McGinley stated that the deal with Everton was already completed.


    How both yourself and him have such a different take on what is happening with KT is unclear.


    Something doesn’t add up.


    Did the board take cold feet because of how the fans would react knowing that we are playing the most important games of the season in the next few weeks?

  12. New away top joost arrived, no sponsor, short sleeves, absolute stoatir, NB have invested in an embroidery machine at last…?

  13. We are no weaker today than we were last season.



    Amstrong and roberts done nothing last season alongside another 10 players.



    Think its better to get the right think rather than anything




  14. What is the Stars on

    Whats all the fuss about Tierney,



    Tav is the best full back in Scotland and he has already stated that he wants to stay and play in the Champions League with Rangers..

  15. So. Paul, if you are correct, this talk of KT leaving is just talk. I really hope so. It ill behoves so called Celtic fans fuelling such rumours. Why do this with such important qualifiers only days away? I can understand the MSM; they have their Sevco agenda to promote. If so called Celtic fans are adding to the speculation for the sake of a few hundred extra clicks on their sites, well hell mend them.

  16. So is he staying or going ?



    Some serious egg on some seriously respected faces soon ?



    And a return of the old classic ‘can he play left back’ bantz…….

  17. 16 Roads


    It’s no just KT, all the flair players in scotland are targeted no matter who they play with, but esp at Celtic, imo it’s the main reason players are reluctant to come to scotland, player talk, agents talk, it will be well known across europe that you are more than likely to get a serious injury in scotland due to the cheats with the whistles.


    Problem is there doesn’t seem to be any apatite for change, the clubs are obviously quite happy that their players are maimed with no recourse, it’s a feckin disgrace imo.






    I hope you are right Paul, as ever time will tell.



  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The monkeys new away strip is orange after all,reprehensible but unsurprising

  19. kikinthenakas on

    KT going nowhere….his 6 year contract has a buy out clause that is no where near £25m quoted. KT wants to stay BR wants him to stay as does PL. KT moved to a new sports agency. Stellar sports are happy with his progress. KT is here for 10 in a row.





  20. The biggest weapon in the Hun armoury at present is to play their orange/Hun/anti fenian cards. No fenians in Ibrox, Orange strips.



    Like any bad poker player, when you’re playing poker with a bad hand all you can do is make the best of it, bluff a little, and when desperation sets in , bluff a lot.


    Then fold having blown half yer stack.

  21. McPhail Bhoy on

    Happy clapper or mine shafter? Not sure I belong in any camp apart from being a bhoy and being faithful through and through.


    In Brendan I trust…..

  22. IF SA is worth £7m after 2 good seasons at most and with a year left on his deal and 26, then KT must be worth £40m.



    Why have the buyout clause as low as £25m ?



    That doesn’t buy a first team regular starter now in the top half of the EPL.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hi all,



    In the real world ( caveat – differs significantly from fantasy ) a transfer is the result of a set of sequential steps.



    1. A bid is received


    2. Bid is accepted or rejected


    3. If bid accepted, player can talk to bidder


    4. If player agrees terms, player has medical


    5. If player passes medical the deal is done



    Paul – the 6th to 14th words in your article are clear and not at all subjective.



    Hail hail

  24. No bids….yet



    None wanted…unless we crash out of CL Qualifiers.



    Money talks Bhoys and Ghirls and, like it or not, we won’t turn down a bid of £30m+ for any player. This is not new and this is not unique to us..it just hurts a bit more when it’s ‘one of our own’.



    Brace yourself, it;s going to be a bumpy summer.

  25. Odsonne Edouard,


    Scott Bain,


    Jack Hendry


    Charly Musonda,


    Marvin Compper,


    Olivier Ntcham,


    Kundai Benyu,


    Jonny Hayes,


    Kouassi Eboue,


    Cristian Gamboa,


    Dorus de Vries,


    Scott Sinclair


    Kolo Toure,


    Moussa Dembele,



    Take the 2 French guys out and it doesnt make pleasant ready (SS season 1 excld).



    Its a very interesting window, the team BR inherited needs strengthen. His record in the market to date has been poor

  26. traditionalist88 on

    NOTTHEBUS on 4TH JULY 2018 1:45 PM



    Take the 2 French guys out and it doesnt make pleasant ready (SS season 1 excld).





    If you take 200 goals off Larsson he didnt score that many for us.



    Not sure why you’d want to do that though!




  27. KIKINTHENAKAS – as mentioned in previous thread, people with a good reputation for being well connected, just like Paul, have said in the past 24 hours that a KT deal is being done. This is not just being fed by click bait ads or the msm or Level 5 trying to unsettle an asset. If it was just paper talk, KT could kill it stone dead in two minutes via Twitter or whichever media he uses. “Here for the 10” would be enough to put the story to bed.


    Common sense suggests to me that something is going on in the background which may or may not come to fruition. As far as Sports Agents/Agencies go, sorry but I can’t see any agent advising a player to stay where he is rather than multiply his salary several times and move to a bigger/better league. He’s good enough to play there now, why would an agent encourage him to stay where he is? Especially when there are millions in commission at stake. The usual arguments are hard o counter – security for life for him and his family and a better stage to develop his career. The fact that he is one bad tackle away from being crocked in a league full of hammer throwers would also be weighing heavily on he mind of an agent managing a prize asset.


    We all want him to stay. He is our 2nd best player and our next captain in waiting. But money ruins everything most of the time, even the dreams of the most innocent.

  28. weebobbycollins on

    Goodness me! Re KT, some of you guys should get out and enjoy the weather…



  29. kikinthenakas on



    No doubt what you’re suggesting has merit but happy to take this off the blog. He’s going nowhere none of the parties involved want it to happen






  30. Celtic daft or not Celtic daft,85 ,000, pounds,is a lot better than 20,000, pounds,if he goes fine,but if he does,then this board, needs chased,as usual the fan’s pay up front,then get let down,loan Signings that’s your wack,as usual a lot of bloggers ,seem to care more about Sevco,Oronge,Strips,so what, would be nice if they emphasized on our Celtic Board for a change,

  31. Kentucky Bhoy on



    That point about the pages freezing happens with me too, using an IPad, so not sure if related to that, but although I don’t post much, if it’s a lot of text, I find it easier to type it into a Microsoft Word document and paste it into the comment, not sure if there is a setting that would help stop the the text and page from freezing




    K Bhoy

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