No complaints yet with Uefa over Ashley multi-ownership


Press stories yesterday that Newcastle United and newco Rangers would not be able to play in Uefa competitions in the same season have caused Mike Ashley considerable angst.  While it would appear few things are untenable for Ashley, having one of his clubs bow out of Europe to allow the other to compete is beyond what even he believes to be acceptable.

Newcastle issued a statement early today challenging the reports, which initially appeared in the Daily Telegraph, a newspaper Newcastle have banned from their premises.  The Telegraph reported that Uefa confirmed newco Rangers and Newcastle would be prevented from competing in Europe in the same season due to Article 3 of their competition regulations, which relate to multi-ownership.

I contacted Uefa this morning, who confirmed that the report in the Telegraph is incorrect; Uefa have made no such ruling.  However, this is because they have received no complaint and no investigation has taken place.  Uefa do not trawl looking for administrative breaches and will not investigate such matters unless asked to do so.  This issue, it appears, has not gone beyond the Uefa Media Office, and will only be passed to Compliance if a complaint is made.

I reckon Ashley will be comfortable dealing with the SFA, who he can delay and confuse until after newco’s next funding round, which will take place before Christmas, but he doesn’t want Uefa, or the FA in England, on his case, as either could jeopardise plans.

It’s incredible that months after Ashley bought into newco no one has complained to the one body who have the power to dissuade him.

The scenes outside Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday were predictable.  Craig Whyte stands accused by the court of public opinion of liquidating Rangers Football Club.  I know some of the bile directed towards him went well beyond what is acceptable, but you can’t liquidate a football club and not expect some push-back at the fringes.

The court of public opinion, isn’t making sense, though.  Rangers fans are angry at Craig Whyte, who, apparently, played hardball with the evil HMRC, then was cheated out of his rightful place in the Premier League by a combination of the SFA, the SPL, Celtic, the BBC and bigotry.

If it wasn’t for these dark forces, Craig would have used the [cough]perfectly legitimate business tactic of liquidation, to carry the same club through the crippling debt Sir David Murray had lumbered it with and back to its rightful place in Scottish football.

So if it’s all someone else’s fault, why are they so angry at Craig?  Genuine question.  He either released the club from Murray’s excesses, and was victimised, or he brazenly killed the club and tried to flog them a newco as though nothing had changed.

The only reason I can think they are angry at Craig is because our old pal Cognitive Dissonance is gnawing away in the background.  Whyte’s plan was to liquidate Rangers, present the SPL and SFA with a fait accompli midseason, and have the newco pick up the vacant league position the following week.

This was a horrible plan.  Rangers fans’ ‘No to liquidation’ campaign was correct.  Everyone else’s opposition to this aberration was also correct.

The fait accompli didn’t work.  The rest of Scottish football chose to step off the cliff into the unknown, although many Rangers fans quickly adopted Whyte’s – liquidation means nothing – logic, however they couldn’t bring themselves to accept the man himself.

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  1. “y-you came this close. It would KILL some men to get so close to their dream and not touch it. God, they’d consider it a tragedy. ”



    so close to a birthday first….a tragedy.



    FieldofDreams (that’s with an ‘e’) CSC

  2. Last post on previous page!



    Mike inToronto



    The Trashies have been my favourite band since I first heard them in 1990. ( my e-mail addy is the name of their 1st hit”!) I did the “Pledge Music” thingy for their new album too. They managed to get 100% of their target, so, hopefully, a new album in the New Year!




  3. mike in toronto on

    geordi munro



    They’ve got bigger things to worry about …like whether there will be a ‘The Rangers’ in Scotland next year, never mind in Europe.




  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Ask p67 to delete my post then you can have a wee birthday podium..

  5. mike in toronto on

    Johnny the tim



    Like you, I would say that the Sinatras are my favourite band ..Last time I saw them – for the last album, they did a set in a guy’s house in TO … about 40 of us… a brilliant show! had dinner with them, and chatted. In addition to being great musicians, they seemed like really nice lads.

  6. Paul 67


    Good leader; note the point that UEFA, don’t trawl the press, looking for breaches of articles. Good to know that the SFA follow their lead, or at least they do sometimes :-)





    On another note I’ve seen various press articles in the last few days where RD is saying ( and I paraphrase) he recognises he needs to be less idealistic,


    He also claimed to be a quick learner.


    Tomorrow will be a good judgement day as to whether he has actually taken on board the learning or is it simply more guff.


    Hertz will be well up for tomorrow, they will be fit, well organised and have a gameplan.


    Our job is very simple – score 1 goal, and stop them scoring.


    We don’t need to worry about pressing high up the pitch, expending lots of energy or any other tripe, we simply need to score a goal.

  7. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar


    Thanks for update on yer Bhoy troubles


    People like House & Mulholland should (IMHO) hang their heads in shame,





    Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopy birthday.







    Well done sir

  8. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Mike in toronto, happy birthday bruv.



    Sitting aboot in ma punders drinking beer watching abz v dundee. I love these weekends when mrs acgr goes shopping. Dishes are piling up and my ashtray needs emptied. Ach, tomorrow will be fine.

  9. mike in toronto on

    Johnny the Tim



    Saw Neil Clark (ex of the Commotions) a little while ago (in the shops… dont know him) and last time I was in Kitchener (my ex lives there), Normam Blake of Teenage Fanclub was behind me in the line at the coffee shop … my musical claims to fame.



    Leftclick … thanks. Missed the update from Mighty Tim….hope it went well for his son.

  10. mike in toronto .



    Trashcan Sinatras .



    Went to a wedding in Cambridge in 2008 . Wedding coincided with a Syd Barrett festival.Stag night coincided with a Syd Barrett relatedTrashcan Sinatras performance . It was mighty fine .



    If you like Raghu Dixit you might want to give Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan a try . Atheist heathen me once made the mistake of telling an Imam that I thought Nusrat was a great soul singer . Guy went ballistic. .

  11. Craigellachie10 on

    Good first half at Dundee. A lot of pace on both sides, and few deliver a dead ball better than Gary Harkins. Would have been nice to be able to bring him on as special team corner taker on Thursday :)

  12. Mike in Toronto



    I remember them advertising that in their newsletter. Would love to have been there. Last time I saw them, they came to see me in Castlemilk, and did a gig in the Community Centre! Was ruined by some drunk fud constantly shouting “Haw Frank, goony gies Safecracker”. Poor Frank, he had to oblige just to shut him up!




  13. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Clashcitybhoy said , “We don’t need to worry about pressing high up the pitch, expending lots of energy or any other tripe, we simply need to score a goal.”



    I know. It never ceases to surprise me how professional football managers at a very high level fail to understand the game as well as we amateurs do 0:-)




  14. mike in toronto on

    ACGR … cheers!



    Since the better half was working, I had a wild night last as well … I left the dishes in the sink… (it drives her nuts!) … AND THEY ARE STILL THERE!!!



    And I might even cook up a bacon sandwich!



    See… I can be crazy too! Maybe I can practice up a bit, and then reapply for moonhowler membership!

  15. mike in toronto on




    Years a, the family of a friend of mine (who is indian, and now a big mucky muck in the entertainment industry -) had a ‘little gathering’ … he sang at their house! Transcendent stuff.



    And they used to live a few doors up from Oscar Peterson, sometimes if you sat in their backyard, you could hear him play! As a then poor student, it was magical.

  16. mike in toronto. 12:55 on 29 November, 2014



    HH and Happy Birthday Mike!


    Will look out for you on the midnight shift!!


    KTF- Houston’s Green and White!!



  17. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    At East Kilbride shopping centre with the sharp suited Tosh McKinlay in Waterstones – come and say hello

  18. Hahaha.



    BBC1 Scotland sports dept. Live from Dens park, half time analysis.



    Sevco look strong in the cups this season and have a great chance against Killie. MacLeod is a great player and an international now.



    Celtic have played Hearts in the cup already this season (winning 3-0) but were lucky to get a result.



    They’re hurtin’ alright.



  19. Paul



    Well, we know liquidation does mean something i.e dead.



    So when posters talk of “when Sevco return/ come back/ renew old rivalries etc”, they’d be as well just calling them Rangers, as Sevco can’t return to the top tier of Scottish football, never having played there.


    Rangers,though, can, as long as you believe they’re the same club, of course, and you completely ignore Scots law.

  20. Afternoon Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.



    Even I know that you can’t buy a business with it’s own money, this is what I can’t get the head around re the purchase of the hun.



    You would have thought, that as the club was headline news all day long, the people involved would have had the savy to realise that what they were doing was a no no.



    Or…..it’s all part of the scam.



    As for the charges, in all honesty, you couldn’t make them up….so they did.




  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    was with wee hoopy last Thursday, he is looking forward to Houston with George…

  22. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    Tony Pulis on sky – I paraphrase – when you take over the management of a team the first thing to do is to win games – this takes the pressure off the manager – then you can gradually introduce the changes to the team / style of play.



    hope RD was listening in

  23. Craigellachie10 on

    cathedral view



    13:22 on 29 November, 2014



    Yes, they really are incorrigible. Stewart at least tries to tell it as it is normally. But the bigging up of McLeod was embarrassing. But no suggestion of English clubs sniffing around as there would be if it was any other clubs player. Can’t annoy Ally can they.

  24. Feldman?



    He’s a panto distraction for the hard-of-thinking hun,






    That he is solely to blame for the currant situation is as much of a lie as the currant


    Big Lie.




  25. Paul



    Now that the details of the League Cup semi-final venue etc are out, shouldn’t we be insisting that, if the SPFL is going to persist with portraying Sevco on their website as the same club, founded in 1872, and attributing all honours won by Rangers (1872-2012) to Sevco, as they will no doubt continue to do in all communications and advertising leading up to the game, they pay the £40,337 they owe us, or forfeit the tie?

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