No deal for Celtic and Roberts as both look elsewhere


After edging ever-closer to a deal for weeks, it looks certain Patrick Roberts will not be playing for Celtic next season. You are well-aware Celtic have been desperate to secure his permanent signing from Manchester City, but I have it on good authority that the club and player are now looking elsewhere.

Brendan Rodgers has both budget and ambition for the season ahead and Patrick was a big part of those plans, but the manager has now moved attention elsewhere (and I don’t mean to Aberdeen).

Patrick blossomed here, in particular during the second half of last season. He is an entertainer in the great Celtic tradition, but I have confidence in the manager to deliver what is required for the challenges ahead.

We wish Patrick all the best and thank him for a great 18 months.


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  1. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on




    Ah well, and I sent you the £5K loan you asked for as well!




  2. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH JUNE 2017 11:11 AM




    Jozo now the latest to get the leaving Celtic treatment in the rags. Half the bottom end of the EPL wanting him, £9m fee.








    Granted the tabloids have form for made up pish, but this could be coming from the player or his agent, in search of a new deal or a move. It could also be coming from Celtic. Jozo will almost certainly have 2 years remaining on his deal. Celtic generally don’t want to risk a player getting to the last year of his contract and potentially running it down. If he doesn’t sign a new deal this summer I’d expect him to be sold. That would be a huge blow.

  3. Roberts not coming is disappointing but not surprising. Most players that are coveted in other leagues view 2 years in Scotland as enough, he’s already done 18 months. The Champions league isn’t guaranteed and winning trophies here isn’t that highly regarded. Even if he wanted to come, if City can sell a 26 year old Aussie who’e never played for them for £10m then that would be the minimum starting point for a 20 year old Englishman. You have to be realistic. Hopefully he avoids the likes of Huddersfield as needs to be on a team that is on the front foot to showcase this talent. A move to somewhere like Nice would be a ideal for him. Better league, more relaxed place and a much better place to live. His next move is critical. I wish him all the best.

  4. Bloody Hell Paul, You nutmegged me there.


    Not only did your quick shuffle, consign me to “last Post” on old thread, your News made my post silly & redundant. Nothing new there, I suppose.

  5. Patrick it was a real pleasure to watch you play for Celtic, I wish you the very best for your next move, there’s always a seat by the fire for you in Glasgow!

  6. Paddy was never going to sign a deal, been saying so for long enough, Pedro won’t weigh in for him, quite rightly so imo, far too much for what we would get in return.


    We had him for 18 months, till we are playing with the big boys loans for the Paddy’s of this world is all we are gonna get.


    I trust Brendan will have known for some time that he wouldn’t be staying and will have acted accordingly.

  7. Melbourne Mick on




    Looks like he nutmegged the two of us, i’m so confused i’m talking


    to myself on the previous blog, never mind i’ll blame the malt.


    H.H Mick

  8. Melbourne Mick, Just Copy & Paste your stuff on to new blog. I can’t do that coz re signing Paddy was the cornerstone of what I was trying to say.

  9. Good luck Paddy.all options are yours when you have your skill.You served us well.





    I am looking for a link to the 5 min film shown at the dinner in Lisbon.it showed the ground filling up and different pics once on the park.



    Emdi help???




  10. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    REGGIE on 16TH JUNE 2017 2:24 PM



    Jozo has said he isn’t looking for a move and is ready to prepare for next season with Celtic.





  11. Melbourne Mick on




    As regards paste i’ve only ever used that on wallpaper and never again


    since i lost the rag and the princess ended up with the paper wrapped


    round her head but i hear you as regards Paddy, shame, but at my age


    i’ve learned a new hero always emerges.


    H.H Mick

  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    How to ruin the weekend in a few short paragraphs

  13. TIMHORTON on 15TH JUNE 2017 11:39 PM


    tontine tim



    fernie did not leave to pay for the lights.and when do you think they were installed.



    *as far as I was led tae believe it was either the Juggler or the Wee Barra or a combination of both that paid for the floodlights.



    They were officially turned on in a 0-2 loss to English champions Wolverhampton Wanderers on October 12th 1959 in a friendly. I know as I was at the game, it was my first time seeing our newest great hope Ian Lochhhead !!!!!



    Our team that night was: Fallon, MacKay, Mochan, Smith, Evans, Peacock, Chalmers, McVittie, Lochhead, Divers, and Auld. Not a bad team really, 5 Internationals, 2 soon to be and 1Scottish League cap and yet won nothing, poor poor management.

  14. Hmmmmm as they say



    Celtic looking elsewhere



    PAUL67 2+2 = 1967



    Is it Christian Ronaldo ?



    : > )



    If this was a zombie page someone would have worked out that 500,000 a week



    x 52 makes 2.6 million . {: > )

  15. SCULLYBHOY on 16TH JUNE 2017 12:07 AM


    TimJim on 15th June 2017 8:16 pm



    The ten countries with the most Catholics account for more than half of the world’s Catholics. According to the Vatican figures, they are Brazil (172.2 million), MEXICO (110.9), Philippines (83.6), USA (72.3), Italy (58.0), France (48.3), Colombia (45.3), Spain (43.3), Democratic Republic of Congo (43.2) and Argentina (40.8).




    Surely Ireland has to be the most Catholic country in the world.



    *There was a Cork born and bred priest in Dumbarton who was a regular visitor tae the ould stand who asked the congregation one morning in their honest opinion who were the best Catholics in the world.



    The answers were similar to the above, his response was no the best ones live in Scotland, those other countries are Catholic by nature but you had to fight for your religion and now have the right to practice it and have free schooling, not even his native country Ireland had that.


    All this paddy not signing stuff is simply a dead herring to lure the SMSM into a false sense of security until he comes back next month


    And that’s not a spelling mistake above


    Baldrick CSC

  17. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Afternoon Celts



    Well done to KT.


    Made that young fella’s day.




    This is what it means to be Celtic.


    Thats kids face is a picture of amazement at meeting his hero.




  18. There’s been a lot of noise on here suggesting this was a live option. When I spoke to Brian Quinn on the last day of the season he was very clear there was no chance of it happening. Seems he was well informed.




  19. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Good luck to Paddy at City. Hope he makes it. I reckon he will, too




    I don’t think it got anything to do with Pedro amigo, I think this one is down to the player, he had a choice another crack at the CL with us or off to a better standard league to ply his wares..



    Tough choice for a young Bhoy but I think he’s a player who knows what he wants to do, good luck to him..

  21. glendalystonsils on

    No disrespect to the world renowned footballing legend that is Huddersfield, but the very fact that they in a better financial position to pursue Paddy than we are, proves that the football world is upside down and inside out.



    Not that we didn’t know that already, but it just brings it home to you.



    We’re a celebrity, get us out of here!



    Ant&Dec CSC

  22. MELBOURNE MICK on 16TH JUNE 2017 2:02 PM


    Hello again all you young rebels.




    Big weekend coming up here in Oz and the winter weather is



    looking superb, a lovely sunny 16 degs predicted, perfect for



    soccer and our bhoys have a game against their nearest rivals



    and second top of the league so a win will send us clear.



    Hoping for a good crowd again as they get inspired at the sight



    of the hoops round the park.



    Hoping the wee mhan keeps up his scoring run 9 goals in 5



    games and considering he’s stepped up from 13’s to 15’s we



    thought it was a big leap but it’s working mainly because of the



    work rate and power of his big strike partner, bit like Sutty and



    Henke, well i can dream can’t i ?



    The team have adopted this pre match ritual which they do in



    the dressing room after the team and tactics talk which is a



    strange mixture of the Maori haka, the Zulu war chant and for



    the old-timers on here a Francie and Josie sashay across the



    Barrowland ballroom dance floor, now i don’t know about the



    opposition teams but it scares the poo out of me :-)) and of



    course we still have our huddle before kick off.



    Oz tims



    Just a wee reminder about our Celtic day on Sunday, be early



    at the Bay Hotel Mornington it’s going to be mobbed.



    H.H Mick

  23. StarryP


    At the end of the day Pedro will decide if the club can afford it, but I know what you are saying, we are not at the races when brit clubs are throwing money about like it’s going out of fashion, £ millions for unknown nobodies.


    Maybes if players like Paddy were better protected by the referees we would have a better chance of top quality loans, managers must see what is happening in scotland.


    It was good while it lasted.



  24. Just a bit of DIY for Melbourne Mick, he has better things to do out there rather than retyping posts, such as sun bathing or drinking Malt or both at the same time.

  25. Paddy may well very become a very rich young man but he will also possibly never win anything else in his career. The EPL has ruined football to a great extent, that and rich sugar daddies who are trying to show that “my wad is bigger than your wad.” Just look at Chelsea who have had 2 complete teams out on loan over the last couple of seasons. How can you compete with that?




    I think BR will bring in more quality, I’m personally sad to see Paddy go but I trust Brendan to make us feel better about it before the end of window!



    I usually dread the CL qualis but this year I’m quietly confident..




  27. JC2 on 16TH JUNE 2017 3:05 PM


    Hmmmmm as they say


    Celtic looking elsewhere


    PAUL67 2+2 = 1967


    Is it Christian Ronaldo ?




    Tax avoidance is positively encouraged within Scottish football so who knows??? ;-)

  28. Starry


    It would be handy if we had an incling how much Brendan had at his disposal, otherwise it’s howling at the moon and some will get their knickers in a twist cos we don’t sign so and so.


    If Brendan sees Jonny Hayes as a replacement for Paddy who am I to argue with him, some seem to forget that Paddy wasn’t always first choice, he had his downs as well as his ups.


    As for the CL, I agree, the team are just that, a team and qualifying should be so much easier than last season.


    Brendan will fit the right pieces into the puzzle.


    Aff oot to the shops, it really won’t be a pleasure, well over 40 deg, the heatwave is taking it’s toll.



  29. hi bhoys help wanted just been given a bottle of jack daniels as a gift is it any good never tasted it. what would you use as a mixer.

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