No excuses


It’s unfortunate that our next opponents had a clear midweek while we played on Tuesday, but we’re not ones for excuses around here.  We have the strongest squad in the country and should have more than enough in the tank to get through our next two games.

Cameron Carter-Vickers’ fitness well be a concern for Brendan Rodgers. The central defender has nursed a hamstring injury since August; never quite fully fit and often unable to sprint. We can lament the lack of development we’ve achieved with our central defenders at a later date.

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  1. Yes, you feel we have few big game players at present, CCV is certainly one of them.



    There is an unpredictability about Saturday’s game but one thing is for sure.



    Brendan Rodgers has an unassailable record against the Iboxians and will be wanting to keep it.



    To think we had Starfelt and Mercedes this time last year.



    Maybe not the greatest Centre Halves we’ve ever had but certainly hard, experienced defenders who are sorely missed.



    Hail Hail



    Hail Hail

  2. No excuses – lack of development = if we don’t win, blame BR.



    Tiresome, and wrong.



    I trust come Monday I’ll be reading lavish praise being heaped on our gaffer for orchestrating yet another Glasgow derby win. I won’t hold my breath on the praise but we will win because that’s what Rodgers does.

  3. Hi Paul67,



    “We can lament the lack of development we’ve achieved with our central defenders at a later date.”



    Think the jury is out on our Centre Half management in the last few seasons.



    We have fourteen Central Defenders on our books, half are in the current first teM squad.



    The development of Liam Scales and to a lesser extent Stephen Welsh suggests we are capable of getting the best out of committed Centre Backs.



    Haul Hail

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    With due respect Paul, I’m beginning to get the impression you wouldn’t mind if BR fails.

  5. Chairboy



    Yes. Winning a CL group stage match with Scales and Welsh as CBs points to development imo.



    The constant sniping at Rodgers, even on the brink of a possible season defining game is hard to fathom.

  6. AN DÚN @ 1:02 PM,



    Yes, it is a headscratcher for sure.



    Rodgers getting set up for the scapegoat already.



    Can’t think of a more important Glasgow Derby in recent history and many are just sharpening their knives.



    Shades of January 2019, how did that work out for us!?



    Hail Hail

  7. JOCKODEE on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 1:04 PM



    A late entrant for the “ arsehole of the year award”

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    You would certainly want CCV in the team but I don’t have any major concerns about Welsh, as long as he can hold his position and not let himself get beyond the ball.


    Six points to play for – let’s get all six. No point in winning the first game and then losing the next one.

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    I think the best solution is get Liel fit and playing in our first team.



    The man’s religion, politics or nationality make no difference to whether a man is able to play for Celtic.


    Only factors are his ability and desire to play for the club.

  10. Dont answer that idiot.The Spurs comment,totally racist,re,Abada.



    Shankland does not have poor ball control.No one scores the amount of goals he has in his career,with poor ball control.He is a predator,great at what he does.

  11. JOCKODEE @ 1:48 PM,



    “Him being Jewish is not the problem!”



    Is that right?



    So you would be making the same point if it was Beram Kayal would you?



    As AIPPLE says – A club open to all.



    Hail Hail

  12. Superbru Round 20 Update



    With only 4 out of 6 matches being played and no home team winning (Livi managed a draw in hte worst game of pro football I have seen for a while- Derek Adams will be emboldened to talk up the chances of Morecambe FC beating a Best of the SPFL 11 again), a few unexpected punters came to the fore this week. Our Top 3 were:-



    1. ACGR- 7.5 points


    2. TheLurkinTim (Steward’s Enquiry surely) – 7 pts


    3= Gutenberg, fess19, Bada Bing & nawlite- all on 6 points



    The more orthodox punters getting it wrong included Ayrshire Tim, hairlikespaghetti, Garry Postecoglou, snapper1969 & fitbabhoy- all on 1 point, but the computer awarded the weekly wooden spoon to Mr. Postecoglou.



    With one set of 5 matches due to be played before we award our first prizes, this leaves the overall race as:-



    1. Billy Bhoy – 117.5 points


    2. BC MIlan- 116.5 pts


    3. Leggy- 114 pts



    Our wooden spoon early leader will come from:-



    Friesdorfer- 59 pts


    Wee McCaff- 60 pts


    Cosy Corner Bhoy- 65 pts



    Now to the more important information. We have received 3 nominations as deserving recipients for the initial £361 we have raised so far and I have set up a poll on the Quick News Quinta Sentinels site to test out 4 options as follows



    1. Donate all the money to Kirkbryde Hospice


    2. Donate all the money to Neuroblastoma Stage 4 GoFundMe


    3. Donate all the money to Strathcarron Hospice


    4. Split the money equally between the above 3



    Everyone who has contributed to Superbru this year can vote on this on the QNQS Superbru site as follows:-



    1. Go to QNQS Superbru


    2. Click on the banter section- the 4th option after Leaderboard, Matches and Banter to the right of the picture of my 3 uncles wearing jaunty hats.


    3. In the banter section you will see my post on the options and a link to each of the first 3 for you to check out.


    4. At the bottom of my post is a Comment button. Press this and type your Superbru name and put next to it the number of the option you prefer I.e. 1, 2, 3 OR 4.


    5. The poll will remain open until 5th January to catch anyone who is on winter holiday, but if a clear winner emerges earlier, I will announce earlier.



    Apologies that the poll is not more professional but I tried downloading some commercial polls but totally screwed up as I am an incompetent eejit, it seems.



    Anyway get your last of the year predictions in by 12.30 pm on the 30th. I will announce first half winners on the 31st, after I sober up from our fine win. And get your vote on the charity donation in as early as you can before 5th January and I will announce the recipient(s) of your money as soon as I can.



    May I take this opportunity to thank all the contributors and, despite what I may have said in the past, you are pretty good people to be sharing cyber space with.

  13. He is the worst striker I have ever seen in the PL.Useless.Wolves got stung for £35 million,on the evidence of hype and a few games.This is not because they signed him,I said the same last week when we were being mentioned.A small loan fee,and the stupids pay his wages.OOFT !!!!.That will be cheap.

  14. On this site in August 2018 I wrote that I thought Lawwell was trying to get rid of Brendan. Six months later he was gone.


    I think he wants rid of him again. Lawwell wants to surround himself with yes men.


    Desmond White wrote the playbook on how to get rid of popular and successful players and managers. Don’t pay them. Don’t back them. And when they leave then they are the villains.


    Don’t be surprised if sevco outspend us in January. O’Riley sold and bring in loan players to cover for our Asian players off to the Asian Cup.


    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Something we excel at. We’ve had plenty of practice.

  15. The Huns do love some bling in January



    £35m Diallo


    £400k a week Ramsey


    Now £35m Silva



    We are doomed

  16. LEFTCLICKTIC on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 12:06 PM







    Good to see you posting B






    Appreciate that lefty. Hope you and the family are well pal ❤️🤗



    If Abada regains full fitness it wouldn’t surprise me if he played up front through the middle (short term).

  17. WESTCRAIGS on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 3:48 PM



    “Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Something we excel at. We’ve had plenty of practice.”



    Have we?

  18. CHAIRBHOY on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 10:21 AM


    Bada Bing…



    With all due respect to Broony, if Harry Kewell goes we need a first teir coach to come in, maybe as joint assistant manager level. We are a grossly underprepared side, it is obvious. Ange did fine with the players he brought in yet had little time for the full squad or the junior side. The quality of our overall squad and B team is testament to that. Maybe Broony in for a development/academy type role?



    *amidst all the scheidt about how poor our signings are I believe the manager gives the board a list pf positions he wants filled, they research to who is available and the cost tae as well as age etc and then give it back to him to make the FINAL selection, now I know BR has admitted he was happy with our signings but mibbees just mibbees he wisnae wantin tae criticise an “icon” he was just replacing.



    As for signing “duds” who are internationalists and poty in their own countries don’t forget Raphael was an international and how many eastern European and Scandinavian players have we let go in recent years, the Henrik Larssons and Lubos are now few and far between and well out of our reach, and we only got them due to the managers we had at the time.

  19. Bun’s new signing (not yet officially announced)


    Fábio Silva –







    12 games 1 goal





    Wolverhampton Wanderers


    £35M transfer ??? Given number 9


    61 games 4 goals





    Anderlecht (loan)


    20 games 7 goals





    PSV (loan)


    14 games 4 goals



    Should we be quaking in our boots?


    107 senior games and 16 goals….



  20. FLOATIN’ on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 4:05 PM



    They’re losing Sima and Dessers to the Afcon, Danilo and Roofe are long term injured



    I might be wrong but having seen him a bit for Wolves I don’t think he’s the man to spearhead the Sevco attack.

  21. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Silvia’s record looks mediocre, but presumably big clubs see something in him given his CV. It certainly suggests FFP is a dead duck – quelle surprise in the crooked world of football.



    I will reserve judgement on respective January recruitment, but again the huns ar4 going for it. Let’s see what we do and when.

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Might even be as bad as that “dud” keeper they signed in the summer…..


    Anyway, much more interested in who Celtic sign (if anyone!).

  23. Wolves signed a promising 18 year old for £35m, he hasn’t fulfilled any of that promise.



    He’s very lightweight has no physical presence and is easily knocked off the ball.

  24. 67 European Cup Winners on

    We can argue about the Hun choice of footballer


    But we cannot ignore they are going to have a go



    So can we forget all this they are skint and we are rich and we will dominate for years rubbish



    We have a fight on our hands and we better support our manager in January




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