No excuses


It’s unfortunate that our next opponents had a clear midweek while we played on Tuesday, but we’re not ones for excuses around here.  We have the strongest squad in the country and should have more than enough in the tank to get through our next two games.

Cameron Carter-Vickers’ fitness well be a concern for Brendan Rodgers. The central defender has nursed a hamstring injury since August; never quite fully fit and often unable to sprint. We can lament the lack of development we’ve achieved with our central defenders at a later date.

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  1. BR has always admitted that unlike his family he was a Sheffield Wednesday supporter growin up as his cousin, nigel worthington 12 years his senior, played for them, when he joined us his family were overjoyed but also rather urinated off when he left.



    But like many former Celts he has realised on leaving hw big we really are and has stated this on his return so he, like all other Celts, will always get my backing.

  2. CELTIC40ME @ 6:40 PM,



    “If you can find evidence of what you’re claiming I’ll hold my hands up but I’m pretty sure you wont



    Obviously not going to trail CQN – a quick perusal of one lead article…



    CELTIC40ME on 19TH JUNE 2023 12:21 PM



    It’s not bitterness, some of us have longer memories than others and can appreciate the risks that appointing Rodgers brings.



    CELTIC40ME on 19TH JUNE 2023 12:19 PM



    “ If Brendan is not an evangelical convert to this doctrine, I anticipate trouble ahead.”



    Very few seem to appreciate it but there it is, a huge “if” and a massive strategic gamble.






    Must be my comprehension as well as my memory.



    No worries though, great you can get behind the manager even of he wasn’t your choice.



    Hail Hail

  3. !!BADA BING!! @ 6:31 PM



    “CHAIRBHOY- we are going into the bad old days again, Ange and Nicholson, McKay looked like a fresh start,signing guys early (good or bad),looked like forward planning for the CL……now we have a Chief Scout with zero experience, but his surname matters, and Lawwell back as ‘Chairman on a paltry salary ‘, negotiating with CCV ‘s agent…..meanwhile Dermot Desmond will be playing golf in Bermuda, and couldn’t name 2 current players, this could end very badly for all



    Yes, you are right, it currently has the look of ending up badly.



    We thought we had turned a corner with a new Manager and a new CEO, it felt that way, it looked that way.



    Can’t believe we are entering 2024, with the look of the way we entered 2021.



    Reminds me of this adage…



    Be careful who you let on your ship, because some people will sink the whole ship just because they can’t be the captain.



    Hail Hail

  4. BURNLEY78 on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 5:13 PM



    18 Yard Man


    The competition is in Qatar over 4 weeks and is definitely under 23.


    The media seem to have either not done homework or sought to inject further false fear and negativity into the Celtic fans. As they do.




    Thanks for your reply. Wikipedia (I know…) mention two upcoming tournaments, one in Jan-Feb and one in Apr-May, with the latter being the U23 one.








    With football being an increasingly global game, it’s maybe time that FIFA harmonised their calendar to make sure all confederations hold their tournaments at the same time?



  5. 18 yard man



    Thanks for clarifying. I had understood the under 23 was in Qatar in Jan / Feb. Pity as I fancied going to few ties as I am in Oman and Dubai for a few weeks.



    It means we are back to hoping we only lose Maeda really. With the recent injuries I doubt Hatate or Tomoki would be called up. So it’s really all about Kyogo. On current form it would be a long shot if they picked him ahead of other candidates.



    Apologies for misunderstanding that the 2023 competition (as this is) was actually being played in 2024.

  6. CHAIRBHOY on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 6:51 PM



    Neither of those quotes suggest apoplexy. I had my reservations about Brendan and I gave rational and measured reasons for them before his appointment but as soon as the Board decided that he was the best man for the job he had my full support.



    After the official annoucement:



    “CELTIC40ME on 19TH JUNE 2023 12:37 PM


    Absolutely right. Now it’s done it should all be about everyone working together for what’s best for Celtic.” I include myself in that

  7. CELTIC40ME @ 7:18 PM,



    Fair do-s, Celtic can ill-afford infighting, we’ll need to get behind the team.



    By early February we’ll know exactly where we are, hopefully in a much happier place.



    Hail Hail

  8. Snatching defeat from the Jaws of victory.


    A few examples.


    Jock stein in the early 70’s. One of the best teams in europe. Sell your best players. Jock Wallace won 2 trebles. Big jock is fired.


    Billy McNeil won 3 titles in 5 years. Should have won 5. Don’t back him and sell Charlie. Billy walks.


    Davie Hay wanted Joe Mclaughlin and Pat Nevin. Souness wins the league and Davie is fired.


    Wim jansen stops the rangers 10 in a row. Fergus tells him his budget for the next season is £2m. Wim walks.


    MON wins 3 out of 5. Loses 1 by 1goal and 1 by 1 point. He now has to deal with Peter. Neil walks.


    Gordon wins 3 in a row. Going for 4. Wants to sign Steven fletcher. He gets willow flood. Gordon walks.


    Neil lennon wins 3 in a row and has the rug pulled from under him by Peter. Neil walks.


    3 celtic managers who won 3 titles each walk away. They choose unemployment rather than work for Peter.


    Ronny is fired after 2 years and we bring in Brendan. Going for 3 trebles in a row. Wants to sign John McGinn. Gets Mulumbu. Brendan is chased. Peter wants yes men.


    His last season in charge was a disaster.


    Last season we won the treble. Fantastic financial results. Peter returns and we may win nothing this season.


    Snatching defeat from the Jaws of victory.

  9. CHAIRBHOY on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 7:25 PM



    If this carry on continues CQN will never be a happy place. I’m not sure thats what you’re really after.

  10. CELTIC40ME @ 7:49 PM,



    Once again – agreed,



    It’s the lead articles that set the tone though



    Is it the twentieth anniversary of CQN next year? I think it may well be.



    Hopefully we can celebrate some major milestones and the great memories and contributors this site has created.



    Hail Hail

  11. Rangers sign a player of the sort we would when they were abusing the system, as a 5 month ‘Hail Mary’ and suddenly this place goes mad with crazy revisionism.



    Bellamy Robbie Keane Lumberg Diallo Ramsay etc


    All these had in common were big pay cheques and having zero impact on winning leagues.



    Implications that Lawwell created the policy of not signing players for MON ! And then other suggestions that there is a Scottish cabal running the club and not Dermott. That the COO at that time and not the shareholders demanded a strategy that would not lead to a 4th funding need in 9 years since Fergus saved the club.



    Of course the cause and effect of Celtic running their business properly following MON’s departure. Ultimately led to rangers demise due to their recklessness and our pragmatic approach.



    MONs trophy haul of 7 or 8 trophies out of 15 from a team including Henrick Lubo Sutton Hartson Lennon and Lambert was fantastic for us all. Gordon’s achievements of a similar magnitude in his 4 years with 3 league wins and 2 last 16 CL qualifications as well as Scottish cup and league cup successes. Despite continued cheating and over reaching by our rivals Celtic plotting a pragmatic course which led to the other lots demise.



    Gordon Strachan, Neil Lennon by his pragmatic approach (working within our means and seeing the glass ceiling) and Walter Smith (by his ego) forced Murray to spend spend to fight for their dominance for 3 seasons but Neil ultimately was their undoing and leaving us in sound health but with a huge hole looming in terms of competition and domestic challenge. Ultimately it was the bank which did for them but our own good governance from the shareholders which enabled Celtic to maximise its domestic trophy haul since and to maintain a position of dominance for 6 out of 7 seasons since the govan lots return. 17 trophies out of 22 won by Celtic supports this. 3 of those in a crazy season for the world in lockdown. 2 of which were won by St Johnstone.



    I get folk have agendas and want to see the negative. I get there are hunterlopers on the wind up and I get that rangers signing another wonder signing with potential for ridiculous wage bills spooks us. It will come home to roost for them also. They are at the casino with a couple of bets on red coming up and they have just put a letter stake on a bet with bigger odds but it is on borrowed money. That is for sure. Having met the latest doner clown ‘fanboy’ for a few beers at Rusacks at the Dunhill I am even more confident that their model (ahem) is no more sustainable than the last one. Of course no one knows this as their accounts are so opaque that no one can know.



    If OUR signing policy was so bad as intimated by some on here, over the course and distance, then I doubt the levels of success would have been achieved post that lots return. I also doubt the Celtic business would be as transparently solvent.






    Butland is a different type of signing. It remains a to be seen if he is a success but after 6 more than I would say his impact is different to Joe Harts but of a similar magnitude. Joe was an excellent vice captain while Cal learned the job and he was a solid keeper that first season. Butland has been a good keeper so far and organises his defence fairly well which Joe does less of.



    I understand the furore as Celtic folk dance to the MSM and rangers PR tune about a 5 month loan signing of an unproven striker and turn their anger on a bogey man or a bogey board or whatever just because it’s what the media want to see.



    I don’t actually understand why Peter Lawwell can be bothered with it all tbh. As chair he gets little financial reward and a load of grief. He would be better to have enjoyed a break and continued to ‘guide’ unofficially as he did with Ange etc and let someone else step in as chair.



    As for Brendan and his game playing. Well we have him for 4 years so hopefully he can walk the talk. I would love to think he could unify the club and do have respect for him on many levels. He is missing his own people. Chris D and Jack N are 2 who supported him. There are no direct replacements at their level IMO. The latter partly explains the injuries the former explains some of the lack of cohesion between players and manager. I hope he fixes this at the window.

  12. Westcraigs


    That is impossible to argue with and exactly my thoughts.


    Watching Brighton v Spurs. Brighton just don’t do a lot of sideways and backward pointless possession. Should be 4 up. Low possession numbers, holding on to the ball not always an effective strategy.

  13. “MARSPAPA on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 5:09 PM


    We should concentrate on our own failings



    Well, many posters on CQN certainly do just that.

  14. BURNLEY78 @ 8:14 PM,



    You are making some very poignant points, the policy was debatable as stated, we couldn’t go on in the same vain.



    Yet who did MO’N buy after PL became CEO



    Yes, he was almost certainly following instructions from the hiheidyins that didn’t want to take Martin on themselves.



    However, is it still the right strategy after twenty years?



    The evidence says no…



    Hail Hail

  15. who would have thought we would be going into the Glasgow derby with welsh and scales other than Lagerbielke and Nawrocki , both whom BR had the final say on wether they signed or not, now for both to be deemed not good enough at Lennoxtown , strange.

  16. HOT SMOKED on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 8:27 PM


    “MARSPAPA on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 5:09 PM





    We should concentrate on our own failings







    Well, many posters on CQN certainly do just that.




    J…. Funny enough, I expected you to comment on that post 🤣

  17. Well alright, for what it’s worth, I think Paul67 is right to be more than a wee bit circumspect as regards Brendan Rodgers. As things started to unravel in the League, our Manager developed a tendency to second guess his squad of players and worse began to undermine them with loose talk of “quality” and “personalities” not to mention an apparent determination to avoid giving our two newest centre backs, any time on the pitch and even less on the bench. Now he may well be correct in his opinion on both, while we, the supporters, have nothing to form any kind of opinion. As was pointed out the other night not many could have foreseen Scales and Welsh as our go to guys, and even as a fan of both would have bet good money they would have been playing elsewhere this season, but more luck than design they are stiil available. Brendan is in 1974-75 and 2004-2005 territory here and remember Tom Waits for no man….

  18. Actually meant to include 2008-09 in there but will leave 2004-05 there as well in that alongside 1974-75, (which Tontine Tim has addressed on here before) in that at mid-season it is all to play for and we are in a decent position from which to push on. Forty five points from the first half of the season, replicate would give us ninety points just about enough for three in a row, improve on it and the League flag will be flying once again.

  19. Since the process at Celtic for scouting, identifying and signing of players is opaque to most fans that will always generate confusion and a lack of faith in the process. I’m totally frustrated with the way the football side of the club is being run. If, and it’s a big if, we sign anyone this window they had better be ready for the first team. BR always seems to take ages to get signings into the first team. So pretty straightforward for me, sign first team standard players that are better than those they’ll be replacing or just don’t bother at all.

  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    If Celtic had done the deal the huns have on Silva I would’ve been raging. Money down the drain. Just a huge gamble on him bringing in the ECL money. I don’t know how good he is, but the huns will beat other teams in the league with or without him and at most he’ll play two games against us. So questions there about probable return on investment. Short-termism in the extreme.



    My worry is that we go too far the other way, bringing in talented boys who will be good in a couple of years but very in and out this season when there is a league to be won. Paper talk I know, but the suggestion we’re bringing in another couple of young, inexperienced lads from Korea/Japan suggests we are doubling down on our own gamble from the start of the season. Uninspiring and unnecessary.

  21. No punts or maybes. Get it right this time.


    I’d rather have one good player into the first team than another 4 mouths to feed at Lennoxtown.

  22. I would love a wee bit of clarity as to why a guy who was loaned out by wolves and failed to have impact, never mind win leagues, in Belgium and Holland on loans there to top clubs, is now being offloaded again to rangers ?



    Maybe we can trump this should the Jota rumour prove correct. A guy who has been over the course and distance and really is a winner.

  23. Latchford



    Really good points.



    He will impact on 2 or 3 games. Maybe 1 or 2 in Europe and that’s likely to be that. If he is as Ramsay or Diallo maybe not even that.



    He will also never have had much experience against the 2 banks of 5 which rangers and Celtic play against each week either.

  24. Timmy7



    Part of Celtics problem is transparency vs Rangers entire financials shrouded in opaque mystery.



    We do seem go to lengths to explain and justify. They just blunder along appearing to piss the next idiot fanboys cash away whilst mortgaging their future further. No wonder the lying king is livid. Although he took them off the market to begin with.

  25. B78, so if we are trying hard to be transparent can you explain why we have at least 8 signings we are paying good money for that the manager will have nowhere near the fist team?


    I’m way more interested in that that the financial goings on at the huns.

  26. Timmy 7



    We signed Legia Warsaw’s prime asset this summer. The Legia fans sites at the time endorsed this. The guy is an NT squad player for a country ranked above us.



    Legia Warsaw beat Aston Villa in the Europa C this year and so are not that bad a side.



    That prime asset cannot get a game with us. Sometimes it doesn’t work out but on paper it seemed like we were making a good call in signing this guy.



    There was no indication Starfelt was going until his girl left. It then left us with another defensive gap. We signed a guy who should have provided further cover in this position on top of Narowski. An NT player with potential. Additional cover. It seems neither has the potential both our club and others saw in them.



    I keep hearing about our head of recruitment being accountable but I never ever seem to hear anyone even suggesting a name of an experienced player who would come to play in our country. We had the Irish lad from Brighton who was rated well ahead of Goldson, he was far from a cheap loan option and yet he flopped with us. This is not an easy task for anyone.



    I would love to know who is on our managers shopping list who would come here.

  27. It has been a testing 21 Century for CQN



    Scottish League Titles – Celtic 16, Old Rangers 5, New Rangers 1…



    Scottish Cup – Celtic 10, Old Rangers 4, Hearts 2, St Johnstone 2, Dundee United 1, Hibs 1, Inverness 1, New Rangers 0.



    Scottish League Cup – Celtic 9, Old Rangers 6, St Mirren 1, Aberdeen 1, Livingston 1, St Johnstone 1, Hibs 1, Kilmarnock 1, Ross County 1, New Rangers 0.



    Who can we blame for this abject failure on and off the park, wailly wailly.



    The only thing we have going for us is our champions league sense of entitlement.



    Looking forward to beating the buns on Saturday.Hail Hail.

  28. Tommy 7



    Remember we can only play 11 players at one time and so 8 new signings joining a treble winning squad of about 22 where 3 have left means at the most 3 of 8 were likely to be in the first team

  29. B78 thanks for response. You reply is only further confirmation to me that the football side of the business is very badly run. In addition both examples you use confirm that there is no strategy and even less accountability at board level.


    I couldn’t give a proverbial about the latest hun loan signing.


    In my opinion two of the biggest wastes of money in recent times have been Duffy and McCarthy but no one I know has any idea why either were signed or who was responsible for them.

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