No excuses


It’s unfortunate that our next opponents had a clear midweek while we played on Tuesday, but we’re not ones for excuses around here.  We have the strongest squad in the country and should have more than enough in the tank to get through our next two games.

Cameron Carter-Vickers’ fitness well be a concern for Brendan Rodgers. The central defender has nursed a hamstring injury since August; never quite fully fit and often unable to sprint. We can lament the lack of development we’ve achieved with our central defenders at a later date.

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  1. If stories about another South Korean, midfielder Jeong Ho-Yeon, joining us is more than click-bait rubbish, then Mark Lawwell had better be 100% certain he is first team ready. Another project is the last thing we need.

  2. How’s about some positive vibes on the eve on the Derby Paul.



    Hail Hail the Celts are here I am very much up for it and looking forward to joining 60 thousand at noon tomorrow in Paradise

  3. Good morning all from a 4 degrees and chilly but dry at the moment Garngad.



    Let’s get behind the whole team tomorrow the power of positive thought in awe that.



    Put our differences aside as there is nothing better than 60,000 Tim’s cheering on the HOOPS .






    Now I am off to some restaurant on byres road tonight with my boy,


    his girl and parents and Mrs d66 just said I need some gold jewelry to match my outfit, ffs I spent a fortune on Silver for her a t Christmas……women n agggghhhhh

  4. It would be nice if one day, with all their experience, John McGinn and Kieran Tierney came home, both have said they want to…



    Aston Villa star John McGinn admits he had his “heart set” on joining Celtic in the summer of 2018.



    The Hoops were close to doing a deal for the Scotland international, but the move ultimately collapsed when they couldn’t agree a fee with Hibs .



    McGinn moved to Villa instead in a £2.7million deal and is currently starring in the Premier League.



    Celtic may have regrets about not getting the deal over the line but so does the man himself.



    Speaking about the transfer saga of that summer, McGinn told BT Sport’s Scottish Football Extra: “It was awful. That summer was extremely tough for me, especially as it was such an important time for Hibs.



    “I think Celtic had a few offers at the time and openly I had my heart set on it. I’d spoken to everyone at Hibs including Neil Lennon , who ironically is now the Celtic manager.



    “I’m wrapped in a Celtic bubble up the road. A lot of my family are Celtic fans and all my friends go and follow them home and away. At the time it was so tough. Every day I was getting the questions and even I didn’t know what was going on.”



    Though he’s currently pulling up trees in the English top flight, McGinn hasn’t ruled out turning out for Celtic one day.



    He added: “You never say never in football.



    “When you’ve got that instilled in you it never really does leave you. Obviously the circumstances mean that I’m now an Aston Villa player but I’ll just take each year as it comes and if it does happen down the line then who knows.”





    Don’t ~Believe~The~Hype



    Hail Hail




    You know, being a sound, dyed in the wool positive Tim is all I’m about.



    Having a good bhoy slandered to keep the fat cats on Easy Street is a step too far though…



    Have a great day, Hope I’ll surprise you one day in ’24 and have a sup at a Glasgow hostelry!!



    Hail Hail

  6. bigrailroadblues on

    Chairbhoy 9.02


    2 points old chap


    1. I’m certain you never took my post seriously.


    2. You can have a beer with me anytime.


    Hail Hail.

  7. Chairboy KT probably past his best but can still command a decent salary in the EPL. If we could afford McGinns salary he would be worth a move. We miss Mooy in the midfield. Need an enforcer there for SPFL and CL.










    The treatment KT got as a bhoy in the SPL was brutal, a disgrace to our “sport”.



    He is quality though and hopefully he get his fitness up to a decent level



    Hopefully the new format UCL/ECL will allow us to pay half decent salaries to a few quality players.



    Hooe your family enjoyed their time in Glasgow.



    Hail Hail

  9. Without sounding like the grinch, how often have we heard players wanting to turn out for the hoops.


    Usually at the twilight of their careers when they are finished.



    ” If they can’t come at their peak, then I don’t want them”




  10. Two lazy journalists slagging Celtic and BR. ” It’s because I’m green, isn’t it ” The Grinch.

  11. Celtic offered the same money,transfer wise for Mc Ginn before Villa were even on the scene only ones interested,and the Hibs masonic chairman,went apeshit saying,” Its £4 million,to you.Neil Lennon,at that time agreed.No slander against Mc Ginn,he went to Villa for double the wages,who would’ not,but please,no more of the bleeding hearts,re- writing history.Some quite prone to it.

  12. BRRB,






    ” I could use a little social interaction ” The Grinch.



    Mr Mod et al, How about opening the welcoming green carpet to all our former posters for 2024 ( or before ). . So we can all celebrate the win on Dec 30th.




  13. AN TEARMANN on 29TH DECEMBER 2023 12:30 AM


    418 pash



    You stick to yir white racist pash,hillbilly


    And yir white only wurkuz party.


    Deliverance banjo player.



    Confused so ye are



    AT I doubt very much he is in any way confused, sad to say.



    Ave Ave Big Mhan!

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    What Greenpinata said at 9.58.


    Blog is poorer without St Stivs, Pete and auld grumpy Tam McLaughlin.

  15. bigrailroadblues on

    Scullybhoy can’t take the burden of Celtic historian on his own. We need more lads like him and St Stivs.

  16. TURKEYBHOY on 28TH DECEMBER 2023 11:34 PM



    See some still on calling Shankland a Hun.



    I have posted before,maybe some did not read,did and forgot,or too thick to take it in.



    A bit like that other Hun,Calum Mc Gregor.



    Kenny Dalgleish



    Danny Mc Grain



    Willie Wallace. Bertie Peacock.



    Those kind of Huns.





    I’m that kind of hun too and I’m a very proud Celtic fan. Have been since about the age of 10. Once a Tim… ; )

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Pesky facts about actual outcomes courtesy of Taurangabhoy last night.



    My repost is not intended to stir …



    …. rather to remind us all that our club (that’s all of us BTW) are doing some things right.








    It has been a testing 21 Century for CQN



    Scottish League Titles – Celtic 16, Old Rangers 5, New Rangers 1…



    Scottish Cup – Celtic 10, Old Rangers 4, Hearts 2, St Johnstone 2, Dundee United 1, Hibs 1, Inverness 1, New Rangers 1.



    Scottish League Cup – Celtic 9, Old Rangers 6, St Mirren 1, Aberdeen 1, Livingston 1, St Johnstone 1, Hibs 1, Kilmarnock 1, Ross County 1, New Rangers 1.

  18. Are the comments switched off for the Amido Balde article so that people can’t post how badly written it is? I opened it thinking it could be interesting reading what happened to him after and why. Instead someone (or AI) has just taken 30 seconds to scan down wiki and misquote a few numbers from it. Even if you fixed the mistakes like even how many appearances he made for us (wiki only lists league games) or how many clubs he played for after (think you counted Maritimo twice) it would still be information less. Tbh I would just quietly delete it.

  19. Emerald Bee



    True,place is littered with rancid hunnery.



    For example Darwin/cloud9/jhb overpage



    We see them.



    Hope your good




  20. going with some of our previous and current signings imo the hearts goalscoring (left foot, right foot, headers and usually pens ) centre forward at all levels in his career ,is a yes from me.




    It’s always nice to see it laid out like that but I’m not sure those successes have the same importance these days



    We seem to judge using a much bigger set of different metrics now, of less and less significance in the grand scheme of things.



    It fills the day I guess but I’m not sure it’s making any of us any happier

  22. This time tomorrow I will be at Coia’s for breakfast enjoying the chat with family and friends before we are all going, via the Palais for a quick beverage, on to support Celtic against our nearest rivals.



    We can look forward to the game positively as we have the stronger team for sure. A much more valuable squad and a more experienced manager. We can also reflect on 23 years of domestic dominance this century like we have never enjoyed in our history. Most of our team have been over the course and distance vs our rivals who haven’t. We have enjoyed success off on and off the park. Yes we have made a few mistakes and stuff could be better but our current financial strength is there to be leveraged against a desperate gambling rival.



    I get folk want to be negative, especially those who actually don’t even bother to attend the games, just look at the shit on here before the last one.



    For me I just hope attending my 149th Glasgow Derby tomorrow will be as good as any of the 83 wins I have enjoyed.



    These are great Celtic times we are living in. Anyone looking in here from another country would not believe who the dominant club has been.

  23. Celtic 40 me



    What are these greater measures then ?



    Whatever the rangers media tells our fans ?



    Is it the pre season bullshit cup ?



    Or the January window back page sprint ?

  24. if we sign Korean’s and they are any good they will be in the Asian Cup.



    The last 2 transfer windows have seen the team weakened and there is an opportunity to start addressing this. Two reasons why it is unlikely to happen.



    1. DD and Lawwell don’t want to spend unless they can sell



    2. Who would trust Mark Lawwell to find the players necessary.



    William Hill have Celtic at 4/6 and Sevco at 10/11 thats how close the title is. Complacency, nepotism , incompetence and greed have brought us here. Rodgers, players and fans will need to overcome all off this tomorrow. Pity Paul67 seems to rooting for a Sevco title charge.

  25. BURNLEY78 on 29TH DECEMBER 2023 11:21 AM



    Wow, you’ve got some memory. Respect, I can’t even remember what day it is at the moment.



    But I will remember to set my alarm clock for tomorrow morning. An early refreshment in the Gallowgate beckons.



    I am soooooo looking forward to this game where we will put the huns and their manager back in their empty Christmas box.



    I can’t deny it, fu@#ing the huns just before New Years day is delightful.



    Hopefully just the tonic Big Jimmy needs.



    HH to all.

  26. BURNLEY78 on 29TH DECEMBER 2023 11:24 AM


    Celtic 40 me



    What are these greater measures then ?



    The internet does give a skewed impression of what’s “real” but a quick scan of Celtic websites during our recent domestic successes throws up a list of failures and shortcomings that seem to have collectively assumed a greater importance than actual trophies



    The shouts of sack the board after 5 trebles and a double, our first win in Europe for ages and while we sat top of the league does suggest a change in priorities to me. Trophies are clearly not enough “success”



    I don’t think it’s peculiar to Celtic, and I couldn’t say if we do it more than other fans

  27. I don’t know if it’s something the club should think a bit harder about. My instinct is they shouldn’t, if you don’t direct all your resources towards your main goals then you’re less likely to achieve them.

  28. You only have to look at what has happened to the Huns since they’ve been obsessed with putting one over us to see what can happen, but maybe there’s an argument to be made that the “fans” pay the money so their happiness, whatever that is, should be taken into consideration.

  29. I don’t know if anyone else spies on the enemy i occasionally venture on to the nefarious gallant few whose panel features a female Rangers fan called Shona ..and yes you would definitely know she supports them as she clearly looks like it ..yip clearly fell oot the ugly tree and skelped every branch on the way down ..anyway apparently she says SEVCO have nothing to fear …let’s prove IT wrong …repeatedly 🍀

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