No let-up in HMRC football pursuits


News that Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric, former manager and owner of Portsmouth FC respectively, will face trial in January over allegations they attempted to defraud HM Revenue and Customs will cast a long shadow within the football business in what is shaping up to be a landmark year for the game’s relationship with tax authorities.

Unlike Rangers on-going HMRC case, which is a mere tribunal that will decide if a liability demand is valid, Radknapp and Mandaric face criminal charges.  Redknapp is one of England’s most popular sporting figures but no more so than former jockey, Lester Piggott, who received a three year jail sentence for tax evasion in 1987.

High profile wins, at Crown Court or a First Tier Tribunal, are likely to bring in more undeclared tax than a bus load of cartoon characters in bowler hats.

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  1. Sorry, Ernie.


    I feel our representation is more than ‘proportionate’.


    You are a hard man to strike a bargain with. :¬)

  2. WhitecrookTim



    Golden Jubilee (HCI) is a smashing hospital. To add the the useless information, it’s the only hospital in the UK never to have a case of MRSA.



    Reason for that is not our own NHS or government help, it was built for Arabs to come across for operations. It’s been fitted out with the best fixtures and fittings available at that time.

  3. ernie lynch says:


    Ernie, you’re being very hard on Wee Geoffrey, beloved by all. Geoffrey was assistant to Jim Molyneux for years before succeeding him as MP. He has always called a spade a spade. When Billy Hunter was suspended by ASDA Shore Road Belfast in July 2010 for remarks made to a customer about The Sash being a suitable song to listen to, Wee Geoffrey was one of the few to come forward to offer support for the picket mounted by his neighbours from the infamous UVF stronghold Mount Vernon.


    Next day when Geoffrey was told that Hunter had served a jail term for the murder of two Catholic brothers the McErleans who were playing poker in a Mount Vernon flat ona Friday Afternoon he held his counsel and like a true statesman made no comment.


    To his credit he never apologised to anyone nor did he return phone calls from the McErlean’s surviving brother.


    PS Daniel O’Donnell and Geoffrey share the same surname!

  4. Eyes Wide,



    interesting and extreme position.



    The fact is that the Rangers support has been righly criticised for singing their nonsense. Why should out support lower ourselves by singing sings that the Club have specifically asked us not to sing ? If do don’t do it then there is no case. Comparing this to sending people back to Ireland needs a stretch of the imagination that would challenge even the most open mind.



    The extreme postion of some Rangers fans is there for all to see and is pathetic and sad , copying them is beneath me and hopefully most Celtic supprters.




  5. Zbyszek says:


    13 November, 2011 at 20:36


    ‘The Singing Detective at 19:47


    German thugs were for sure Antifa members. It’s interesting that they all were wore in black, with covered faces. Scary pitures from the streets of Warsaw. They were here on invitation of Polish lefties. Country is in shock since Friday. It’s sad giggle of the history’




    It seems that a group of left wing anti fascist Germans were fighting with a group of extreme right wing racist Poles.



    Is that what happened?

  6. Kilbowie Kelt says:


    13 November, 2011 at 20:39



    I read somewhere that there are only two black farmers in the UK.



    Which got me thinking, how many farmers in Scotland are Catholic?

  7. Seville67 says:


    13 November, 2011 at 20:47



    The point I was trying to make is that the songs issue is just only one slice of a much bigger pie.



    Th question is – Where does it end?



    Its not with songs.



    If the songs disappeared it would be something else.



    We know where it began – convert to being one of them in order to be fed.



    Also, telling us to ‘go home’ wasnt restricted to Rangers fans.

  8. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    So is it any song with the IRA mentioned ?


    any songs which could be deemed political ?


    are they speaking for the majority of the support ?


    are all the letters recieved confirmed Celtic supporters ?


    are the Celtic support really in favour of censorship ?

  9. Barrach Obampot on

    Big Nan got the same rafael of them also. Campbell Corrigan admitted “the practical difficulties when literally thousands of people join in a particular song or chant” when I complained about the League Cup Final bigotfest and then tries to assure me they are committed to tackling this problem! errr Campbell how about arresting at least some of them then? No reply. I contacted Stewart Regan to say that this letter was an admission from Strathclyde Police that they couldn’t cope with the scale of the problem and that the SFA should consider docking points for repeat offenders. Again no reply. Did write to UEFA and get a reply noting my concerns.



    I’ll keep writing.




  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    thoughts and prayers with you and yours


    my sincere condolances.

  11. I infrequently post these days. ‘Good’ you may judge.


    However, I entitle this “You reap what you sow”



    I like to know who my enemy is. When they sang their songs of hatred, I knew it was them.


    Now that they have (ahem) stopped, am I safe in the knowledge that this country is rid of their bigotry? Er, no.


    For all those who have pursued them all the way to their local MSP’s office, I ask this – did you really think we would be exempt? Did you really think that if they go down, they wouldn’t do their utmost to bring us down with them? You’ve gotta be kiddin’!!


    The only way to extinguish such bigotry is, in the words of the unfortunate Mr Blair, education, education, education.


    Now we are presented with legislation imposed upon us all, when you fear whether you’ll be huckled by Glasgow’s finest for what you say. Generalissimo Salmond doesn’t give two hoots about the reality, he is interested solely in the pretty political picture that he can paint.


    So, congratulations. We shouldn’t hear the FS anymore, either because they don’t sing it or because no-one is pitching up to hear it. Hey, we run the risk of public condemnation and prosecution if we say or sing this or that.


    And all the while, they will rehearsing weekly for their summer bigotfest.


    Yes, congratulations indeed.

  12. I have lived in OZ for the last 30 years and like many expats, ex’Pats’, I like that: I have been home regularly on visits to Scotland . I still call Scotland home even though I have been in OZ for more than 50% of my life time.



    However, unlike OZ , when I am home, I do not wear any colours even to a game: I used to wear them when I was younger and had a harder skin. Now, I abhor the anti Celtic snd Irish comments my friends recieve when they wear their colours. I have heard these comments throughout Scotland and not always fromthe young neds. So what is my point? my love for Scotland is becoming dimished rapidly and I fear that it will disappear sooner than later which I regret. I wish I could still wear my colours with pride in my home country: fear prevents me from doing so, but I will always wear them in my heart.

  13. Eyes Wide Open,



    and my point has nothing to do with being told to “go home” etc. There is a time and place to make a stance.



    However when the club makes a specific request it is not the masons, The orange order or anyone else. It is our club. Football is about entertainment , attracting kids to attend , all inclusive.



    I go to Celtic Park as a season ticket holder with my Dad and my Sons to watch the football and not make a political or social statement. If you are inclined to do that the club are asking the support to not do it in their house and but complying we would not be offended by spies , journos etc as they would not be able to write about us singing songs that the club clearly does not want to hear.




  14. Don’t know if anyone feels the same but watching the start of the England game yesterday(inadvertently) I felt it was like watching a Russian game from the 70’s, with the military presence.

  15. ernie lynch at 20:52



    Official report says that 27 civils were hospitalised but the number of the policemen injured is 42. Guess against who the German Antifa and Polish lefties fought?



    The only Polish extremists on the streets were ONR. I don’t know how many of them were in Warsaw on Friday but official sources say that organization counts up to 300 members in whole country. 300 too much, I think.Their views are at least controversial. I would call them Polish nationalists. They for sure have no my sympathy.

  16. stflannansbg says:


    13 November, 2011 at 21:05



    I headed up the road 2 years ago and left the missus (english) to pack the bags. Every top, shirt, T and hoodie she packed was emblazoned with the celtic crest. I couldn’t leave the house … Saltcoats btw

  17. Rangers players behave disgracefully at CP: it’s Celtic’s fault (Lennon brings it on himself ).


    Rangers supporters are censured by UEFA: the people who complained are Celtic supporters.


    Rangers fans attempt to murder police officers in Manchester and cause untold havoc: a telly was broken


    Rangers pay players enormously inflated salaries using dubious avoidance schemes: it’s got nothing to do with CW or A McA.


    Rangers’ owner SDM sells the club for £1 and isn’t asked a single question by the Scottish Media.


    Rangers don’t secure a single high profile target pre-season: money’s tight, they dodged a bullet, they’ve signed experience.


    Rangers supporters let rip with sectarian bile: something must be done about ‘pro IRA chanting’


    Rangers owner CW instructs well known libel solicitors Carter Ruck to tear the BBC a new one, nothing happens: CW gives the BBC an oppurtunity to apologise, they decline, nothing continues to happen.


    Rangers are knocked out of three competitions: Celtic’s defence can’t keep weans out of a close.


    Rangers try to sell the name of their ground: Why not? Real supporters will continue to call it Ibrox and Celtic are mugs for not spotting this oppurtunity.


    Rangers are in court on a weekly basis: Fergus McCann compared, unfavourably, to Saddam Hussien.


    what are we thinking? Of course it’s a level playing field! Thank God we’ve got a free and fearless media! Well done, Keevins, Jabba et al!!

  18. rileyskeepingthefaith on

    Evening bhoys.hardly been on the last week or so been really busy with work and looking after the wee man. Could somebody fill me in with what has happened with us and this bigoted chanting stuff just noticed that graham spiers has tweeted he has it in his column tomorrow



    Cheers HH

  19. Don’t usually comment on religious side of Rangers and Celtic but here goes.



    I am sorry don’t recognise this virulent strain of anti Catholicsm and anti Irish feeling that some of you are trying to justify or leave the country because of it.



    Most Scots would look at you aghast, the racial and religious make up of Scotland has never been as diverse, the political , judicial and managerial classes similarly so.



    The people who champion this view , to my mind, are people are more likely to be in or sympathise with the Irish Republican movement within Scotland. A very very small percentage.



    To my mind just as Rangers would be a better club for ditching the Orange element (a dying breed), Celtic would benefit from ditching their sinister element.



    Views such as those are more likely to be found in the message boards of the two clubs, but not in the real world, in a modern Scotland.



    So get out of that cupboard, draw the blinds and get out a bit more.



    It would certainly help.

  20. Seville67 says:


    13 November, 2011 at 21:08



    You see this is where my confusion comes in – I dont really know what point you are making because I dont know what songs are you talking about?



    If I dont go to every game at Celtic Park I certainly watch every game in one shape or another and am at a loss to the points you make.



    I am not even sure anyone on here is aware of the so called offending song from the Rennes game – and hundreds, probably like yourself were at the game.



    If there is an ‘issue’ then its at domestic away games, not Celtic Park.



    (btw – if you say we should do what our board tell us to do, then we shall agree to disagree on that score mucker)

  21. truth4767 says:


    13 November, 2011 at 21:24




    Where have you come from?



    Would the initials FF strike somewhat closely……

  22. Barrach Obampot says:



    13 November, 2011 at 21:02



    Indeed the practical difficulties of lifting thousands of Rangers’ fans singing racist songs seem to hold sway over the odd Celtic punter singing or chanting about the RA.



    Odd that isn’t it.



    But why describe the former as a great advert for the game and the latter as offensive enough to raise with UEFA?



    Police board said this about Corrigan’s BS.



    Thank you for contacting Strathclyde Police Authority via our website on Monday 21 March.


    I attach for your attention a letter from ACC Corrigan of Strathclyde Police. I would draw your


    attention to paragraph 4 where it states …“my comments were directed at the improved conduct and


    general behaviour of the players, coaching staff and fans inside and outside the ground, compared to


    the previous fixture, not the unacceptable songs some of those attending chose to sing.”



    The Members of Strathclyde Police Authority have questioned the Chief Constable and the Force on


    this matter, and others relating to football on a number of occasions. It will maintain its scrutiny of this


    area for the foreseeable future.



    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Strathclyde Police Authority.


    Yours sincerely




    Chief Executive




    City Chambers


    George Square





    You couldn’t give them a red neck with an oxy-acetylene blow-torch!

  23. The Battered Bunnet says:


    13 November, 2011 at 16:28




    As I’ve said to to you in my last two posts that I’ve replied to you…… you are completely wrong!



    You assert more than a few things in you’re earlier posts and as I’ve already said and others have on here, there were no songs during the Rennes game that any fans in the ground would have taken offence to….. you seem to blame it on in you’re words …..around 400 Green Brigaders singing ooooh aaaaaaah up the ra, thats was erm clever of you….. you counted them and ye never went to the game, as you say.



    I’ve repeatedly said to you that the GB don’t sing those words as far as I know where I stand within section 111…… why are you doing they’re job? I’m confused because I thought you were a Celtic supporter…… you seem to have a downer on the GB, there are enough who hate our support without you supporting them.




  24. Eyes Wide Open,



    the Boys of the Old Brigde and Oh Ah Up the Ra have been sung recently at Celtic Park.



    Those are the songs – what really do they have to do with suporting the team ?



    I don’t go along with all of the nonsense that our board spouts about transfers , budgets, financials etc.



    But I do consider the game with my family to be about supporting the team and not making political statements.




  25. saltires en sevilla on

    ernie lynch says:


    13 November, 2011 at 20:54


    Kilbowie Kelt says:


    13 November, 2011 at 20:39



    I read somewhere that there are only two black farmers in the UK.



    Which got me thinking, how many farmers in Scotland are Catholic?




    a good question and will be interested in responses.



    My great aunt had a farm out Dalry way and I know of one other family farm in Renfrewshire



    My great grandmother was born on a farm in Auchinleck, her dad had been a farmer in Ireland.



    All RC.



    The rest (the vast majority)Ex Proto-Industrial farmer weavers. Sowly but surely forced down the proletarian route. Worked in the industrial towns having come from farms in Ireland in 1830-1850. It must have been torture coming from the fresh air and wide open spaces of rural Ulster to the cramped slums of West Central Scotland.







  26. I always scroll by the idiot.



    If it wasn’t paid to be here might tolerate it for a minute or two.

  27. Hi!



    An update re – Whyte v BBC





    It looks like Mr Whyte was bluffing and has been called by the BBC, as was the case with the appeal against the Bain arrestment and with the appeal by Levy & McRae re the complaint by Rangers.



    I imagine it helps him with the Rangers support, and part of the Carter Ruck portfolio involves “reputation management”! I don’t think him threatening the BBC will go down badly amongst the Rangers fans.

  28. ElDiegoBhoy says:


    13 November, 2011 at 21:37


    I always scroll by the idiot.



    If it wasn’t paid to be here might tolerate it for a minute or two.






    Keep talking to like minded people and you end up like El Dim iego.




  29. Seville67 says:


    13 November, 2011 at 21:36


    ‘Eyes Wide Open,



    the Boys of the Old Brigde and Oh Ah Up the Ra have been sung recently at Celtic Park.



    Those are the songs – what really do they have to do with suporting the team ?’




    About as much as this (actually ooh ahh up the ra, or the Celtic Symphony as some of us call it, probably has more to do with supporting Celtic than this, as it’s about, well, supporting Celtic).



    The funny thing is this one gets played over the Tannoy. What are they thinking about?





    Let the People sing



    For those who are in love


    There’s a song that’s warm and tender.


    For those who are oppressed


    In song you can protest.


    So liberate your minds


    And give your soul expression.


    Open up your hearts,


    I’ll sing for you this song.



    Let the people sing their stories and their songs


    And the music of their native land


    Their lullabies and battlecries and songs of hope and joy


    So join us hand in hand


    All across this ancient land


    Throughout the test of time


    It was music that kept their spirits free


    Those songs of yours and of mine



    It was back in ancient times,


    The bard would tell his stories


    Of the heroes, of the villain,


    Of the chieftains in the glen.


    Through Elizabethian time


    And Cromwellian war and fury


    Put our pipers to the sword,


    Killed our harpers and our bards.



    Let the people sing their stories and their songs


    And the music of their native land


    Their lullabies and battlecries and songs of hope and joy


    So join us hand in hand


    All across this ancient land


    Throughout the test of time


    It was music that kept their spirits free


    Those songs of yours and of mine



    Ireland, land of song,


    Your music lives forever


    In its valleys, in its mountains,


    In its hills and in its glens.


    Our music did survive


    Through famine and oppression.


    To the generations gone,


    I’ll sing for you this song.

  30. Zbyszek says:


    13 November, 2011 at 21:16


    Aren’t the All Polish Youth close to the fascists also?

  31. Houl yer wheest says:


    13 November, 2011 at 20:39



    Saw your updates from Casement today.


    A real game of two halfs though.



    Thought McKenna was outstanding first half only to be completely dominated by Muldoon in the second. Knowing Tony Mc’s high demands I don’t think he’ll be over pleased with the Cross’s second half performance. Still – in the final and who’d bet against them.



    Disappointed with Eire Og’s performance. Only caught the last 20 minutes but completely outplayed.



    BTW – didn’t catch the reason behind Aaron Kernan’s second yellow. You?

  32. Seville67 says:


    13 November, 2011 at 21:36



    Ok mate, we’l draw a line under that one – there is no point in me going on about 2 x official Celtic FC anthems – in Fields of Athenry and Let the people sing having as much to do with Celtic as the Boys of the Old Brigade.



    You are not going to change your opinion and I am not going to change mine.



    I also draw you towards vmhans posts – a man who is in the middle of where I presume you are stating the ‘oo ahh up the ra’ statements come from (by the way in the year 2011 there can not be many more placid and futile chants as that one, because no one believes they are in reference to one of these dissident groupings)



    But again we will move on



    Hail Hail

  33. Paul McC says:


    13 November, 2011 at 21:45



    The last high profile defammation action Bannatyne Kirkwood ran was of course Tommy Sheridan’s.



    All things considered that didn’t go too well for them.

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