No let-up in HMRC football pursuits


News that Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric, former manager and owner of Portsmouth FC respectively, will face trial in January over allegations they attempted to defraud HM Revenue and Customs will cast a long shadow within the football business in what is shaping up to be a landmark year for the game’s relationship with tax authorities.

Unlike Rangers on-going HMRC case, which is a mere tribunal that will decide if a liability demand is valid, Radknapp and Mandaric face criminal charges.  Redknapp is one of England’s most popular sporting figures but no more so than former jockey, Lester Piggott, who received a three year jail sentence for tax evasion in 1987.

High profile wins, at Crown Court or a First Tier Tribunal, are likely to bring in more undeclared tax than a bus load of cartoon characters in bowler hats.

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  1. Ernie Lynch,



    that is a very good point mate.



    Let the people sing was introduced over the Tannoy at a Rangers game a few years ago , I remember the crowd were shocked and a lot of the guys around me who never sang it suddenly joined in and it created a wild atmosphere.



    I think that the subtle difference with Let the people sing is it is a celebration of the Irish Roots of the club without referring to the IRA.




  2. Seville



    If a ‘Battlecry’ means this;



    A battle cry is a yell or chant taken up in battle, usually by members of the same military unit. Battle cries are not necessarily articulate, although they often aim to invoke patriotic or religious sentiment. Their purpose is a combination of arousing aggression and esprit de corps on one’s own side and causing intimidation on the hostile side.



    Then in relation to Ireland, what do you think this could have been?



    It could quite easily be ‘ooh ah up the ra’

  3. Lurgan 53 ..Kernan had a kinda flaying elbow while running beside ballinderry man .. 2nd yellow and off ..was live on TNAG

  4. Truth 4767,


    I know that a lot of CQN people question your right to contribute to this eclectic site.


    You should know that you have at least ONE ally who looks forward to your contributions.


    I am sure that your willingness to debate with us is an indication of your inclusive nature & that you are attempting to build bridges between our communities , who for too long have been suspicious of each other’s good will.


    I welcome the inclusivity of your sentiments & hope that your generosity of spirit will not be misconstrued by some of our more suspicious & insular number.


    You indeed honour us with your sage utterances.


    We are a wee bit slow in acknowledging the big-hearted Scottish welcome that we have been given over the generations & assure you that we will try to be more grateful henceforth.


    Thank you for your kindness & forbearance.

  5. saltires en sevilla on

    Kilbowie Kelt says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:02



    Well said.



    was about to give you the ‘what for’ for your treatment of Kojo..



    So …What for







  6. glassaghwho says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:00



    Right. Thanks for that.



    A Cross man with flaying elbows? Well I never! :)

  7. Kilbowie Kelt says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:02






    Thank you, Sir.

  8. Must be the rangers bit that brought it out in him ??? more than elbows flying at carrickmore v drumore crowd and all at it .. i know tyrone well i never :)

  9. saltires en sevilla says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:06 .



    You will have to forgive my intolerance of the Talking Bird.


    For some reason I have a problem with bigoted, racist, homophobic, war-mongering, Zionist, supremacist, hypocritical, religious zealots.


    I have never been able to properly articulate it.

  10. Glenbuck at 21:49



    “Aren’t the All Polish Youth close to the fascists also?”



    I would not say that they are close to the fascist. English Wikipedia says about them “Its manifesto from 1989 states, for example, that “one’s country is the greatest earthly good. After God, your foremost love belongs to the Homeland, and foremost after God you must serve your own country,” and declares itself opposed to “doctrines promoting liberalism, tolerance, and relativism.”


    They stress that their biggest heritage is Catholic background and all these things. In every religoius group you will find the extremists and they are not the exclusion from the rule. That declaration opposed to tolerance includes tolerance for gay marriages.


    I don’t know much about them but think that it’s also lefties press that made them face look like close to fascist.

  11. The wife’s bro in law is from and lives in dromore.



    My sis in law took their car this morn to go shopping and wasnt back in time meaning he missed the game.



    The rumour mill is he is literally spitting teeth at missing out and has stopped talking to his beloved (which is exactly what he would have been doing had he been at the match!)

  12. From the Herald article above



    “Tim is a term of anti-Catholic abuse”



    News to this tim.



    See that Nil by Mouth…

  13. Kilbowie Kelt says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:18



    You will have to forgive my intolerance of the Talking Bird.


    For some reason I have a problem with bigoted, racist, homophobic, war-mongering, Zionist, supremacist, hypocritical, religious zealots.


    I have never been able to properly articulate it.



    I would wager our guest would have more than a couple of these traits as well, just a thought.

  14. Eyes Wide Open … well she better not reveal how much she spent on retail therapy then or there could be more teeth flying :) i’m sure bbc norn ireland will dig up some pictures they like putting the boot in ..

  15. bunbury bhoy



    Whilst I would normally rejoice in some Norn Ireland Loyalist Tory’s downfall, I despair at the coverage in The Herald.



    They conflate his odious linking to the UVF song “Here Lies a Soldier” with his harmless jibe against Celtic fans:-



    “Hope the sheep absolutely hump the tims today.”



    Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that last statement. Aberdeen fans have more reason to complain about it than us. What with Know Your Enemy’s facile assurance that Fenian was a sectarian insult and now Nil By Mouth wanting to stop people calling us Tims, we are well on the way to become the World’s first Wimpocracy.



    There is so much confusing nonsense talked re sectarianism, offensiveness, and the various nuances between the terms that I genuinely believe we are having a Tower of Babel conversation in this country.



    I prefer a wee touch of humour to prick the veneer of bigotry founded on ignorance. If I had been alive during WW2, I would have much rather resorted to Spike Jones over Vera Lynn




    Der Fuehrer’s Face

  16. Rascar Capac says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:30




    ‘See that Nil by Mouth’




    Middle class do gooders and know betters.

  17. Eyes Wide Open ..She’s female went shoppiing a few weeks before xmas and was late back .. i think everybody on here either has one off them or knows one .. HH

  18. Ernie Lynch, I have often wondered about the reason for Celtic allowing ‘Let the People Sing’ to be played over the tannoy when we have the caveat from Lawell, Reid and Lennon of… accept the provisional IRA.


    I have read some of the comments on here since we have known of the UEFA investigation. Some comments like’ I’m not going to live in Scotland any mor.’e have been predictable yet still outrageous.



    My grandfather was one of the first Catholic foremen in the shipyards. He carries the brunt of that now, well into his eighties. He endured the worst of bigotry and intolerance that knew no end and no reason. A member of 5 former Soviet Republics due to his Union membership. He exclusively employed Catholics which gave them a wage and put food on their tables. He carries a hatred of the men that forced him to lead as he was forced to and a deep suspicion of their sons.



    My wifes grandfather was tortured by the Japanese and was left blind. Forced to eat uncooked rice until his intestines bloated and burst. He endured many years of torture beyond the physical but his faith endured.



    Neither of these men would be proud of a Celtic support who did themselves down by singing about the provisional IRA.



    An organisation who murdered innocent women and children.



    Neither of these men would be proud of cowards who decided to leave a country because of a pantomime over a few songs.


    No one is doing any one any favours or making the world a better place by singing about murder.


    The graffiti on the walls … repeat 6? Yes 6 times.


    Call me a hun and I’ll show you the mirror

  19. the neil lennon greenbhoy67 on



    From the BBC



    Last paragraph



    Uefa had fined Rangers following similar incidents in previous matches against Villarreal and Osasuna



    Really Pro IRA chants from Rangers Fans – how is that similar



    I must add I do not agree, I actually abhor with ANY IRA chants from anyone however it at present is not illegal and I possibly think it should not be illegal due to the political aspect. Anyhoo should this reporting be allowed or even tolerated. Not by me

  20. Mullet and Co says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:38




    ‘Neither of these men would be proud of a Celtic support who did themselves down by singing about the provisional IRA.



    An organisation who murdered innocent women and children.’




    I’m reliably informed that innocent women and children die in most wars, even ones involving British forces.

  21. Chap on twitter saying that the Police Commander who reported the ‘offensive chants’ to EUFA is the same Policeman who reported (?) Artur for blessing himself at Ipox.


    Interesting if true.

  22. Br\o/gan R\o/gan Trevin\o/ and H\o/gan on

    Good Evening,



    and a special good evening to Tommy Joad, who provided a post last week that set me a thinking.



    Some of you may not be familiar with the name Ferdie Pacheco. He was the doctor who,for many years, sat in the corner of both Cassius Clay and Mohammed Ali. After the thriller in Manilla on 1st October 1975, Pacheco quit as Ali’s Doctor saying he should never fight again. He was convinced that had that fight gone to a 15th round then either Ali of Frazier — or maybe even both– would have died that night. TV footage shows Joe in the corner spitting out great mouthfulls of blood. Ali pissed blood for a month!



    Later, when Pacheco learned that Ali was to continue fighting he was horrified. He was particularly horrified when he learned that Ali was to fight Ernis Shavers. For those who do not know Shavers, he was an ex con whose punching power allegedly made George Foreman look like a girly swinging a handbag!



    Pacheco then took to broadcasting and writing. He is as good a writer on Boxing as you get– up there with Mailer, Jose Torres ( the former light heavyweight champ ) and McIlvanney as a scribe.



    He wrote a fascinating book called the 15 most brutal rounds in boxing, which I have to admit I cannot find at this moment. I will not bore you with all of the rounds but here are a couple that stick out:



    Jess Willard v Jack Dempsey.



    Willard had been the heavyweight champ for a few years when these two met in brilliant sunshine on July 4th 1919 in Toledo Ohio. At 6″6 and a half Willard was a giant of a man weighing 230 lbs– making him bigger than Ali, Foreman and many others. Big Jess had won the title by knocking out Jack Johnson in the 26th round of their fight on April 15th 1915.



    Dempsey, whilst no midget at 6″1, looked miniscule against the Giant Jess. Willard had fought a few times between winning the title and this encounter. Dempsey had been incredibly active fighting some 16 times in the previous year. As a rambling stevedore he had fought in saloons for money saying he could kick anyone’s ass and betting on it.



    Dempsey was managed by a guy called Jack Kearns and one legend says that before the start of the first round Kearns told Dempsey that he had bet Dempsey’s whole purse on Dempsey knocking Willis out in the first round– remembering always that Big Jess was the hot favourite.



    The result was that Dempsey knocked Willard down 7 times in the first round! Reports say that in this three minutes Willard suffered a broken nose, broken jaw, three broken ribs, a busted ear and lost 7 teeth! Some say it wasn’t quite so bad– you can judge. Many years later Dempsey was attacked in a New York street by two muggers one of whom pulled a knife. By the time the Police arrived both assailants were unconscious and in an extremely unhealthy state. Jack Dempsey was 74 years old.






    Ali v Frazier



    14th round Manilla. When you view this footage at first glance it does not look that brutal. However it comes at the end of the fight which was played out in searing heat. Ali won the first 4 rounds but then fraxier came in swinging and hooking and for the next six rounds took the wind out the Ali sails with murderous blows. Ali slowed considerably, although he was still able to pepper Joe’s head with lefts and regular straight rights which did plenty of facial damage. In the 11th round Joe took a beating– so bad that in his corner Eddie Futch began to have doubts. By the start 13 he was talking of stopping the bout, but Joe protested. By the start of 14, Joe couldn’t see out of one eye and in between rounds you will see the dreadful mixture of blood and water that comes out of Joe’s mouth. Ali had already knocked his gumshield out into row 5 with a vicious right and so all around the mouth Joe took a belting.



    It looks as if the two stumble about the ring, both exhausted and Joe still coming on, Ali countering. Then from about 1min 30 out Ali proceeds to score again and again, again and again with Frazier’s head snapped from side to side. Futch had seen 8 men die in the ring and had no desire to see Frazier become the 9th. Pacheco felt both could have died. Futch never had any regrets about ending this.



    This is 13 and 14.








    Wilfredo Gomez v Lupe Pintor, New Orleans, December 3rd 1982 round 12



    Take a Mexican and a Puerto Rican, give then a ring and some gloves and this is what you get. Both had held World Championship belts, Gomez was dominant at 122 lbs ending his career with a record of 44-3-1 and of his 48 opponents he knocked out 42!! Pintor had seen tragedy in the ring. Prior to this fight his match with Johhny Owen saw the Welshman die a few days after the fight which many believe should have been stopped two rounds before.




    Eventually Wilfredo Gomez knocked Pintor out in the 14th. On the one hand I can understand that– on the other I have no idea how he ever got to the 14th alive. The round begins with a view of the beaten face of the eventul winner. It is hard to believe that this is the guy that is winning! Yet you will soon see this is the guy in good shape by comparison. Gomez was a master at closing a fight out when given a chance, but here, Lupe Pintor shows just what a tough little man he was and by the end of the round you will see the extraordinary lengths which the corner men go to in order to get the champ back on his seat in the corner.






    I will end with what has been described as the greatest three minutes in Boxing History. The 2nd greatest three minutes was the round after this, and the third was the round after that– except it did not last three minutes!



    I am a late night radio buff and I well remember listening in the dark to this fight being called punch by punch. As I type all these years later, I can still hear the amazement in the voices of the commentators– was this really happening? When I later saw the footage I could understand why.



    These are two strange protaganists. The first a mencaing boxing machine. Quiet, private, brooding and at the outset not well liked but by the end admired and respected. Hard as nails, mean, determined, vicious and skilled in his carrer he missed nobody. He was never Mr Popular and at the end of his career he would leave his native land and settle in Italy, revealing a cultured side to him which was a touch unexpected.



    His opponenet is, I believe, the strangest freak of nature to attain success in the ring. I am sure he was the cause of many a scratched head and furrowed brow in the gym. What does a trainer do with this guy? He is too big for this weight, to skinny for that weight, too tall for this weight, too wee for the next. A Body that is all out of proportion, the upper half of a big man perched on the legs of a beanpole. Yet he won world titles at more weights than any other boxer.



    The tactics in this fight were simple. belt the other guy before he gets the chance to belt you. Our first fighter is a born brawler with good boxing skills. The second throughout his carrer knew the score exactly. He had to be the most accurate demolisher of an opponent that there was and he had to do it quick because if the opponent hit him then his weird physique could not stand the punishment and he would go down. So for years he moved and hit with devastating effect. It was a case of being either goodnight from him or goodnight from me! Most of the time it was goodnight for the other guy with spectacular results. Roberto Duran– old hands of stone himself– was felled early like a tree hitting the deck and there was no getting up. Not many did that to Duran.



    In this fight, there were two hopes. The first was stick it on the opponent before he stuck it on you, the second was that if the opponent got you, then please god let him get me clean and crisply because the way these punches are thrown if only one gets you, and you are knocked only half senseless, the the next one may well send you into the wooden box!



    Observers said that these hits, from both men would have knocked out a horse. Whatsmore there was no great pre match hype. These two didn’t hate one another and both remarked later that it was amazing that they got through the first minute and a half. The winner was never so damaged in any fight. There was never to be any rematch because there could never be another fight like this again. Both fighters held the other with the greatest respect. No games, no mucking about, no easing your way into the fight.



    This is April 15th 1985 Ceaser’s Palace Las Vegas. This is boxing at it’s most brutal and it’s most honest.



    Whatever these guys were getting paid ten times the money, a hunderd times, it was never enough.



    Only the every best bested these two and they did not do so without repercussion and a lasting souvenir.



    This is Hagler/Hearns.



    This is war!





    As a wee desert– here is a wee video collection of Big Ernie! Why he was never world champ is a bit of a mystery. I can only conclude that it was his own fault. Ali,Holmes,Ellis,Bugner,Quarry,Norton,Tillis and other all agreed that Earnie was the biggest and hardest hitter of all. His fights with Ali and Holmes were classic and by jesus can Ali take a punch. You can see why Pacheco wanted him nowhere near Shavers with the already damaged Kidneys. Watch out for the trademark uppercuts! Big bad George and smoking Joe never wanted any part of Earnie and you can see why.When earnie hit you he hit you into next week. Not on this video there is footage ofa guy going down fully 15 seconds after earnie hit him without another blow being thrown. the guy was just rendered helpless! By the way he was also a nice big guy apparently






  23. THE EXILED TIM says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:32 .



    You are far too worldly wise for me, TET.



    My foolish Donegal antenna told me that our guest is an honest, peace-making


    bridge builder.


    I hope I have not been naive.

  24. Ernie,


    Where do you draw the line though?


    Sorry for being brutal here but below is a copy and paste from wikipedia about the Omagh bombing.


    Was this just? Is it just for Celtic supporters to claim its ok to sing about the ‘IRA’ when normal people read the below as the IRA regardless of the splinter element? Normal reasonable people don’t give a monkeys about what they perceive as semantics. I’m sesnsinf I will not change your mind but I will post anyway.



    The Omagh bombing was a car bomb attack carried out by the Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA), a splinter group of former Provisional Irish Republican Army members opposed to the Good Friday Agreement, on Saturday 15 August 1998, in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.[7] Twenty-nine people died as a result of the attack and approximately 220 people were injured.[3][4][5][6][10] The attack was described by the BBC as “Northern Ireland’s worst single terrorist atrocity” and by the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, as an “appalling act of savagery and evil”.[9] Sinn Féin leaders Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness condemned the attack and the RIRA itself.[11]


    The victims included people from many different backgrounds: Protestants,[12] Catholics,[12] a Mormon teenager,[12] five other teenagers,[12] six children,[12][13] a woman pregnant with twins,[12][13] two Spanish tourists,[12] and other tourists on a day trip from the Republic of Ireland.[8] The nature of the bombing created a strong international and local outcry against the RIRA, which later apologised,[14] and spurred on the Northern Ireland peace process.[3][4][14][15]


    A retrospective report by the Police Ombudsman, Nuala O’Loan, in December 2001 concluded that people “were let down by defective leadership, poor judgement and a lack of urgency” in the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC).[16] The RUC has obtained circumstantial and coincidental evidence against some suspects, but it has not come up with anything to convict anyone of the bombing.[17] Builder and publican Colm Murphy was tried, convicted, and then released after it was revealed that the Gardaí forged interview notes used in the case.[18] Murphy’s nephew Sean Hoey was also tried and found not guilty. Police Service of Northern Ireland Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde said that he expects no further prosecutions.[19] In June 2009, the families of all the killed victims won a £1.6 million civil action against four unconvicted suspects

  25. the neil lennon greenbhoy67,


    There seems to be a perception that the Policeman should have arrested the chanters or singers. I think there is a clear distinction here that these songs or chants are not illegal, therefore there is nothing they could do other than report them to UEFA in the hope that they would do something about it.


    I agree that something has to be done by the way. I was rather hoping that Celtic as a whole would have dealt with this internally before UEFA got to decide. Now we face the possible riddy of equivalence with lowlife scum on a global scale.

  26. Mullet and Co



    Physical Force Terrorism is not a 20th century phenomonon. It is an age-old tactic practised by many who are revered now. Most nations, including Scotland, England and the US were built through blood, terror and innocent casualties. Mandela and Ghandi saw their new nations born with the assistance of physical force resistance and terrorism.



    Irish Republicanism has had to have a long history of being prepared to resort to violence, and violence of a type which precludes a guarantee of no civilian casualties. The reasons why this had to be so were best expressed long ago in a famous speech and I produce the conclusion from it below:-



    “The honourable gentleman said, in reference, I presume, to those who dissented from the resolutions of Monday, that those who were loudest in their declaration of war, were usually the most backward in acting up to those declarations. My lord, I do not find fault with the honourable gentleman for giving expression to a very ordinary saying; but this I will say, that I did not volunteer the opinion he condemns: to the declaration of that opinion I was forced. You left me no alternative—I should compromise my opinion, or avow it. To be honest I avowed it. I did not do so to brag, as they say. We have had too much of that “bragging” in Ireland—I would be the last to imitate the custom. Well, I dissented from those “peace resolutions,” as they are called. Why so? In the first place, my lord, I conceive there was not the least necessity for them. No member of this Association advised it. No member of this Association, I believe, would be so infatuate as to do so.



    In the existing circumstances of the country an incitement to arms would be senseless, and, therefore, wicked. To talk, now-a-days, of repealing the Act of Union by the force of arms, would be to rhapsodise. If the attempt were made, it would be a decided failure. There might be riot in the street—there would be no revolution in the country. Our esteemed under-secretary, Mr. Crean, will more effectively promote the cause of Repeal by registering votes in Green Street, than registering fire-arms in the Head-Police Office. Conciliation Hall on Burgh Quay is more impregnable than a rebel camp on Vinegar Hill; and the hustings at Dundalk will be more successfully stormed than the magazine in the park.



    The registry club, the reading-room, the hustings, these are the only positions in the country we can occupy. Voters’ certificates, books, reports, these are the only weapons we can employ. Therefore, my lord, I do advocate the peaceful policy of this Association. It is the only policy we can adopt. If that policy be pursued with truth, with courage, with fixed determination of purpose, I firmly believe it will succeed. But, my lord, I dissented from the resolutions before us, for other reasons. I stated the first—now I come to the second. I dissented from them, for I felt that, by assenting to them, I should have pledged myself to the unqualified repudiation of physical force in all countries, at all times, and in every circumstance. This I could not do; for, my lord, I do not abhor the use of arms in the vindication of national rights.



    There are times when arms will alone suffice, and when political ameliorations call for a drop of blood, and many thousand drops of blood. Opinion, I admit, will operate against opinion. But, as the honourable member for Kilkenny observed, force must be used against force. The soldier is proof against an argument, but he is not proof against a bullet. The man that will listen to reason, let him be reasoned with; but it is the weaponed arm of the patriot that can alone avail against battalioned despotism. Then, my lord, I do not disclaim the use of arms as immoral, nor do I believe it is the truth to say, that the God of heaven withholds his sanction from the use of arms. From that night in which, in the valley of Bethulia, He nerved the arm of the Jewish girl to smite the drunken tyrant in his tent, down to the hour in which He blessed the insurgent chivalry of the Belgian priests, His Almighty hand hath ever been stretched forth from His throne of light, to consecrate the flag of freedom—to bless the patriot sword.



    Be it for the defence, or be it for the assertion of a nation’s liberty, I look upon the sword as a sacred weapon. And if, my lord, it has sometimes reddened the shroud of the oppressor—like the anointed rod of the high priest, it has, as often, blossomed into flowers to deck the freeman’s brow. Abhor the sword ? Stigmatise the sword? No, my lord, for in the passes of the Tyrol it cut to pieces the banner of the Bavarian, and through those cragged passes cut a path to fame for the peasant insurrectionist of Innsbruck. Abhor the sword? Stigmatise the sword? No, my lord, for at its blow, and in the quivering of its crimson light a giant nation sprang up from the waters of the Atlantic, and by its redeeming magic the fettered colony became a daring, free Republic. Abhor the sword? Stigmatise the sword? No, my lord, for it swept the Dutch marauders out of the fine old towns of Belgium—swept them back to their phlegmatic swamps, and knocked their flag and sceptre, their laws and bayonets, into the sluggish waters of the Scheldt. My lord, I learned that it was the right of a nation to govern itself—not in this Hall, but upon the ramparts of Antwerp.



    This, the first article of a nation’s creed, I learned upon those ramparts, where freedom was justly estimated, and where the possession of the precious gift was purchased by the effusion of generous blood. My lord, I honour the Belgians I admire the Belgians, I love the Belgians for their enthusiasm, their courage, their success, and I, for one, will not stigmatise, for I do not abhor, the means by which they obtained a Citizen King, a Chamber of Deputies.”

  27. KK



    If the truth be known,[ see what I did there ] I do not have a problem with any rangers supporter on the blog, I have a problem with huns on the blog, out guest has been asked on many ocasions about what he holds as dear to him and he has proven himself to be a hun, only my opinion of course, and you are entitled to yours, I wasn’t knocking them.



    I’m sure I annoy many on here with my views, I care not, I hold them, and in the rawest sence I suppose that makes me a bigot, as I hold my views and do not tolerate other views, tis a strange thing being a human.



    As for being worldly wise, aye so wise that I live in a cave :>)

  28. Big Packie's Accent on

    Rascar Capac says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:30


    From the Herald article above



    “Tim is a term of anti-Catholic abuse”



    News to this tim.


    – – – – – – – – – – –



    Stop that self-abuse, you’ll go blind. ;-}

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