No let-up in HMRC football pursuits


News that Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric, former manager and owner of Portsmouth FC respectively, will face trial in January over allegations they attempted to defraud HM Revenue and Customs will cast a long shadow within the football business in what is shaping up to be a landmark year for the game’s relationship with tax authorities.

Unlike Rangers on-going HMRC case, which is a mere tribunal that will decide if a liability demand is valid, Radknapp and Mandaric face criminal charges.  Redknapp is one of England’s most popular sporting figures but no more so than former jockey, Lester Piggott, who received a three year jail sentence for tax evasion in 1987.

High profile wins, at Crown Court or a First Tier Tribunal, are likely to bring in more undeclared tax than a bus load of cartoon characters in bowler hats.

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  1. Árd Macha,



    Ask any reasonable person the same question and what do you think the answer will be?



    Ask Zbyszek for example.

  2. Mullet and Co says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:50



    I would not be in anyway surprised if MI6 were the real people behind that bomb. Just my opinion.

  3. Mullet and Co says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:50




    ‘Is it just for Celtic supporters to claim its ok to sing about the ‘IRA’ when normal people read the below as the IRA regardless of the splinter element?’



    Two songs are sung that mention the IRA; The Celtic Symphony, which isn’t about the IRA, and BOTOB, which is the Republican equivalent of a Remembrance Day song.



    Anyone who takes offence at either, is looking to be offended, and would no doubt be offended by a lot of other things as well, like the fact that we fly an IRA flag above the ground.

  4. Mullet and Co says:


    13 November, 2011 at 22:50



    Like with everything, you would hope that when people form an opinion they have done so having considered the facts available.



    What disappoints me, is when people form not just an opinion, but a vociferous one – when they are obviously either ignorant to the facts or they just choose to fabricate an illusion of falsehoods and use them to form their opinion because thats what suits them.



    I think you are the latter.



    You have just proved to everyone on here that you dont know what you are talking about.



    I am off to bed now.



    I suggest others choose to ignore Mullet & Co from here on in.



    (Im not castigating ya fella, just your ‘opinion’ on the matter being questioned tonight)

  5. We, as a support, have a clear choice; sing songs which will never get us into trouble or sing those that will.



    How far are we willing to take this? Are we willing to be fined? If so, at which point will the fine be too much?


    Are we willing to have points deducted? If so, how many points will be too many?



    One thing will eventually become clear and that is that if certain songs are sung we will be risking fines or points deductions



    Those wishing to sing the contentious songs should not only stand by their right to sing the songs but state just how far they are willing to accept sanction. To the bitter end, to 100 grand, 6 league points, 9 league points, 5 euro/Cl points…



    Just how much are these songs worth?

  6. I thought the Tricolour was a a peace flag? Now its an IRA flag? Context is everything Ernie.



    What the Graffitii said on the wall is repeated 6 times. 6.



    If I am ignorant of the facts please enlighten me.



    If UEFA decide there is a case to answer presumably they will be ignorant of the facts. Where the Spanish tourists killed in Omagh ignorant of the facts?

  7. Am Ah the only wan here..









    that the Troubles in Northern Ireland.. kin be traced


















    Why is it that The Northern Six Counties.. Chose to remain Under the Crown?



    Ah wull tell ye..



    Because ,the Majority of the Population in Northern Ireland






    The Descendants of Cromwell’s and Others…. Imported Highlanders..






    The Troubles in Northern Ireland is awe doon tae The Irish Catholics being


    Out Numbered by the Direct Descendants of Those Transplanted


    Scottish.. PROTESTANTS.



    Ah am astonished that this could be News tae Some people..oan Here.




    Ian Paisley… Anywan???.





  8. Mr. Stimpson



    A wee parody:-



    We, as a support, have a clear choice; stop singing songs that the huns are complaining about or let them find new ways to be offended.



    How far are we willing to take this? Are we willing to give up The Fields, the wearing of Green ? If so, at which point will the sacrifice be too much?


    Are we willing to have our flag taken down? If so, how many bowls of soup will be too many?



    One thing will eventually become clear and that is that whether certain songs are sung or not we will be risking fines or points deductions because, if the huns go down, so must we.



    Those wishing to give up the contentious songs should not only stand by their right to give up the songs but state just how far they are willing to accept sanction. To the bitter end, to no Irish tosh, no green pepperami, no Catholicism, playing in blue…



    Just how much is this appeasment worth?

  9. Ah, but Mr Stimpson, we have a RIGHT to sing those songs, in fact it’s a breach of our human rights to say we mustn’t !



    It’s part of our TRADITIONS.

  10. the neil lennon greenbhoy67 on

    Mullet & co



    It all seems a bit fishy for wont of a term. And very convenient? Any other questioners? Ask the question to whoever I have already done so via twitter to Speirs and Mcnally it is very circumspect Mcnally seems to agree Speirs is on the bandwagon and giving it rangers got punished etc Not right

  11. setting free the bears, What if it is UEFA that decide whats not on? An completely separate entity from the’ indigenous’ brethren in scot land.

  12. Racism and sectarianism are 2 diff things



    When are you lot going to realize that this concerted effort to pass sectarian legislation


    in Scotland is just simply Scottish hun bigots trying to get back at Celtic for UEFA fining them in the past. A smokescreen, a scam to prove that Celtic are just as scummy as the huns now that the evidence has been rammed down their throat from external powers. In addition its no


    coincidence that the trigger was the 2-2 game where 3 huns got red cards and this was used as an excuse to cover up the national disgrace of Neil Lennon’s attempted murder on more than one occasion.

  13. Setting free the bears



    My point is simple. There are songs which are contentious within and certainly outside our support.




    At some point those songs may cost us financially or in terms of points.



    If the support are to continue to sing those songs and we are brought to book for them then how far are we willing to take it?

  14. Bobby Murdochs Ankle on

    Never heard o plod tellin about the songs comin fae mordor.



    We’re up front, we sing songs o rebellion, non sectarian, but very political.



    As for that dick truth nah nah some thin, I rest my case. When will you and your supposeably like minded fans tell them tae feck off.



    I’ve a lot o blue nose pals, who tell me their fed up way hearing aw that shite, but they fell outnumbered.



    Well truth, as my daughter tells me aw the time man up, get them tae feck.



    ps ah truely hope your teams playing football next year, in hell




  15. What other Celtic site gives a Bird’sEye view of Irish history ?



    We are lucky, lucky people.

  16. Whether songs are perceived to be offensive or not, our country has lost the plot if it’s criminalising offensiveness.



    Now, songs that are discriminatory, or threatening … That’s a different matter altogether, but ignored or now the equivalent of offensive in the law

  17. Mullet and Co



    When you said



    “There seems to be a perception that the Policeman should have arrested the chanters or singers. I think there is a clear distinction here that these songs or chants are not illegal, therefore there is nothing they could do other than report them to UEFA in the hope that they would do something about it.”



    Can you tell me what songs are the questionable ones? and why did the plod not contact Celtic first?

  18. Mullet and Co says:


    13 November, 2011 at 23:18


    ‘I thought the Tricolour was a a peace flag? Now its an IRA flag? Context is everything Ernie.’




    To the people who find our songs offensive, the Tricolour is an IRA flag.

  19. Margaret McGill,



    Agree with everything you say but what if the ‘political’ songs are deemed as not acceptable by UEFA.

  20. Looks like this commander guy could be one of them….how strange…..nothing unusual about that…..hees probably the big baw faced one who gets his sidekicks to hide in the exits and entrances fiming the GB every other sat on double time taxpayers money….during the week hees probably planted behind a bus shelter with a speed gun

  21. Mr Stimpson says:


    13 November, 2011 at 23:28



    A football player in Scotland was booked for blessing himself.



    If our players bless themselves they could end up getting sent off and we’ll drop points.



    Do you think we should ban our players from blessing themselves?

  22. A wee shout out to Budgie McGhie of Clydeabank fame. It’s his 50th tonight and he’s


    having a wee do in Tony Macaroni’s in Pertick. God bless and enjoy wee man. JD

  23. Mulett and Co



    We have been up before Uefa before, have we not?



    When the unfortunately named Mr. Carson of Her Majesty’s Sun made his individual complaint about our songbook, how did we get punished by Uefa?



    What makes you confident that PC Plod has any more evidence or grasp of the rules than Mr. Carson had?



    What do you think their initial punishment of Celtic for offensive singing will be?





    If, because of political lobbying, Uefa decided we were in breach of a certain rule, would they, do you think, specify what the offending songs were and what we must cease singing? If so, I think Sepp Blatter might have to become the new Eurovision Jury voting on offensive chanting on a trans- Europe basis:-



    “I’ll give 5 points to the anti semitic gas noises made by Arsenal fans at Tottenham but 7 points to the Feyenoord guys at Ajax because they seemed more genuine in their emotions. 9 points to Croatia Zagreb for their views on Serbians, 10 points to Beitar Jerusalemm for their cudly views on Arabs but I must reserve my full 12 points for the celtic fans and their offensive Irishness.”

  24. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    Sucked Irish social & economic history for 3 years under Tom Devine…know where you are coming from… Penal laws and a land rush for growing are the key reasons with clear religious and ethnic dimensions at play.



    The root ( no pun intended) may have been in these issues I’m not certain but I am certain about the solution…it’s the economy.



    Many moons ago as a young fella (18rs old), I had an unlikely pal. He was a boarding school boy who only came back to my then home town in the Highlands ( I had just emigrated from Blantyre) who’ dad was an Irish millionaire. The dad had travelled to Oz on a one way £10 ticket in the 1960s as part of their population drive. He had gone as a poor unqualified young man and built himself up to a man of considerable wealth before setting in Scotland in a large Highland Estate.



    Anyhow he knew I was a student of Irish history and a fellow Tim. He would often have late night chats about what was wrong with his native Ireland and how it could be sorted. Bear in mind this was pre Tiger Economy ..



    ‘give them all jobs and the Toubles would go in A flash’ , he would say. ‘ they all be too busy to get involved’



    Roll forward to Tiger economy, brain drain etc and the peace process and now back to the faltering economy and re emergence of hostilities- I think he was prophetic…

  25. If Celtic are found “guilty” of this trumped up nonsense, there will be plenty of other clubs around Europe brought to book for political chanting or singing.



    Can’t see any case being found, although no doubt our friends at the SFA in “advising” UEFA will attempt vengeance for the many defeats Celtic inflicted in the last year.



    Whether these songs are sectarian or not, they are neither discriminatory or threatening, and no judge would find them so.



    Anyway, how did the tax case go last week?