No matter how imperious the players look, they all hit the wall


It is surely time for Brendan Rodgers to rotate the starters in his squad for tonight’s visit to Fir Park. Leigh Griffiths will start as Moussa Dembele recovers from what should have been a red card challenge at Hampden on Sunday, but he is only one of a few changes I would make.

James Forrest is at the top of his game right now but I would ask Patrick Roberts to take up the right-mid berth. There will not be space for James to exploit his speed, whereas Patrick’s close-game will be needed.

Tom Rogic and Olivier Ntcham should start in midfield, while Scott Sinclair simply has to start on the left. While Erik Sviatchenko is fit again I would prefer to keep the regular back line for this one. Maybe give Erik a round out on Saturday.

With European games and a League Cup final, we are in the middle of peak fixture congestion for the season.  No matter how imperious the players look, they all hit the wall eventually if not rested.




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    My two favourite managers of all time,Jock Stein and Brian Clough,always played the best players available.



    I hope the players are robustly prepared tonight




    i think the NORTH KOREANS have NUKED the west of SCODLAND?????

  3. Not a bad point Paul, although I tend to go along with the theory that we are primed and set our game up for three games a week and are used to it, where as Murderwell are not, I remember a few years ago a similar thing happened and Dundee untidy. Where in the same position as Murderwell are now, they never laid a glove on us, they where not set up for it or even fit enough for it, the familiarity on those game got a wee bit nasty if I remember right, and I see this happening here as well, it’s not a case of Murderwell being up for it, it’s a case of the SMSM being up for it, they already have the headlines printed, personally I see no problem here, no matter who Brendan picks will be fitter and faster than this bunch of hammer throwers, HH.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Seems like Motherwell are going to harp on about the penalty forevermore. Maybe we should have just fielded an entire team of improperly registered players (like the one they faced in their previous League Cup final) and they would have been happy to “move on”.


    Pity about Dembele – hope he isn’t out too long. Fancy Griff to score a couple tonight. C’mon Celtic – gub this lot!

  5. Any truth in the rumour that a Tim-jong-un1916 has applied to join the blog after hearing over the last few day there has been a few rockets going ballistic



    Its probably just me , but i think a few of our players are getting a wee bit cuter when taking a hit


    Keiran ,Broony, Jamsey and Sinky . I don’t know if tgat is getting coached into them .


    Keiran up until last season did’nt matter what hit him he was up right away ….maybe he’s /they’re learning being honest does’nt always benefit you .

  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I have mixed feelings about playing Sinclair tonight.



    Will he be mentally strong enough to absorb the abuse he is bound to receive from on and off the park?



    On the other hand, this could be the night when he recovers his form by absorbing the aforementioned abuse and handing it back on a plate.

  8. I’d definitely change the personnel for tonights game and again at the weekend, why? Just because we can.





    Take the victim out of the firing line? I know what you mean,but not for me.



    Scott is strong enough to deal with it. And his team-mates will help,if needed.

  10. With or without Sinclair tonight, it’s not a problem, that clown that got the red Sunday is there for a roasting, iv watched him a few times, I honestly think he is a big dumpling, send everything through that big lump of wood, and it’s over, only my O.













    I think the elbow in the Cup Final upset Kieran a tad.



    Yeah your right there , i’ve noticed a few times recently he’s put a marker down , going right through with a tackle as if to say … i’m not a soft touch .



  12. Hi Paul67,



    Totally agree, we seem to be over the worst, injury wise (hopefully Moussa’s contusions are none too serious).



    So rotating should be the order of the day. Hopefully we can remain invincible through this intense period, reach the winter break with minimum mutilations and start afresh next year.



    After the break, all things been equal, we should have a few testing challenges to look forward too.



    Hail Hail

  13. FiFA 2018 best managers offer their opinions to Mr Brendan Rodgers.


    I iimagine you your CV’s were thoroughly reviewed by Mr Lawell before he offered the reins to someone a bit more qualified.

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Noticed KT is filing out more now and when he can tackle like Danny McGrain he can become a legend at Celtic Park


    Still.a way to go yet and don’t particularly like the over the top raving being put on a young mans shoulders..



    He is playing close to home tonight so not far to go after the game, I’m sure the bull frog will still be open..


    Not that he drinks of course☘️☘️, consummate professional

  15. Enjoy the game tonight guys , hope the posters respect one another opinions and keep away from the inflamatory remarks :))



    1-0 to the mighty hoops ,Scott Sinclair 93rd minute penalty .



  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Bobby M..,



    That’s where my ambiguity lies.


    Could be the catalyst for last year’s Scott to reemerge.



    I trust The coaching staff to make the right call.


    This is where Jim Mc.Guinness earned his corn.

  17. Sorry if pointed out already



    SEE Murderwell manager says he would rather win tonight and end our


    unbeaten run than on SUNDAY. ????????????






    Does he not realise if he had won on Sunday he would achieved both ?

  18. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Looking for 2 tickets for tonight if there are any spare going!



    Otherwise it’s Celtic TV for the game!





  19. JC2 @ 1:01 PM,



    What’s the guy on…?



    Must be after the Sevco Job.



    May God forgive me… But



    Hope he gets it…



    Hail Hail

  20. Oh aye boabby, it presents an opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country to socialise with all your new found friends that you’ve never had before.


    But that’s only an opinion right ???



    I think he will be the next hun coach.


    Comes cheap.


    Plays no football but kicks lumps out of opponents.


    Loves sour grapes.


    Only see’s blame in others.


    Has no grip on reality.


    A perfect fit.





    You’ve got pals ?



    I’d much rather prefer to waste 3 hours of my day posting remarks hoping, just hoping someone notices me.

  23. I agree that tonight’s pitch and game will suit Paddy’s close control and quick feet.


    Id definitely play Scotty too. Wind them right up and be even better when slams one into the Dalzell Drive end goal.



    Looking forward to ramming it right up the so called those Motherwell “Dossers” tonight.


    2nd only to humping the huns for me – and Im sure many other ML1/2’ers



    Any of you whom I know who are going tonight, I’m in the Main Stand, if you are in there too give me shout.






  24. BCW


    With linguistic gymnastics like ` I’d much rather prefer`, I would think you will easily achieve your objective of being noticed.



  25. I think we will run over the top of them tonight when their legs go after an hour.


    As TD said they are not set up for a run like this.

  26. I am not one who finds out continuing success the bore that the MSSM and others claim it to be. Even so, I am more looking forward to this game tonight than I normally would. I have Stephen Robinson to thank for generating this heightened enthusiasm. And it will be repeated on Saturday ! Excellent stuff.



  27. FAN-A-TIC @ 1:23 PM,



    Yes, spot on… he’s certainly ticking the boxes.



    Think his portrayal of his cruiserweight lummox, greeting like a wean ’cause he got sent off before he could really maim wan. Was a particularly nice touch.



    Hail Hail

  28. CHAIRBHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2017 1:07 PM


    JC2 @ 1:01 PM,




    What’s the guy on…? Must be after the Sevco Job.



    May God forgive me… But Hope he gets it…



    *Good God no, we’ll be back tae the iron curtain days of shearer, baird etc

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