No rest period for Emilio will be welcomed


I know I’m not the only one with a pavlovian dislike of hearing Celtic players mentioned in international match reports in June.  Preseason training is only four weeks away, quickly followed by the Champions League qualifying round, so these weeks should be for rest and recuperation.  The one exception to the rule, this summer, is Emilio Izaguirre, who is set to play two World Cup qualifiers for Honduras over the next two weeks.

Emilio missed most of last season through injury and then sat out much of the remaining part of the campaign due to the impressive form of Charlie Mulgrew.  He is the one player in the squad who benefit from competitive football to restore his edge, and confidence.

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  1. Celtic Football Club statement


    By: Newsroom Staff on 04 Jun, 2012 09:40


    CELTIC Football Club can confirm that Alan Thompson has left the club. We can also confirm that a meeting was set up between Alan Thompson and Neil Lennon on Sunday (June 3) in Newcastle.



    However, Alan refused to meet with Neil, hence the reason for the discussion being conducted by telephone.



    The matter is now in the hands of lawyers and, therefore, we are unable to go into any further details.




    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  2. Off topic but topical:



    What planet is Miliband on?


    Sunday 03 June 2012


    His public message on the jubilee had to be seen to be believed and even then it causes eyes to be rubbed in sheer disbelief.



    “She reminds us that we are far more than just disparate individuals and communities, we are a nation with a shared sense of purpose and integrity,” he burbled.



    “The Queen’s reign is a golden thread that links people across the country and across the generations, united in the respect and genuine affection for Her Majesty.”



    Really, Mr Miliband? In just what “willow clicking on leather in the gold of the setting sun over the village green” John Majoresque world do you fantasise that we are living in?



    Where does Britain’s bloodstained imperial past fit into this cosy image?



    Or its racist present, with immigrants treated in a manner that would cause 15th-century lepers to complain.



    And as for “shared purpose,” Mr bloody Miliband, which one would that be?



    The one in which we share a purpose with Her Majesty’s government as they pauperise working people to pay the bankers’ gambling debts?



    Tell the driving test examiners, coastguards and other transport staff who are to take strike action from the end of the week in protest at government cuts to their jobs and pensions that they share a purpose with the Tory cutters and their Lib Dem stooges.



    They’ll tell you that there’s no unity of purpose between them and a mob of posh yahoos who want to cut their pensions and make them work longer for less.



    The 30,000 PCS members whose posts have been lost since 2005 would probably agree.



    And, Mr Miliband, let the baggage handlers and other ground staff at Stansted airport who launched a four-day strike on Sunday know that the new rosters that mean pay cuts and working extra days for free are evidence of management integrity and shared purpose.



    A solid 14 extra days a year for no extra pay tends to convince you otherwise.



    In 1909 David Lloyd George asked: “Who ordained that a few should have the land of Britain as a perquisite; who made ten thousand people owners of the soil and the rest of us trespassers in the land of our birth?”



    It was a good question then and it’s a good question now.



    The issue is, why isn’t Mr Miliband asking it?



    Why come out with a statement that is so unctuous, oleaginous and downright self-abasing at a time when inequality is growing and the working class is under direct attack?



    It’s clear from his prevous statements that he is conscious of the threat, so why a press release that sounds like a retraction?



    Clearly, someone in his press office believes that the votes to be won in flag-wagging middle England are worth the sacrifice of integrity, principle and self-respect. They’re wrong.



    Because, if you have to sacrifice principle to win elections, why contest them in the first place?



    Get back to principle Mr Miliband.



    As Philosophers’ Magazine editor-in-chief Julian Baggini said, “The monarchy is absurd and its constitutional role has no legitimacy.



    “When something is so manifestly wrong, it should be abolished, even if there are no clear, immediate benefits of doing so.”



    And it’s even more necessary when there are.

  3. Just back in from a bike ride along the Prom into Blackpool and back, lovely morning along the Fylde coast.


    Can we stick to the Thommo plaudits instead of doing the LL work.



  4. Wishing Alan Thompson all the best for the future, he has made an enormous contribution to the club’s success over the last 12 years, I hope everything works out for him.


    Meanwhile, Next Gen draw has been made, Celtic, Aston Villa, Sporting Lisbon, PSV- once again we are the only Scottish club to participate, great kudos for us, onwards and upwards.

  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Goodbye Thommo……….



    ……you skelped the huns…..



    more than wuns……



    Good luck and many, many thanks!

  6. One of the saddest things about the news of AT’s sacking is that the MSM will make maximum mileage out of it. You can guarantee that every aspect of his life will now be plastered all over the papers. His personal life and that of his family will become news fodder.



    Now Mr McCoist, will you be telling the MSM to leave the guy alone, and not kick him when he’s down? No, I thought not.



    I can just see all the journos and editors jumping for joy,


    “At last, a bad news story about Celtic. Get to work lads….”




  7. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    RobertTressell on 4 June, 2012 at 09:50 said:




    Off topic but topical:






    RT, I disagree I think your post is bang on topic! This whole jubilee farce is about affirming the right of a small group of people in this country to have all the wealth, privilege and entitlement, regardless of their behaviour! Remind you of anyone?


    At a time whrn the poorest in society are having baasic lifelines cut by this government, people are being encouraged to celebrate the fact that one of the most cosseted, idle and non-productive individuals in the country has lived a long time.


    When Lizzie acquired the the throne, 60 years ago, this country was being run by a cabal of out-of-touch, wealthy, former public schoolboys, sixty years later…?


    These ‘celebrations’ are simply a distraction from the continued attacks on the public sector and the poor.


    Ed Miliband is a gormless nerk, he’s a member of a party that used to have strong socialist ideals but is now peopled by mealy-mouthed, ‘what does Rupert want’, yes-men/women.

  8. Billy's Bhoy on

    Given the club statement I hope this ends amicably.


    Two Celtic greats but the most important man at the club is the manager.


    Alan Thompson thank you for everything.


    Neil Francis Lennon onwards and upwards.


    In Neil we trust.

  9. Morning Fholks


    AT I wish you all the very best for you and, your familie’s future m8.


    Loved it when you were in the hoops, always an inteligent, streetwise, marvelously gifted player and, hunskeper-extraordinaire.


    Only one thing annoying me about this….did Neil sack you over the phone ?


    Which I think was disrespecful.


    Or, where you sacked by a “Source” ? over the phone ?


    Which I find equally disrespectful and, cowardly!


    Alan Thompson





  10. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    Morning all from gay Paree, overcast with rain to come (17C max.)



    I wish Alan well. I always looked for his name on the teamsheet, and he always represented the club well when he had to step in for Lenny for interviews, etc. I had no idea of any rift. Must have been hard for both Alan and Lenny to part company.


    Question now is, will he be replaced, and if so, who will come in?



    RFC(ia): Time to Pay the Wages of Sin

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    This is getting more coverage than our total humiliation of the orcs at Paradise …and…winning the league at a canter ……pathetic LL

  12. Expect the usual suspects to find their journalistic instincts…..ahemm…….. on this one…………


    ………much earnest and concerned speculation as to the wider implications that this may have for NFL and the Champions…………







  13. Sometimes a player comes along that makes a real difference to the first team. They may not be the much heralded ‘marquee’ signing, no huge crowds in the car park but they get into the first team and are a catalyst for success.



    Step forward Alan Thompson, a great signing and a great player.



    Billy Stark and Barry Robson both over a shorter period did this too imo.

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Kevjungle- according to official statement NL offered to meet AT face to face in Newcastle, but he refused so the deed had to be done over the phone.



    It can’t have been easy for either of them, they’ve been through a lot together, good and bad, in the ole Hoops.

  15. ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’ on 4 June, 2012 at 10:05 said:




    So true,so true.






    And it is sad about Thommo….a great servant to Celtic F.C.


    And if he is having problems relating to addiction,the meejah should leave him alone…..but the vultures won’t. And they’ll turn it into a “Celtic In Crisis” story,if only to detract from Orc F.C.ia and their monster-size problems.

  16. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    The fondest (funniest) memory I have of AT is when prickson assaulted him at Paradise, and he ‘looked about him’ with the expression “where is the barsteward?”




  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Kev Jungle …… Best to avoid LL type speculation..?

  18. South Of Tunis on




    Poland / Ukraine Euro 2012 .



    I haven’t seen the BBC thing so therefore can’t comment . ..



    The Italian perspective ?



    The Media claimed that Italy were pleased to be playing in Poland– whatever it was , it wasn’t the Ukraine .



    Italian media have consistently differentiated between Poland and The Ukraine..



    The Italian media have reported on right wing thuggery , Racism and Anti Semitism in Poland . Such reporting always had the perspective that whilst such things happen in Poland , they also happen in Italy , Spain , Austria / The UK and Germany etc..



    The reporting on the Ukraine has taken a very different form . Serious concern has been expressed re holding a football tournament in the Ukraine —- Right wing violence / racism / anti semitism said to be rife in the Ukraine . Big licks given to political repression / arbitrary arrests / arbitrary imprisonment / torture / human rights abuses etc . Big licks given to the treatment of stray dogs in the relevant Ukrainian cities . Big licks given to the treatment of the homeless in the relevant Ukrainian cities .



    The thrust of Italian reporting has been that holding a football tournament in the Ukraine is asking for trouble . Much talk re the likelihood of serious violence etc..



    Watched one of Poland’s group opponents last Friday night – Russia – they hammered a dreadful Italy 3-0 [ it could easily have been 7 /8 .] I was impressed. Big / strong /fit / quick . Good technique and a strong work ethic . They seem to have game intelligence and very quick feet. . Advocaat. appears to have a good rapport with the players..



    Best wishes.