No rest period for Emilio will be welcomed


I know I’m not the only one with a pavlovian dislike of hearing Celtic players mentioned in international match reports in June.  Preseason training is only four weeks away, quickly followed by the Champions League qualifying round, so these weeks should be for rest and recuperation.  The one exception to the rule, this summer, is Emilio Izaguirre, who is set to play two World Cup qualifiers for Honduras over the next two weeks.

Emilio missed most of last season through injury and then sat out much of the remaining part of the campaign due to the impressive form of Charlie Mulgrew.  He is the one player in the squad who benefit from competitive football to restore his edge, and confidence.

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  1. martyhbk



    I trust things are still going well if you can’t spell ‘in’ right :-) Only been once, the day Bayern won the league in 89. They know how to celebrate. Enjoy yersel.

  2. Edward Ursus on

    Kojo :- I haven’t been on the site for a fair while and going by what I’m reading you have recently had an illness, good to see you recovered and back to your supercilious/confusing/enigmatic self.



    Martin 42 :- I see like Kojo you are still laughing, I would advise both of you to stop for a while as you could be laughing for a good few years and get lockjaw. As always all the best to you and yours.

  3. adi_dasler on 3 June, 2012 at 21:09 said:



    Sorry I’m not up to speed. Larkhall says it all really. They would channge the colour of the grass if they could.



    What has he been up to that makes you speak so highly of him?

  4. ” Aston Villa assistant manager Alan Thompson tonight targeted Charlie Mulgrew as his new captain, Charlie is a player I admire greatly said Thompson, James Forrest, Beram Kayal, Joe Ledley and Thomas Rogne are all said to be on the Villa mans radar”



    Starry Sports News Live

  5. If the rumours are true



    Sorry to see Alan go but i have a gut feeling that it’s better for the club.



    I have to say that Alan has done well for Celtic



    I hope he finds what he needs out of life



    Tictalker talking tic

  6. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Mint source? Baaaaaaa humbug!

  7. St.John.Doyle on

    theweegreenman on 3 June, 2012 at 21:16 said:





    I was down in darkest Larkhall on friday for my real job, every lamp-pole has a butcher’s apron on it, very patriotic, pity their local team dishonour her by not paying her the taxes due



    Every lamp-pole very organised but not as clever when having to come up with ideas to save their club

  8. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    I just heard the Thompson story from a fishermans friend.

  9. I like the look of this:


    ” In a swift response to Rangers’ statement, the SFA issued one of its own on Sunday evening.



    It read: “Referring the matter to the Court of Session, Rangers FC utilised the court’s right of Supervisory Jurisdiction contained within Scots Law.



    “Given that any two parties can seek arbitration, the club was not ‘prohibited from appealing to the Court of Arbitration for Sport’, as was claimed.



    “Indeed, no representation was made by the club to the Scottish FA to discuss the possibility or the process of seeking arbitration via the Court of Arbitration for Sport before Judicial Review was actioned.”


    `night all




  10. If I had a bid in for a house but hadn’t completed the deal, was waiting on things like mortgage approval, legal stuff being done, surveys completed and all that jazz I don’t think I would be round at the house measuring up for curtains or appealing the council tax bill, the gas and electricity. no, I’d just be doing the buying stuff.



    Now if the house turned out to have very shaky founds and subsidence issues making collapse a real likelihood I would probably withdraw from the purchase – I certainly wouldn’t do what the current owner or factor should be doing and going round to the insurers or the builders or the council and demanding things be done before I’ve bought the thing.



    In other words quite why any one should be giving a fiddlers fart what the non owner of rangers (Charles Green that is, I know there are about 6 Billion other people who don’t own it either) is saying about potential sanctions.



    If Green were serious I don’t think he’d even have a bid in at this stage. He’s another imposter. Good.

  11. skyisalandfill on




    Ok I’ll bite. The Euros. You sure?






  12. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    I didn’t know that Trebor Francis drove a VW Polo!

  13. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    I don’t usually trust rumours but Werthers smoke there’s usually fire.

  14. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    The story is full of holes……must be a polo.

  15. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    Sir David Murray now commenting on the Mint story…

  16. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    I think it’s all a mere confection. Probably made up by a sweetie wife.