No sympathy for fans emotionally involved in the Euros


No harm to all the saltire flag wavers out there who discover an interest in the game once every couple of years, but I’ve no sympathy for any Celtic fan emotionally involved in the Euros.

It would be great to see Scotland win and do well, but reality should have bitten long before a ball was kicked.  If you are Scottish, international tournaments are best enjoyed as a neutral.  Watch the greatest players in the game do their stuff without having to worry about results.

The most important news from last night is that Callum McGregor starts his summer rest today, the same week most Scottish Premiership players begin preseason training.  Callum’s limbs will have a short recuperation period before ‘the man who plays the most minutes’ goes into battle one more time.  Did I really want Callum training and playing for another week?  Did you?

Any Celtic fan who wanted our captain’s close season further curtailed should take a hard look at themselves.  While we are at it, the sooner the USA and Canada are emptied from the Copa America the better, allowing Cameron Carter-Vickers and Alistair Johnston even a brief rest before it competitive action starts in five weeks.  The USA are likely to progress to the quarters, which take place two weeks from now.  Despite not only training with, not playing for, the USA, Carter-Vickers will not have ideal preparation for the new campaign.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Queens Park Cafe. Let those good times commence. 👍🍻

  2. What is the Starz on

    Players who are good enough get selected to play for their country.


    It’s an honour to play for your country.


    A successful football team usually contains players who are good enough to play for their country.


    Successful football clubs SHOULD be able to cope with 2 or 3 players missing..

  3. What is the Starz on

    What dastardly plans do the parsimonious Lawwellites have in store for us.


    Will they come up with a cunning plan to make Celtic Park unavailable for games until October in order to keep the old firm money tree a growing

  4. Well there is far too much International football, but we cannot begrudge the Americas playing their Tournament at the same time as Europe. Both CCV had lengthy absences last season a few games for their countries should not be too much of a burden. Likewise Scotland’s first half last night would not have taxed Callum McGregor, or Tony Ralston who put in a decent shift. The old days of players on a two month break, (or two months on the brew at Dunfermline under Jock) or having to be put through the mill, to get fit for the coming season are long gone, Different approach applies these days. Ergo in the big picture, no big deal.

  5. Paul 67,



    From a Scottish perspective what does the Euros teach us ?


    Simple. If you dont score goals you dont win games. OG’s are not enough.


    Regrests we have a few. The odds were not forever in our favour, however we never optimised our chances.



    To succeed in that group was realistically obtainable. We did not go for it and we go home with regret.


    All the Celtic players will have regrets but its the manager who should have the biggest regrets.



    Its beyond reasonable belief that James Forrest never got at least the last 15 minutes. I presume his recent form earned him his seat on the plane.



    So Stevie Clarke likes his money, tje question is did he earn it.?

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Heart versus head for some Paul.



    The three individuals you mention all struggled with injuries last season.



    Ideally I’d like them to rest up and actually recover from their injuries.



    Little chance of that in the real world and, who knows, perhaps AJ and CCV are restless types who prefer to train.



    As for our captain, I hope he calls time on his international career now.



    He looked jaded towards the end of the game last night. (Not the only one)

  7. First team home. Scotland did not deserve next round due to poor quality of performance.

  8. greenpinata



    There was a period last season, probably the latter part of 2023, when Celtic were struggling onfield. Brendan’s slower possession based approach was not working, and he was not getting the best out of the players he had available. He worked it out aided and abetted by CCV, and AJ, Adam, Matt, Oliver, Jamesie, Kyogo et al and we rediscovered how to win game after game. And a League and Cup double.


    Steve Clarke is incapable of that, he is stuck with an approach which was an outlier at the Euros, but not in a good way. Players like Conway and Forrest could have helped attack wise had they been used at various times in our last two games, Jamesie cutting across thee box from wide, Conway, mobile and good in the air.


    Clarke’s time is been and gone, gradually then suddenly. Any club that hires him had better make sure they have a plastic pitch. Livingstone maybe?

  9. scotland in a group are celtic like in a group.



    except our football is sometimes good

  10. I thought Callum was outstanding last night. Always available for a pass, picked up so many 2nd balls and calm in possession. Tony also performed very well in the past 2 matches after a tough night against the Germans.



    I would have preferred Scotland to progress than go out but have no sympathy for the blazers.

  11. Thought this was funny.



    It could be worse, it could be snowing.



    Imagine shovelling snow in this heat.😀

  12. I tried to console my Celtic and Scotland supporting nephew last night when he was in tears at the final whistle with the “good for Celtic” theory. Didn’t work.



    Watched all of the matches with family but couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for it, nor much other than a wry smile when the inevitable sucker punch landed. Glad it was after we subbed out Ralston to save him being further scape-goated.



    Also, on reading back, BRRB and others with an interest in drumming may like some of this guys work:



    Grohl and Tre I love also, but this guy can be something else, especially live.




  13. We had 4 players in the squad



    A very poor squad / team who got beat by a bang average hungary



    And only 2 got on the park !! Show how much we have to improve to get anywhere in Europe



    Big clamour for Steve Clark to bring on JF , who had contributed virtually zero any time he has played over last 15 years

  14. kevinlasvegas on

    100% agreement Pablo.



    The sfa are running around like headless chickens just now to help sevco, they are no friend of ours, they have hobbled the national sport to suit sevco, how can we support a national team knowing this



    Enjoy the rest Bhoys.



    Get Miovski in if Brendan wants him.




  15. PAUL67…


    I WAS emotionally involved with Scotland in the Euros… least financially…



    I placed a Bet with one of my Bookies before the Euros started that Scotland would be the LOWEST Scoring Team in the tournament at the strange odds of 13/1.



    The Bookie hasnt paid out as yet, and I am in the process of looking through all the results so far and the number of Goals that each country has scored so far ?



    I am unsure IF my Bet has came up already, and that perhaps the Bookies are waiting on the completion of ALL the Group Games before paying out ? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other Country that has only scored ONE Goal in the EUROs so far, and that was an OWN Goal, that UEFA finally decided to award to McTOMINAY v The Swiss.



    Even little ALBANIA have scored MORE than One Goal in only Two of their games so far….that is a sad fact that Scotland and Steve Clarke are faced with.



    Abshootley BRUTAL.






  16. I sincerely hope that CALMAC calls it a day in relation to Internationals any time soon.


    I Posted about CALMAC BEFORE the Euros started, and how I wished that he would retire from Scotland Squads and maybe ….it would help him play and Captain Celtic for that bit longer ?



    One or Two on here DISAGREED with that ” Suggestion”.


    I wonder IF they think differently now that Scotland are OOT ?




  17. big jimmy



    Didn’t Scotland not get the benefit of another own goal in the first game


    Scored by the Germans

  18. CELTIC MAC on 24TH JUNE 2024 1:54 PM


    big jimmy







    Didn’t Scotland not get the benefit of another own goal in the first game





    Scored by the Germans.





    After my earlier Post about Scotland only scoring One Goal at the Euros, I was checking some earlier results and I suddenly realised that Scotland scored against the Swiss…AND Germany.


    I can NOT remember who scored Scotlands Goal v Germany in the 5 – 1 defeat ?



    Then I saw your Post, and I STILL cant remember who scored for Scotland v Germany ?



    I think I am losing the Plot.


    I must get back on the Beer ASAP !



    Who was it that scored against Germany ?






  19. big jimmy



    Ye were probably in a state of shock by that time….


    Like the rest of us

  20. Only NOW, can I remember the ” Build Up” to Scotlands Goal v Germany, as it was MCKENNA who headed the ball back across the German six yard line….BUT I STILL can’t remember who put the ball in the net ?



    At the time it was 4 -0 to Germany, and I was happy to see Scotland getting a Goal as I had backed Germany to win by the Correct Score of 4 – 1 at odds of 18/1….only for some German CHUMP called ” CAN” to score a very late Fifth Goal for Germany.



    I am going to try YOUTUBE to see who scored the Scotland Goal v Germany…unless someone on here can put me out of misery asap ?





  21. bournesouprecipe on

    🎶A lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy



    A lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy



    A lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy🎶



    Bill Withers

  22. This WEDNESDAY….it will be SEVEN Weeks since I last went out…….and SEVEN Weeks since I last had some Beers.



    I think I am going ” Stir Crazy”….maybe getting out and having several Beers will help me ?






  23. glendalystonsils on




    Bill Withers?



    Know howhe feels , I’m meltin .

  24. I’m pretty sure all the Celtic bhoys in the Scotland squad will be gutted they are coming home. I don’t understand Celtic supporters who say they don’t want our players selected or that they are glad the competition has ended for them. It’s the ultimate honour for a player to represent their country and it’s an opportunity to get the Celtic brand recognised worldwide.



    Our players represented well. Thought Callum was getting stronger each game and Tony played his heart out. He would have learned more from these 3 games that an entire season in the SPL and that can only be good for Celtic.

  25. GREENPINATA on 24TH JUNE 2024 2:25 PM


    Big Jimmy,







    It was an OG.





    Ive just watched the Goals from the Germany v Scotland game and it was Germanys ” RUDIGER” who scored the own goal after McKenna had headed it against him.


    I had forgotten all about that Goal earlier.


    Sometimes I can be a CHUMP !



    HH Mate.

  26. bournesouprecipe on




    🎶I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know I know


    I know I know I know 🎶



    Bill Withers CSC

  27. SYDNEYTIM on 24TH JUNE 2024 1:41 PM


    We had 4 players in the squad



    Big clamour for Steve Clark to bring on JF , who had contributed virtually zero any time he has played over last 15 years





    James scored a hat-trick in one of his more recent outings for Scotland

  28. Hopefully CALMAC and JAMES FORREST and possibly GREG TAYLOR will tell that SFA MOB that they are retiring from International Fitba ?



    I suppose Anthony Ralston may wish to carry on for now ?


    ALL of the above players will possibly feel that they can prolong their Celtic careers by chucking the Scotland set up ?



    Wee Greg Taylor has very little chance of a future game with TIERNEY and ROBERTSON ahead of him. Then again, that may also depend on how TIERNEY feels if he can recover from this latest injury ?







  29. James Forrest once scored a hat trick for Scotland, if that counts as next to zero then fair enough

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