No sympathy for fans emotionally involved in the Euros


No harm to all the saltire flag wavers out there who discover an interest in the game once every couple of years, but I’ve no sympathy for any Celtic fan emotionally involved in the Euros.

It would be great to see Scotland win and do well, but reality should have bitten long before a ball was kicked.  If you are Scottish, international tournaments are best enjoyed as a neutral.  Watch the greatest players in the game do their stuff without having to worry about results.

The most important news from last night is that Callum McGregor starts his summer rest today, the same week most Scottish Premiership players begin preseason training.  Callum’s limbs will have a short recuperation period before ‘the man who plays the most minutes’ goes into battle one more time.  Did I really want Callum training and playing for another week?  Did you?

Any Celtic fan who wanted our captain’s close season further curtailed should take a hard look at themselves.  While we are at it, the sooner the USA and Canada are emptied from the Copa America the better, allowing Cameron Carter-Vickers and Alistair Johnston even a brief rest before it competitive action starts in five weeks.  The USA are likely to progress to the quarters, which take place two weeks from now.  Despite not only training with, not playing for, the USA, Carter-Vickers will not have ideal preparation for the new campaign.

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  1. Has anyone watched the Copa America matches? Caught a good part of Uruguay v Panama: thought there were some useful Panamanian players that might be worth looking. Very physical and athletic.

  2. So far, Scotland have scored TWO Goals at the EUROs…….little ALBANIA have scored THREE Goals ( I think) in only Two games, and they play their Third game Tonight.


    I am wracking my brain trying to think of any other Country that have only scored TWO Goals so far ?



    The Bookies have ” Suspended” my ” CASH OUT” Option in my bet for Scotland to be the LOWEST Scoring team at the Euros. I have/had NO INTENTION of ” Cashing Out” anyway.



    I must be in with a chance of that Bet coming UP ?






  3. In terms of technical quality Scotland have looked like the worst team in the competition.



    Players born and brought up in Scotland just aren’t good enough for European football. Scotland rely on players from England and Australia and we still aren’t anywhere near good enough. Celtic want to do as well or better than teams from Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium. Denmark consistently produces competitive national teams. Austria have been very decent in this tournament.



    And nobody watches Scotland play football from thirty years ago and think they need to send more scouts to watch the spl.

  4. OOPS Silly me…



    ENGLAND have only scored TWO Goals so far in the EUROs…the same number at Scotland, but the English still have their Third game Tomorrow against SLOVENIA.


    Ive already backed SLOVENIA to beat the English by 2 – 1 with the Bookie at odds of 20/1.



    Fingers crossed.





  5. I hope the Hungarian lad is recovering from his collision with the Scotland goalkeeper…bodies and boots were flying in, in all directions, last night.. not a pretty watch.

  6. What is the Starz on

    Big Jimmy


    Eleven teams have only scored 2 goals (after 2 games) Hungary have 2 after 3 games and may be out and France and Serbia have only scored 1 ..So a long way to before Scotland can end up bottom.

  7. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 24TH JUNE 2024 3:50 PM





    Cheers mate, Ive obviously got some way to go with my Scotland Bet.



    Silly me.


    HH Mate.

  8. Good work por ciro.



    What did you post about it yesterday?



    Bus park for themselves maybe ?

  9. POR CIERTO on 23RD JUNE 2024 9:06 PM


    The Stairs:



    SAINT STIVS on 24TH JUNE 2024 4:30 PM


    “Good work por ciro.


    What did you post about it yesterday?


    Bus park for themselves maybe ?”






    Sounds as though they will put their buses into the part of the car park nearest their section behind that stand. At the moment there is a solitary gate to enter that car park at that end. Because of the amount of people who will arrive and leave there then they need something that can handle the increase in foot fall and of course keep it safe to do so. Por cierto.

  10. All this hassle and costs for us to segregate themselves.



    What is the benefits.




  11. timmy7_noted on

    So Celtic fans shouldn’t be emotionally involved in the performance of the national team? Absolute guff. Ridiculous article.

  12. MNCELT on 24TH JUNE 2024 2:29 PM


    I’m pretty sure all the Celtic bhoys in the Scotland squad will be gutted they are coming home. I don’t understand Celtic supporters who say they don’t want our players selected or that they are glad the competition has ended for them. It’s the ultimate honour for a player to represent their country….





    Represent a country where the elected [SNP] Govt tried to put our supporters into jail for the mere crime of celebrating the history of our bloodline? 👀



    A country [Scotland] that all of a sudden in 1986 needed Celtic playes and supporters because the establishment team [Rangers FC] and its supporters mentality was changed in the Souness era to become pro English players ant Intl ream? 👀



    A country who`s Intl under 23 team was encouraged by their coaching staff to celebrate WILDLY as Celtic were losing the Uefa Cup Final in Seville 2003? 👀



    And Celtic supporters fell for these Masonic Orange bassas who run Scottish football, and who would still to this day be covering up the Rangers EBT scandal had the Internet not appeared on the scene? 👀



    Celtic needs a leadership who`ll educate and sharpen the minds of our lazy, dilly dallying, NON uppity, NON rebellious, Not Able To Read Current Events outside of zio OWNED AND CONTROLLED Mainstream Media FAKERY, a support who stand for nothing and ALWAYS fall for everything, A leadership who`ll speak to you in a straight line as to who our FKN enemies REALLY are…is what we need!!!!



    As it stands….



    Celtic FC and its supporter base are cuckolded to Old Firm status.



    Who`s fault is that?



    i`d start pointing the finger at the PLC ass lickers planted onto blogs to keep you dumb lazy and cuckolded.



    Anybody who refuses to be cuckolded…will be smeared as a “Troll”…just like “The Malcontents” were smeared. 👀













  13. bournesouprecipe on

    Footballer Neil McCann loses IR35 appeal



    Last Updated: 16 April 2024



    Football pundit and former Scottish footballer and manager Neil McCann lost his appeal at the Upper Tribunal (UT) that his contract with Sky was employment. This finding confirms liabilities to tax and NIC of over £200,000.





    Neil McCann worked for Sky from 2012 to 2017 through his Personal service company. In McCann Media Limited v HMRC [2024] UT0094, the UT heard arguments on three grounds against the original First Tier Tribunal (FTT) decision:



    Ground 1: mutuality of obligations


    The Appellant argued that he was able to take on an additional role as interim manager of Dundee FC without consultation with Sky during the peak period of the football season. This demonstrated his contractual autonomy was at odds with the irreducible minimum for the existence of a contract of employment.


    HMRC countered that Mr McCann informed Sky in advance of taking the Dundee appointment because he didn’t want to ‘burn his bridges’ with them. Also, it is common for employees to serve more than one employer.



    The UT noted the FTT had found Sky could terminate the contract if Mr McCann was unavailable to provide services for over four weeks. Also, he was prohibited from supplying similar services to other television, radio, media, print or betting organisations.


    The UT found there was no error in the FTT’s decision.



    Ground 2: inconsistent with employment


    The Appellant argued the FTT erred in law by failing to take into account and/or properly apply the third limb of Ready Mixed Concrete (South East) Ltd v Minister of Pensions and National Insurance [1968] (RMC), namely that other factors of the contractual relationship were inconsistent with employment. A contractual right to substitution and indemnity clauses in the Sky contract applied equally to the substitute. An unfettered right to provide a substitute is inconsistent with employment.


    HMRC said a statement by the parties to the contract that they did not ‘wish to create or imply any mutuality of obligations’ was found by the FTT not to be the proper characterisation of the hypothetical contract and of itself proved very little.



    The UT noted permission to appeal was refused in relation to the FTT’s findings on substitution and dismissed those arguments by the Appellant. Indemnity clauses are not prima facie inconsistent with employment. A qualified power of termination is not incompatible with employment.


    Ground 3



    The Appellant argued the FTT erred in law in applying the three-stage test set out in HMRC v Kickabout Productions Ltd [2020] UKUT 0216 which is to find the terms of the actual contractual arrangements, ascertain the terms of the ‘hypothetical contract’ and consider whether the hypothetical contract would be a contract of employment. This is determined in turn, by reference to the RMC case. They argued the FTT had conflated the actual contractual terms with the process of construing the hypothetical terms.


    HMRC submitted the Appellant was trying to point to a misdirection where none existed.


    The UT saw no error of law in the FTT’s approach.



    The appeal was dismissed.

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    But he admitted to law chiefs he is deeply worried by the prospect of being held liable for the huge sum relating to payments made to him during his time at Rangers.



    When asked during a civil proof hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff Court how it would affect him, McCann said: “It’s not a pleasant thought.



    “I wasn’t aware of this when I signed the contract and it causes me huge concerns.”



    Devastated pals pay tribute to ‘amazing’ lad, 16, killed in Highlands crash as 15-year-old girl fights for life



    The former Gers winger, who is currently caretaker boss at Inverness Caledonian Thistle, has lodged a counter claim against Karen seeking around £850,000 in lump sums.



    Both sides have made their bids on the basis of properties being sold, including the family home in Edinburgh and a holiday retreat in Murcia, Spain.



    The couple’s divorce hearing comes 18 months after cops were called to a dispute at their posh pad in the capital’s Murrayfield.

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    **** First paragraph ***** ☝️



    LOVE SPLIT BATTLE Rangers hero Neil McCann fears £700k tax bill for EBTs as he battles ex-wife over £1million divorce



    * Graham Mann


    * Published: 9:11, 29 Mar 2021Updated: 9:13, 29 Mar 2021



    FORMER Rangers hero Neil McCann told a court he fears a £700,000 tax bill for controversial EBTs — as he battles his ex-wife over their £1million divorce.  


    The footie idol, 46, is being chased for a £975,000 payout by estranged missus Karen, 47, who blames his “behaviour” for their marriage breakdown

  16. GREENPINATA on 23RD JUNE 2024 11:54 PM


    TONTINE TIM on 23RD JUNE 2024 11:07 PM



    Do you really think the wife and family of Tommy Burns would ask a bigot to carry his coffin ?



    *I’m NOT questioning TB’s family here, I’m pointing out what IMHO is the hypocritical view that if they carry a coffin intae the chapel then they are good guys, is that the same nice guys that beat a Celtic supporter up behind a kebab shop or verbally abused an official as they widnae let him near Mixu Paatelainen for which he was red carded for or slaps durranty on the heid while sittin in the stand, possibly banned, as the huns once again capitulated or further more castigated st mirren’s greatest supporter with a foul mouthed rant for questioning his signings.



    Also don’t forget where I was born and bred and although I cannae speak for mcsleekit his former boss was a regular visitor to the Cameron House, Duck Bay Marina and Hungry Monk and I could tell lots of stories about the whole Helensburgh based hun contingent

  17. That new staircase from the East Stand to Dalriada Road?


    Is that the 39 Steps?

  18. The powers that be running our countries football need to get back to basics, and I mean back to basics.


    We are not, nor likely to be able to produce Dalgleish etc, WHY .


    Lack of money may be a factor but it’s deeper than that by a mile.


    System is crap, grassroots is crap.


    Tough decisions are required , for example, a reserve league, a maximum of 3 foreign players in each club, not gonna happen, is it




  19. After last night’s appalling result we have our top suprbru performers as:-



    Borgo67- 29 pts


    Call Me Gerry- 27 pts


    Kolncelt- 26 pts



    snaper1969, Por Cierto, Greenpinata & Jonny the Tim are winning the race to the bottom.



    Only Scaniel still to trap for tonight.

  20. a reserve league would be good, so would a return to fewer subs, so most players actually played each week.



    but there is no going back.



    scotland is producing champions league level players, and the perfromace schools are doing the job.



    we are just now at the stage everyone else got even better.


    huns once again capitulated or further more castigated st mirren’s greatest supporter with a foul mouthed rant for questioning his signings.




  22. Tom McLaughlin on




    What a load of self-indulgent, arrogant and sanctimonious nonsense. It’s because of attitudes like yours that Scottish Football is in the state it’s in.



    This place gets more like FollowFollow every day. You were one more sentence away from declaring “We are the people”.

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