Nomme Kaljur biggest game of the week is tonight


In a little over five hours, Nomme Kalju are in domestic league action, their 20th game of the season.  2018’s champions are level in the battle for third place with tonight’s opponents, Paide, so this will be a competitive encounter.  All things considered, the forthcoming games against Celtic are less important than finishing third and qualifying for Europe next season.

They are five points off second and 10 from the top of the table.  It has been a disappointing campaign for the two-time Estonian champions, the most significant positive being this week’s Champions League qualification win in Macedonia over Shkendija.

Like Kilmarnock, who went down to the other CQN last night, Shkendija are preseason, and having won away, should comfortably have taken care of business in the second leg, but weakness in the other kind of legs is likely to have been their downfall.  Both teams were clearly drained from their first competitive action of the season, leading to bizarre results.

Nomme probably have the lowest economic footprint of any club Celtic have faced in European football (Lincoln Red Imps may just edge them).  Wednesday’s game at Celtic Park will certainly contribute more to the economy than their entire 2018 exploits.  This tie is a fairy tale for Nomme Kalju, who will transform their 2019 economic footprint with TV rights for the home game, and a gift to Celtic, who had the far tougher task of overcoming Rosenborg at the same stage a year ago.

The European draw gods were unkind last season, let’s hope they continue to pitch softly to us for another few rounds.

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  1. I hope we tell the French team where to go,if reports they are offering £ 5 million for Jozo,are true.Like Julien,if he played for another club,and we were interested,the price would start at £ 7 million.Jozo is now becoming a main player for us.He reads the game very well.I like him,and do not want to lose him.


    Just a wee question,is anyone on here”Fuming”as the rags are reporting,at the £24 charge,for the next Euro game?.

  2. glendalystonsils on




    I think we’ve already pencilled in missing it for next season!-))

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TB- Jozo missing games due to plastic pitches is a consideration if there is a bid for him,hehas really improved since Neil came in,FWIW I think £23 fora 2nd round Qualifier, is a bit high.



    Yes,I think it is myself,but are you “Fuming”.The media just love these headlines when its us.


    I meant to ask you yesterday,have you watched,”When they see us”4 part series.Astonishing story,and brilliantly made and acted.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TB – The great unwashed got charged £15 ,to watch a friendly on STV….Sevco TV…..or was I right the first time….😁

  6. I see Sevco News is saying a West Ham spokesman has said “The hat trick hero”is available for £ 4-5 million.


    But,but,but,but we were told —————-.

  7. Anyone vouch for my post yesterday about the Hun player getting a straight red against some Welsh mob,last pre season,and not recieving a ban.Sure it was Ryan Jack.

  8. If Lille come in for Jozo… then if they are serious I would be expecting a bit more than £5 million, in current climate ( And I know he is in the final 12 months of his Celtic contract.)



    If they do make a bid however, Jozo has much to ponder. Where does he see himself ? Many would subscribe to Ajer and Jullien being the 1st choice centre back pairing. However I am a Jozo fan, and on his day he is their equal.


    However put it this way, if we sell Jozo, I wouldn’t be brimming with confidence going in to this season, with Jullien, Ajer, Elhamed, and J.Hendry.


    If anything were to happen to Jullien and Ajer… suspension / injury… then a back line of Elhamed (unproven as he is) + Hendry, would give me the fear.



    I agree.Not so sure Jozo will not befirst pick to parner Julien.He is a class act.Dont think we can afford to lose someone of his quality.So difficult to replace,as we have witnessed.Anyway,we have not seen enough of Julien yet to make any decisions.

  10. Turkeybhoy



    You can bet your bottom dollar our first choice CH pairing this season will be Kris Ajer, an emerging superstar and Chris Julien, our most expensive defensive signing.



    Two giants, 1 with quarterback passing precision and the other like a nordic gazelle running through the heart of the opposition’s defence on a regular basis.



    Jozo, the new Israeli and the old Israeli will be on hand to step in if required. Hendry will have to choose from a car park of willing taxi drivers taking him anywhere he wants, faraway from Celtic Park….

  11. Nir Bitton is now only likely to feature for us, if at all, in a centre back role.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Jobo- Bitton will be used ,when we are resting guys,or an injury crisis, to be fair, he’s looking fit just now.

  13. I think Nir Bitton is a class player. I believe NL will play him quite often. Good passing out of defence is important in the SPL as we spend so much of the game going forward. Nir offers quality in that aspect .



  14. BSR : 13:52



    Hatem Abd Elhamed is really Jozo’s replacement



    Nothing like a cheaper downgrade to keep everyone happy.

  15. Unlike others here I remember the Nir Bitton vintage at Centre Half against Astana.



    When defending, pressed or up against a mobile forward, he is dreadful.



    Where his casual play doesn’t cost us then fine but please, a bit of balance fellas….

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Big Bitton hates a 50/50 and for that reason alone is not a guy you look to when the going gets tough.




  17. traditionalist88 on

    CELTIC will be in the draw on Monday for the third qualifying round of the Champions League even before a ball is kicked in the second. Such is the tight timeframe between qualifiers at this stage in the season, the need to draw game ahead is a must. That means Celtic and Kalju will be in the draw and will find out who their next opponents may be.



    The club will be seeded and dodge last years semi-finalists Ajax, as well as Copenhagen and our familiar friends Rosenborg. However, there are some difficult teams in the unseeded section Celtic should be wary of if they qualify.



    Panathinaikos, Cluj, Maribor and Quarabag could all be potential opponents. Here is the full list below:




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