Nomme Kaljur biggest game of the week is tonight


In a little over five hours, Nomme Kalju are in domestic league action, their 20th game of the season.  2018’s champions are level in the battle for third place with tonight’s opponents, Paide, so this will be a competitive encounter.  All things considered, the forthcoming games against Celtic are less important than finishing third and qualifying for Europe next season.

They are five points off second and 10 from the top of the table.  It has been a disappointing campaign for the two-time Estonian champions, the most significant positive being this week’s Champions League qualification win in Macedonia over Shkendija.

Like Kilmarnock, who went down to the other CQN last night, Shkendija are preseason, and having won away, should comfortably have taken care of business in the second leg, but weakness in the other kind of legs is likely to have been their downfall.  Both teams were clearly drained from their first competitive action of the season, leading to bizarre results.

Nomme probably have the lowest economic footprint of any club Celtic have faced in European football (Lincoln Red Imps may just edge them).  Wednesday’s game at Celtic Park will certainly contribute more to the economy than their entire 2018 exploits.  This tie is a fairy tale for Nomme Kalju, who will transform their 2019 economic footprint with TV rights for the home game, and a gift to Celtic, who had the far tougher task of overcoming Rosenborg at the same stage a year ago.

The European draw gods were unkind last season, let’s hope they continue to pitch softly to us for another few rounds.


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    Not sure of the ins and outs, but read somewhere that the f a of the host nation has to report the red card offence. Then the players f. a. have to investigate and act if needed .

  2. IniquitousIV on

    !!BADA BING!! @ 12:36


    Deadline for 2nd round is today. For the third round, it is August 2, and for the play offs it is August 16. The window closes on September 2.


    Hope this helps.



  3. traditionalist88 on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 19TH JULY 2019 2:10 PM



    Is there an opportunity to register a wild card on the Monday preceding the game, do you know?




  4. IniquitousIV on



    Yes, there is. And one minor point of clarification re your previous post. The Greek team we may face is PAOK Salonica, who finished 7 places and 44 points ahead of Panathanaikos last season.


    Apparently, they are a lot better than the AEK team we faced last year.



  5. IniquitousIV on



    I am getting concerned that unless we consolidate our back four, stiffen our midfield, and have a settled striking partnership, we will not be in good shape to visit the Bigotdome on September 1. If we are at our strongest, and fail that test, it will be too late to rectify the situation via the transfer market.



  6. traditionalist88 on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 19TH JULY 2019 2:22 PM



    Great, thanks. I just lifted that article from Video Celts so thanks for clarifying re. the Greek qualifiers! Sounds like one to avoid…




  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Finau at it,deep in the rough, he said a Marshall told him he stood on the ball,referee involved, Marshall said he didn’t touch it, he quickly played the shot……..very poor form.

  8. On countdown there letters game






    Don’t think WEEFRATIM is in the dictionary

  9. fieldofdrams on

    Turkeybhoy at 12.47



    ‘Just a wee question,is anyone on here”Fuming”as the rags are reporting,at the £24 charge,for the next Euro game?.’



    Not me. I was fuming at the outrageous £30 charged to Celtic supporters by Dundee FC last year to watch football in their dilapidated shed of a stadium, the view so restricted that a guy two rows in front of me watched the entire game on his phone. I remember the Daily Record’s article on those ticket prices said…oh, they didn’t comment actually.



    So £24 to watch Celtic, in European competition, in a modern stadium with fantastic views and, dare I say it, disco lights? I’m lucky enough to be able to pay it and I for one don’t think it’s outrageous.

  10. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH JULY 2019 3:01 PM



    Shane Lowry has the tricolour on his shoes😆





    He’d better be careful a Sky Sport “journalist” doesn’t take offence and tweet about it…

  11. 16 roads,Almore,McPhail bhoy



    Thanks gents for your replies on Shankhill





  12. Good Afternoon and Hail Hail



    Can anyone shed any light on something I read/heard about last week.



    First I heard there were rumours that der Hun had transgressed regulations about number of subs named versus St Josephs.



    Then I’m sure I read that St Joseph were awaiting end of 2nd leg before lodging a protest against Alan McGregor’s registration.



    I dpnt know if it’s hopeful speculation from some of our own but I duly noted that McGregor was not part of their squad last night.



    Any help guys???



    Hail Hail

  13. Turkey Bhoy


    It depends on two things: did the referee report it to his parent association, and, if so, did they in turn forward it to the SFA with any recommendation for action.



  14. traditionalist88 on

    BHOYLO83 on 19TH JULY 2019 2:52 PM



    No official word, quantity of reports suggests its a goer in next few days.




  15. Think jozo has 2 years left on contract. I like big jozo, but he is very injury prone and cant play on plastic. If we got decent fee youd think it might appeal. But he would need replaced.


    Bitton is never a centreback and it should be avoided.



    All players that come in to a club are a gamble we just have to accept that and hope they adjust well. Its the same for every club. Lets hope celtic get more right than wrong.

  16. Trad88



    Thanks, no point speculating about the team until he does sign, especially with the way things have gone so far this transfer window

  17. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH JULY 2019 12:47 PM



    I think the £23 charge for ST holders is high.


    I think the £26 charge for non ST holders is very steep.



    We have by far the highest ST prices in Scotland and hopefully there is a lot of games to play outwith the ST this season.



    I am not fuming ( can’t make it due to pesky work anyway ) but the cost for a 2nd round qualifier should be proportionate, I feel this is not.




  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Wavy,


    Turkeybhoy could bet his top dollar too, he doesn’t honor his bets.

  19. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH JULY 2019 3:26 PM



    Natknow- Jozo’s dubious ban,will be the work of the SMSM and Dallas.





    No doubt if VAR had picked up a hun offence they’d have lost the video tape… :-)

  20. Fool Time Whistle on

    CYRENEAN on 19TH JULY 2019 3:14 PM



    This is mostly conjecture based on what I have read.



    This may relate to an article on the John James site


    In it, he contends that Newco are passing themselves off as the same as Oldco when they list their quota of homegrown players as defined by Uefa regulations.



    Uefa’s rules state that any club must have 8 homegrown players in a 25 man squad, and 4 of the 8 must have been with that club for at least 3 years between age 15 to 21.


    Newco announced a 22 man squad suggesting that they had problems meeting the homegrown quota.



    Newco appear to have named 4 players to meet the “other” homegrown category (Jack, Hastie, Docherty & Arfield) but seem to be passing 1 of these four – Halliday, Davis, McGregor & Stewart, as their own “homegrown” player. None of them meet the Uefa criteria for this category.



    No explanation has been offered as to why their squad is only 22 instead of 25.


    But the guessing is that by reducing the squad by 3 they will contend that these are 3 of the homegrown number that they will not include. Which leaves Newco with a deficit of 1 homegrown player to meet the Uefa requirement.



    The only one of the four (named above) who could be passed off as meeting the criteria is McGregor who was with the old club from 1998 to 2012. But then, Uefa’s Andrea Traverso is on record as saying that Newco are a new club, so McGregor would fail to meet the minimum requirement and would therefore be ineligible.



    McGregor played the whole game in the 1st leg against St Josephs.


    His ommision from the squad for the 2nd leg might suggest that Newco know they screwed up by playing him in the 1st leg.



    To meet Uefa’s regulations they should have named a 21 man squad by deducting the four homegrown (by them) players that they cannot nominate.



    St Jospehs are likely to be very much aware of this situation.






    Just my guesswork in filling in the blanks.

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    It’s unlikely JJ will get a response, the only reason we got a response was because we were invited to write.

  22. FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 19TH JULY 2019 4:50 PM



    Thank you for that. It does make some sense then.



    Here’s hoping they are brought to book if there is an infringement and they can suffer the embarrassment.



    Thanks again and HH

  23. Rangers lose latest court battle with Sports Direct



    STV21 mins ago



    The Glasgow club have been in breach of obligations under a deal relating to replica kit.



    Rangers: The club lost the latest High Court battle. 



    Bosses at Rangers have lost the latest round of a long-running High Court fight over merchandise with Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley.



    A company in the Sports Direct Group, SDI Retail Services, has said bosses at the Glasgow football club have been in breach of obligations under a deal relating to replica kit.



    Bosses at Rangers disputed claims made against them.



    Judge Lionel Persey finished overseeing the latest in a series of hearings at the High Court in London earlier this year.



    He said on Friday, at a High Court hearing in London, that he had ruled in favour of SDI after analysing a number of issues in the latest stage of the dispute.



    The judge has not yet published a full ruling outlining the detail of that dispute or the reasoning behind his decision.



    In June he ruled on the meaning of one agreement after lawyers representing the rival camps were unable to agree the terms of that agreement.



    A ruling outlining the reasoning behind that decision has recently been published online.



    Rangers lost a round of the fight in October. Another judge ruled Rangers had breached the terms of an agreement made with SDI.



    Mr Justice Teare concluded bosses at Rangers had made a new agreement with another firm without giving SDI a chance to match that firm’s offer. SDI subsequently made further complaints.

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