Nomme Kaljur biggest game of the week is tonight


In a little over five hours, Nomme Kalju are in domestic league action, their 20th game of the season.  2018’s champions are level in the battle for third place with tonight’s opponents, Paide, so this will be a competitive encounter.  All things considered, the forthcoming games against Celtic are less important than finishing third and qualifying for Europe next season.

They are five points off second and 10 from the top of the table.  It has been a disappointing campaign for the two-time Estonian champions, the most significant positive being this week’s Champions League qualification win in Macedonia over Shkendija.

Like Kilmarnock, who went down to the other CQN last night, Shkendija are preseason, and having won away, should comfortably have taken care of business in the second leg, but weakness in the other kind of legs is likely to have been their downfall.  Both teams were clearly drained from their first competitive action of the season, leading to bizarre results.

Nomme probably have the lowest economic footprint of any club Celtic have faced in European football (Lincoln Red Imps may just edge them).  Wednesday’s game at Celtic Park will certainly contribute more to the economy than their entire 2018 exploits.  This tie is a fairy tale for Nomme Kalju, who will transform their 2019 economic footprint with TV rights for the home game, and a gift to Celtic, who had the far tougher task of overcoming Rosenborg at the same stage a year ago.

The European draw gods were unkind last season, let’s hope they continue to pitch softly to us for another few rounds.


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  1. In a strange way, having to play the first two qualifying rounds should help us as, by the time we get to the tougher play off games, we have already played at least four competitive games in Europe



    I wouldn’t fancy going i to these games having only played friendlies and a couple of SPFL games

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bhoylo83- agree,but we are so slow getting guys in ,it creates apprehension and panic….HH

  3. !!BADA BING!! @ 9:58 PM



    Hunderbirds- If Sevco get papped oot,it blows the same klub bollocks out the water,so a pub team from Gibraltar, could do more on this than our gutless Board HH



    It will be interesting if St Joseph’s report Sevco Rangers.



    If they do and Sevco are found in breach they will win the home tie 3-0. That won’t be enough to win the tie, so Sevco still go through.



    I wonder if a third party can make a complaint.



    As far as Celtic go, looking back we made an official complaint against Sion in 2011… the Res 12 year, but have woefully failed to make anything official in regards Rangers/Sevco.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Chairbhoy- very interesting reply,but did Legia Warsaw not get papped out for wrong registration of players, immaterial of the result? HH

  5. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    The Sun, the Mirror, the Evening Times, the Scotsman, The Herald, the Record, the BBC.



    All report on Ashley’s latest court win over the huns today.



    But the reports are identical. Word for word, par for par, identical.



    And that one report, parroted out on the seven main media outlets in Scotland, contains not one line of analysis.



    Such a parcel of rogues in a nation.

  6. Fool Time Whistle on

    Ref the Uefa Registration issue & Newco



    Newco played their 2nd leg against St Josephs on Thursday July 18.


    They dropped McGregor from their squad completely for that game although he played in the 1st leg.



    John James published his article drawing attention to the anomalous McGregor situation on Wednesday July 17, the day before the 2nd leg.



    It’s not too big a stretch to contend that John James article published the day before the 2nd leg took place drew to Newco’s attention their error in having McGregor in their list of 22 players AND the likelihood that UEFA would be obliged to take disciplinary action against them for this breach.



    Once Newco were tipped off, they promptly dropped McGregor from their squad for the 2nd leg – thereby ensuring that the result of the 2nd leg would not be in jeopardy.



    Is this why the mighty Newco were determined to rattle in as many goals as they could in a tie that was already won – ostensibly? With the first leg likely to be turned into a 3-0 defeat, they need to win the 2nd leg by more than 3 goals.



    If only John James had kept his powder dry until today, then Newco may just have been looking at two 3-0 defeats awarded against them by Uefa.


    And not getting beside themselves with excitement at the prospect of getting revenge on Progres.




  7. Wet and Warm Morning in The Chilterns…



    !!BADA BING!! @ 11:56 PM,



    Yes, believe FRED C. DOBBS is correct, we beat Legia on away goals.



    As FTW says, it could well be the case that Sevco, alerted to their potential breach, dropped MacGregor and ensured they “rattled” in a few goals to keep them safe(ish).



    So a few questions…



    Are UEFA going to cite the breach



    If they are and St Joseph is awarded the game 3-0, does this prove without doubt, that as they stated to the Res12 Solicitor, that Rangers and Sevco Rangers are different Clubs



    Does this scenario put pressure on the SFA to clarify their (misguided) stance



    Was GK MacGregor in the squad for the second leg when it was submitted to UEFA, does his subsequent dropping clear them of any breach in that regard



    If Sevco Rangers are hit with this by UEFA, will anyone be pure raging



    Will anyone want to know – “who are these people”?



    Interesting, surely UEFA would need to decide before the next Europa round…



    Hail Hail

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    It would be funny if philmac done an article on the registration with UEFA sources telling him they don’t respond to such letters :)

  9. Also, just another thot in regard to the Sevco, St Joseph scenario…



    Isn’t there a UEFA rule regarding how many Goal Keepers are in the squad?



    So Jak Alnwick was named in Sevco’s original UEFA squad, along side MacGregor and Foderingham as the GKs.



    They changed that, at some point, to Andy Firth, was this for the home tie to St Joseph



    Was this change last minute i.e. Firth in for the tainted MacGregor; if so surely they would have to explain this change to UEFA – was there a mea (is possibly) culpa to UEFA to ensure they were ok(ish) for the home tie?



    If they were smart, Ibrox would have asked UEFA for permission for the changes to the squad and informed UEFA of any potential breach… of course, not saying they did the smart thing, just saying they could have.



    Hail Hail

  10. CANAMALAR @ 7:01 AM,



    If would be great if your persistence paid-off, on this one, that Traveso letter could be key



    Maybe shut up the naysayers and doubters for a bit:)))






    Hail Hail

  11. Bada said: `but we are so slow getting guys in ,it creates apprehension and panic….HH`



    The Duchess nearly said: `Apprehension and panic ` are in the eye of the beholder.


    Off to the golf,




  12. There must be 2019/20 guidelines for the UEFA squads but short of trailing through PDFs of rules and regulations, which is not happening this morning, the closest thing I got comes from 2016.



    It states two GKs must be named but materially it changes little if MacGregor was a last minute change because of an oversight.



    I did find this though…



    Every club must submit two lists of players (A and B) to their national association by 24:00CET on Thursday. The lists (which include things like shirt numbers) are then verified, validated and forwarded to UEFA. They are expected to be announced on UEFA.com on Monday.



    Which, if still holds true, suggests it is, as in the case of the licencing, up to the SFA to verify and validate the Scottish Clubs squad.



    Bit remiss if them (maybe aul Sandy) to not pick this potential breach up.



    It also opens up the possibility that it was the SFA that


    Highlighted their potential anomaly to Sevco Rangers.



    Hail Hail

  13. BHOYLO83 @ 11:26 PM,



    This has been my thoughts for quite some time.



    By the end of the January window we should have our Euro qualifier squad pretty much in place.



    If we get that right we should be more than a match for any of the qualifier teams in the early rounds.



    Use these “competitive matches” as part of our pre-season preperation.



    When the final qualifiers come along the squad should be tweaked and the team should be fit, battle hardened and ready to go.



    We should be giving ourselves the best possible chance to qualify for the UCL.



    Hail Hail

  14. Good morning, friends. After a night of torrential incessant rain it’s now dry overhead but still grey and bleak looking here in ole EK. After a couple of months of injury it’s a return to ParkRun this morning. I just hope that the course is ‘playable’ and that the puddles aren’t too deep!

  15. garygillespieshamstring on

    Maybe I am giving nicknames more credit than he is due, but the cynic in me suspects that shines exactly what he was doing.


    By going early, he gets himself a few extra donations and, at the same time, alerts the hun s


    to their situation and allows them to limit the potential damage.


    Maybe a dog can serve two masters.

  16. Never, ever trusted that JJ site……..looked at it a few times but somthin’ no’ quite right there, methinks.



    Imo thurs a smell abooooot it.




  17. Hunnerbirds 9.53



    The first time I left a post on here with a similar sentiment to yours Scotland were ninth in the rankings with champions straight in CL and a qualifier for runner up. I pointed out at that time that we needed at least two teams getting points (which are achieved through wins and draws – there is vey little for how far you progress just how many games you win or draw). I remember our host Paul67 personally dismissing my concerns.


    Basically you have to ask yourself which is more important supporting celtic or hating the other scottish clubs (including sevco). If it’s the former you have to hope Scottish clubs in Europe maximise their wins. IMO. but you have every right to disagree!

  18. The Glasgow Fair and incessant rain, who’d have thunk it?



    Looking forward to welcoming Hatem Abd Elhamed as our next signing, he looks a a capable defender his lack of game time at RB suggests he’d he be the number 2 number 2, with a more specific player in mind to take up ‘chalk on his boots ’ playing wide RB, where the Kris Ajer slid in, on Wednesday.



    After HAE I’m looking for three more signings given Olivier Ntcham will be allowed to leave around deadline day. Jose Cifuentes ( from Youtube FC ) looks like the man, but that’s what agents do, I’ve posted ad nauseum that we require some brainy braun, in the midfield.



    The third player should be a new striker, where we’re light in numbers and potency, Edouard, Bayo, Griffiths and A.N.Other not too much to ask, and should set us up nicely for the nine.



    Keep the chequebook out Peter CSC

  19. The Open



    Portrush Orange parade gives the Open an embarrassing problem


    Ewan Murray



    The conclusion of the third round of this year’s Open will be greeted by flutes and drums in Portrush and a depressing look back to a Northern Ireland beset by sectarian division



    Wed 3 Jul 2019 14.26 BST Last modified on Wed 3 Jul 2019 21.20 BST




    When the Portrush Sons of Ulster’s Facebook page becomes essential reading, you realise this year’s Open is no ordinary championship.



    As the third round of the final major of the year concludes, spectators will exit Royal Portrush to the sound of flutes and drums. The R&A wants us to cast our minds dreamily back to 1951, when Max Faulkner triumphed on Antrim’s north coast; Saturday evening will instead catapult us back to 1690 and the Battle of the Boyne.



    In what has been billed as a “celebration of marching bands”, a three-hour concert will take place from 6.30pm in the centre of the town. The performers are listed on social media as if it were as natural as Glastonbury (which, in respect of Northern Ireland, you can make the reasonable case it is).




    The William King Memorial band start proceedings, followed in half‑hour slots by the Derryloran Boyne Defenders, Dunloy Accordion, Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster and Moneyslane Flute Band. The Drumderg Loyalists will round things off from 9pm. The Sons of Ulster will then march to an Orange hall. There is naturally a comedic, ludicrous undertone to this in 2019 but when placed on the Open’s doorstep it is a horrendously embarrassing look.



    American guests will probably look on with intrigue. What, though, of the thousands of Open fans from the predominantly Catholic Republic of Ireland?



    To suggest Orange parades are intrinsically linked to paramilitary behaviour or directly incite violence would be hugely unfair but shows such as this represent a depressing throwback to a Northern Ireland beset by sectarian division.



    Twenty-one years on from the Good Friday agreement, loyalists still mark William of Orange’s Boyne victory with anthems and bonfires, many of the latter featuring tricolour flags or effigies of the pope. This is about as far from an epitome of social inclusion as you could find.



    It is the Northern Ireland that will not feature on advertising campaigns for one of the world’s biggest sporting events. It does not, either, on the Causeway Coast & Glens borough council’s what’s on guide for July alongside the Open, a maritime festival and food tours. Middle-aged men belting out The Sash does not tend to have a wider resonance. Sky Sports Golf will not deliver a special outside broadcast.



    The perception has been allowed to linger that the concert’s organisers are doing the Open and its organisers something of a favour. In 2018, 48 bands took part with YouTube footage showing marchers being applauded through Portrush streets.



    “This is a decision that has taken us several months to come to, as there were many factors to take into consideration,” said the Sons of Ulster. “The main reason being is that all car parks in the town are occupied because of the Open.



    “It was important we came to some sort of compromise and had something happening in the town on the date of our parade. It was only after months of talks with the Causeway Coast and Glens Council, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, R&A and Translink that we were able to come to this decision. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parties listed above, as they all wanted to work with the band to allow us to have something on the night.”



    Taking this at face value, availability of parking spaces was the biggest barrier to a festival of Orange and, more controversially, the R&A was anxious the show went on. If that raises an eyebrow, the same applies to the R&A’s claim that it “doesn’t have a position” on the concert. For context: a year ago, when premises adjacent to the Open at Carnoustie erected a branded golf simulator in its garden, the R&A took to sending snippy edicts asking that it was removed owing to what it perceived as negative imagery. Celebrations of a 17th‑century battle, as linked to more recent decades of bigotry and tragic civil unrest? Shrug.



    In fairness to the R&A, this invidious position is not at all of its doing. History tells us when third parties try to block Orange walks in Northern Ireland, the backlash is not pretty. A spokesman for Northern Ireland’s parades commission highlighted the 4,000 that took place last year with “the majority” causing no concern.



    He added: “The commission has not received objections nor complaints about this notified parade, nor has it received any information regarding sensitivities about it. The commission has, therefore, not considered it. By way of context, there are around 30 parades in Portrush each year, none of which are deemed ‘sensitive’ and, therefore, none of which are considered by the commission.”



    The police are similarly relaxed, albeit their response to questions focused solely on logistics. Wider perception and the dreadful look in respect of the Open is not their domain.



    “Organisers of the parade worked closely with representatives of Causeway Coast and Glens council and PSNI to tailor the parade this year to facilitate the large amount of visitors and traffic expected in Portrush on this date,” said Supt John Magill. “PSNI and organisers have devised a traffic management solution for bands attending to take part in the concert and parade. PSNI have an extensive operation planned to facilitate the Open in its entirety which includes arrangements for the concert and parade.”



    In continuing with what they have always done on this particular Saturday, the Portrush Sons of Ulster are seeking to “use this opportunity to show all those who will be visiting for the Open what our culture is all about.” The sporting world waits with bated breath.

  20. Lot of patter on the t’internet (I know, I know) that Jose the big Ecuadorian is inbound.



    Looks exactly what we need in the middle of the park – a bit of presence about him.



    He’s no Joe “Viera’ Aribo though :)

  21. Hunderbirds.



    You are of course correct. The more games the huns play reduces their threat to us. ( And make no mistake they are a definite threat ), however old habits die hard.


    I’m sorry, the heart dictates the head on this topic.



    Subsequently I hope they get f@@ked at every opportunity.




  22. The Huns are now in full sell mode….



    Alfredo will finally go for that ‘largest undisclosed transfer fee in scottish history’….a la Traynor and Jack…



    Those court bills need paying…

  23. JIMTIM on 20TH JULY 2019 12:15 AM


    Anyone think we will sign Hatem Abd Elhamed, before he reaches 29 .



    according to Paul’s twitter a/c we have already signed him & he should be


    displayed within the next 48 hours so lets hope he turns out to be a good


    addition & said player hits the ground quickly & beds in quickly as well


    I also notice that the Israeli club we signed him from gets an additional


    £250,000 if we can successfully nagotiate our way into the CL Group


    Stages this Season I also notice that our Club is charging £23 Adult


    price for the home cup ticket members for next Wednesday’s match


    by the time we reach the play off match it will probably be £27 for


    the same members anyway good luck to the bhoys & come-on-the


    Hoops (YNWA) later’s folks.

  24. garygillespieshamstring on

    At least Graham .McDowell doesn’t have to worry about missing the walk now since he missed the cut yesterday.



    One in the eye for the Portrush sons of ulster.




    Go Shane.

  25. BIG WAVY on 20TH JULY 2019 11:27 AM


    The Huns are now in full sell mode….


    Alfredo will finally go for that ‘largest undisclosed transfer fee in scottish history’….a la Traynor and Jack…


    Those court bills need paying…



    What club in their right mind is going to buy that diving wee cheat aka el-buffalo


    with his disciplinary record & the price tag that Sevco will want this is another


    sly sports news story on behalf of Jim Whites favourites & oh yes JW KT is worth


    the same amount or even more than that defender who NFL was comparing KT


    too nowadays in the transfer market end of debate

  26. Gary, McDowell made the cut. Did he say something about the walk?, I’m surprised if he did, he usually stays well clear of any political stuff.

  27. P.S. I’m with you re Shane, he is the real deal. Irish to the core and a real sound guy as well.

  28. AKBW1888



    I think someone will pay £4-5m. Of course that’s a helluva drop from the £25m the Orcs had in mind. It won’t be the English but some southern european mob. They’ll have doubled their money but have already paid in advance for the big swedish fella.



    The rest of their window is all about selling. Candeias will be a loss, Morelos’s goals will be a loss and Kent’s absence for them will be a loss.



    Their usual hubris, having won the pre-season cup, will be their biggest downfall as we head towards 9IAR…..

  29. garygillespieshamstring on

    Paying 23-35 quid for European opposition doesn’t bother me as it is cheaper than the average cost per game on my season ticket for games against mediocre scottish opposition. Particularly when I am being charged 50 quid for games against sevco.



    I preferred it when they weren’t in the league and my ticket was £100 cheaper.

  30. ……Let’s hear it fir Graaaaayum Madooool……….G-Mac(ccent.





  31. So Sevco expect big amount of bucks for el-buffalo aye in their dreams


    & Sevco included a non registered player in their recent UEFA Europa


    Cup match not only can they afford the pay their big tax avoidance


    court cost’s now they can’t even afford to pay the wages of a decent


    & efficient admin secretary that’s not surprising no doubt their will


    be plenty of dodgy handshakes going on with UEFA to sweep said


    clerical error under the carpet

  32. garygillespieshamstring on

    Cork Celt,



    No he didnt. I was only making a flippant comment based upon his oriigins. Should have added a smiley!



    Disappointed to hear he made it. Guy said in the pub last night that he and Rory both missed cut.



    Rubbish attempt at a joke on so many levels..

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