Non-addictive mood-altering phenomenon


Being as celebrated as the Lions have been for the last 54 years must take its toll, but with Bertie Auld, it never showed.  If you have only met one Lisbon Lion, it most probably was Bertie.  The news, released by his family yesterday, that he is the latest Lion to suffer dementia, will be distressing to all who cherish him.  This is not the time to share our fondest memories of him, but I know we all send him our best wishes.

I have enjoyed watching much of the Euros.  The element of surprise and the hope of discovering an emerging force.  Watching how weaker teams, like Sweden, successfully earn a point against feted opponents.  Watching talents such as Ronaldo prance like a prized stallion; it’s sheer theatre.  The best part: for me, it is stress free.  I can watch the sport as entertainment.

It is different, of course, when you have skin in the game.  I have watched great and not-so-great Celtic teams all my life and I often find myself less than entertained by Celtic teams at both ends of the ability spectrum.  Celtic is a mood-altering phenomenon.  The joy from wins can be merely satisfactory as the result was expected, or it can lift spirits beyond anything else I know.  Defeats, well, you know about them.

The problem here is that I have no choice in the matter.  For me, Celtic is an addictive mood-altering phenomenon, I would not have it any other way, of course.  Fortunately, there is more sunshine than shadow.

I want Scotland to win tonight and it would be great for Ryan Christie to score a cracker (eye on the LSD, if I can confuse the metaphor).  But this is Scotland, the pain-joy balance is not the same as with Celtic.  My expectation is they will lose, there will be trauma and we will probably hear about it for the next quarter of a century.

Watching Scotland is also a mood-altering phenomenon.  For me, though, it is not addictive.  I can take or leave it; build a shield of indifference against inevitable disappointment.  I might see if there’s a film on tonight, leave the intoxicant for others.  Enjoy your night.

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  1. Prayers with Bertie Auld and his family. 🙏🍀



    The Angelus at 12pm. 🙏🍀



    I don’t remember too much about Bertie Auld the player, though his name is permanently etched in my brain as the 10th member of an unforgettable Lisbon Lion list. What I remember more is Bertie Auld the Man who always makes me smile and puff out my chest with pride at the thought of being a fellow Celtic Supporter.



    Bertie Auld is a living LEGEND who is someone who is absolutely deserving of this title; his name will always be revered with awe and with L❤️VE by the Celtic Support.



    God Bless you Bertie, you will never walk alone! 😊 ❤️ 🍀



    Yours in Celtic,



    TB&F. 😊 🍀

  2. My thoughts are with Bertie Auld and his family.



    I’ve not been on the past few days so apologies if this has been covered –


    I’m reading that Postecoglou has not yet arrived in Scotland.



    Is there a reason for this?

  3. A dispersal order has been given in London, extremely foolish of those without tickets or a safe place to watch it there, to travel there, madness. the SFA Scottish Government the Supporter leaders should have been instructing people not to travel to London for this game. Instead it has been fun and laughter on the coverage.

  4. P67



    I’ve always loved both Celtic and Scotland and both are addictive to me. I’m nervous as a kitten right now



    If i was to compare my mood between my 2 teams I would have to compare Celtic European campaigns vs Scotland Euro/WC campaigns. Both offer hope and disappointment and years in the wilderness interrupted with joyous wins sometimes.



    If Scotland got to play Andorra, San Marino , Gibraltar, Latvia, Estonia every week then we could compare



    hail Hail and mon Scotland!!

  5. Dessybhoy



    My pal and his son have gone down and are trying to meet mates/look for tickets in Hyde Park about now. Sounds like they will be dispersed. He has a table booked from 5pm near Highbury I think so should be OK for the game (no kilt on!)

  6. glendalystonsils on

    DESSYBHOY on 18TH JUNE 2021 12:24 PM



    I wonder how many of those present were also in George Square?

  7. park the bus n blooter it reshape simples on

    All the best to Bertie Auld and his family and the millions of worried Lisbon Lion’s fans.



    YNWA Bertie Auld. 👏💚⚽🙏🍀🏆

  8. Listening to the radio and viewing the tv this morning, seemed to me the majority of those who travelled are the TA Young Team, and not the veterans.



    Just weans in fact with no experiences of the dangers they are putting themselves in.



    Those interviewed were from Dundee, Perth, Fraserburgh and the like, I doubt many are Sevconians.



    I fear for them actually.



    Having said all that once the disperse order is given and the police move in it will kick off.

  9. My thoughts with Bertie at this time of sad news for him and his family, I’m sure he will get all the help and care he needs.

  10. I wonder whether the Tartan Army’s incursion into England will lead to a greater spread in Covid among the English while they are there or among the Scots on their return.



    No doubt Prof Leitch will keep us informed.

  11. The reason Ange is not here yet is because he’s waiting on the ok from his backroom team who are still involved in the Taiwan play offs.

  12. Shooooooorley the police in Engerland will have watched the way their Sottish counterparts handle large gatherings and just let the one in London go ahead then arrest 3 people from the many thousands in the weeks to follow…..Or is there another way to Police large gatherings..






    D :)

  13. PHILBHOY on 18TH JUNE 2021 1:29 PM


    The reason Ange is not here yet is because he’s waiting on the ok from his backroom team who are still involved in the Taiwan play offs.





    Philbhoy – That made me chuckle.



    D :)

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    As you know, not been on for awhile, but still keep up to read all the


    good posters, and many a time i want to jump in and berate the trolls but


    i learned it only gives them oxygen so sign off and put the rebs on Spotify.


    What do i know about Ange? well i think Quadrophenian has made a good


    case for him recently on here, i can only relate to a couple of Melbourne


    Victory players down here at our ground at training nights, those Celts


    who think they’re too big for the club better beware, the ghuys a beast.


    who knows what he wants.


    Our CSC and many others down here on the peninsula took a massive hit


    recently with another covid shutdown, only a few cases but, back into lockdown


    for a few weeks, just when our Celtic Down under event was planned to start.


    So much planning by the St Kilda Celts and many other clubs, boat trips, golf


    day, football tournament and so many other Hoopy events cancelled, and of


    course the money lost.


    Are we despondant, devastated, never to sing.. Hail…Hail the Celts are here ?


    Don’t think so.


    Plans already underway for our next big meet up on the beach at the Celtic


    Capitol of the Mornington Peninsula.


    See you all there, i hope.


    Just before i go, and the blog erseholes come on and see a threat to their perceived


    dominance, i’d like to mention Bertie, not just as a fabulous and gallus footballer


    but as a great ghuy who having had a few beers with, ( hunderds ) was the most


    prolific talker about anything Celtic, and i thought i was good.


    H.H. Mick






    H.H Mick

  15. Only real armies make “incursions” Ernie, football supporters travel to away games. I’m sure Prof. Leitch knows that distinction, por cierto

  16. Paul67 et al



    More than a few Celtic and Celtic related players likely to be representing Scotland so obviously wishing them to do well.


    And Paul if the result does not go the way we hope…there is always…..


    Channel 5 @ 10pm – Braveheart

  17. As a 10year old, I watched him score twice in the “Final” of 65. I think that’s when I first noticed him really, was the 1st game also that Jock had played Bobby Murdoch at right half, and the 2 of them would go on to play with each for many, many times. I would say he was one of those players you could always trust to give his all, which is still true to this day. Keep on keeping on Bertie, por cierto.

  18. Melbourne Mick on



    Beautiful suburb of Melbourne, pristine beach, Scottish accent, my good lady wont


    let me out of her sight, and the hoops seem to like a magnet.


    Oh to be young and single again, and a tim, feck Shangri La lol.


    H.H. Mick

  19. Melbourne Mick



    good to see you post Mick.Stay safe down there and with Quadrophenian thanks for updates.




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