Non-addictive mood-altering phenomenon


Being as celebrated as the Lions have been for the last 54 years must take its toll, but with Bertie Auld, it never showed.  If you have only met one Lisbon Lion, it most probably was Bertie.  The news, released by his family yesterday, that he is the latest Lion to suffer dementia, will be distressing to all who cherish him.  This is not the time to share our fondest memories of him, but I know we all send him our best wishes.

I have enjoyed watching much of the Euros.  The element of surprise and the hope of discovering an emerging force.  Watching how weaker teams, like Sweden, successfully earn a point against feted opponents.  Watching talents such as Ronaldo prance like a prized stallion; it’s sheer theatre.  The best part: for me, it is stress free.  I can watch the sport as entertainment.

It is different, of course, when you have skin in the game.  I have watched great and not-so-great Celtic teams all my life and I often find myself less than entertained by Celtic teams at both ends of the ability spectrum.  Celtic is a mood-altering phenomenon.  The joy from wins can be merely satisfactory as the result was expected, or it can lift spirits beyond anything else I know.  Defeats, well, you know about them.

The problem here is that I have no choice in the matter.  For me, Celtic is an addictive mood-altering phenomenon, I would not have it any other way, of course.  Fortunately, there is more sunshine than shadow.

I want Scotland to win tonight and it would be great for Ryan Christie to score a cracker (eye on the LSD, if I can confuse the metaphor).  But this is Scotland, the pain-joy balance is not the same as with Celtic.  My expectation is they will lose, there will be trauma and we will probably hear about it for the next quarter of a century.

Watching Scotland is also a mood-altering phenomenon.  For me, though, it is not addictive.  I can take or leave it; build a shield of indifference against inevitable disappointment.  I might see if there’s a film on tonight, leave the intoxicant for others.  Enjoy your night.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Question to Andy Robertson ‘what about Billy Gomour’.



    WTF is this?

  2. Celtic Mac on 18th June 2021 10:13 pm



    Even if we beat Croatia, I’m worried we won’t get through because of the Czech wonder goal. It’s all very complex at the moment. Even the fact we play our final game later than most can have an effect on things.



    Loving this Tourney. The Referees/VAR are doing well TOO!!!!



    Question to Andy Robertson ‘what about Billy Gomour’.



    The huns must have a sell on clause for the boy ..Scots meeja pushin it :O(

  4. It was almost as if Calmac wasn’t playing according to the commentator.



    Then post match “but What about Gilmour”



    Rightly Robertson praised the three midfielders who worked for and covered each other.



    I’m biased, but thought Calmac was a calming influence towards the end. Where was Gilmour? On the bench at that stage.



    They just cannot be positive about anything Celtic and because no current currants (trademark phrase 😉) playing are playing Gilmour gets the pr spin.

  5. petec



    Suppose in theory we could still finish second in the group, possible but unlikely, but the fact that four third place teams also go through means we could be one of them. Need to wait and see how it looks after everybody has played twice, then we’ll have a better idea, hopefully four points will be enough. If we get them that is.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Absolutely bizarre.



    Collins just called him Charlie Gilmour.



    Are these folks paid to hype?



    It’s the Billy Gilmour show.



    They’ve all been told to hype Billy 🤔

  7. About the Transfer of Gilmour, Chelsea paid a development fee for him of £500,000, I’m assuming it was the same thing as Big Moussa when he joined frae Fulham?



    I would doubt that @ 15 years old and the state the huns were in @ that Time, that there would be any sell on.



    It’s likely just Huns being narrow minded as the Scotland team has in the main Celtic/ ex Celtic players taking Scotland forward, possibly further than Scotland have ever been before.



    Looking forward to Tuesday!!!!

  8. First game I’ve watched in this tourney tonight


    Thought Calmac did well




    Kieran Tierney would cost at leat £100m if sold in that EPL


    Hope we have a good sell on clause

  9. Agree totally that Calmac is being ignored by the Anglicised media. I thought we had to Respect our players? doesn’t it say that on the shirts? He hardly put a foot wrong and was all over the park. Big O’Donnell was immense too.

  10. I’ll be there on Tuesday and will support whoever pulls on the jersey. Gilmour is a Chelsea player regardless of SMSM spin. He had a very good game and was subbed. Calmac stayed the course.



    Are you so bitter that you can’t see beyond the media pish and let that spoil your enjoyment (lol) of the actual game? Permanently offended, outraged at nonentities.



    Scotland produced a pro performance for a change and there was a lot of contributors to that. Gilmour being one. Deal with it.

  11. park the bus n blooter it reshape simples on

    Well done Stevie Clarke for demonstrating to the Celtic ditherers on how to manage Ryan Christie.



    Any Celtic View brainwashed anorak who doesn’t get that John Collins knows more about football than anybody and everybody within Celtic FC you are the easily duped part of the problem.



    The childish sevconian like failure of the mentioned anoraks who can’t get over the progress of Billy Gilmour because he played for sevco a team who came into existence because you anoraks didn’t get up off your lazy cowardly behinds to sack the Celtic board who signed TV deals to breath life into sevco whilst you all crowed about a ball on a set of bushes at Alloa? Eight years later the same Celtic board threw away the 10 season through their deliberately performing the role of comical Ali in Baghdad.



    Now you anoraks are going to do what? Bankroll the same odious PLC board with your season book cash?



    F***in lol.




    You are Kevj…and I claim my one way trip to the moon ;-))









    Piss off you piece of hun filth. We continue to support Celtic regardless of scum.

  14. ACKIEMAC on 18TH JUNE 2021 10:37 PM


    The DUP has big Poots to fill.




    Ag gáire os ard :-)




    3rd place can go through as well ; 4 of 6

  16. theoriginalsadiesbhoy



    Maybe you should familiarise yourself with the tournament rules


    Then get back to us on here

  17. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 18th June 2021 11:17 pm



    If Czechs and England decide to play out a boring 0-0 draw then they will both go through. Scotland and Croatia will be out.







    I would not expect that to happen.



    I’m very cynical about so much, both Teams have earned the right to utilise their Squads to go as far as possible in the Tournament.



    So No Scottish Refs @ the Tournie?

  18. I enjoyed that Scotland game and thought Scotland should have won. 😊



    Watching in England I have 3 observations:



    1) Pre-match ITV did a Kane Vs Robertson interview asking both Captains the same questions. For most of the questions the answers were almost identical (perhaps stage-managed?) until the very last question asking each Captain for their final thoughts on the game… Kane spoke of the need to keep calm, get the 3 points and put themselves in a position of maybe going on to win the competition. Robertson however spoke of the need to give it everything, leave nothing on the pitch and not to come off the pitch with any regrets… At that point I thought ‘just win this Scotland; you can do this!’… A lot of talk here about a lacklustre England, and in particular Kane, performance. This might go a long way to explaining why! 😊



    2) Probably not popular on here, but I really enjoyed Grahame Sounness’ insights on the game. He spoke of gaining confidence from Scotland choosing a ‘proper football-playing’ midfield and of how Scotland were the better team overall. He also was big on ensuring that the positive Scottish performance was not translated into ‘but England were rubbish’. Credit where it is due Mr Sounness! 😊



    3) Just a goalscorer away from a win, but where to find one?…



    TB&F. 😊 🍀

  19. If the Unbelievable happens, and Scotland meets Angleterre in the Later Rounds. Massive If.



    Scotland will prey on their weak Coach.



    It’s All about CELTIC…. but for 1 Summer only………..




    Hope in Your Hearts.



    Go Stevie Clarke and All the Proud selected players.

  20. AOW! me and you don’t see eye to eye on here ! but great post! thought that Wee gilmour gad a good game, don’t know if it’s true but heard he is a tim

  21. TB&F



    Scotland played very well…but Engerlund, given their resources, WERE rubbish ;-))



    Wonder how much of a difference a 90% fit Leigh Griffiths would have made….probably a lot…;-))




  22. ART OF WAR on 18TH JUNE 2021 10:52 PM



    Enjoyed the result and performance, as previously stated, but calling out the OTT on Gilmour- perfectly acceptable.

  23. SAINT STIVS on 17TH JUNE 2021 7:53 PM



    TT, if your about question for you.



    When Jock went into management, did he keep existing staff at Dunfermline ? Hibs ? Celtic I know had Sean already what about Mochan and Rooney ?



    *just came across this, was busy yesterday ferrying the grandweans about tae get their vaccines.



    When Jock moved tae the Pars he was replaced as Reserve Coach by Alec Boden, a player he ironically took over from due tae injury never looking back.



    It was relatively unknown for managers tae take an entourage with them and on Jock’s arrival at East End Park the manager he replaced, Andy Dickson, was a long serving Par rising from ball boy through to grounds man and on tae manager.



    Jock on arrival offered him a position on the coaching staff but he declined this making a clean break and moved tae the Arabs where he stayed for around 25 years.



    As for Jock and the Pars, he won his first game with them 3-2 against us staving off relegation, the next year became the highest point in their, at that time, 76 years.



    He also made them a name in Europe reaching the semis of the lavvy cup; he eventually became too big for them. When he left former captain Willie Cunningham took over.



    When the legendary Bankie Hugh Shaw left the Hibbees, after 13 years in charge including building the Famous Five, reaching the semis of the first Big Cup and being chosen ahead of Matt Busby, they wanted Big Jock, the Pars knocked them back so they chose Glaswegian Walter Galbraith who had spent his career as a player and manager south of the border.



    Walter was unsuccessful in his 2 seasons with them staving off relegation both times but he did bring through Pat Stanton and signed Neil Martin, Pat Quinn, John Parke and Willie Hamilton, the latter a player the Big Mhan coveted.



    Jock, as he did at East End Park, arrived alone and when he left handed the job over tae his close friend former miner Bob Shankly.



    Both Smiler and the Jugglers aka Willie Fernie joined us after Jock arrived, 1965 and 1967 respectively.



    Bob Rooney was already there having joined the club at the same time as Bobby Murdoch from Cambuslang, he had fell out with St Roch moving tae the wee deidco.

  24. Looks like I may be odd man out but…..


    My mom was Che Adams


    Second to him was Billy Gilmour



    By second half I wanted Jack Hendry on for Callum, who I thought on the whole was invisible , and McTomney moved forward. Subbing Che Adam’s was a mistake….I think he was the only chance of us scoring. I’d sign that boy for Celtic right now but think it’s now too late. Armstrong was brilliant when he came on

  25. TT



    Given the evolution of the football landscape…would you consider it detrimental to have a new manager coming in to have no say in who his backroom team should be?



    For me, if AP decides that he should keep, for the sake of continuity, some of the current postholders….how angry should we get ;-))







  26. CELTIC MAC on 18TH JUNE 2021 11:21 PM






    Maybe you should familiarise yourself with the tournament rules



    Then get back to us on here




    Forgot about 4 best placed teams finishing 3rd. The scenario I outlined has happened before, infamously with West Germany and Austria.



    Oh and you can shove your attitude where the sun don’t shine ………… with a pitchfork.

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