Non-addictive mood-altering phenomenon


Being as celebrated as the Lions have been for the last 54 years must take its toll, but with Bertie Auld, it never showed.  If you have only met one Lisbon Lion, it most probably was Bertie.  The news, released by his family yesterday, that he is the latest Lion to suffer dementia, will be distressing to all who cherish him.  This is not the time to share our fondest memories of him, but I know we all send him our best wishes.

I have enjoyed watching much of the Euros.  The element of surprise and the hope of discovering an emerging force.  Watching how weaker teams, like Sweden, successfully earn a point against feted opponents.  Watching talents such as Ronaldo prance like a prized stallion; it’s sheer theatre.  The best part: for me, it is stress free.  I can watch the sport as entertainment.

It is different, of course, when you have skin in the game.  I have watched great and not-so-great Celtic teams all my life and I often find myself less than entertained by Celtic teams at both ends of the ability spectrum.  Celtic is a mood-altering phenomenon.  The joy from wins can be merely satisfactory as the result was expected, or it can lift spirits beyond anything else I know.  Defeats, well, you know about them.

The problem here is that I have no choice in the matter.  For me, Celtic is an addictive mood-altering phenomenon, I would not have it any other way, of course.  Fortunately, there is more sunshine than shadow.

I want Scotland to win tonight and it would be great for Ryan Christie to score a cracker (eye on the LSD, if I can confuse the metaphor).  But this is Scotland, the pain-joy balance is not the same as with Celtic.  My expectation is they will lose, there will be trauma and we will probably hear about it for the next quarter of a century.

Watching Scotland is also a mood-altering phenomenon.  For me, though, it is not addictive.  I can take or leave it; build a shield of indifference against inevitable disappointment.  I might see if there’s a film on tonight, leave the intoxicant for others.  Enjoy your night.

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  1. Congratulations Corkcelt – you may not be able to spot a player (Shane Duffy 🤭) but you can certainly spot a partner for life.



    Happy anniversary to you both.

  2. Park Road 67 on

    Happy 18th Birthday to TONYROME’S lovely young niece , your uncle Tony has made a great job of the garden for your big day ! Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs CORKCELT 🍾🎊🎉🍾

  3. Melbourne Mick on

    Just mentioned Corkcelt and he’s got an anniversary.


    Congratulations to you and the good lady.


    H.H Mick

  4. Melbourne Mick on

    G’day Park Road 67, and a big happy hoopy birthday to Tony Rome’s


    beautiful niece.


    H.H. Mick

  5. Name-KANE


    Missing: 18/6/2021 vs Scotland


    Characteristics: Disappearing in big games+Diving+always ranting “give me penalty”


    Possible Locations : Penalty Spot, Sheffield, Fulham


    Last seen- tiernys’ Pocket

  6. Big Jimmy – hope you feel better soon



    Melbourne Mick – great to see you posting.



    Cork Celt – many congratulations on your 50th anniversary.




  7. Melbourne Mick on

    You too BANKIEBHOY 1


    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if just one Celtic supposed wantaway came out


    and said ” I’m going nowhere, I’m a Celtic fan and this is where I belong ”


    Think they’re missing a trick and how much would our fans respond to that?




    H.H. Mick




    I am sure that with the Ange Factor, and with the amazing Celtic Support by you and your fellow Tim’s in Australia, that Celtic will surely make their next pre-season trip to the land down under? 🤔 🍀



    There is a lot of crap on CQN these days where I fear CQN is targeted by many flavours of nut-jobs. 🙄. However, I find it amazing that at its core there are still loads of true good Supporters like yourself! 😊 🍀. I also find it amazing that a Celtic Supporter living in England can still sift through the CQN chaff and enjoy posts from the other side of the world from 🇦🇺 Australia!



    THANK YOU to you and our other good-guy International Supporters who remind us daily how wonderful and internationally huge Celtic truly are! 😊 🍀



    Take Care, Keep Safe, God Bless and Hail Hail! 😊 🍀



    Yours in Celtic,







  9. Melbourne Mick on




    What a great post, and I hope my fellow Aussies who lurk on here see it.


    We all live for that day when the Celts come back down here, I’m no spring


    chicken so I hope it’s soon.


    Can’t really understand all the angst about not getting the ten but I suppose


    it’s an age thing for me, and Celtic will always be a team who exceed


    expectations while others look on with envy, that comes from the Celtic family


    worldwide, maybe we should appreciate it more.


    H.H. Mick

  10. What a player Kieran is, absolute top drawer.



    On the way to the best Scottish player of his generation. A top club awaits.



    The lack of quality up front will be the Scottish teams doom i fear, ahhh Leigh Griffiths, what a silly boy, could have been his moment.

  11. This is the BBC we are watching,right.You know the football coverage for the whole of Britain?


    The Hungary- France match,knobhead commentator,on France Jermaine,is this not the tactics England should have used last night against the Scots”.


    Yep,BETTER TOGETHER.With who?


    Can’t understand the dislike of Gilmour on here.A young guy,who ditched the Huns,before they could really cash in on him,and looks an outstanding future talent to play for Scotland.In a daunting debut last night,he performed very well.Not MOTM,IMO,but a terrific debut.Cant understand some on here,but nothing new in that.

  12. Mrs TB,last night watching the game.” That guy,Mc Ginn,is a better player with his arse,than he is with his feet Same size as Kim Kardashian


    Just shoves everyone about with it.”

  13. All the best, Mr. & Mrs CORKCELT. Comhghairdeas agus todhchaí fada sona.




  14. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Congrats Cork Celt and your beloved 50 years some going,we are 41 years we’d on a certain date in July.To Tony Rome’s niece Happy Birthday.Cork Celt,Melbourne Mick is back,what about a return?




  15. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH JUNE 2021 3:45 PM



    Can’t understand the dislike of Gilmour on here.A young guy,who ditched the Huns,before they could really cash in on him,and looks an outstanding future talent to play for Scotland.In a daunting debut last night,he performed very well.Not MOTM,IMO,but a terrific debut.Cant understand some on here,but nothing new in that.



    *Wee Modric last week hit out at the arrogance of the ESMS ahead of the game saying they are the source of the arrogance that dogs the team not the players.



    I’ll think you’ll find the SMSM are the same regarding sevco and former sevco players.



    All week they have been on Stephen O’Donnell’s back pushing for a place for the covid kid who IMHO should have been suspended for a lot longer than he was.



    Steve Clarke though kept sticking up for him increasing his confidence by playing him and after the game saying bully gulmur was good but Stephen was his MOTM.



    Yesterday one of the commentators mentioned he would have tae move if he wanted tae play more, said he was a good player but Chelski tend to bring in higher profile ones.



    BTW just watched the Magyars hold off the World Champions complete wit the black bully gulmur WTF there.

  16. body lanuage all wrong


    these guys should be buring the midnight oil at lennoxtown, instead of on a jolly looking at players who will never achevie anything.



    he doesnt want to be here.



    took ages to arrive, doesnt have a license and never won anything.



    worst appointment since Neil Lennon in the showers block.



  17. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 19TH JUNE 2021 12:48 PM


    Tales of the unexpected……..Daughter books table in a London bar for the game……she turns up and finds out it didn’t have a TV😱😵👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏







    Watched it on her phone😂😂😂😂




    She could have ordered a TV DINNER…….The waiter would have been stumped !





  18. My BEST ever Royal Ascot Week…


    20/1 winner…and a 14/1 winner, TWO 12/1 winners, and others at 6/1.11/2,5/1, 7/4 etc. ( Most of the winners were EARLY Prices that I took).



    I AVOIDED Her Majestys horses…