Normal people do not celebrate racism in 12-year-old


Today a 12-year-old was charged for shouting a racist abuse at December’s Celtic v Newco game in December.  No normal human being celebrates the discovery of a 12-year-old shouting racist abuse.  This is not how a functional person, football club or society works.  The statement issued by Newco tonight sullies us all.  We share the same soil with people who think like this; how pitiful.

It is regretful that a 12-year-old Celtic supporter has (allegedly) behaved in this manner, but it was a season ticket holder sitting nearby who reported him – for this, we can be pleased.  That the act is so rare we report it, is a great thing.  We should continue to act in the right manner if something similar happens again.  Rise above those living in the gutter and continue to set standards as Celtic supporters.

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  1. What has happened to you Paul67?


    Do you have kids?



    Imagine, just imagine that somehow your kid went to a match with pals and joined in the general slagging of a Sevconian who had just been red carded and was making offensive gestures to the entire support.



    What if what he shouted was misheard? Misrepresented?



    And here is your boy hung out to dry by society on the say-so of another adult fan.



    And you’re blogging about it all being the correct course of action.



    Shite mate.



    As I said, imagine if it was your own 12 year old?



    You’ve got him guilty as charged without any chance of defence being presented.



    And we laugh at Jabba?

  2. There are some sick posts on social media about Jackie McNamara.


    I trust the same focus and resources will be utilised to find the perpetrators of blatent hate crimes.

  3. Must say I agree with the mood of the blog. You don’t hand a child over to the police for saying something out of turn, I’d want nothing to do with anybody who would do something like that.


    The article was and is total nonsense.

  4. Totally agree with majority of comments tonight, that header from Paul is very disappointing , the whole thing is nonsense. Michael Stewart was right about Jabba , a dangerous individual right enough, a 12 year old gets charged but meanwhile 800 bigots get off scot free ?

  5. AuroraBorealis79 on

    If you were at celtic park & you’re asking the question “why was morelos not charged for his gesture?” It is because you didnt report it !!

  6. Jackie McNamara




    · 5 Std.


    This is Jackie’s daughter.



    Thank you all for your kind words and support. My dad is getting the best care possible, as you all can understand this is difficult for us as a family and request privacy at this time. ❤️




    awfy braw





  7. So the polis say they will now have to investigate further claims? Let’s all hope they start in-house with that one, right?



    I thought this was a joke at first, a 12yr old boy? Can they even be charged?



    What the heck is wrong with some stern words to him and a warning. Something is rotten in Denmark here and I think most of us know what it is.



    Interesting that out of a crowd of 60k they couldn’t find one adult shouting racist abuse, hmmm. At iPox it would have been the reverse charge, only one wean out of 50k not guilty of shouting racist abuse.



    I miss Scotland, daily. My family, the countryside, my friends and Celtic Park. Boy do I miss family and Celtic Park. What I do not miss is this. I was home for Christmas a few years ago with my lovely American wife. I got abused in Queen Street station by a Rangers fan that overheard a conversation I was having. He flew at me with a punch (which I dodged) and the Police saw the entire thing. Told me to wait outside while the dark side chap stood inside free of rainfall.



    I walked in to catch my train (the last to Livvie) and big Mr Friendly transport policeman duly arrested me, for being assaulted, in front of her majesty’s finest and on camera. I did a weekend in jail for the first time in my life with no charges at the end of it. The weekend after Christmas, my boy and good lady stuck without me.



    They lovely Polis left my wife stranded in Glasgow at midnight that night, no way to get home and in a city she never knew. No chance to get home to Livvi to my parents house.



    You folks are in trouble. I wish I was there but a large part of me knows I would be in trouble as well.



    I might have said this before but I showed the throat slitting gesture and the wee Kents guns to some American friends (in the land of guns) and they cannot believe they have not received long bans.



    God forbid they bow down during the National Anthem and suffer the sporting consequences of that.



    Truly blown away by this. A sad, sad day.



    I just read the Record, and a few other outlets for the first time in a decade.



    Stand up folks. They don’t like it up ’em and that is what we have to do.



    The best revenge is living well.

  8. pardon…..moderator please delete that awfy braw….wis stuck to another tweet …





    apols to all

  9. well said all on here !!!!



    a feckin 12 year old allegedly shoutin at some dirty, cheatin horrible c*nt (on the park at least) and they try to use that to justify the Morelos car tamperring b*llox and the sky interview – no way !!!



    and they want an apology !!!!!!

  10. Silver City 1888 on

    Maybe the accusers were naive enough to think that the alleged perpetrator would be treated like every other 12 year old transgessor. It may not have occurred to them that the kid would be the victim of an anti Irish lynching.

  11. Graham Spiers






    How desperate must Jim Traynor be to produce this wafting resentment? On the fate of a 12 year old boy? And, believe me, it is Jim, from the tortured syntax and sheer ineptitude with punctuation.

  12. ex cathedral earlier.



    I think Peter Smith and Andrew Dickson are both on ‘placement….as far as stories go for jum.





    Graeme Skiers



    How desperate must Jim Traynor be to produce this wafting resentment? On the fate of a 12 year old boy? And, believe me, it is Jim, from the tortured syntax and sheer ineptitude with punctuation.




  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Depressing stuff.



    But, of course, that was the intention.



    I’m doubling down.



    To Lennie and the Bhoys – just beat them on the park.



    To the board, you want to show the fans you care? Now’s your chance. Don’t let them get away with this.



    The sheer detachment from reality of the Sevco PR operation is astounding.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  14. “ for this we can be pleased “



    Not in my name .



    Paul . Can you please expand or explain what efforts were made to communicate with the 12 year old ?



    Self policing isn’t reporting children to the cops.



    How many 12 year olds attend a highly charged Glasgow derby with no adult ?



    More Holy than thou CSC.

  15. We can all sleep soundly in our beds tonight knowing that Police Scotland’s thought policing division will spare no expense or resource in the tracking down of delinquent children who make racist chants. Fortunately for bad mouthed kid the colonies no longer exist and so he will not be deported for his evil action, as the liberal politicians would surely desire if the police state is to be maintained. Society is literally going to hell in a handcart (morally) and this is what people praise as justice being done. The loonies really have taken over the assylum and all sanity has gone out the window.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    If we had a supporter on the board I’d expect a reference to the difference in policing of perceived offences, Artur Boruc a player known to traditionally bless himself prior to a match is reprimanded by the police and cautioned about the danger of inciting a riot, meanwhile two sevco players make threatening gestures towards the Celtic support and are ignored while they track down a 12 year old who may have uttered racial abuse at a game where the opposition support unquestionably perpetrated racial abuse towards the team and supporters.



    Meanwhile P67 prefers to concentrate on vilifying the child of 12

  17. I’m surprised the CPS have seen fit to charge a child. I just don’t see the public interest.



    A talking to and at most a caution seems about right.



    I hope this child is receiving the care and protection he needs.



    This is a ridiculous over reaction.

  18. Paul67






    Could have written about:



    The only club in Scotland convicted of racism on multiple occasions by the European governing body and whose fans have consistently engaged in mass racist chanting since their inception, and their latest attempt to take a moral high ground?



    Do the ‘child’ a favour will ye.

  19. “It is regretful that a 12-year-old Celtic supporter has (allegedly) behaved in this manner, but it was a season ticket holder sitting nearby who reported him – for this, we can be pleased. That the act is so rare we report it, is a great thing. “



    Paul, you seriously need to look at yourself after that statement – not much better than Jabba’s in my opinion.

  20. Apparently, 1 in 5 people in the world is Chinese. And there are 5 people in my family, so it must be one of them. It’s either my mum or my dad. Or my older brother Colin. Or my younger brother Ho Cha Chu. But I think it’s Colin.



    smiley sometimes things are Razor sharp thing



    Herr Occam Cooper wis wan







    It’s your brother mate, He called me out for ordering chips and curry sauce from the take away on the corner It wasn’t the first time my suspicions had been aroused.

  22. smiley thing



    apols to your missus for her Glesga awakening….hunbeleivable…..bit like P67 ,s late rush tonight….



    sometimes the most simple explanation is correct… sad if that is the case …who pays the piper …etc etc etc



    you take care of that side of the pond ….



    smiley afff to ma scratcher I think….thing






    song for you and yours …one of my besties ..





    Smiley thing indeed,



    Quick funny story. For the most part I get away with blasting Celtic songs over here, nobody bats an eyelid. Sit on my front porch watching games on my laptop and such like with songs on the old Bluetooth.



    Saturday night I was up in my “converted attic into Celtic viewing and CQN reading room” and I has some songs playing. It started with Christy Moore. Windows were open. 



    ……………Hung out with Derek Warfield here a few years back, signed book, bought a live CD, downtown and was up on stage with him. Anyway…….



    For the first time in 15 years someone actually stopped outside my house. They couldn’t see where the tunes were coming from but they took off their headphones and, in true Who Wants to be a Millionaire fashion, phoned a friend and held their phone up and smiled. 



    It’s the small things.




  24. most of us who attend games know quite well that some fans do express themselves in a disorderly fashion others around the person would normally reply with shut up ya numpty but seemingly someone has taken Umbridge and reported a culprit, nothing wrong with that I just hope they have the same bottle to stand up in court and repeat whatever was said or heard then we can either agree with them or cast them among the sodamites, Yes mr or mrs looking forward to you standing in the dock and repeating whatever then we will all know who you are.

  25. a man with stories….awfy braw……wan of Christy,s pals was Hamish Imlach…they were up at our wee folk club in Forfar …his album he was promoting at the time was Ballads of Booze….a very under rated musician and Christy just loved him……braw braw times



    that Boss link I posted wid be grand with a Celtic theme ( 9 in a row thing) …with all the normal fans being filmed at matches ……I often think about how the powers at be neglect/look down on us …..well the SF put a smoky sock through that letter box on Saturday !!! hahahahha grand to watch …




    smiley go go Mary Lou Macdonald thing




  26. Normal people do not celebrate racism in 12-year-old



    ‘For this – we can be pleased’



    ‘Pleased’ Paul seriously? So why are you gratified, you’ve contradicted yourself within a few sentences?



    Succulent Spam.



    Is this the sort of copy you have to print to keep getting meat fae PLC? Weapon.

  27. my kids is 12



    she doesnt know what the fuck she is doing



    she has no context to place her life into



    When she is 20 and then 30 she will have the context



    If that is what they are digging up then I expect to see a statement from celtic asking why 40,000 people who are up to their knees in an outlawed song are not brought to justice



    not expecting it as it will not affect the balance sheet

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