Norway or Ireland again, or All-Ireland tie


If Celtic overcome Linfield, they will return to the north of Ireland or head to Norway in the next round.

Dundalk drew 1-1 with Rosenborg in the first leg in Ireland this week, so the Norwegians have a slender advantage, but the tie is by no means beyond the Irish. A return to Ireland in the next round would be a great reward for the many Celtic fans from that area who travel over to Scotland to see their team, but will be unable to attend tonight’s qualifier in Belfast.

Dundalk had a spectacular season in Europe last term, overcoming Champions League perennials BATE Borisov, before Legia Warsaw eliminated them from the premier tournament, opening up the opportunity for what proved to be a special season in the Europa League group stage.

Last season Rosenborg were eliminated from the Champions League third qualifying round by APOEL Nicosia.

From a travel perspective either destination is a good one for Celtic, although Brendan Rodgers would prefer to have the second tie at home.

Of course, fans of Linfield and Dundalk will be salivating at the prospect of an All-Ireland Champions League encounter.

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  1. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    The home ground of the Tippeligaen side Rosenborg BK, it has a capacity for 21,405 spectators. The pitch has Desso GrassMaster, a natural grass pitch with artificial fibers sown in for increase strength.

  2. ACGR



    Success! and I got the picture instantly (guys wearing motorbike helmets and fighting over a rugby-type ball). I remembered that I had problems with a certain browser when I was getting Celtic TV a while back so switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox…so IE was the problem.



    If anyone else is having problems, that might be the solution.



    DBBIA, not quite hame frae hame….I’ve been in it about a dozen times in 20 years. I watched a game against Hearts once (1-1 draw at Tynecastle) with two Jambos and a Hibbee. All three said that they would support the other Edinburgh team against any Glasgow team. It seems the East coast/West coast divide unites them.

  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    I hope Macron rolls out that antique guillotine:)


    Im sure the Donald wouldnt know what it is.


    Keep a close eye on the coverage, if you see any French ladies with knitting needles, let me know:)





  4. Cadizzy




     I have overcome the Wimbledon factor by inviting my nephews over, so ‘live’ it most definitely is! I’ll pay for the subterfuge, as well as the game, of course!

  5. TURKEYBHOY on 14TH JULY 2017 11:37 AM


    Watched the Dundalk v Rosenberg game.I thought they looked very poor.Bentner pulling a horse and cart.Nothing like the Rosenberg of the past.Dont see any problems.None whatsoever.Would rather have been away first,but thats it.Not one of them would get in our team.




    I agree Rosenberg looked very pedestrian and lacking in ideas, Dundalk were by far the better team and would worry me more, but they couldn’t take their chances. Still think they’ll score in Norway though.

  7. What is the Stars on

    If Dundalk get through they will move the tie to Dublin


    There own ground isnt fit for purpose


    They played most of their European games last year in Shamrock Rovers ground in Tallaght.


    Rosenberg didnt look anything to worry about.Bentner is past it


    I wouldnt underestimate Dundalk but very pleased with the draw

  8. What is the Stars on

    Green Man


    Macron is no Che Guevara


    He is slightly less right wing than Le Pen so certainly the better of 2 evils but I wouldnt trust him


    A lot of teenage boys develop crushes on attractive older women…he just never grew up



    Sanctimonious CSC

  9. I am delighted with that draw.Some other of the bigger teams have very difficult games to get through.


    If we play well,we win.Get the new boy up and running.

  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Yes, Macron is a chancer, or to be more precise, a banker:)


    Tony Blairesque numpty with a nice suit, thats it.


    No friend of working people.





  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 14TH JULY 2017 11:49 AM


    Green Man



    Macron is no Che Guevara



    He is slightly less right wing than Le Pen so certainly the better of 2 evils but I wouldnt trust him



    A lot of teenage boys develop crushes on attractive older women…he just never grew up.





    Or perhaps …………………………..



    Not that there`s anything wrong with that.

  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    How are you feeling today?


    Taking it easy i hope.




  13. Linfield Club Statement- the mess thickens



    “Linfield Football Club has worked closely with all relevant authorities to ensure that tonight’s Champions League qualifier against Celtic is played in a safe and welcoming environment.



    Both clubs have made public requests that Celtic fans do not purchase tickets for the game. Despite this, some fans may have purchased tickets for the match with the intention of supporting Celtic.



    In this event, they should only proceed to the Stadium via the Boucher Road and then, under the instructions of Stewards and the PSNI, to the Kop Stand. These supporters should arrive at the stadium after 3.30 pm to ensure access to the game. Celtic fans will not be admitted to any other part of the ground and Linfield fans should not enter the stadium from the Boucher Road.



    No further tickets for tonight’s game are available and we would urge all spectators to behave in a respectful and sporting manner. “

  14. Rosenberg have scored 8 goals in their last 2 home games, but drawn 2 and lost 1 of their last 3 away. Tomorrow they play away to a team they beat 3-0 at home a couple of weeks ago. That game might show if there’s real evidence that they don’t travel well, even in Norway.



    And, no, I’m not discounting Dundalk, nor forgetting we’ve a tie to win.

  15. July 14 2017






    A singer who has in the past sung about IRA killings is to appear at the Celtic fanzone in west Belfast.



    Damien Quinn will perform a warm up act ahead of the Champions League qualifier between Celtic and Linfield at the event at the Devenish Complex.



    Mr Quinn has in the past sung about IRA attacks on an RUC station, the Narrow Water massacre and about Lord Mountbatten having a boat in Sligo.



    “And on that boat there was a bomb and Mountbatten didn’t last for long,” the song goes.



    He has also sung about British soldiers “going home”.



    The Devinish has said that “under no circumstances” would controversial songs feature, just traditional Irish music and Celtic songs.



    It said the event would be family focused aimed at creating a safe environment for supporters to watch the game.



    Celtic face Linfield at the Windsor Park at 5pm. The Glasgow club refused its ticket allocation over security concerns. The PSNI said it was the club’s decision. Brendan Rodgers said the club did not get the assurances they needed for fan safety.



    Belfast City Council has provided funding for the event. It has said the funding will not go toward any of the entertainment at the event.



    “Funding has been agreed subject to conditions around the commercial element of the venue,” the council said.






    Belfast Telegraph now rivals News Letter for anti Nationalist stance.

  16. Afternoon



    Working late so won’t see game live. More worred about things off the park (for both legs) than the strength of our opponents.



    I used to love the start of the season in the days before we played crucial matches before the Open Golf was finished – now we play them when Wimbledon is on FFS. We’ve had difficulties with a lot of games at this stage and in the next round against teams we’d have beaten more comfortably if the games had been played 6 weeks later ( the exception was Legia who woud have given any Celtic team in 45 years problem). It was all so much better when we started with league games or even longer ago the wee League Cup leagues. I doubt those days will return.



    Good luck to the Bhoys and stay safe if you have travelled.







  17. Criticising Macron’s politics is fair game. Commenting on ‘older women’, I feel is not.



    Macron was the best of a bad bunch (who had a chance of being elected). Sometimes, we have to be happy with that and hope for the best. I’ve been no great fan of Blair, Brown, Callaghan or Wilson, but I’d still take them over the alternative, at least at a UK level.



    Perhaps even Blair, in the depths of the Iraq morass, was better than the Tory opposition, although the lines were very blurred. As Bismark said, ‘Politics is the art of the possible’, or as Sir Mick Jagger said, ‘You can’t always get what you want’. Here in Italy, Matteo Renzi is another Blair. I trust him not an inch, but I’d vote for him against Salvini, Berlusconi, or the M5S, and be thankful if he were elected. For now, I’m happy with Macron, although I suspect I won’t be by the turn of the year.

  18. GENE on 14TH JULY 2017 11:28 AM


    Not getting ahead of ourselves – Linfield first


    Where’s the final next May ? :-)

  19. Just a thought?


    Say, Linfield and Dundalk go through, do you think Dundalk might have a problem with security at the Linfield home tie? Jist saying like.:))

  20. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    So according to Binfields latest statement if any Celtic fans have a ticket for tonight they just access the ground through Boucher Road and will be able to gain entry to a segregated area regardless of what their ticket says – as Cliftonville fans have for years – you have to ask why tickets where refused. Celtic will have a big support at the stadium – I know loads of people with tickets they will all be delighted. I’d have been going only I’ve to play a hurley match !

  21. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Wee quizzie:


    Celtic appeared in seven Scottish cup finals in the 1970s.Name the four goalkeepers that played?

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