Not all Celtic heroes wear hoops


In 1994, when the Bank of Scotland told Celtic they would not pay wages the next day as the club was overdrawn, the old board had finally run out of road.  That evening, chairman, Kevin Kelly, informed John Keane of the situation.  Keane asked his manager at Bank of Ireland to deposit £1m in Celtic’s account at Bank of Scotland as soon as the branch opened the next morning.

Keane had been one of those working to open Celtic up and break the stranglehold of the three families who had largely controlled the club for decades.  He became a director when the old board was replaced and retired from that position today.

That £1m payment was made without control or agreements, there was no guarantee it would save the club or that the old regime would actually move on.  Keane later said, “Administration was unthinkable. It would have been a slur upon the name of the Club.”

Had the wages not been paid, Celtic would have entered administration, and this would not have been like the Craig Whyte-appointed Rangers administration. High earners would have been released, anything sellable would have been sold.  Celtic would have been left with the lowest cost squad able to fulfil fixtures.

The most striking aspect about John Keane is his contentment for others to take the limelight.  He tells no one what he did.  It has never been about him, always Celtic.

Not all Celtic heroes wear hoops.

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  1. Jimmynotpaul on

    16 Roads 6.05.


    Thanks for that.


    A fabulous and well deserved tribute, to John,from Fergus.

  2. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    REF Barrowfield


    I remember TB, when he was Manager, talking about the Di Canio transfer. He said it was a bit stressful trying to get Di Canio’s signature, at CP, before he asked about the training ground.



  3. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    was Recounting a tale to my youngest the other day of a time I worked with a guy called John Glass who hailed from Cumbernauld. Nice fella, John ,was the great grandson of John Glass ,one of the original Celtic fc “committee “.


    Young John( this was in the 80s) was showing me a commemorative medal that was struck for the original committee members of Celtic.


    My son works at Celtic Park and was telling his boss who thought that Celtic would be interested in talking to John re the medal.



    Don’t suppose John is a cqner

  4. Superstore,fine musuem,fine,Hotel fine,but indoor food outlets, especially the old main stand, seriously needing upgraded,with better menus,as for Barrowfield, not before time it to needs upgraded,new pitches, toilets, couple of stand’s,and food outlets,

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    John Keane is a Celtic Legend A True Celt,who we probably couldn’t thank properly.

  6. If there are any upgrades to be made at Celtic Park, surely the first should be the provision of hot water in the toilets. After that, the food outlets have to be much improved. The cost and quality leave much to be desired.




    I have had the misfortune to be in Southport a couple of times, after the Liverpool orange walk. Almost all of them had West of Scotland accents.

  8. I have met many Masons who are not only fine company but support Celtic ! I have , though, never met a decent Orangeman.

  9. fairhill bhoy on

    I think the bonnets although sincere was also a wee dig at certain others 🤔

  10. fairhill bhoy on

    Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the we value you cookie ad ,I can’t get it away without turning off JavaScript

  11. 16 Roads @29.13 hrs.



    And I thought a Lesser Spotted Dodo Bird was rare. 😁

  12. John Keane… A true Celtic living legend



    Coming up with £1m cash in 14 hours and putting it in that account must be up there with our very best off-the-park moments.



    What a great man and a lovely family too.

  13. Old tim – and other earlier………….



    Agreed. Running a big complex operation is always easy……..just ask anyone who’s never done it!



    Big Peter takes a beatin’ from those that, in the most part, are quick to spout but slow to think.


    For most it’s a simple garrulous, faux rebelliousness – an easy “edgy” stance for the wannabe “ticket”.



    It’s only a hop skip and jump from Big Peters back to


    “see me, see r’at Pee ellllll seeeee bored – ahll swing fur thum!”



    The sad thing is, and this is where the determinedly belligerent of…… angrycelts.org……. ( drunk or sober) will never realise is that their pish obscures a decent debate.




  14. weebobbycollins on

    I see Donald Trump was telling America how George Washington’s Continental army took over the airports during the revolutionary war against Britain in 1775…


    …and not a single mention of George Washington’s heated driveway…

  15. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 5TH JULY 2019 9:15 PM



    Airports in 1775 is maybe more believable that going to the moon in 1969.👍🤔

  16. weebobbycollins on

    Greenpinata…he blamed it on the autocue…


    personally, I blame it on Peter Lawwell…

  17. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 5TH JULY 2019 9:41 PM



    Autocue or Peter Lawwell: Surprised he never blamed it on Scott Brown. ¡¡¡¡

  18. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Was at the Royal Concert Hall yesterday to see the youngest Miss Hunderbirds pick up her B.A. (Hons 2/1) Degree in International Events Management. She is only the second member of her family, after her vewy pwoud Da ☺️, to go to Uni. She has done this whilst holding down a part time job to fund it.


    Now the hard bit… finding a real job.



  19. 16 roads when the bunnet sold his shares for 40 mill it didn’t come out of the clubs coffers but from another investor, if any other shareholder had did the same at the time, they would have been well rewarded.

  20. Meant tae add that a John Keane got his love for the bhoys fae his sooside born mother who was kept in touch with the club by her family at hame.




    Well done to miss HB , obviously clever enough to take her brains from her mum.hh :O)

  22. Went on a works night out about 18 months ago and in mixed company a supporter of another team advised me that young Ross McCrorie was ‘the one’ and would fetch ‘Dembele dollars’. Loaned to Portsmouth.

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