Not all Celtic heroes wear hoops


In 1994, when the Bank of Scotland told Celtic they would not pay wages the next day as the club was overdrawn, the old board had finally run out of road.  That evening, chairman, Kevin Kelly, informed John Keane of the situation.  Keane asked his manager at Bank of Ireland to deposit £1m in Celtic’s account at Bank of Scotland as soon as the branch opened the next morning.

Keane had been one of those working to open Celtic up and break the stranglehold of the three families who had largely controlled the club for decades.  He became a director when the old board was replaced and retired from that position today.

That £1m payment was made without control or agreements, there was no guarantee it would save the club or that the old regime would actually move on.  Keane later said, “Administration was unthinkable. It would have been a slur upon the name of the Club.”

Had the wages not been paid, Celtic would have entered administration, and this would not have been like the Craig Whyte-appointed Rangers administration. High earners would have been released, anything sellable would have been sold.  Celtic would have been left with the lowest cost squad able to fulfil fixtures.

The most striking aspect about John Keane is his contentment for others to take the limelight.  He tells no one what he did.  It has never been about him, always Celtic.

Not all Celtic heroes wear hoops.

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  1. Great article Paul



    And Huge Thanks to Mr John Keane






  2. DAVID17 on 5TH JULY 2019 10:27 PM


    Went on a works night out about 18 months ago and in mixed company a supporter of another team advised me that young Ross McCrorie was ‘the one’ and would fetch ‘Dembele dollars’. Loaned to Portsmouth.




    How did you manage to keep a straight face???

  3. VOGUEPUNTER on 5TH JULY 2019 10:28 PM



    Nearly as funny as Gerrard accusing Caixinha of trying to ruin his career and then shunting him out on loan.

  4. Absolutely wonderful tributes here to John Keane a genuine Celtic legend whose name will be revered forever.


    I wonder if he has any sleepless nights wondering how close it came to that £1m simply disappearing into a black hole.


    Of course, he didn’t really need to make this sacrifice. Administration, indeed Liquidation, can apparently be avoided in Scotland merely by dragging a soiled bedsheet along to Hampden Park with the words ” Show liquidation the red card” emblazoned on it. Well, at least, according to Neil Dungcaster.


    This is what Sandy Jardine and 50 Huns did one Sunday in 2012 and it worked a treat. Not only did Sandy succeed, he is now revered as “the man who helped save our club” has a (dilapidated) stand named after him and the Lazarus club are, against all odds, “going for 55”


    On a serious note, did anyone else read the Celtic statement earlier and not wonder why the phrase “unlike Rangers in 2012” didn’t feature prominently?



    Yet another chance lost!!!

  5. Thank You John Keane.



    What Wonderful Belief to give so much.



    Magical, Incredible.



    Good article Paul67.

  6. There are no words to express my/our thanks to John Keane to do what he had to do to ensure Celtic FC continued with their history including looking after the West coast of Ireland, Mayo, Sligo, Donegal, remembering the people of Achill who lost their lives in a bothy in Kirkintilloch.



    I am in Mayo in next fortnight and will pay my own tribute by visiting Doohama. Crown Street was part of my history, probably delivered milk to the young Keanes. Also in George cinema, when they stopped the film to announce JFK was dead.



    Fergus McCann followed and was the other hero of Celtic FC. A guy from Croy, who never forgot his roots and what Celtic stood for looking after the poor, which remains alive with our support to this day. A club like no other. Never understood why some Celtic fans booed him he unfurled the flag. He was our saviour.



    As others have mentioned, I find it so sad that some post and continually criticize the Celtic board, in particular Peter Lawell,, some have their own agenda in Australia, but others do not consider the consequences of having no money in the bank. Scottish banks would have gladly pulled the plug. Lets hear no more about heated driveways, puerile,uneducated piffle.






    PS Lennybhoy , Catman well done to both.




  7. Park Road 67 on

    Well done to Miss Hundebirds 👍 , and as for young superstar McCrorie he never recovered from being rag dolled by big Moussa 😂

  8. Celtic needed the Aiden Money – The Celtic Nooo Disnae need that sort of sale.






    I hope Kieran is vice Captain to Kristoffer Ajer if the Almighty allows it, when the 10 Happens.

  9. CATHACH on 5TH JULY 2019 11:54 PM



    A really beautiful place full of the most lovely people you’ll meet. Raise a glass for the Celts in Holmes’s while you’re there

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hunderbirds- well done to the wee yin,in NY,canny get tickets for Jimmy Fallon months in advance…

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    One of the rags said,Portsmouth beat off Shrewsbury for McCrorie’s signature 😁

  12. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    G’day to my fine Celtic family, lovely sunny Melbourne this weekend


    19 degs expected and a wee trip into the city with my princess is on


    the itinerary.


    One hour train journey fro our place but that will pass quickly when


    your suppin some red biddy out of a cola bottle, the bhoy can leave


    Glesgy but Glesgy never leaves the bhoy 8-))


    Love walking round Melbourne with my Celtic top on, i could bet my


    life that someone will stop me and chat about the bhoys, or want to


    know where the nearest Celtic bar is, tourists usually.


    Our u 17’s have no game this weekend so don’t need to worry about


    a hangover on Sunday, but the weemhan still only fifteen can play


    for the u16’s and get himself fit and banging in the goals again after


    his bout of the Vietnamese lergy.


    Need to go now and make myself pretty ( nae mirrors in ma hoose )


    But people will only notice my top it says.


    I might live in Oz


    But my heart is at Celtic Park.


    H H Mick

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ROSS McCRORIE has revealed his loan move from Rangers to Portsmouth was a no-brainer.



    Feel free…..

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    That’s me pretty as, and rarin to go, but it takes the princess a wee


    whiley longer lol.





    My money and faith is on Kieran staying and being capitano with big


    Kris next in line.


    But Broonie is still the man.


    H.H Mick

  15. MM – Feed the Bear is mathinkin’.



    Kristoffer is a Driver of players.



    Kieran is the Man, an Incredible Celtic Man.



    Didnae watch the pre Seasons as they are nonsense to view.

  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Just had a look at our new full back on CTV there , impressive.


    I reckon Boli will make us jolly.


    O.K i shoulda kept the daft patter for the train.


    Definitely off now , and remember you’ll all waken tomorrow


    still supporters of the finest club in the world.


    H.H Mick

  17. Melbourne Mick on 6th July 2019 12:58 am



    Just had a look at our new full back on CTV there , impressive.


    I reckon Boli will make us jolly.


    O.K i shoulda kept the daft patter for the train.


    Definitely off now , and remember you’ll all waken tomorrow


    still supporters of the finest club in the world.


    H.H Mick






    Something inside so Strong.

  18. Fool Time Whistle on




    I saw your post to South of Tunis & about the choons he would put up.



    When I was 16 and still at Holy Cross High School in Hamilton School my pals & I dogged school one afternoon to go the cinema to watch “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”. It was a seminal movie for me as, like many guys my age, I identified with the main character, played by Barry Evans.



    I only discovered yesterday that Barry Evans died in 1997.



    I remembered the music, especially this song by Andy Ellison – and yes I thought it was the best piece of music in the film. Here is “It’s been a Long Time” with footage from the film.


    Funnily enough the guy who put it up on YouTube is James Doyle and along with his pals, he was a pupil at St Augustines which I think was in the Milton/Possil area. They are John Rae, Tommy Kerr, Alan McKenna. Maybe James or one of his pals are now CQNers.



    Anyway, love the guitar work and the trumpet is just magical – don’t know who the trumpet player is – of anyone else can shed light on it I’d be grateful.






    Trumpet CSC

  19. Good morning CQN from a beautiful and sunny Garngad



    MM- could you not have taken McCrorie on loan, probably wouldn’t have got a game though, so he could have carried the water. 😂



    Off to Rhodes today for a fortnight Bhoys and Ghirls a place called Kalithea, inbetween Rhodes and Faliraki, any suggestions on where to watch the Hoops in action over the 2 CL games and friendly ?????



    My nephew is getting married out there (tried talking him out of it) but he is stuck on her😂😂😂



    Any advice w old be welcome.🍀🍺🍀🍺🍀🍺



    D. :)

  20. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Congratulations to young Miss HB.Weel done,Cutty Stark!


    Gets more and more difficult to post on here…4 attempts.

  21. Lennnybhoy / GFTB .



    The “walk” just went down Dundyvan Road .



    Three wee bands and a handful of “hingers oan” .



    A sad looking lot , especially the old boy in the middle on the mobility scooter .

  22. Cathach


    Lovely post. Seems we have a similar back story, Gorbals and Achill.


    HH from a relatively sunny Dundee

  23. Fool Time Whistle


    I spent a fair bit of my time at Holy Cross dogging off in Hamilton, regretted it later when I had to catch up via evening classes and weekend crammers. Oh, the folly of youth. Still, enjoyed it at the time!



  24. Celtic40ME, Friesdorfer,



    Heading to Ballina on 20th July for wedding, so probably visit Doohama next day. Normally,I would be up in Donegal for cemetery Sunday that weekend, but unfortunately circumstances doesn’t allow, I am in Donegal the week before for a festival. I spend a lot of time in Louisburgh which is beautiful, but love Achill.



    The Gorbals, with its 3 parishes was at one time, not only the biggest Gaeltacht area in U.K. but also Ireland.



    Looking forward to a successful and interesting 2019/20. Exciting times.



    Celtic by numbers you are a genius, well done. Keep it coming.







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